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Face Bender HD

+25    Warp, twist, stretch faces, adding awesome eyes, hats and other addons to your camera roll pictures. Create amazing pictures to show your friends and family. You will be amazed at what you can create and share. HD Version adds iPad support ...    82 MB    Views 6511

Lovely Camera

camera image lover
+12    An image admiring the feeling that idealized an ideal partner among oneself more again is completed. It is saved automatically when I choose whether I photograph it with a camera among an album. The done image may use instructions for selfintroduction of ...    2 MB    Views 6849


camera images
+15    A camera is a device that records/stores images. These images may be still photographs or moving images such as videos or movies. The term camera comes from the camera obscura (Latin for "dark chamber"), an early mechanism for projecting images. ...    3 MB    Views 450

Clean Camera

camera clean
+30    With Clean Camera you can swipe your photos to delete it easily Get some free space on your iphone with this awesome App    435 kb    Views 5809


0    A Secret Camera for you to take photo without letting people know === === HIDE THE CAMERA VIEW === === === === NO ONE CAN DISCOVER === === === === HIDE TAKEN PHOTO === === Attached Screenshot describe everything.    363 kb    Views 2511

Warper Lite

photos camera photo stretch application upgrade lite warp
+7    Warp and stretch photos of your friends Simple to use application allows you to perform pinch, pull and stretch gestures on your touch screen to manipulate your photos. With Warper Lite you can take a single photo with your camera and warp ...    100 kb    Views 7325

Wi-Wai Camera

-4    Wedding photo album WiWai Camera.    16 MB    Views 2596

Camera Cap

camera amazing
+2    OVER 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS +++ What are you waiting for? Download this amazing app now and enjoy adding captions to your pictures and share them with your friends. Simply upload your own photo or take a new picture using the camera button ...    482 kb    Views 9143


Related Apps gps camera
-5    Geotag your photos on Flickr taken with any camera using locations collected on your iPhone. Add a GPS to your camera Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.    655 kb    Views 4226


-7    This application blows bubbles in photos taken with a camera. The size or number of soap bubbles varies depending on how you breathe on the microphone. Soap bubbles fly out as if they floated in the wind. When you point ...    4 MB    Views 4416

Greetings Camera

camera availble
+19    Free And Full Version The most amazing app for Photo morphing With Greetings. It looks special and magical for your photos by using Greetings Camera. Share Option is availble with ...    22 MB    Views 740

KML Camera

0    KML Camera automatically creates georeferenced files containing pictures, text, movies with sound, and photo overlays that you can display in KML Map, Mapster, and other geospatial applications. Keyhole markup language (KML) is a standard format used in most mapping and navigation ...    3 MB    Views 8000

Privacy Cam

Related Apps camera photos faces
+14    HIDE FACES USING YOUR CAMERA Locates & hides the eyes of multiple faces in snapshots. Perfect for posting Facebook or Flickr photos in public. 100% fully automatic after you take a camera snapshot. You can save or email the ...    3 MB    Views 5482


+22    CamRub is a new photography app which allows you to "rub," or draw on a camera view to capture portions of the image. Make unique drawings, create collages, or just play around to see what else you can come up ...    383 kb    Views 4380
+11    Liven up your photos with wallpaper camera filters, This camera application adds a filter of your choice above the photo you take or have taken.    29 MB    Views 2885


Related Apps camera image
-4    "Mecha camera" is a camera application that can quickly and easily create captioned image of "the mess 'OO' after this." The photos processed immediately, to process the image in the album Part of the 'OO' will be placed up to ...    18 MB    Views 4814

Time Warp Camera

photo photos time iphone camera books sets warp roll share
+14    Roll back time to capture the perfect photo with Time Warp Camera. Print photo books with your iPhone photos and Instagram. Capture • Rollback camera means never missing a moment. • No more closed eyes or photo bombs • Powerful filters and editing ...    16 MB    Views 180

Beauty Checker FREE

+21    FIND OUT HOW PRETTY YOU ARE Automatically calculates your beauty score from 1 to 10. Based on golden ratio symmetry and facial proportions. 100% fully automatic after you take a camera snapshot. You can save or email the photos ...    3 MB    Views 1203


+11    RefleCam is camera app that can enjoy the half reversed world. Features Select positioning of the mirror type. Change transparency of the reflection. Take and save a photo. Change front or back camera (iPhone4, iPod touch 4g)    1 MB    Views 8960

S Camera!

Related Apps camera photo
-9    'Clicks'  Are you embarrassed in taking pictures because of shutter sound? If you use the 'S Camera'? Your children or pets are not surprised anymore. Does not harm others in public places. 'S Camera'? Highresolution photos. Familiar, easy UI/UX. Store map info to photo. Photo/Video recording can be either. Auto ...    4 MB    Views 6607

enm Camera

+1    This application photos a face and creates an icon. It can be used as profile icons such as social media. To generate the icon to extract the mouth, nose, eyes from the image input from the front camera. You can adjust in real ...    116 kb    Views 8646

Camera Timer

Related Apps camera iphone timer
-3    Camera Timer Now you can use your iPhone to take photos without holding the camera. Set your iPhone and you can have 15, 30 or 45 seconds to join a group or to get into position for a selfportrait. You can also trigger ...    5 MB    Views 4486


camera effect motion trails effects warp move image pixel
-4    CamWarp is a funhouse mirror that reacts to your movements. Many apps offer distorted camera views in CamWarp the distortion is interactive, responding to motion, as well as touch movements. Pull a facial expression and watch the app turn ...    2 MB    Views 7071
+7    Featured in iTunes New & Noteworthy Japan,Thailand,Hong Kong Staff Favourites Australia,New Zealand The novel function is being developed. Please expect it. Take the photograph. A cool camera starts when the camera button ...    11 MB    Views 6534

CameraTimer HD

+5    Camera Timer Now you can use your iPad to take photos without holding the camera. Set your iPad and you can have 15, 30 or 45 seconds to join a group or to get into position for a selfportrait. You can also trigger ...    6 MB    Views 1350
Related Apps photo camera
+14    FunkyBooth transforms your iPhone camera into a dynamic, interesting and diverse photo booth which will change the way you take pictures FunkyBooth simplifies the hours of photo editing needed to produce top quality photos, and using revolutionary new technology, you will ...    2 MB    Views 8864

Camera FX++

Related Apps camera photo
+3    Camera FX++ is a fully featured photo editor This is the last photo editing app you will ever need Here are some of the amazing features: Apply Endless Effects (Vivid, Aqua, Strato, etc.) Sharpen and Blur Filters Add Text with Ease ...    45 MB    Views 2045

8bit: Camera

+3    Take 8bit photograph with your iPhone Cool 8bit effects 6 effect types Front/Back camera Flash Post to SNS    2 MB    Views 2552

Privacy Cam FREE

Related Apps camera photos faces
0    HIDE FACES USING YOUR CAMERA Locates & hides the eyes of multiple faces in snapshots. Perfect for posting Facebook or Flickr photos in public. 100% fully automatic after you take a camera snapshot. You can save or email the ...    3 MB    Views 7522

Camera Raw

Related Apps camera raw
0    This is a Excellent Application on Learning and Mastering Camera Raw, A Must if you want to be a serious Photographer, Includes Video Training and Practice Exam. Camera Raw enables photographers to open and manipulate images in nondestructive and now even ...    187 MB    Views 9736

Camera Jokes

camera jokes
-8    Camera Jokes enables you to take photos from your library or from your iPhone Camera, and make funny pictures, Great for Facebook and Instagram.    9 MB    Views 3375

Cartoon Camera

+3    Real Time Image Processing Sketch Camera. Create Cartoon like photography with your Camera. Very simple and easy to use. Shift between front and rear facing camera.    5 MB    Views 7712
Related Apps camera photo
+6    We try to simulate some of the classic style of beautiful effect, I hope you can enjoy the experience more casual photography ideas in your photographs Bring out the soul of photo of visual arts.    23 MB    Views 910

Cosmic Wonder

+15    Create sparkling imagery from photos in your camera roll or directly from camera by merging your pictures with famous shots from the Hubble and Spitzer telescopes. You have eight effects and more than 20 celestial images to choose from. Edit brightness, ...    46 MB    Views 8807

Mask Camera

+30    Funny camera, It can add mask on your photo automatic Enjoy it    4 MB    Views 5472

Powering My Smile

images gallery filters device warp smile easily picture
+4    Go crazy and distort your smiles in your selfies with this great app Choose from 3 filters for a fun way to entertain yourself and your friends. Select any picture from gallery Take images straight from your phone Warp your images easily with low, ...    25 MB    Views 3208

Scream Camera

Related Apps camera images scary
-3    Add scary images to your photos by choosing from one of twenty Scary filters. You can also use existing images in your camera roll. This App only works on OS 3.0    2 MB    Views 2720

Bobble Cam FREE

+27    MAKE YOUR HEAD BIGGER USING THE CAMERA Locates and enlarges your face into a bobblehead doll. Adds a baseball cap on your head no editing needed 100% fully automatic after you take a camera snapshot. You can save ...    2 MB    Views 5251

Level Camera

camera level indicator
0    LevelCamera is a camera application with the realtime level indicator. It allows you to take photos without tilt. The level indicator also works in landscape mode.    94 kb    Views 8870

Greyscale Camera

Related Apps photo camera
+5    Easy to use Simply point your camera at the subject and get a live preview of what the photo will look like Then tap the take photo button and it gets saved to your photo library.    81 kb    Views 6173

Camera cloud+

Related Apps camera cloud
0    Camera cloud+ is application take photo and upload to dropbox cloud.    4 MB    Views 4505

Beauty View Camera

+5    Download this beautyful camera with cute effects and filters Glam pink, vintage retro and more Shoot super photos and share them to friends directly from this magic app    5 MB    Views 927

FishEye Toy Camera

Related Apps camera fisheye
+2    Turn your iPhone into a fisheye camera FEATURES Very easy to use. Beautiful analogstyle fisheye effect. 11 gorgeous color effects. Process existing photos.    6 MB    Views 1495


Related Apps video camera
-3    It's a IPCamera the on line video 2.catch the photo on video 3.control the camera 4.send alarm when the somebody move pass to camera    9 MB    Views 5438

Camera B&W

-9    Camera B&W lets you quickly and easily give photos a new and dramatic look by turning them B&W and automatically bringing more contrast to the parts of the photo that needs it. Load a picture from your library or take a ...    158 kb    Views 5709
Related Apps photo editor warp fun effects
+3    Warp faces in HD on your iPad with the touch of your finger Easy and fun for kids to use. Includes 7 hilarious warp effects and a fully featured photo editor. Easily share your creations directly on Facebook, Twitter, and email.    11 MB    Views 2959


+21    RFCamera is an iPhone app that you can apply many popular filters for your camera. From RFCamera, you can use real time camera filter. It also allows you to edit photos using some magic effects after you took them    5 MB    Views 8970

Camera Timer

Related Apps camera timer
+22    Camera Timer: Take your time to succeed your photo functions: timer customizable. timer auto save.    173 kb    Views 1569

Clap Camera Deluxe

camera application clap
+15    NOTE: THIS APPLICATION IS MEANT TO BE USED INDOORS. LOUD SOUNDS OTHER THAN CLAPS CAN POTENTIALLY CAUSE THE APPLICATION TO TAKE PHOTOS. Finally a CLAP camera What an amazing tool Instructions: Pose and Clap as simple as that. We provide a graphical ...    203 kb    Views 4600

Stereogram Camera

Related Apps camera animation image
+19    The photograph taken with the camera carries out 3D animation immediately. It is fresh every day and pleasure is full. This is a novel application. [Feature] Source: Camera / Camera Roll / Web Image / App Folder Resolution: Low / Medium / High Animation: All the ...    3 MB    Views 2793

Stealthy Cam

Related Apps camera photos picture
+4    Takes photos discretely by covering the camera view with a book page that you can fade in & out. YOU must mute your device or the camera will click Saves photos to your camera roll Tap anywhere on the center of ...    3 MB    Views 1119

ASCII Camera

camera ascii
-3    Take your photos in ASCII art. Save them to your camera roll or copy the resulting text to the clipboard.    5 MB    Views 8678

Time Warp

time video warp
+20    Time warp is a realtime video effect that plays with time for some genuinely mindbending results. Tinker with the settings to get anything from a live timewarped video to a longexposure "slit scan" style image. Save your warped photos and videos ...    7 MB    Views 4653


Related Apps camera photos
+13    1. professional camera to make your photos more refined 2 .you can set the parameters according to the distance of the flash 3. kinds of scene modes photo filter make your photos fantasy 4 .can adjust the camera ISO and white balance    5 MB    Views 3988
Related Apps photo facebook camera email photos animation crazy warp features create easy gallery
+15    Do you ever find any app which making your photo warps/distort with animation? 1st time in app store download and see this app once. Go crazy and have fun applying several warps on your friends you can imagine. Features: It's has never ...    8 MB    Views 2475

Facechanger Pro

Related Apps facebook photo fat effects warp funny create face
+11    Create funny face effects, make faces look fat, bald, ugly and much more Funny face effects such as fat, bold, huge smile and more Easy to warp, move, stretch, distort any image with your fingers to create own photo warp ...    12 MB    Views 5021
Related Apps animal body photo camera time social instagram version touch share real warp
+20    Human face with animal body photo is popular on social networks currently . Do you want to capture a funny photo of this kind easily. Animal body with me is the App you are looking for. In this App,we have 60 ...    33 MB    Views 8793

Split your Camera

Related Apps camera split
-9    Split your Camera divides your camera into two halves. You control what is added and how they are combined. With Split your Camera you are not just taking photos you create stories and absolutely unique art    4 MB    Views 727

Camera EXTRA

camera extra
+4    Welcome to Camera EXTRA. Enjoy this app on your iphone/ipod/ipad. Share it with your friends or family. Simply take a picture and draw right on top of it. great for keeping notes to your self. Save it to your photo library, or ...    243 kb    Views 797
Related Apps photo camera
-2    This camera application adds a filter of your choice above the photo you take or have taken. Share the photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more...    30 MB    Views 4556
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