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+28    Produce animations for live storyboarding, videos, VJing, shows, vision and concept presentations. Explore frequency, rhythm and resonance in timebased visual media. Project dynamic digital graffiti. Create unique pixel art. Communicate ideas, concepts, visions and dreams. Export clips to MPEG4 for arrangement and ...    469 kb    Views 3139

Clips Video Editor

0    Clips is the simplest video editor in the world. Features include: import photos and videos add music add dissolve transitions play with fast and slow motion add voiceover split clips duplicate clips trim clips mix audio share to social networks supports ...    88 MB    Views 5347

kwVideo for iPad

+1    KW Video gives real estate agents the ability to create customized listing videos, consumer facing videos as well as recruiting and other leadership videos in a matter of minutes on their iPad. Create The scripts and video presentation contents are already provided ...    65 MB    Views 8629
lets page clips
+25    In a galaxy far far away an app was developed The Alliance Communicator. Create Starwars style hologram videos and share them with other members of the rebel alliance. The Alliance Communicator lets you record clips, ‘holofy’ them and then lets ...    4 MB    Views 8088

Animoto Video Maker

video photos videos personal family facebook camera email twitter subscription paid clips basic add choose
+11    Make fun videos wherever you are, with photos and video clips from your Camera Roll. Choose from one of our sleek video styles, add a song, and you’re done Share via Messages, email, Twitter, and Facebook and impress the socks ...    45 MB    Views 8037
video time status friends list contact clips clip
-3    rinbw gives you a new way to see the contacts in your phonebook in a 5 second looping video clip. Now you can see what all your friends are up to by viewing their video status straight from this app rinbw ...    23 MB    Views 8448

Guerrilla Filmmaker

iphone video frame time recorder camera focus create clips sequences change slow
+6    Guerrilla Filmmaker combines the power of a fully manual HD video recorder with the touch gesture interface of the iPhone to create a full featured camera app with quick and easy controls. Provides a unique programmable interface to create simple or ...    39 MB    Views 1430

Video Clipper

video photos videos movie movies clips save number sharing
+23    With Video Clipper you can select clips from your videos by tapping on the video when you see something you want to save. Simple as that. When you are done you can save your clips to your Photos and share ...    804 kb    Views 6668

Adobe Premiere Clip

creative videos apps music audio editing adobe clip storage pro cloud free auto clips
+18    Premiere Clip makes it fast and fun to edit individual clips into quality videos that can be easily shared — or easily opened in Premiere Pro CC for extra polish. “A gateway into the full feature set and power behind Premiere ...    77 MB    Views 9401
+12    Record 1 sec video using Elly mobile app, add hashtags, make compilation of yours and others’ clips, add music and share with whole world via Elly or other Social Media Platforms. Thanks to Elly, parents can keep best moments spent with ...    35 MB    Views 978
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-4    PLEASE NOTE: This is for the previous version of iMovie (version 9) on a Mac and not for the version released in October of 2013 (version 10). If you are looking for a tutorial on the latest iMovie (version 10), ...    733 MB    Views 3598
movies music movie video lessons imovie learn sound clips professional fun watch add
+1    Lessons for iMovie will teach you how to edit your movies and share them using Apple’s iMovie (version 10 for OS X). With Lessons for iMovie, you'll learn how to: • import video and photos from a camera • organize, browse, and rate ...    877 MB    Views 5151
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+2    Videocraft is the complete multitrack video editor & movie maker app. This app has all the features one needs to combine video clips and photos with songs, sound effects, voice recordings, images, and text. With a beautiful and simple design, ...    20 MB    Views 6480
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-3    Selfit is a new type of experience with you as the star of your own creation. Easily create and share unique photo and video selfies with endless virtual characters, animations, items and effects. Enriching your snapshots and recording clips has never been ...    76 MB    Views 852


photos profile video clips share
+30    The one application that you've always dreamt of, until now Who's accessed my profile? Who's seen my photos? TurnApp is a social media app that lets people share photos, video clips, links and statuses. Create amazing photos or video clips using awesome filters and ...    34 MB    Views 812

Photo Blather

photo photos voice facebook clips create record decide share mouth chin
+2    Photo Blather lets you add your voice to photos of yourself and others to make funny video clips  Choose a photo, set the chin, and record your voice. Simple The technology will automatically match the mouth movements to your voice like magic, ...    17 MB    Views 1805


iphone video share information send simple receive clips pictures
+4    [NOW WITH ADDED SoundCloud] Chirp is a magical way to share your stuff using sound. Chirp sings information from one iPhone to another Make & share videos, photos, links, MP3s, PDFs, GIFs & more: all from your builtin iPhone speaker. ...    19 MB    Views 9280
videos movies audio video photos green editing movie media clips imovie effects adding working screen tutorial add
0    "This app rocks and is worth three times the price." Download Tutor for iMovie for OS X (iMovie Version 10) video tutorial and get the most out of the latest version of iMovie on your Mac This tutorial includes 49 ...    607 MB    Views 4951
+8    The world's most popular soundboard for your photos and videos Combine your photos and videos with your favorite sound clips to express how you feel. No sign up required 1) Snap a photo or video. 2) Add a sound. 3) Share your clip with ...    11 MB    Views 4528

Diptic Video

video photos videos facebook time photo clips playback reverse play
-8    Diptic Video is the perfect photo app for creating and sharing video collages. Its features include: • Combine up to four video clips or still photos (or a combination of both) in one of 35 layouts. You can use photos/video clips ...    1 MB    Views 9518


video movie text audio videos photos music time recording voice drag background image multiple clips
+6    MovieAid is a mobile device based video editor that allows you to create a movie project from stored videos and photos in your phone/tablet. Allowing the user to manipulate various video transition effects and added subtitles, MovieAid paves a way ...    1 MB    Views 9338
iphone ipad video golf time seconds mini touch
+25    Clipstro Golf is now the 1 app in the Sports category in 17 different countries UK, Japan, Korea, China, Germany, France, Switzerland, Russia, Austria, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Belgium , South Africa and Kenya Thanks everyone Added Apple Watch support for all ...    11 MB    Views 9685


text social voice clip create clips friends finished
+23    shakem is the ultimate social clip creator and very easy to use. shakem offers you everything you need to create a fantastic video for you or your friends. You can also share your videos in all known social communities or ...    59 MB    Views 834
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-2    REQUIRES iPHONE 4S OR BETTER (details below) Videohance is the ultimate video look editor. "It's a steal at 2.99" C|NET "This amazing app lets you add some serious style to your vids...Videohance is a must have." C|NET "An abundance of gorgeous presets, special effects, ...    344 MB    Views 834
+26    Create a stunning travel video with the EF MyTake Video Editor. You simply put together some short video clips or photos, then add music, graphics and visual effects. It’s really easy and your complete video can be ready in as ...    339 MB    Views 230
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+25    1 iPad Photo & Video App in Japan and Spain, Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic Added Apple Watch support for all phases of the recording and conversion processes. With Clipstro, you can record 5 seconds of video and it will automatically convert it ...    18 MB    Views 8946
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+27    Video Edit+ is the essential toolkit for editing and sharing videos on your iPhone. With five integral tools combined into one great app, Video Edit+ has everything you need to create gorgeous, shareworthy videos for the people you care about. Use ...    15 MB    Views 3650
0    Create a stunning travel video with the EF MyTake Video Editor. You simply put together some short video clips or photos, then add music, graphics and visual effects. It’s really easy and your complete video can be ready in as ...    333 MB    Views 1058
video messenger videos music word facebook photos clips share add friends edit
+6    Create and share expressive video messages to send to your friends on Messenger. Tell your story in video and add your favourite music to create fun video messages to share with your Facebook Messenger friends. • Wordeo tags video clips to your ...    22 MB    Views 7361
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-9    Make mini music videos for Instagram, Twitter & Vine It’s the best app to 1. Add music to your video clips 2. Join your video clips (or photos) into a music video collage in seconds. "Adding music to short video ...    56 MB    Views 9993


video create clips stories
+30    Movalin is an application for creating interactive video stories. You can capture video clips, annotate them with text, photos and audios, and link the clips to create multithreaded stories, all on the same device. Movalin can be used to create virtual tours, ...    45 MB    Views 3179

Reel Movie

movie photo video text movies photos work frame reel clips clip album effects device
+4    Reel Movie aims to be a configurable, easytouse movie creator and editor. You can merge any number of video clips from your device Photo Album, record clips from within the app, or create solid color backgrounds for title screens or ...    1 MB    Views 5938


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-7    ClipStitch combines video processing algorithms with awesome stickers and great special effects to provide an easy way to enhance your movies and share them with friends. Visual video editing Stickers and special FX Import camera video Use photo library Media ...    70 MB    Views 2439
ipad video photos audio movie movies videos music clips adding imovie creating projects picture
-8    Find out how to make beautiful movies anywhere with your iPad and iMovie. Tutor for iMovie for iPad has 34 easytofollow videos on how to create movies and movie trailers with iMovie for iPad. The video lessons cover everything from ...    454 MB    Views 2131


video text audio photo photos fun clips share templates free memories
+5    Use your details and media clips to create a memory page in seconds. Unite your memorable photos, descriptive text and audio/video clips with one of our fun template designs. DotGlu automatically lays out the page in seconds and embeds the clips ...    44 MB    Views 9577

Video Reel

video recording time photo editing clips reel footage tag highlight stop create
+22    Have you ever recorded a sports game, birthday party, or special event and then tried to create your own highlight reel? Do players, parents, coaches, friends, and family members send you raw video footage, expecting YOU to create the highlight ...    663 kb    Views 9089


video camera frame videos photos ipad recording clips import tool access microphone
+24    Designed by Olympic athletes. iAnalyze allows indepth video analysis of sports video clips. It is a universal app for all of your iOS devices with recording at 30, 60, and 120 fps (high speed recording by rearfacing camera on iPhone ...    1 MB    Views 8950
+9    Capture multiple videos & photos Clipstar will combine everything into a beautiful video. Make video stories Vlogging, Singing, Performing, Beauty, Dancing, Acting, Comedy, Pranks, Short films, Babies, Animals, Traveling, Inspiration, Life, School, Educational, Sports and much more, you can ...    24 MB    Views 7150


camera videos action photos shot shots trim clips click merge
+10    Meet your new camera man. Get everyone in your group shot, or take that selfie from a distance with ease. Control your camera remotely with another iOS device running ClickShot or the remote VSN V.BTTN. Take group photos, action shots, and ...    6 MB    Views 8238


audio photos video twitter record clips share leave great
+4    Since the earliest cave paintings thousands of years ago, humans have wanted to record what's going on around them, and in doing so leave a trace of their presence. Imprints gives you a modern way to record where you've been ...    15 MB    Views 5548
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-8    Vizzywig is the first allinone, moviemaking application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that lets you record, edit, and preview in real time See what the press is raving about Tested extensively on iOS 8 and the new iPhone 6 ...    49 MB    Views 9679


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+4    This BolyDV APP,a program used for BolyDV BA101, makes it available for you to control the DV in realtime . It supports remote control to the DV after installed on your IOS device,such as taking photos or video clips, playback ...    28 MB    Views 4398


photos family audio photo clips slider group member
+2    The FamBook App provides for the viewing, listening, and management of cloud based family album photos, annotations, and audio clips. A mode is provided for use by small children, whereby they can zoom and spin photos of themselves and their ...    3 MB    Views 6480


music videos video time photos mix remix clips content beat select
-5    Play with your entertainment Easily create and personalize videos by sampling those of others In this new version you can remix music videos, movie trailers and make your own Simply hit the 'Sample it' button and you can jump right into professional clips, ...    20 MB    Views 405

Pix-Star Snap

photos iphone email frame ipad time audio videos video star pix send snap clips short
+19    With PixStar Snap you can send photos, short videos clips and audio messages DIRECTLY from your iPhone or iPad to a PixStar Cloud Frame in a few seconds from ANYWHERE in the world with the touch of a finger. Stay connected ...    2 MB    Views 1457
video photo recording body music time library text movie clips ghost instagram add snap fade masterpiece
+5    ON SALES FOR A LIMIT TIME(1.99>0.99),GET IT BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP Ever wonder what look like when your spirit free itself from the body? Use Ghost Lens PRO to have an outofbody experience and snap STUNNING video&photo to impress your ...    42 MB    Views 4348
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-2    Tens of millions of monthly users worldwide and growing Flipagram is the easiest way to create and share amazing musical video stories Shoot video to music or use your existing photos and videos, then pick the perfect soundtrack from millions of ...    37 MB    Views 7332
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-3    ENJOY THE MOST PREMIUM EXPERIENCE WITH THE PRO VERSION Create INCREDIBLE VIDEO COLLAGES ClipStitch is the ultimate app for creating fun, beautiful, and creative video collages. Have fun making your own video, and share it to boost your popularity. It's simple and delightful: 1. ...    13 MB    Views 2840
photos video photo facebook twitter email videos camera music flickr add clips share tumblr individual
+1    Say cheese Flashback is a revolutionary camcorder app that allows you to take photos and video simultaneously. Now you can capture moments, moods, and emotions in a way you could have never imagined Every picture has a story to tell. Flashback ...    45 MB    Views 558
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+14    NOW you can ADD PHOTOS FOR FREE, OR MUSIC, VOICES, and TRANSITIONS to your video to create unique photo SLIDE SHOWS for just 99 cents The FAST and EASY TO USE video editor that let’s you TRIM, MERGE, and SHARE your ...    12 MB    Views 264

Kombie App

share clips favorite
+25    Kombie is a fun way of mashing your selfies, memes, pics and vines with clips from your favorite music videos, sports, live events, movies, tv shows and whatever's happening now. Choose a clip, add your photo or video and share to ...    12 MB    Views 9045


video photos add clips sharing
-3    It is really easy to make a video by the 'GVideo'. 
 Add, Edit and Share. 
The simplest way to the world of VideoEditor, the GVideo. 

GVideo is an intuitive and powerful video editor app for iOS.
 Make motions on your photo library.  
Reanimate your memories ...    14 MB    Views 5417
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+18    We provide a revolutionary way to create stopmotion's film on your mobile device. This is a powerful stopmotion tools which we created because we wanted a quick and easy way to edit stopmotion and assemble those stopmotion's video clips come ...    10 MB    Views 3202
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+14    TOP 5 PHOTO&VIDEO APP IN 12 COUNTRIES TOP 1 PHOTO&VIDEO APP IN 5 COUNTRIES Over 5,000,000 DOWNLOADS FREE FOR A LIMIT TIME, GET IT BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP Ever wonder what look like when your spirit free itself from the body? Use Ghost ...    45 MB    Views 1430
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0    Clipchat a new way to share private moments with your followers. Join in on the fun FANTASTIC FEATURES: THE FEED – Easily post images or videos to the Feed for all of your followers to view SELFDESTRUCT – Shared clips will disappear ...    8 MB    Views 3192

Replay Reel

video recording time photo editing clips reel footage tag stop replay highlight
+11    Have you ever recorded a sports game, birthday party, or special event and then tried to create your own highlight reel? Do players, parents, coaches, friends, and family members send you raw video footage, expecting YOU to create the highlight ...    610 kb    Views 49
video world clips events application anonymous
+4    NeeCam is a very creative social application based on the most recent anonymous video clips. Look at the world around you, and imagine the rest part of it. All the moments and events are showing up and then quickly fading away. ...    30 MB    Views 4397
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+9    Bring your words to life with Wordeo Tell your story in video and add your favourite music to create fun video stories to share with friends. • Wordeo tags video clips to your words • Choose from thousands of video clips • Upload videos ...    42 MB    Views 941
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+14    AutoSampler is a unique app that lets you easily convert video clips into gorgeous, retrolooking photos. Inspired by the effects of popular toy film cameras, AutoSampler is eight cameras and a video recorder in one. Simply press “record” or import your ...    9 MB    Views 8045


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-2    Create, enjoy and share your best photosvideos clips in synch with music you love. Soclip is the most advanced and easy to use application to easily create photo and/or video clips you can instantly share with the world. Create professional clips in ...    NAN    Views 2407
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