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+5    One of the best Slide Show maker No watermark WOW It's completely FREE Create awesome video stories by mixing your Photos & Music Be your own master and create the Slideshows just the way you want them to be PERFECT It’s ...    27 MB    Views 9227
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+22    Get Likes and Comments on Instagram is the ONLY APP that gets you real likes & comments all in the same app. Unlike Instaliker, CommentBoost, MagicLike, FamousGram and Likey, Get Likes and Comments is the only app that does it ...    27 MB    Views 8797
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+11    Vintaframes helps you create amazing looking photo combinations in the easiest way ever. You will be able to choose up to 9 pictures from your iPhone, place them in some layouts and then apply amazing vintage frames, filters and lights ...    42 MB    Views 1710
+4    Polamatic, the official app of Polaroid, brings the nostalgia of Polaroid pictures to all of your favorite images; experience the magic of Polaroid instant in an unparalleled digital fashion. Capture or import a photo, then watch it develop just like ...    152 MB    Views 6710
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+23    "FancyCam is a cool tool for anyone's photography folder. Download it now and ramp up the Instagram competition just a little" 148Apps "There are a lot of great filters available in this app. From basic color changes, to light leaks ...    42 MB    Views 1992
photo facebook photos choose collage edit sharpness advanced instagram filters
+12    The most advanced photo collage maker app out there Choose from over 60 frames to choose from Edit the border style with different colors, thickness, shapes, and even patterns Import photos from gallery, Instagram, Facebook or just take new photos ...    22 MB    Views 2825
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+9    Free your panoramic photos from the confines of the Photos app. Easily share them with friends on Instagram by creating square versions. Double Wide lets you choose between Double or Triple to create images of 2 or 3 rows that ...    2 MB    Views 3115
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+11    A magical way to create and share beautiful photos. "InstaEditor" is a fun and simple way to make beautiful photos in seconds. Use professionally designed filters, creative photo effects and more to create and share amazing pics.. Features Amazing Photo filters and effects Edited ...    35 MB    Views 4439
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+2    The most advanced photo editor for iOS and Apple Watch. Featured on Top Photo apps for iOS 8 worldwide. • Create the best personalized photo montages: Add an evergrowing collection of layouts, filters, stickers, texts, fonts and frames to your photos and ...    26 MB    Views 7702
+30    "One of the coolest photo and video filter app on the market" With Filter That Sht you apply crazy effects, filters and layers to photos and videos to make them... awesome Effects are applied LIVE before you take a photo or ...    48 MB    Views 6581
people photos tags instagram likes followers popular free choose
+1    Copy and Paste Instagram Tags to get more Instagram likes on your pics and Instagram followers You can either select Instagram Tags individually by category or through a ready to go list of Instagram Tags which we have built for ...    4 MB    Views 7018

PhotoFilter Pro

photo camera photos video parameters image choose filters settings page save
-1    It is a perfect and professional camera/photo processing tool, there are more than 17 often used camera&photo image effects and also there are custom filters which you can configure to produce hundreds of image effects. So simple to use: firstly, you ...    2 MB    Views 9313

MapMyPic 2.0

photo map time twitter metadata instagram filters
+6    (We have an enhanced version of this app called "Map Camera: Append a Map to your Photo". You may want to take a look at that one first. Please search for it's FULL NAME, don't get the wrong app : ...    1023 kb    Views 4684
animal effect blend share choose image face instagram morph
+5    Blend your face into an awesome fierce animal & share on Instagram,Twitter,Facebook instantly. Features =========== Pick image from photo gallery or take image with camera Choose from over 20+ faces Blend Effect,Mask Effect,Morph Effect Share your creative creation on IG,FB,TW High Quality ...    22 MB    Views 1789
photos text photo post instagram cropping entire choose patterns pic
-6    Pic Square Maker is the EASIEST, FASTEST and most FLEXIBLE way to post entire photos on Instagram without cropping. Easily import photos from your albums, Add patterns or lines or colors to post full size photos on Instagram without cropping. you can even ...    58 MB    Views 3985

Polarr Photo Editor

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0    Polarr brings professional photo editing tools to your mobile device From highprecision light and color tools, to advanced clarity and dehaze settings, to the ability to create and save your own filters at 4MB, Polarr is the pro photo editor ...    4 MB    Views 3374
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-8    Use striped filters to transform your ordinary photo Stripes is the fastest way to transform your entire photo into an amazing picture. No need to painfully use your finger to touch up your photo. Change striped filters to highlight a context ...    13 MB    Views 447
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0    Add beautiful typography & artwork, apply stunning filters and photo effects, and add an evergrowing collection of shapes, light FX, textures, borders, patterns, and more to your photos and share them to your favorite social networks The app was designed with ...    63 MB    Views 1882
+11    Frame your instagram photos. Original Frames for making your photos stand out. Shoot a photo or import from your library. Adjust and crop to square. Swipe to choose a folder/category. Swipe through frames. Choose from frame categories: Americana Art deco Clouds Comic Floral Flourish Fun Gold Luxury Minimal Neon New York Paper Pride Rasta Sketched Sketching Wood More Frames added regularly.    9 MB    Views 9200


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+10    Featured as 'New & Noteworthy' in Australia Appstore Featured as 'New & Noteworthy' in New Zealand Appstore Featured as 'What's Hot' in Australia Appstore Featured as 'What's Hot' in New Zealand Appstore Featured in 'Top 10 Photography Apps' in New Zealand Appstore Make ordinary photos ...    19 MB    Views 5477
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0    VintageCam Make great Vintage photos with fantastic filters and effects Capture or import a photo and automatically view like a real Vintage cam VintageCam allows you to take photos with camera or pick them from yours Photo Library and edit them ...    8 MB    Views 3873
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-7    Get REAL comments on Instagram Comment KING is the only app that helps you increase engagement with your photos while giving you 100% control All comments are from real Instagram users. No more weird, fake or spammy comments :) Become ...    21 MB    Views 7106
video photos music text photo videos add instagram freehand choose slideshow filters
-1    Create awesome video stories by mixing your photos & music Be your own master and create the videos just the way you want them to be PERFECT No watermark WOW It’s very easy: Select Photos. Add Music. You are done Your ...    27 MB    Views 4717


flickr photo facebook instagram images filters import features mail share
+13    Simple photo editor with a lot of features. Import your photos or images found in the network, apply effects to make them look great. Share beautiful results to your friends via socials or send by mail. Features ● 27 photo filters ● 9 stylize filters ● ...    4 MB    Views 2440

Fun L'il Stamp

+3    New Video capture with live filtering, including Comic and Crayon filters Fun L'il Stamp is a fast, fun little app for making your own virtual postage stamp collection. Facebook connectivity, sharing, marker/crayon filters, addictive fun Features: Special, realtime 'Watercolour', 'Crayon', 'Comic' ...    24 MB    Views 1027
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+8    LightSource is a powerful, professional photo editing app for those photographers who like to take square photos. PERFECT FOR INSTAGRAM USERS With LightSources focus on creating beautiful square photography it is ideal for those users who like to use Instagram. You are ...    46 MB    Views 3542
chinese twitter photo instagram works expert filters
+14    2013年度爱摄影华人装机必备!轻轻松松为您的图片加上漂亮的中文字体,以及美化图片! 精选了12个超美丽的中文字体,让您的照片与众不同 独一无二地以全屏的方式快速预览图片美化效果! 超快速点选手机内的照片 完美支持iOS6和iPhone 5 轻松分享到微博,FB, Twitter, Instagram. 希望您会喜欢! Typographer Chinese Expert puts together some of the most beautiful Chinese fonts and photo filters in a simple and intuitive interface. Unlike most of the apps, your photo doesn't have to be ...    57 MB    Views 9455

Vintify Free

+27    Make ordinary photos look spectacular Now you can easily turn your photos into stunning professional snaps and share them with your friends. You can choose from a wide range of Filters, Frames and Effects to turn your photos into professional snaps and ...    20 MB    Views 1941
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+22    The best FREE photo editor filter effects for Instagram with over 100 different filters and effects :) Quickly edit your Instagram photos with PicEdit + So easy to use Just pick a photo, add your filters or effects and then post direct ...    17 MB    Views 9824

LumiCam Pro

facebook twitter camera filters http live instagram
+3    Go live Imagine seeing the entire world filtered by your iphone's camera and snapping the perfect photo. This app does just that Amaze your friends by editing filters in real time. Just check out our screenshots FEATURES ▷ Live camera with ...    99 MB    Views 4563
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-7    Blend your face into an awesome fierce animal & share on Instagram,Twitter,Facebook instantly.Download right now Features =========== Pick image from photo gallery or take image with camera Choose from over 20+ faces Blend Effect,Mask Effect,Morph Effect Share your creative creation on IG,FB,TW ...    17 MB    Views 8870
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+2    Transform your everyday photos into something unique with Picture Stickers 1 Take a photo or choose from your camera roll. 2 Add stickers. Scaling and rotating is supported. 3 Then share your new one of a kind photo with your friends via Facebook, ...    77 MB    Views 6949
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+15    Get 99 New and Free Photo Filters for Instagram and Facebook. ALL TYPES OF FILTERS and OVERLAYS Grunge, Lights, Neon, Lasers, Space, Nebula, Grains, Wood, Hues, Gradients, Bokeh, Patterns, +more EASILY ADD TEXT Add a message to your pictures also. Easily resize the text, ...    84 MB    Views 789
photo photos text social collection filters fun add choose
+1    Add beautiful typography, apply stunning filters and photo effects, and add an evergrowing collection of shapes, light FX, textures, borders, patterns, and more to your photos and share them to your favorite social networks The app was designed with you in ...    11 MB    Views 455

Cam FX Pixel

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+12    THE BEST PIXEL PHOTO BOOTH Turn your favorite Photo into a Scene from Pixel World Cam FX Pixel lets you decorate your own photos with the cutest and coolest Pixel style Props. With tons of features like Filters, Prop Add, Text Add, ...    177 MB    Views 6786


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+24    Inspired by the multilens cameras of yesteryear, Mosaicam is a fun camera app that allows you to shoot and share mosaics made up of multiple pictures. It's perfect for everything from selfies to landscapes.  EASY TO USE Open the app, start ...    13 MB    Views 9641
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-2    We’ve created an app that will make your selfies look their absolute best Download now Introducing the latest app in our range of selfie editing apps Selfie Frames is our hottest new app check it out NOW to see what all ...    57 MB    Views 3574

Photoplay App

+27    Photoplay is all about photo. And sharing. And photo. And sharing again. Photoplay looks like Instagram. But it works with every modern smartphone, is simple, allows doing rectangular photos, has extended privacy settings, and much more Exclusive features: customizable effects, vignetting; easy ...    12 MB    Views 1228
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-1    We’ve created an app that will make your selfies look their absolute best Download now Introducing the latest app in our range of selfie editing apps Selfie Frames is our hottest new app check it out NOW to see what all ...    57 MB    Views 9248
photos likes instagram free choose coins
+5    Free Likes is the fastest way to get more likes for your Instagram photos Simply choose any photo and choose how many new likes you want (For a limited time only: Get 20 FREE Coins if you download now) Earn coins by discovering ...    2 MB    Views 3398
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+15    With Awesome Photo FX you can take a regular photo and apply over 120 effects and textures to create unique looking picture in seconds. Main features 120 very cool pic effects to choose from Make endless magical pictures via stacking different effects ...    121 MB    Views 9211


photos text photo camera share filters growing collection choose
+24    PicMask is a powerful app to allow you to mask your photos with captions or simply overlay your images with text. Create beautiful photos by adding text, artwork, light leaks, textures, grains, photo filters, adjustments, and much more to your ...    34 MB    Views 7903
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+26    Want to liven up your photos? With AniFunny, you can turn your photos into animated videos by adding cool animations. Our animation galleries include crazy hairdos, fairytale characters, spiders, bombs, cupcakes, and over the top accessories, all moving, jumping or ...    74 MB    Views 6885
video videos library photo instagram add simply frames choose easy
-3    Add frames to your Instagram videos in moments Choose from tons of unique frames to add to your videos. Simply choose your video, add your frame, and export your video Exporting your video is easy and can easily be uploaded to ...    2 MB    Views 2208

PhotoLabPro ++

photo text photos filters fun collection overlays adjust borders choose
+10    Add beautiful typography, shapes, apply stunning filters and photo effects, textures, borders, patterns, and more to your photos and share them to your favorite social networks The app was designed with you in mind: making as best, easy and fun for ...    66 MB    Views 8437
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+8    Get creative and transform your photos into stunning works of art with Camera Features: take a photo on your camera or choose from your library. choose from twenty photo filters and effects. change filters and effects quickly and easily by the touch of a ...    25 MB    Views 6637


calculator camera exposure timer settings exposures filters choose push
+10    Exposure Calculator is an iOS application for photographers to convert and calculate different exposure settings. Longtime Exposures: Exposure Calculator helps you to find the correct settings for your longtime exposures. If your camera doesn't have a timer for longtime exposures, just use Exposure ...    4 MB    Views 8288

Lomo Ho

Related Apps photo photos twitter filters lomo borders choose white black leaks light
+3    Lomo Ho is a fast, easytouse photo editor for your iPhone. Choose from a variety of filters and borders to enhance your photo taking experience. Quickly take a photo, edit it and share to Twitter with ease Features of Lomo Ho: 17 ...    14 MB    Views 5498
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+25    The easiest way to make photo collage app Pixage Photo Collage Frame is excellent way to dress up your photo collection and share your handiwork. Awesome features: Choose from over 50 frames to choose from Edit the border style ...    18 MB    Views 3741
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+4    A wonderful way to create and share your beautiful photos and make your friend jealous with your unmatchable photo editor tools "Photo Art Studio" is a fun and simple way to make beautiful photos in seconds. Use professionally designed filters, creative ...    49 MB    Views 9504
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-9    Make your pics more colorful and attractive by applying different colors on your photos. "Photo Studio Design" is a fun and simple way to make beautiful photos in seconds. Use professionally designed filters, creative photo effects and more to create and ...    48 MB    Views 2177
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+7    Repost photos from websites to instagram Step 1: Click the "add" button on upperright corner Step 2: Enter url of the website Step 3: Choose the image Step 4: Choose the style of short link overlay Step 5: Repost the images on instagram And the app ...    11 MB    Views 3749


photos photo part synthesis dark filters cutting special choose
-4    Do you have thousands of photos but most of them are wonderless?   Filter + Synthesis is the greatest and most extraordinary app for turning your photos into work of art.  Phantasy includes 200 delicate back photos with different styles and varied ...    368 MB    Views 6383


photos photo library choose emoji emojis friends hundreds instagram
+8    iOS Emojis for your photos With Instamoji, you can add your favorite iOS emoji characters to your photos. Whether it’s the cute little monkeys, piggies, or even that pile of poop, you will be able to make your photos pop even ...    42 MB    Views 5968
photos instagram choose
+8    ▲ For all Instagram lovers ▲ Posting original photos on Instagram is possible now Either landscape or portraits photos can be uploaded to Instagram without cropping You can choose a matchy backgound with patterns to match with your photos with BorderGram Choose among the ...    30 MB    Views 4470

Frames R Us

Related Apps photos frame photo facebook frames add choose fun filters share
-6    Frames R Us and Frames R U Have fun with your photos Frames R Us guides you through a very simple stepbystep process to frame you photos quick and easy, allowing you to bring your favorite photos to life with a personal touch ...    2 MB    Views 9907
filters instagram
0    Photofect seconds to make beautiful pictures inside is a fun and simple way. Professionally designed filters for creating and sharing great photos, creative drawings, use correction tools and more The final step "instagram" button add frame for instagram    5 MB    Views 8348
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+21    Photo Editor that will add to your photos: Text: Choose the color, font, type & size. Artwork: Choose from among many clip art to add to match the background of your photos. Effects: Many popular effects, making it a complete ...    13 MB    Views 6528
text social gif upload edit simply gifs filters medias instagram
-5    With Giflr, you can capture your own or simply upload and transform videos and photos into animated gif format file. Whether it be for Tumblr, Instagram or even your online store, the possibilities of creativity are endless with our text ...    27 MB    Views 1658
halloween photo card photos choose share postcards address filters add
+2    Scare your family and friends with spooktactular Award Winning ecards from CardBuilder Halloween Choose from 19 bewitching card templates. Tap the card of interest and watch CardBuilder Halloween flip around to reveal an editing station where you can add ...    20 MB    Views 6526
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