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+4    ■The Tutorial Movie Was Made Basic TiltShift Lens Flare Damage Circular Bokeh Vignetting Vignetting2 Color Vignetting Community Link The brandnew "RetroCamera" has been finally released Now it supports high resolution images, the template function ...    84 MB    Views 6412


text effect circular
+4    Add beautiful circular text to your photos. Main features: 100+ fonts 18 circular text templates 20 circle frames for text 27 patterns 10 masks Move, resize and rotate text Emboss Effect Drop Shadow Effect Transparency Effect MultiLevel Undo/Redo Max Resolution    5 MB    Views 9628


crop simple circular
-1    Circulr is a simple app that allows users to apply a circular crop on their photos. With the rise of circular avatars, more and more people want to give it a shot. However, the Photoshop method takes a whole lot of ...    287 kb    Views 5800
+1    NEW: Create your own, personalised profile picture for Whatsapp Forget the old, boring, circular Whatsapp profile pictures. Now you can finally unleash your creativity: Try out a heartshape profile picture, use your first intial or even have your picture in a ...    12 MB    Views 3745
0    Neutrally+ offers two complementary tools for long exposure photography 1. ND filters ( exposure calculator ) 2. Daylight information ND filters ( exposure calculator ) Calculate your shutter speed when using Neutral Density filters and/or Circular Polariser filter (CPL) 1STOP to 20STOP ND filter(s) ...    3 MB    Views 4045


green image filter circular effect brightness blue change
-4    Picture Change by your Tap 'PikTap' is an image edit tool in which you can make unique operation with full advantage of touch panel and enjoy previewing images lightly. PikTap can take photos and read image library and make various image ...    2 MB    Views 315
profile text time instagram picture circular hue opacity modes tool
-1    Custom profile pictures increase Instagram engagement (followers and likes) across the board A professional profile photo is a must for serious Instagram users to maximize a profile's potential. If your Instagram profile picture is not the best it can be ...    22 MB    Views 9576
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-5    This is a camera app that can faithfully reproduce film photos that are no longer taken nowadays such as from GFA、FUJIFILM、ILFORD、Polaroid、Kodak、Rollei. It comes with as many as 376 presets. (According to our company research, this is the largest compilation in the ...    106 MB    Views 9222


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+6    A new twist on photo editing. Turn your photos into amazing circular images with Circular+. Circular+ is a fun app with powerful new features never seen before in this type of app. You can easily zoom in and out of ...    43 MB    Views 7955

Circle Me

-2    This is a simple concept Cut image into circles, and match up with circular back photo. It just needs few easy steps to make a unique and special style of circular art image.  Step 1 : [ Circle Me ] offers ...    44 MB    Views 9456
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