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Video Pano 360

+3    Convert your video file to panorama easy Panoramic photographs are great at taking in entire landscapes, urban and natural. They allow you to see beyond what your camera can capture in one frame. But why stop with stills? Your iPhone digital camera ...    20 MB    Views 4104


+18    A wallpaper maker. Capture unique Christian Cross photos to use as wallpapers for your device. By pinching to zoom you can change the area that is captured. Photos are saved to your device. Use the builtin Photos app to "Use ...    4 MB    Views 9669

Scream Capture

-1    Scare your friends and capture it on Video with this Scary Scream Capture Prank You've got 4 choices of, "setup" games to pick for your friends to play and 3 monster scares that really come to life with animation and sound ...    13 MB    Views 4969

Daily Shot

photos photo daily shot capture day life times
+6    Have you ever gone through your photos and wish you had taken more of them? The new Daily Shot app for the iPhone allows you to capture life as it flies by. With the Daily Shot app we've removed the hurdle ...    704 kb    Views 8987


photos photo capture fantastic frames landscape easy
+26    Your Selfie in your photos With Capture will be easy to photograph your moments and finally appearing in your photos. Are you facing a fantastic landscape, the Eiffel Tower or the beach of your dreams but with a normal photo'll never appear ...    36 MB    Views 7446

All Women Suits

-4    Using this application, user can select different suits from categories. After choosing one suits, user can capture a photo behind suit's frame and finallized desired suits for him/her. Features: Capture a photo from the camera and fit it into different suits Browse ...    15 MB    Views 5638


family sticker friends share capture phone
+24    Smilestones is a simple and sweet way for parents to capture and share their kids’ milestones with friends and family. It's the electronic version of monthly onesie stickers on your phone Capture the Moment Take and edit a picture with Smilestones, ...    14 MB    Views 9894


+5    Anonymously or not immortalize your epic moments of tomfoolery, gossip, good times, bad times, you name it. Only people visiting the place you posted can see your comments and photos. Some call Klroy a locationbased mobile community. But nongeeks ...    13 MB    Views 2329

Quick Capture Lite

Related Apps photo start group timer capture
+14    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ →FASTEST GROUP PHOTO APP ON THE APP STORE →NEW & NOTEWORTHY SALE →GET IT TODAY +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This app deserves a spot in everyones dock. A no fuss self timer to help capture those group memories. Just start the app set down the phone and ...    1 MB    Views 7427


+7    Speed Tracks is a sport independent advanced coaching tool that provides: immediate measurable feedback to coaches and athletes without the need for sophisticated and expensive timing and video equipment. Speed Tracks provides video timed to the 100th of a second; ...    17 MB    Views 6372
photos sounds share snap capture add
-4    JamSnap is the best new way to capture moments in your life. Snap a photo, add sounds, and share your JamSnap with the people close to you. It’s easy Snap. Jam. Share. Main Features Snap unlimited photos and capture sounds for free Tap and ...    14 MB    Views 177

AutoBracket HDR

iphone ipad camera photos exposure capture control features exposures histogram
+26    AutoBracket brings to iPhone/iPad the “autobracketing” feature previously only seen in highend DSLR cameras You can shoot 3 photos in rapid succession, each at a different exposure compensation. This allows you to shoot now and choose the best exposure later, ...    16 MB    Views 6339


photos videos capture upload
+1    Capture and upload photos and videos to your account, where you can organize and edit them with our full suite of video creation tools including professionallooking themes, music, visual effects, and more. Features: Capture videos and photos directly from the ...    6 MB    Views 6920

Printed Suits

Related Apps photo suits capture desired select user
+17    Using this application, user can select different suits from categories. After choosing one suits, user can capture a photo behind suit's frame and finallized desired suits for him/her. Features: Capture a photo from the camera and fit it into different suits Browse ...    14 MB    Views 351
video frame videos freeze moment capture quality resolution
-6    Video Freeze is the easiest and fastest way to capture high quality photos from your videos. Video Freeze will let you browse any of your videos frame by frame, and save the ones you like to your Camera Roll at full ...    3 MB    Views 552

Quick Capture

capture start quick flash timer
+10    Quick Capture is a no fuss selftimer that uses the iPhone's flash and an accelerating beep to help capture those group memories. Just start the app, set down the phone, and get everyone together The accelerating flash and beep will ...    1 MB    Views 5318

i View Lite

video time photo capture device local
+22    iViewLite is an application in video surveillance area. It supports products of many manufacturers by embracing following features. device management, you can add, edit and delete any video device as you want; video preview, you can monitor multiple channels and ...    1 MB    Views 8349
Related Apps camera time photos photo burst pick save light led capture
+2    "Time Machine Burst Camera" is a unique Camera app that will let you 'burst back in time' Simply touch the shutter button once you see the “perfect moment” and the camera will burst back in time and capture the moment that ...    7 MB    Views 5043

Ur Logo Cam

-4    Ur Logo Cam is an iphone app in which you can make capture photo and can placed your logo in the photo. These photos that are created are unique and one of a kind. Ur Logo Cam is very easy ...    3 MB    Views 5467

Memory Lapse

time lapse images memory capture sequence long
+13    Longterm timelapse creation system. Capture the evolving cityscape and the changing seasons. Memory Lapse makes it easy to create long duration timelapse sequences. •Return to the same place every day, week or month to add a new photo to your sequence. •Use an alignment ...    27 MB    Views 4744


snap facing image double front capture
+1    Capture both sides of a story with Double Snap Double Snap uses both the front and back facing cameras on your iPhone to create a single image. Use the front facing camera to capture your reaction to a moment, add depth ...    7 MB    Views 8704


Related Apps photo photos capture editor easy draw
+2    CamProHD takes photography to the next level. It combines with the cool editing CamProHD makes it easy to capture the moment that you will always remember it. CamProHD is a powerful photo editor which we created because we wanted a ...    9 MB    Views 9886

Say Bacon

camera capture shutter button sound attention hold easy
+4    Hiro, my Shiba Inu, is a really terrific dog but he has the attention span of a gnat. Trying to get him to sit pretty and look at the camera was almost impossible. That is why I came up with ...    516 kb    Views 5871
stunning pictures create friends capture amazing
+7    Tired of looking at your plain camera photos? Wish you could capture STUNNING and AMAZING pictures? NOW.. YOU.. CAN Create Effects like Pro with EASE Create Amazing Motion Blur Shoot and Capture STUNNING light trails Control Freeze Perfectly And Share your pictures with friends easily via facebook ...    14 MB    Views 3876
+15    Lapse It is an awardwinning full featured app for capturing amazing time lapse and stop motion videos. It is easy, fast and intuitive. No need for expensive photography equipment, you just need Lapse It. • Featured on the English TV Show "The ...    14 MB    Views 8382
Related Apps camera photos capture face faces automatically front thumbnails ios
+11    Capture Faces Automatically for iOS 5. Do you believe ? Yes, this app make full use of iOS 5 face recognition tech to capture face photos smartly. Do not need press any buttons, this app will capture any photos which contain ...    1 MB    Views 5214
photos camera photo focus exposure set captures editor features capture
+10    Set Focus/Exposure AFTER taking photo MultiCam app changes way of taking good photos. So far you had to first set focus, exposure, then take a photo. MultiCam reverses this process you take photos first, and then adjust focus/exposure anytime To ...    890 kb    Views 8176
+6    With this app, your iPhone become a periscope with zoom & photocapture functions iPhone4 features iPeriscope allows you to use the iPhone 4’s front facing LED as a torch for: illuminate dark places take photos by night find lost keys, ...    720 kb    Views 4840


audio capture seconds stamps share boards
-1    Stampboard lets you create interactive boards with photos, audio & videos you capture to share with others. Share just about anything, discover and follow what you love. Capture images, record up to 30 seconds of audio & 15 seconds of video in ...    2 MB    Views 5154


Related Apps photo camera images effects capture
+8    A full Photo Camera app with everything for your needs. Enhance images with photo effects Includes photo tools like effects, filters, adjustments, blur, rotate, crop, resize, ton curve, text, orientation, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, whiten, blemish and stickers Capture images ...    8 MB    Views 5555


+15    Tired of shooting photos and applying the same filters afterwards? Try something new. Capture your world in realtime, Choose over thirty unique effects for your camera. Play with effect amount. Capture and share on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Simple, yet ...    19 MB    Views 9327


video photos videos wedding edited capture share story full
+17    Capture and share your wedding story with a magical wedding video from the lens of those who love you most. WeddingMix is the 1 video app as rated by brides on WeddingWire and The Knot. WeddingMix is a fun and ...    25 MB    Views 8126

Chute Capture

Related Apps photos live authentic displays capture
+12    Your employees and street teams are at the front lines when it comes to capturing authentic moments of your customers interacting with your brand – from shopping sprees to seasonal window displays to unboxing the latest items from the warehouse, ...    7 MB    Views 4804


photo voice capture memories moments messages 9734
+8    &9734 Voted one of London's Top Ten Most Loved Apps &9734 Capture memories. Lutebox is a photo note taking app, which lets you capture moments, and record voice messages alongside the pictures. You can invite contacts and have a discussion about a photo ...    16 MB    Views 2510

Instant Photo Roll

Related Apps photo photos library roll sequence capture instant features multiple select
+6    Instant Photo Roll is a great way to combine as many photos as you like in a camera roll frame. It allows you to select multiple photos from your library or capture them in a sequence. Features: Capture photos in sequence mode ...    23 MB    Views 857

Evidence Mobile

evidence mobile upload capture users
-1    One app, all the evidence. Evidence Mobile allows users to capture and upload photos, videos, and audio immediately in the field from an iOS device. Evidence Mobile offers easy and intuitive evidence capture, metadata editing, and GPS tagging. Users can also ...    11 MB    Views 2121

Capture App

Related Apps photos family videos capture share memories friends stories
+2    Capture your favourite moments and memories. With Capture, you can save, see, and share all your photos and videos safely and easily all your memories in one place. Everything is available on your phone, tablet, and PC/Mac, so you can ...    8 MB    Views 795

Party Shot

+1    WOW PartyShot price now is FREE for the limit of time only What are you waiting for? Just download it as fast as possible Do you want to have a photo application that using the latest iOS 5 features? Here it is ...    7 MB    Views 3025

Jag It!

created user capture account anonymously share
-3    Jag It °° Capture & share anonymously °° Jag It is the simplest way to capture, geolocate, and share a photo anonymously and without any user account to be created °° Discover what has been shared around you °° Jag It detects and shows ...    8 MB    Views 9364
Related Apps photo create forget awesome game capture
+14    Seasoned actors immerse themselves in the life and mind of their role they are hired to create... The most elite athletes can visualize themselves as champions before that great day has come.... You want to be the best at CoC? Forget ...    40 MB    Views 9352


camera capture step
+21    RubCam is a minimal iPhone camera that lets you take photos by rubbing the screen. 1. No more shaky grip 2. Super fast combo interface How to use Step 1. Capture Rub down and hold your thumb to capture Step 2. ...    3 MB    Views 8563

PMBS Photography

photography wedding photographer capture called photographs
+3    From the makers of Wedding Essentials and myAmzing Baby Checklist comes the latest ilmac iPhone app called PMBS Photography. The PMBS Photography app is a great app for contacting and finding information about the Wrexham based photographer called Suzanne RossHughes. From an ...    3 MB    Views 5638


camera iphone family clicks images moving capture press start fun
-3    Clicks take amazing photographs that move. Using the advanced iPhone and iPod camera features you simply press one button to start the camera clicking to capture that perfect moment. Your photograph is then transformed into a moving memory. Clicks is perhaps ...    521 kb    Views 4851

Pic Cinema

Related Apps photo photos library select roll multiple pic features capture sequence
-7    Pic Cinema is a fully featured photo editor with the possibility of easy combining as many photos as you like in a camera roll frame. It works across all iOS devices and allows you to select multiple photos from your library ...    22 MB    Views 2841

Third Light

photo light upload images application servers mobile capture
+24    Mobile photo capture and upload tool for Third Light Intelligent Media Servers. This application allows you to securely upload images directly into a Third Light IMS server via your mobile data or Wifi connection. You can use the application to upload ...    2 MB    Views 5499


video capture
-3    Hundreds of thousand of endless possibilities. Live filters for photo and video capture. + Create your own eyecatching visual effects + Capture Videos and Photos + View and share your artwork from within this app. A must have app for every creative photographer and ...    2 MB    Views 7839


Related Apps photo calendar pictures friends day beautiful moments capture memories
0    2.9 million download on AppStore "1 day, 1 photo." The photo calendar app that captures your memories, "My365". Capture the most memorable moment of the day with your camera, use the filters to look more beautiful, and create polaroidlike pics. Then place that photo ...    21 MB    Views 1728
Related Apps camera videos photos photo photography ipad apple video recording family capture features capturing macro focus
-8    Special Offer Discounted Pricing for A Limited Time. Download it now “Everyone loves you and you’re never in any of the pictures. That last part is about to change... Camera Plus with AirSnap” The Next Web Have you ...    56 MB    Views 3072


video shooting snap capture perfect simple beautiful
+1    The first ever app on appstore which allows you to shoot a video and take a snap simultaneously iVidCam is a simple way to capture the beautiful moments of life. While shooting a video, when you will suddenly find a beautiful ...    2 MB    Views 5393


photos sign capture autograph share
-1    Snap It Sign It Share It Selfigraph is a simple way to capture and autograph your selfies and photos. Simply take a photo and sign the screen with your finger it's that easy Whether you're a selfie fanatic or a celebrity autograph ...    4 MB    Views 9374


iphone photo capture pictures instant album options sharing
+12    camFX 50% ONLY FOR A SHORT TIME Description: works on iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch camFX brings you full screen live photo filters that you can preview and apply before you capture. A very simply user ...    2 MB    Views 6118
Related Apps photo suits desired select capture user
-4    Using this application, user can select different suits from categories. After choosing one suits, user can capture a photo behind suit's frame and finallized desired suits for him/her. Features: Capture a photo from the camera and fit it into different suits Browse ...    18 MB    Views 6813


super easy image focused capture picture macro press sharp
-7    Have you ever tried to take a picture but it turns out blurry/moved every time? Or even worse, if you have tried to take a macro photo (handheld) you know how difficult it is to get a sharp focused image... ...    495 kb    Views 4942 Capture

fan capture
+11    Capture App for Artists using the Platform to distribute photos and videos to fans.    10 MB    Views 4806

Suit Me Up

Related Apps photo suit phone screen capture selfie
+14    If you want to buy a suit or sherwani for yourself, you can use this app (Suit Me Up) to take your selfie in your selected virtual outfit to see which one would look more appropriate for an occasion. Instructions: Run ...    55 MB    Views 4072
photo zombies capture
-5    Take a picture of yourself with real zombies Capture yourself with walkers Scare your mom with your new friends on photo .................................................. Thanks for the kickass photos of Grmisiti, styeb and on    32 MB    Views 8520

Ragdoll Cam

creations capture blend shapes life
-8    A wild fusion of photography, drawing and realistic motion physics. Draw shapes around reallife objects and take pictures to capture them Spin, pinch, fling, smash and bring your creations to life with a surreal blend of color, shatter and stencil ...    5 MB    Views 4331
Related Apps photo easter photos audio capture amazing instagram
0    Easter is one of the best times of the year when families get together to snap photos and capture amazing memories. This photo app will help you capture amazing photos and add audio messages to your photo creations. It also ...    43 MB    Views 9819
video music wallpaper shot includes screen capture photographic visual features experience
+21    Photographic Video Music is a new type of hybrid contents, arising at the final stage of paradigm shift. Based on the concept “Photo Book meets Music Video”, the combination of highquality movies shot by a professional photographer and wellselected electronic ...    308 MB    Views 2667

Pause N' Print

videos video photos time pictures capture pause easy print
+22    Create pictures from your videos. Use Pause N' Print to capture still frames from you home movies. Our easy to use video player let's you pause the video, then move forward or backward one frame at a time to capture ...    46 MB    Views 6459
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