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Best Colors easy Apps | PHOTO-appsios

+3    Add awesome bokeh light effects to your photos Simply select bokeh shape and tap your photo, then you will get a bokehful and colorful photo FEATURES + 18 awesome bokeh light shapes + Add random color of bokeh lights to your with finger ...    7 MB    Views 5556
art color colors city gallery
+9    Art Alliance Austin's CitySwatch is a clean & simple colorsharing app for your iPhone. Take photos of Austin's most vibrant and telling colors and name the colors to submit them into the Art Makes a City online gallery for the ...    3 MB    Views 5812
photo share choose write gallery image colors
-1    Version without ads. Free Coloring Pages for Kids with this app. You can draw, scribble, write messages and create notes as a post it on photos and images. Take a photo or choose one from your image gallery and write ...    2 MB    Views 724
+2    Create your own Bokeh effects by drawing Simply draw on your pictures and decorate with various bokeh options. 16 BOKEH SHAPES Heart, star, dog foot print, leaf, circle etc. VARIOUS COLORS MAKE 3 DIFFERENT COLOR BOKEHS AT THE SAME TIME Draw colorful bokeh easily. FEATURES · ...    6 MB    Views 83

Color Accent Lab

-3    Create dramatic images by accentuating the warm colors. This effect draws the viewers' attention to the colored areas, creating striking images. You can create great sunset images. Features: Automatically accentuate warm red colors Fully features photo editor included with lots of ...    44 MB    Views 262
+2    Your Creativagram app for kids easy to use great effects FoldApps encourage creative and social play. Get to know this mantra and discover all our great and award winning apps. • Take photos Get up and spot interesting things with your ...    58 MB    Views 7126

Rainbow Photography

photography color rainbow image colors supports create control
-5    With Rainbow Photography, it's so simple to create colorful pictures. Supports 7 solid colors and lovely 7 gradient colors. (Updates will be added.) Images can be used as the original color and grayscale. Select a color and adjust the image then create your ...    2 MB    Views 8054
art social drawings share colors tag blur features select
+3    Create art with layers, blur, transformation and more. Watch the best art created with video replays. Share, like, comment, compete and collaborate within the social network. DRAWING FEATURES: + Layers + Select/Transform part of a layer + Customizable soft and hard brushes + Blur + Many ...    12 MB    Views 7262

Front Flash Colors

+7    Now with Front Flash Colors you can get your best photos at night with your front camera Front Flash Colors will enlighten you and your friends for the coolest night selfies. Perfect to take your shots in the club, the ...    2 MB    Views 9018


+12    Unreal cinematic visuals on your iphone Serene creates realtime beautifully animated bokehs (Outoffocus highlights in photographs) based on the colors of a picture you shoot or select. A monochrome B/W picture input leads to B/W bokehs and a colorful one brings ...    574 kb    Views 3105
photos colors textures features change adjust selection smart
+21    FEATURED at WHAT'S HOT in 46 COUNTRIES Dec2010 Change hue, colors and textures of objects in your photos easily and quikly with Smart Selection Algorithm engine APP ACCOMPLISHMENT Top 25 Photography US Store (Dec 2010) From the creator of iQuikSplash and LiveDOF.... Features: Load ...    6 MB    Views 8908
wallpaper monogram screen colors
+10    Update your screen with beautiful monogram wallpapers Lots of premium & classy monograms ready to use. Just enter your name Dozens of exclusive hand crafted HD wallpaper patterns and designs. Different shapes, different colors, different color combinations to pimp your background ...    6 MB    Views 9190

MyWay Paint

photo paint user application picture project colors wall
+16    MyWay Paint allows the user to simply touch a wall they would like painted and have a particular paint applied to the wall without covering other objects in the photo. MyWay Paint allows the user of the application to apply ...    20 MB    Views 7095

Colors Pro HD

email work colors pro save rectangle circle
+28    Colors Pro helps create stunning photos with selective desaturation effects, by dragging or simply selecting areas you want Less is More Colors Pro is designed with a clean, easytouse interface and is highly optimized in speed so that you can concentrate ...    6 MB    Views 9050
pirate show colors friends start
-2    Avast me hearties 'Tis time fer ya to get yer Pirate on. Whether it be for Talk Like a Pirate Day, in celebration of an upcoming pirate movie, or just 'cuz ya like Pirates it don' matter. What matters is ya ...    20 MB    Views 1138

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Related Apps photo photos art color white black colors
+24    You might be impressed by colors splashing in black/white photos in fashion magazines and advertisements. You might wonder how it is created. If you have ColorFingertips on your iPhone/iPod Touch, you will be surprised by how easy and fun it ...    63 kb    Views 9125
meme styles font easy colors memes 200 backgrounds taps images
-2    Make your own awesome memes with this easytouse app. Only a few taps The fun never stops Meme Maker has 200+ meme backgrounds and 10+ font colors and styles for you to use. It is fast and easy: with a few ...    46 MB    Views 3614

Skin Tones !

Related Apps artistic skin tones colors color
+5    Skin Tones lets you change Skin Colors to something artistic or Natural Skin colors It is best photo enhancer app. Skin Tones Features : Color enhancement Awesome Artistic effects: i) Lighting ii) BackGround ii) Color iv) Skin Style Easy save and share on any social networking platforms.    24 MB    Views 240


+6    Chevalet is an amazing drawing tool that let you create incredible artworks with 6 drawing tools depending on the number of fingers touching the screen. Features: Multitouch drawing tools Powerful image editor Choose your colors Share artwork to Facebook, twitter, mail, ...    31 MB    Views 7956


color image colors replace finger
-1    PhotoColor lets you know the most commonly used colors in your image, and modify them to your liking. Do you want to replace the red of the image with the green? or try to see the same dress with different colors? Then ...    3 MB    Views 7244

Light Magick

photo colors free line magick light
+8    Light Magick add beautiful glow effect to your photo. Easy to use just move your finger or tap on the photo. Free line and colors Free text, fonts and colors 100 of Shapes and colors Edit Undo, Redo and Reset Share to other apps Instagram, Facebook, ...    8 MB    Views 1620

Doodle App Lite

doodle brush colors lite types safari
+1    Doodle App Lite allows anyone to to produce fine works of art on their iPhone.With the use of complex mathematical algorithms and the advent of html5 canvas its all made possible. Brushes and colors interact with each other in ways ...    2 MB    Views 634


photos elements add share frames amazing creation colors easy
-2    Maskify is a powerful photo app with simple interface to add texts, frames and elements to your photos making them look even more beautiful Create amazing photos Each functionality has its own color. Easy to use. Easy to create Texts: Add text to your ...    10 MB    Views 9883
children draw picture color colors cars favorite drawings notes
+5    Version without ads. Draw on photos scribbles, make or tracing drawings or sketches, writing notes Drawing and painting for adults and children aged three years or are going to preschool or child, also for children who go to primary school and ...    2 MB    Views 8848

Graffito Draw Pad

-7    A simple, elegant draw pad for people of all ages. Be Creative. Turn your finger to a paint brush and your screen to a canvas. Features: Draw on a blank canvas Import photos and draw on top of them 6 preset colors Create custom brush ...    1 MB    Views 4065
art drawing graffiti built real images great application 100 colors
-5    Here we present you a real graffiti master Don't you want to challenge your talents on your iPad? Don't you want to share your graffiti masterpiece with your friends? Just get Graffiti Art It is a real drawing application for ...    34 MB    Views 3001
Related Apps square instagram frames pic layer effects colors
+30    Pic Frames FX for Instagram: Because you can't overlay color on instagram So we build this app help you make Pic cooler. And it 's square photo so you can share for instagram and without crop. Features: Single Square Layer Colors about ...    23 MB    Views 6235


-1    AreaLight lets you use your iOS devices as soft light sources that can take any color you want. AreaLight can serve as a light source for photography, or as a mood light on your night stand or living room. With AreaLight you ...    10 MB    Views 7672


Related Apps text facebook twitter photos colors share picture edit
+9    Customize your photos with Picturext. You can edit your pictures by adding text in many fonts and colors. Also you can edit and move your texts around the picture. Share with Twitter or Facebook yhe compositions. Also you can save it to your ...    6 MB    Views 676

Color Studio+

color mode selective save brushing colors studio
+1    Color Studio+ lets you create dynamic black and white photos with selected areas of color by simply brushing in the area of interest. Unique selective color brushes that help you to highlight colors. It also let’s you change the view mode ...    5 MB    Views 325

Dream Cam HD Lite

Related Apps email picture dream version colors lite cam save
-7    Add dreamy colors to your picture for an extreme makeover Simply load or take a picture, choose from 22 different fancy themes and adjust tones/colors with easy sliders. You can create your own artistic photo in a second Unique. Lovely. ...    51 MB    Views 3832

SWIFT on Hand!

photo mode swift colors customizable
-9    The new Suzuki SWIFT app puts the popular subcompact car right on your iPhone. Experience SWIFTS's light, responsive handling and that thrilling sensation of speed. It's great no matter whether you're on a break at work or just having fun ...    19 MB    Views 7851

Bokeh Magick

photo bokeh shapes colors effect magick add
+4    Bokeh Magick add beautiful bokeh effect to your photo. A lot of bokeh shapes and colors. Easy to use just move your finger or tap on the photo. About 100 types of bokeh shapes and colors. Bokeh shapes can rotate and flip. Edit Undo, Redo ...    6 MB    Views 5739


Related Apps photo change colors version
+1    Redesign from groundup Change colors in your photo AUTOMATICALLY with just a few taps on screen Manual mode included to provide more flexible editing. "I'm not sure what wasn't working in the previous version, but I just spent the morning playing around with ...    14 MB    Views 646


photos team colors lets
-3    Fanpix lets you posterize your images in the colors of your favorite team. Fanpix supports posterization of both photos taken inapp and photos from your library. These can be saved, emailed, or posted directly on Facebook. An inapp database of ...    28 MB    Views 6761


colors themes
0    miFotos is an application for photography lovers. This first release brings five themes with ten photos each, mixing colors and shapes to bring a pleasant experience to the viewer. The first artist is Sergio Veludo, amateur photographer from Brazil, that picked ...    29 MB    Views 1243

Draw Lite

Related Apps photo tools library draw colors create features save export
+22    Draw and save pictures. Export them to your photo library and share them with friends. New Features: Create user defined canvas sizes Zoom function Photo import Custom colors Other Features: Create your own colors Shape tools to draw quick Lighten and darken ...    830 kb    Views 5881

Aglow LE

+3    Aglow LE is the light graffiti artist's best friend, the perfect mobile tool for longexposure lightpainting photography. Aglow features nine bright, fluorescent colors and a timer, allowing artists to not only use individual colors but also optionally mix anywhere from ...    6 MB    Views 6876

Home Decorator Pro

home photo color paint colors includes pro
+7    Home Decorator will allow you to photograph a room and paint solid walls and objects with a single touch. Includes many tools such as color pallets, suggested colors and a leveler. Also includes "Get Color From Photo" which pulls colors from any ...    7 MB    Views 9878

Gradient Color

Related Apps photo gradient color colors change fonts
+27    50% off for limited time [Gradient Color] allow you add 2 gradient colors to change the color tone of your photo. 8 synthesis styles to mix the 2 gradient color with your photo, and you can adjust the saturation , transparency , ...    14 MB    Views 4885
Related Apps sketch photo library photos eraser colors effects
+8    Want to sketch your photos and remove some colors? Photo Sketch Eraser is the only app that can do both. Just see the effects in the screenshots. Photo Sketch Eraser is a professional sketch app that uses complex algorithms to achieve ...    29 MB    Views 6211

Photo Colors Pro

Related Apps photo tool zoom colors
+6    Enhance your photos adjusting the colors on specific zones. Zoom in to fine tune and work on details with high accuracy. Features: Great photo color tool. Undo tool. Zoom in/out, pan. Share your edited images on your favorite social network    11 MB    Views 1988
create colors makeover
-4    Let your inner makeup artist shine with the jane iredale iPad makeover app. Upload your photo and create a beautiful look using your favorite jane iredale colors, or experiment with new colors all with just a few swipes of your ...    27 MB    Views 1676
Related Apps text add kiss selfie image special colors
+4    Kiss My Selfie makes it easy to add kisses, text and more to photos. Just choose an image and add the kiss from the image folders. There are kisses in lots of colors including the classic red and pink and ...    76 MB    Views 9108


images colors
+9    With Uncolor you create dramatic images by removing colors or changing them entirely. This effect draws the viewers' attention to the colored areas, creating striking images. Zooming in and out using the twofinger pinching gesture allows you to work on ...    19 MB    Views 7863

Scribble Lite

Related Apps draw scribble colors
+7    Draw Then shake to erase Now with more colors, pen sizes, and... draw on photos New in version 1.3: Background colors Use scribble to draw, doodle, finger paint, sketch and trace. Great for quick note taking or fun for children of all ages.    279 kb    Views 8210

Draw Like An Artist

Related Apps artist draw amazing colors
-1    Draw Like An Artist is the perfect tool to became a great artist. It combines math with a powerful photo editor and sharing capabilities giving you the opportunity to express creating amazing works of art. Here are some of the amazing ...    8 MB    Views 315
photos colors effects apply highlight
+27    Give photos a dramatic look by applying color effects, collaging or posterizing. Features: Divide a photo into colors programmatically; no need to scrape the screen to highlight colors. Apply effects to selected colors; highlight colors, or turn your photos into posters, ...    7 MB    Views 8046

Artistic Studio

drawing photo colors color fingers draw thousands images innovative
+13    Draw sketches with this innovative tool using all your fingers and all possible colors. You can create 5 drawing animations depending on the number of fingers touching the screen. Use color picker to select the best color for your project. Main ...    57 MB    Views 8187

Real Halftone

dot halftone angle adjusting colors screen real high
+29    Price down 3.99 > 1.99 Real Halftone is an fullfledged app that generates a haltone dot. You can select a dot shape and adjust screen angle of CMYK colors to make a variety of halftone dot photographs. Moire pattern are seen ...    2 MB    Views 2559
Related Apps photo library collage pictures adjust edit saturation brightness levels colors
-6    The ultimate photo collage app Create the most attractive photo collages with your pictures looking better than ever with an advanced buildin photo editor. Highlight Features: Add your fresh photos or from your picture library to the collage Edit, Rotate, shrink, enlarge, ...    18 MB    Views 6450

Color Effects+

Related Apps color mode selective save brushing colors effects
+28    Color Effects+ lets you create dynamic black and white photos with selected areas of color by simply brushing in the area of interest. Unique selective color brushes that help you to highlight colors. It also let’s you change the view mode ...    16 MB    Views 1884

Dream Cam HD

Related Apps picture colors
0    Add dreamy colors to your picture for an extreme makeover Simply load or take a picture, choose from 22 different fancy themes and adjust tones/colors with easy sliders. You can create your own artistic photo in a second Unique. Lovely. ...    51 MB    Views 8961
add borders instagram bring creations shapes colors
0    The Coolest & Easiest Framing App 255 Unique Shapes & Borders Add AWESOME Patterns & Texture in your Shapes & Borders Change COLORS & Add a BLUR Effect to make your pics stand out from the crowd Over 50 World ...    149 MB    Views 6625

Dream Cam

Related Apps picture colors
-7    Add dreamy colors to your picture for an extreme makeover Simply load or take a picture, choose from 22 different fancy themes and adjust tones/colors with easy sliders. You can create your own artistic photo in a second Unique. Lovely. ...    13 MB    Views 5520


art colors
-5    PhotoTropedelic uses advanced image processing techniques to analyze your ordinary photographs translate the colors, textures, and lighting and draw upon the colors and symbols of 60's Pop Art to produce boldly unique art.    26 MB    Views 2007
home property time photo painting design paint color colors place free easy
+24    Dump those paint swatches & sample tins for good. Fun & Easy Virtually paint your home inside & out using real brand name paints & suggested palettes. Simply capture a photo of your home & start painting today for Free Paint ...    5 MB    Views 3691

Dream Cam Lite

Related Apps email picture save dream colors version cam lite
0    Add dreamy colors to your picture for an extreme makeover Simply load or take a picture, choose from 22 different fancy themes and adjust tones/colors with easy sliders. You can create your own artistic photo in a second Unique. Lovely. ...    13 MB    Views 7937
selection area colors selective resolution album drawn finger
+11    iQuikSplash was Featured in New & Noteworthy in 2010 in 69 Countries Apple loves this app. :D Selective Coloring App On Steroid Now a Universal APP Looks Good in iPhones, iPod Touch, iPads, and even iPhone5 Buy once for ...    5 MB    Views 7259


gradient tap image colors
0    Direction and extent of the gradient can be changed freely by swiping a photo. According to the movement of your finger, gradient also changes in real time. You can create a gradient that matches the picture.(max 50) You can include up to seven ...    5 MB    Views 5254
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