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Best Cloud video Apps | PHOTO-appsios

+8    Together helps you to organize, edit, cloudstore and share your videos on social networks, all in one app. Together is the easiest way to organize your videolibrary just the way you want it. The process of organizing your videos has never ...    76 MB    Views 2673

Cloud Stringers

0    Seamlessly integrate all your photos and videos online and be a part of an interactive cloud based social media platform where you can store, view, share and monetize through transactions with others who have an interest in your content and ...    42 MB    Views 985


+4    everPICs is the private cloud photo sharing app which streams all your pictures (iPhone, camera, iPhoto...) from your computer directly to your and your invited friend's iDevices and computers worldwide ___________________________________________ MOBILE VIEWING: Access your existing picture collections stored in folders ...    8 MB    Views 3280
+4    Unleash your creativity and design with elegant and amazing nature photo frames. No need to worry about space as all frames are coming from cloud storage. For all the nature lovers this is the most stunning Nature Frames collection. Mother ...    18 MB    Views 1670


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+4    The WSS is a perfect mobile WiFi Storage Sharer for iPhone/ iPad, Mac Computers, and Windows Computers to enhance the limited storage, share the vast documents & media collections crossed through the different OS platforms of iOS, Mac OS & ...    18 MB    Views 8629
video camera photo manager effects file cloud live files
+12    Add effects color to camera Make your photo/ video with realtime Effects Cloud manager files Music, Photo & Video manager Share via Email Protect file by Passcode Sync file to Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Box    52 MB    Views 6663


web videos music devices cloud content digital access
+1    TELUS Cloud simplifies your digital life by automatically securing your digital content, including pictures, videos, music, calendars, contacts and more on your mobile devices and computers – all within your own private cloud account. Features: • Free up storage on your mobile ...    NAN    Views 6077

Webcam to go

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+5    Webcam to go is a mobile webcam at home or on the road. The app uses the front or back camera and makes the interval 1, 5 or 20 minutes of photos. These photos are uploaded to the cloud server ...    2 MB    Views 7960
iphoto library photos cloud mac memories dropbox
+24    iPhoto is the best photo management app on Mac, but all your photos and memories are locked on Mac. No more With iBox, you can browse your entire iPhoto library on iPhone and iPad, you just need to sync your iPhoto library ...    NAN    Views 2023

FotoIN Mobile

-4    FotoIN automates business photo documentation with an Easy, Actionable and Open mobile solution and patent pending technology that provides visual verification of completed field work through embedded field data within photos and forms. Mobile solution connects the field to the office ...    20 MB    Views 2842
media photos music ipad iphone videos device player power mobile cloud
+1    Power Media Player (formerly PowerDVD Mobile) makes enjoying media on your iPhone or iPad a truly extraordinary experience. CyberLink’s awardwinning multimedia technology is now available in this powerful, mobile media player so you can watch movies, view photos, and listen ...    24 MB    Views 7236


photos apple cloud touch
+4    Ever taken a selfie you'd rather others not see? Want to keep your topsecret photos from prying eyes? Worried your photos might end up on "the cloud"? TouchLocker is an app for iOS 8 that allows you to store photos (and new in ...    2 MB    Views 6640
photo love frames wildlife wild application cloud coming infinite storage
-2    Description Wildlife Frames Infinite is an application made just to keep your memories last infinitely. Do you love wild animals and of course wild life, then for sure you will love this app. Embed your photo in beautiful habitats of wildlife ...    11 MB    Views 695
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+14    Finger2play Photo Vault & Private Photo Cloud is a free, photo manager. Help to save your private photos in secret folder. Wireless transfer photos to your computer even without iTunes. Main Features: 1. Photo vault, protect your iPhone's pictures with password to ...    6 MB    Views 4778
photo photos security library storage cloud services encrypted slice
-6    Simply smarter storage for your precious photos is here ENCRYPT, SLICE AND STORE CloudSlice lets you link up to 5 cloud storage services to your iOS devices and use them as a single cloud storage location. When you upload a photo using ...    7 MB    Views 3600


photo photos share tag device cloud tags find application
-9    Everything is now within reach with Etikado, the latest photo management application from Tech One Global. Etikado helps you share your precious photo moments with anyone, anywhere in four easy steps: •Snap. Capture the moment. Take a photo using your mobile device. •Tag. ...    2 MB    Views 8185

Adobe Hue CC

creative apps video adobe hue cloud storage mobile clip pro
0    Capture color and light to create custom Look filters for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Premiere Clip, and Adobe After Effects CC. Enhance the appearance of your videos, and see where the mood takes you. INSPIRED BY EXPERIENCES The glow of a quiet ...    40 MB    Views 6564


photo auto cloud pdf device
-5    Endorze is the app that allows you to photocopy your Photo ID/Identity Card into PDF without saving sensitive data on your device or on the cloud. Endorze employs best practices in making copies of your Photo ID which are being ...    12 MB    Views 9591
-5    Upload Photos to Picasa Quickly upload photos to Picasa without the need of a mac or pc directly from your machine Simply launch the app and watch all of your photos go into the Picasa cloud No need to import your photos and ...    1 MB    Views 1192
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+13    Smart Cloud Camera Easy QR code setup Support multiple cameras Unique UID for each camera 1080P live streaming Remote Monitoring from any location Multiple viewers at the same time Snap photo/video to smart device Event PIR trigger storage to microSD ...    19 MB    Views 875

Your Gallery

photos gallery cloud friends specific codes tags
0    Hey there Welcome to my "Your Gallery", an app that allows you to create your galleries online, storing photos on the cloud, and sharing them with your friends by tags Your gallery is only visible to you, allowing you to ...    4 MB    Views 5502
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0    With UploadCam the photos and videos that you take are automatically stored on your Google Drive or Dropbox account. This means that you can access them anywhere, organize them quickly and share them easily Features: ► Use your existing Google Drive or ...    19 MB    Views 8188
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0    A magical photo editing app Pixsso cloudphotoEditor is a fun and simple way to make beautiful photos in seconds. Use professionally designed filters, creative stickers and touchup tools and more to create and share beautiful photos Changed your mind after taking the photo? ...    16 MB    Views 1974

Cloud Camera

Related Apps camera photos email pictures real cloud estate upload uploading photographing images
0    Cloud Camera is a camera that lets you take multiple pictures and upload or email them from an iPhone or iPad. Cloud Camera is a real time saver because it completely eliminates the need to download photos from a camera and ...    10 MB    Views 2520
-3    This app will allow you to easily take pictures and store them in the cloud when the disk space of your mobile device is full. Step1: Setup your private cloud settings (only once) Step2: Take a picture Step3: Store the picture in the ...    3 MB    Views 2133


wifi music time movie photo ipad storage user private cloud file enjoy
+13    The App, called PrivateCloud, is a iPhone/iPad interface special for WiFi Storage. Using the app, user can friendly exchange the data with the external WiFi storage, whatever, music, photo or even the movie. PrivateCloud provide not only single user, but also several ...    18 MB    Views 4663


blank kinds functional selection world shape cloud
+9    Kloudz lets you create whatever cloud shape by your imagination and share them with friends around the world. 1.Pick from a large number of "blank" clouds, imagine and draw; 2.More than 60 kinds of cloud for your selection; 3.More than 30 kinds of ...    11 MB    Views 5620
+6    The best App to backup photos to the best NAS system: Synology NAS. Faster backup: NAS is in your home/office, transfer speed is faster than cloud service. Privacy is secured: photos are in your own NAS, not in the ...    5 MB    Views 3422
photos photo cloud services choice storage data encrypted smartphone space
+2    Infinisee encrypts and backups your photos to the cloud services of your choice. Beside this, Infinisee will synchronize your photos between all your devices. You own your photos again Before upload to the cloud, every photo will be encrypted with ...    6 MB    Views 1902


photos videos audio box send support cloud easy notes
+21    NOTE: There's currently a problem with uploading to Box. I'm working on a fix and hope to have it up soon. A Dropbox or Box account is required to use this app. Have you ever wanted an easy way to ...    4 MB    Views 4804
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-3    Tired of iCloud "Not Enough Storage" alert? Free storage space on your smartphone Backup your photos securely on the cloud. With Pholy, you can backup your moments, save your photos on a secure and reliable place, you can even passcode them ...    6 MB    Views 6729
free cloud multimedia version viewer carousel team space
0    Review all the photos, video and documents of your life in a nice 3D carousel. This is the first version of the Yalmap Multimedia Cloud Viewer. With this app you can view and navigate all your Multimedia Files stored in the Yalmap ...    3 MB    Views 9204

Slide to unlock

text wallpaper photo wallpapers slide unlock screen lock cloud direction
+10    Let's make original and brilliant lock screen wallpapers You can easily make it without professional photo editing software. Look at the screenshots It's awesome. It's time to boast of your talented and creative lock screen wallpapers The text you typed is automatically placed ...    NAN    Views 5831
photo photos videos work video wifi iphone ipad disabled resolutions screen port chromecast cast slideshows cloud
+15    The easiest way to enjoy your own photos & videos on the big screen. The app was designed to be easy to use, yet you may be surprised by the depth of functionality that makes it the top photo/video chromecast application ...    18 MB    Views 4626
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-5    This is the iOS client app for PhotoKeeper cloud backup service. PhotoKeeper is a cloud based photo backup and management service for photographers. Existing users of PhotoKeeper can use this app to back up photos from their iOS devices into their PhotoKeeper ...    4 MB    Views 3754

WD Cloud

Related Apps personal music photos videos video photo cloud access files storage wireless passport mobile
+15    Save everything. Access anywhere. The WD Cloud app provides secure access to files stored in your WD personal cloud storage devices, your cloud storage services and now your My Passport Wireless. WD Cloud app allows you to view photos, watch videos, stream ...    NAN    Views 9180
property time inventory report cloud sign control panel
+10    Inventory Elf property inventory software and app, is designed for agents and inventory clerks as well as landlords and tenants, to create quick, but very effective property inventories, focused on picture evidence, which are time and date stamped. Plus tenants and ...    10 MB    Views 234
-2    This application contains video tutorials on the Adobe Creative Cloud by Terry White and other industry experts and trainers. Most of the tutorials are 510 minutes and they are designed to show you how to do a particular task in ...    6 MB    Views 3240

AmbirScan Mobile

email files file mobile cloud applications send pro
-9    AmbirScan Mobile connects your phone to your MobileScan Pro 500i, allowing for wireless image transfer and file sharing to all your cloud service applications. Send files to cloud service applications like Evernote and Dropbox, merge PDFs for multipage documents, or ...    5 MB    Views 3666
text photo cloud add top captions
-1    Add your own cloud text captions on top of any of your photos. Various types of cloud overlays are included, where you apply your cloud overlay then add any text message or caption into the cloud. Clouds can be size ...    3 MB    Views 998
photos photo camera history iphone time dropbox saving cloud version geotags
+28    Recommended Mac|Life "Today, we'll show you how you can easily back every photo you take with your iPhone, thanks to an ingenious iOS application and our friends at Dropbox." TUAW "DropPhox is a little gem that everyone using an iOS ...    940 kb    Views 8930


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+9    Advance notice about using TOnTheGo™ : Before you use a WebDAV connection, first make sure that your ThecusOS is uptodate. Please follow the firmware compatibility list below: ThecusOS 5 64bit verson 2.05.02 and above: N2800, N4800, N4800Eco, N4510U, N5550, N7510, N7700PRO v2, N8800PRO v2, ...    23 MB    Views 5894

Cloud Assassin

photo game friends location cloud target
+10    Cloud Assassin is a social, photo snapping game inspired by the reallife game Assassin. • Invite a group of friends to play. • Players are assigned a random target. • It is your job to take your target “out” by covertly snapping their ...    6 MB    Views 7341

Seagate Media

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-5    The Seagate Media app gives you access to all the photos, videos, music, and documents stored on your compatible Seagate storage devices. With the option to navigate with classic file/folder view, thumbnails or a range of filters, it’s easy to find ...    32 MB    Views 2202
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+11    Your photos and videos tell a story. Bring it to life with RealTimes RealTimes automagically creates movies from your photos and videos that you can share with friends and family Relive your memories on any device and rest easy knowing everything ...    59 MB    Views 5946


video recording marketing apple videos audio cloud system file upload files
+2    SJCam is a multifunctional highspeed uploading tool, with fast picture taking, fast video recording, and fast sound recording. You can freely choose photos whether you need to compress them or upload them to the S&J Cloud System. Furthermore no matter ...    5 MB    Views 6332

Xtreme Xplorer

photos apple audio video camera iphone ipad text email videos support cloud file files view images storage supported documents
+11    Xtreme Xplorer is a comprehensive cloud management solution for various file spaces with smooth UI and excellent performance. The most powerful way to manage files, read documents, view images, play videos directly from your favorite cloud storage on the go. Main ...    45 MB    Views 1767

The Hipstameter

Related Apps photo cloud analysis hipster
-8    Prove once and for all who's a Hipster The Hipstameter is the most fun and simple way to give any photo that touch of Hipster Faux indepth analysis, Seemingly complex multiplesensor scanning technologies Bogus cloud based bigdata analysis (much like ...    43 MB    Views 8865

My Cloud - Lime

traffic application access content plan internet share protect cloud
+13    With LIME MyCloud you have access to all your digital content by smartphone, computer or tablet and you can share them safely with anyone, anytime and anywhere. LIME MyCloud is a unique application for LIME customers. For more information visit our ...    15 MB    Views 4218

Cloud Frame Lite

frame photo facebook photos music relax ambient flickr cloud lite beautiful free bonus
+29    Cloud Frame Lite Our users love Cloud Frame Lite It's a new smart and stylish cloudbased photo frame experience for your iPad. Enjoy top collection of beautiful photos from popular photosharing networks like Flickr, 500px and Instagram. ...    10 MB    Views 354

Cloud Frame

frame photo facebook photos ambient relax flickr music cloud free beautiful instagram day
+8    LIMITED TIME OFFER FREE DOWNLOAD TODAY CLOUD FRAME Stylish Cloudbased Photo Frame. Our users love Cloud Frame It's a new smart and stylish cloudbased photo frame experience for your iPad. Enjoy top collection of beautiful photos from popular photosharing ...    10 MB    Views 9519
Related Apps photo frames cloud application storage waterfall worry space unlimited
+4    Waterfall Photo Frames Unlimited is an application made just to keep your memories last infinitely. No need to worry about space as all frames are coming cloud storage. When you run this application, they are retrieved from cloud, so their will ...    13 MB    Views 4024


videos video family people subscription moments storage find account cloud renewal
-8    Intent helps connect friends and family through video interviews and storytelling, while solving the problem of storing and organizing the important videos we take using our mobile phones. With Intent you can: • Create meaningful interactions – Relationships matter. Reach out with ...    41 MB    Views 7052

Transfer Big Files

Related Apps videos iphone photos send files storage cloud compressed free
+12    Send and share your FULL QUALITY HD Videos and Photos wirelessly. Transfer directly from your iPhone without having to plug in to a computer. The TransferBigFiles App lets you upload your original iPhone HD Video and Photo files directly to cloud ...    1 MB    Views 2471
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+4    With Trunx, you can store and lock down all of your pictures and videos in a safe, private and secure photo vault without ever worrying about space on your device. You can also create private or secret photo albums to ...    39 MB    Views 178


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-4    Featured as a Best New App in 31 countries in July 2015. YoVivo brings together all your favourite platforms to give you easy access to all your photos and videos from a single app. Create fun slideshows with your photos, wherever ...    78 MB    Views 4889
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-2    AllCast casts your iPhone's local photos, music, and videos to your TV. You can also stream them from popular cloud providers such as Dropbox, Instagram, Google+, and Google Drive. Stream photos and videos from cloud providers to your big screen. AllCast lets ...    19 MB    Views 3227

PDF to Image Pro

Related Apps pdf files image documents document convert cloud images copy dropbox
+2    Have a PDF document and need to share just a photo? PDF to Image Pro converts PDF document pages to image files in most graphic formats. Easily organize and save your files to the cloud. Features: Convert to JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, TIFF, ...    4 MB    Views 6037
photos photo ipad apps iphone videos drive cloud amazon access safe save
+15    Amazon Cloud Drive Photos puts the power of Amazon Cloud Drive in your pocket. This free mobile app lets you access all of the photos and videos you’ve saved in your Cloud Drive, securely back up your photos onthego, save ...    27 MB    Views 4163
Related Apps photos picasa cloud device upload
-2    Quickly upload photos to Picasa without the need of a mac or pc directly from your machine Simply launch the app and watch all of your photos go into the Picasa cloud No need to import your photos and then export them, ...    1 MB    Views 6668
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