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+24    Photo Effect Kids Camera For Kitty Edition. You can take a photo with cute Hello Kitty style. Edit images / Photo Frame can be zoomed or shrunk by touching on screen. 10+ Difference Hello Kitty Styles. Save it to device and share a ...    8 MB    Views 7501

Kids Photo Frames !

+5    Kids Photo Frames is an easy to use software which allows you to customize your own Picture. Choose picture and generate your Kids Photo Frames. Apply funny, lovely frames to your kid photos. This app has some very fun frames, is ...    29 MB    Views 801


kids photos camera child part world
+13    Must download app Brit & Co Picocious is the kids camera you've been waiting for Part learning tool, part game, part scavenger hunt, Picocious is a fun camera app for kids. All photos are stored in the app's sandbox, which ...    10 MB    Views 9019
photo kids text graphics fun
+18    Photo editing fun for kids and their parents Take a picture with your smartphone and edit them with filters, borders, graphics, text, and more. Use graphics and prints from the latest Garanimals kids clothing collections to Garanimalize your photos Share ...    17 MB    Views 4550
kids nose red day put
+15    Help Cure Kids with a hongi this Red Nose Day. Why? Because it’s good sorts like you and your mates who can make a difference to Kiwi kids living with serious health conditions by supporting Red Nose Day this August. We want ...    8 MB    Views 9742

Daily baby pics

+14    Every parent would like to capture there child's each lovely day. So evidcomm presents a unique application which will help you to take daily pics of your lovely child.  Now remember your child each day with this application. This application will save ...    13 MB    Views 5210
+12    MAKE CHILDREN WITH PHOTOS OF YOUR FRIENDS Take two face photos and combine them to see what their future child will look like Baby Maker uses face blend technology to combine characteristics of two people into one face Just mark the eyes, ...    6 MB    Views 9629
-6    A simple drawing and coloring app for kids. You can draw an image and save it to the photo gallery of your device. In addition to the free drawing canvas you get dozens of coloring models to choose from. More than 50 ...    10 MB    Views 2904
0    Want to go paperless and communicate easily with parents? This app offers Daily Reports, Photos and Emergency Notifications for Childcare. Market your preschool through word of mouth of existing families. Send Photos and Daily Reports to Parents. For Sign InOut ...    23 MB    Views 7825
-6    Quit saying, "you need to send me that picture" We built Group Album to be the dead simple way for multiple people to stream pics into a single album. No longer worry about collecting pics over sms, email, FB, or instagram, ...    6 MB    Views 3006


baby kids memory join accounts wonderful friends babies
-2    bbTown is a high quality Parents & Children community. bbTown helps you record every wonderful moment of your baby A beautiful memory bbTown always keeps for your family. Initial launch of dual login accounts one for Mommy, one for Daddy, bbTown ...    13 MB    Views 1157
parents baby time teachers work video communication family text teacher child share paper
+3    The best application for kindergarten,the information communication platform for teachers,parents and students. Dady,Momy and teacher can take photo and share to each other immediatelly via this application.Even if the family member is not around,he/she can feel the child's growing up. Parent's worry: Miss ...    44 MB    Views 9635
santa photo kids christmas love children magic reindeer child stars step show
-1    FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME Amaze and delight your child by making the Santa Clause or his Reindeer magically appear The Santa Clause Was Here app makes it easy to have photos of Santa Clause or his Reindeer right ...    11 MB    Views 1112
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-9    Memories are forever Evidcomm presents a new photo application in which you can keep daily photos. A multipurpose application from which you can take photos and managed it day wise. You can also add tags to the photos. You can use this ...    19 MB    Views 622
Related Apps photos camera kids photo share snap friends seconds cam
0    Snap & Share Kids Cam is the world's first camera and photo sharing app for children With a few simple touches it will allow even the youngest photo enthusiasts to take and share their photos with friends and loved ones. Now your ...    6 MB    Views 4873
Related Apps photo kids robot build
+1    Want to build your own robot? This is the app for that This game offers kids a robot factory, with almost infinite combination of parts for robots, you can choose each part of the robot: Antennas Ears Head Eyes Nose Mouth Body Hands Legs With different shapes and colors, to build ...    5 MB    Views 2318


photos baby kids parents share friends
+6    Share your kids’ lovely photos with your friends kindergram is a simple way to capture and share every moment of your kids on your iPhone. A gallery would be provided for you to store all the photos and let your friends ...    13 MB    Views 937
Related Apps photo kids pictures funny fun hats
-3    Find out what thousands of kids are talking about Fun Camera App for kids Like a photo booth, with crazy super funny hats. And share pictures using Floop. Elissa, one of the moms using facetoon: “My son loves this app, he’s been ...    20 MB    Views 2532

Flower Child Lite

+17    Flower Child Lite: Now you can post the cutest possible pictures of your children, family or friends with this easy to use camera app. Posting your photos with comments, tracking replies, and saving images in the gallery is a snap with Flower Child. The ...    NAN    Views 6298
dad family friends mom share child parent
+12    Ever wonder which parent a baby or child looks like the most ? Is it Mom or Dad? Just ask your family and friends with BabyLooks. BabyLooks will let you take photo of mom, dad, and the child. Then, you can ...    9 MB    Views 6622

Say Again

+4    Say Again is app like no other. Made with the deep philosophical idea in mind that knowing the world starts from knowing thyself, it will boost your child’s intellectual development and awaken their selfawareness. Say Again is app designed to record ...    976 kb    Views 9728
artists photo profile faces pet turn picture child friends
+1    Fiverr, the world's largest marketplace for digital services, proudly introduces Fiverr Faces, the ultimate tool for creating oneofakind, custom portraits, made by real artists. Turn a photo of you, your child or your pet into a work of art to ...    30 MB    Views 312
photo photos personal everyday hour day growing child week
-9    The easiest app to take as much selfies as you want Take a photos everyday and look at any changes in your life. Create your personal unique movie of your face. Selfer will remind you to take a photo every hour, day or ...    6 MB    Views 8308

Pic Edit

photo kids library edit product pic pictures service existing products
+2    Pic Edit is a very simple, super easy to use, picture editor. In fact, Pic Edit was designed specifically to be so super easy to use, that even little kids can play and use it. Photo Edit simply import pictures from the ...    275 kb    Views 9203
-3    Kids Frames With Photo Get attractive photo frames for kids with free fun app Kids Frames. Children love to play with phone and clicking pictures making funny faces please them the most. Copious kids frames collection with pretty colors, frames, ...    15 MB    Views 5278

Love Child

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+5    Groovier Than Ever • Love Child 2.0 has been completely redesigned to be even more fun to use. With a fullscreen image display and simple toolbar controls, it couldn't be easier • New Putty mode lets you stretch, melt, twist and tweak ...    32 MB    Views 1192

My Cute Baby

kids moments
+1    Create a photo book for your babies but just for special moments. Show to your friends just a summary of the most important moments of your kids. Compare your kids for the same moment in their lifes.    16 MB    Views 1984


+19    From Reaction Plan's Tracker family of apps, comes BabyTrackr a lifelogging program Our children grow so fast, especially during that first year. BabyTrackr allows you to track your child's growth and development through photos. You are also able to send ...    840 kb    Views 2945
cards text baby language photos photo software learning card kids flash create child objects lite
+14    Create My Own Flash Cards lets you quickly and easily create flash cards for your baby. It's much easier for babies to relate to objects they already know. When you make custom flash cards with photos of the child's toys ...    2 MB    Views 4027
halloween photo kids costumes costume countless pick adorable booth
+17    Curious to see what you and your friends will look like as zombies and vampires? Want to pick your costume for this halloween without trying them out? Worrying about what are you going to pick for your adorable little kids as a halloween ...    21 MB    Views 2598

Kids Magnifier

iphone camera zoom magnifier easy child
+12    Does your child love science and exploring the natural world around them? Further enable them to do so with the power of your iPhone Kid's Magnifier uses your iPhone's camera to make a fun, easy to use magnifying glass. Simplified controls and ...    4 MB    Views 312


photo children photos email time people dating kids pets family pet child lost hair information wall click
+11    App with more children to join Mao Mao child to hemp friends, together bought something Share Photo: Mao child version of Instagram, let Mao child was more seen Convenient shopping: Mao child Bazaar offers a variety of fresh / natural ...    NAN    Views 4830
Related Apps kids animal stickers fun
+2    Waiting in line? This app is perfect for giving kids something fun to do during moments of downtime. Your kids can take a photo, then choose from 40 free stickers to add to it. It's a great way to teach kids ...    2 MB    Views 8182

Child's Diary

child diary
+20    "Child's Diary" can record your children's growth as a photo album.    2 MB    Views 1164

Family Touch.

family photo time children games trips photos pets kids playing album child touch images beautiful behavior
+5    If you have a SMALL CHILD at home playing with your Iphone you probably noticed that his FAVORITE app is your FAMILY PHOTO ALBUM. Family Touch is both a photo album AND a game designed especially for children. 5 STAR Review ...    25 MB    Views 942


photos child image synthesis shot application
0    [App Introduction] By simple operation, It is an application that can be synthesized two images. This application can be such a thing.   Easy synthesized in photos Two   Children expected to use the photos of men and women at the time ...    3 MB    Views 237

Kids Photo Frames

Related Apps kids photo photos frames quotes lovely picture
+3    Kids Photo Frames is an easy to use software which allows you to customize your own Picture and make cute photos for kids and babies. Choose picture or take new photo with camera, select a frame, and generate your Kids ...    59 MB    Views 199
+2    Bird For Kid Educate Your Child In A Different Way Educating a child is the foremost responsibility of the parents. If proper learning does not happen, it might hamper the future progress of the child. The world is ...    13 MB    Views 2749

coloring star

kids coloring enjoy color star fun
+1    coloring star is a fun and educational game for kids who will enjoy filling in the coloring pages with this fun painting app. this great app helps kids develop motor skills and learn color combinations while keeping them entertained for hours. You ...    10 MB    Views 1673
kids voice content tool learn
-9    Using your photos and voice help your kids to learn the world. That are why I wrote this app. All of kids love to play iPhone or iPad. We always spend a lot of time to select the kids app, and always ...    3 MB    Views 6356

Pixntell EDU

photos videos voice email facebook video reading ipad youtube upload child student
-3    Every pix has a story...tell yours™ Pixntell EDU adds your voice to your pictures and creates a personalized video you can share on Dropbox, Facebook, YouTube or email This Pixntell version includes the Full and Pro versions within one app. Plus, if ...    17 MB    Views 7183

Doodle Pro Free

Related Apps doodle kids tool shapes pro ideas fun free
-6    Doodle Pro is an awesome doodling app with shapes, colors and more Create ideas for new projects, draw amazing landscapes with the fun shapes or just jot down notes at your next meeting. Great for kids too Use your imagination ...    2 MB    Views 1474

Love Child Classic

Related Apps photo love album picture morphing features facial child
+7    Groovy Face morphing like you've never seen it before A picture of you, a picture of me, then let the mindblowing psychedelic magic of Love Child begin. Use the iPhone's builtin camera or select from your photo album Instantly blend and morph ...    1 MB    Views 1461
avatar kids troll
-6    The Trolls by Treasures Avatar App lets kids easily create a Troll Avatar using their own photo or a Troll face. Kids can also select different clothing, jewelry, costumes and more Then save the final picture to their gallery or ...    8 MB    Views 7014

First Years

Related Apps photos camera design calendar years moments share beautiful child elegant
+1    First Years For your child’s precious moments. “First Years […] has an elegant design, impeccable polish and a really gorgeous design style that makes it stand out.” Beautiful Pixels “First Years is one of the most gorgeous ways we've ever ...    6 MB    Views 312
videos kids photos sounds
+8    This app offers many and varied tractor videos, sounds and photos. With this application for kids, you can teach your children to recognise the evolution of tractor design between 18802010.    26 MB    Views 3477

My Story Creator

cartoon kids photo students story creator characters stories pick
-9    My Story Creator is a fantastic storytelling app for telling your stories with cartoon images and the protagonists the cute little cartoon characters. New update with animal characters Special Features: Insert your own photo as a background anytime. Many backgrounds ...    17 MB    Views 4811
kids photography learn equipment props lighting pro poses secrets
+8    Learn the secrets behind taking amazing kids' photos Whether you're already a pro looking to polish your style, or an amateur hoping to expand your skills, Learn Kids' Photography Now offers a wealth of tips and information to help you ...    104 MB    Views 832
photos age kids children compare grow album date
+2    Got 2 kids or more? Ever wondered what they looked like at the same age? Kiddy Up Go lets you do just this. You can compare each of your children in a scrollable stream which shows a set of photos for ...    25 MB    Views 9412
santa kids christmas nice list big picture
-8    Are you bored of the usual Christmas Applications? A MUST HAVE APP on this Xmas Season Santa's Naughty or Nice Are you going to get what you wish for Xmas, or a big lump of coal? Kids always wish to have their name in ...    23 MB    Views 3511

Photo Postcards

kids photo postcard postcards send free
-3    ++FREE POSTCARD TO YA MATES POSTBOX++ Photopostcards gives you everything you need in postcard delights And we send them for you Check out the Pocket Postcard – the easiest, quickest and funkiest postcard you’ll see…. ever Upload your photo, type your ...    9 MB    Views 8701
children flower learning kids audio facebook time photos kid english screen child educate learn
+4    Flower For Kid Educate Your Child In A Different Way Educating a child is the foremost responsibility of the parents. If proper learning does not happen, it might hamper the future progress of the child. The world is ...    14 MB    Views 9220
kids time puzzle picture flipping
-4    FREE for a limited time An intuitive picture flipping puzzle that helps kids to develop cognitive skills, coordination using adorable photos of the animals. Designed for young kids; No frustrations, Simply Fun Multitouch support; Try to use more than 1 finger at a time, and get ...    37 MB    Views 5438
children learning kids audio facebook time photos kid english screen child learn educate
-7    Playground For Kid Educate Your Child In A Different Way Educating a child is the foremost responsibility of the parents. If proper learning does not happen, it might hamper the future progress of the child. The world is ...    11 MB    Views 933
Related Apps family photo facebook web baby photos security moments share child free browser
-3    Mom's and Dad's are busy. Peekaboo Moments makes photo albums easy... automatic Peekaboo Moments was designed specifically for families. You can start at the beginning (e.g. pregnancy) and build an intelligent and meaningful digital scrapbook as you go. Or, you can backdate ...    37 MB    Views 1606
drawing kids image picture characters animals coloring buddy collection
+10    Kids drawing and coloring. Easy and intuitive interface, designed for toddlers. You can draw an image and save it to the photo gallery of your device. One image from each of the animals and characters collection is included in the free version. The complete ...    7 MB    Views 6123

Patch Photo

photos photo fitness write details draw child forget
-3    Patch Write, draw and journal on the back of your photos. Turn your pics into Patches Foodies, fitness buffs, cooks, travelers, parents, fashionistas, artists, writers, concertgoers, kids...just about anyone can create Patches in many fun and useful ways Patch is great for: Fitness: ...    11 MB    Views 5520
alphabet learning kids children time facebook photos audio kid english screen child learn educate
-6    Alphabet For Kid Educate Your Child In A Different Way Educating a child is the foremost responsibility of the parents. If proper learning does not happen, it might hamper the future progress of the child. The world is ...    9 MB    Views 1786
garden family videos photos baby people love moment moments book child share website
+25    Save, share, and relive those special moments as your child grows up and privately share them with your closest family and friends. With a single click, you can even turn your Moment Garden into a Moment Book, a beautifully printed ...    11 MB    Views 9127
browse kids photos instagram rich
-1    RKOI is more than an Instagram browser. RKOI let you browse the lavish lifestyle of rich kids on instagram. They are filthy rich , they have more money than you , they tip thousand of dollars and they ride their ...    21 MB    Views 6909
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