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+10    iGallery is a full featured gallery Client. Gallery is a open source webbased photo album organizer. Gallery gives you an intuitive way to blend photo management seamlessly into your own website whether you're running a small personal site or a large ...    2 MB    Views 8146

Time Camera Pro

+1    Time Camera Pro is here Create an entourage of Photos of anything ranging from your family, friends, your pet, planets.. Anything. Watch you photos in timelapse mode and you can see amazing things such as Watch your baby grow up Create funny ...    5 MB    Views 3889
+4    MineTube is your ultimate source for amazing Minecraft videos. Follow your favorite video creators like Sky Does Minecraft, Captain Sparklez, the Bajan Canadian, and many more. Share your own photos and full length videos with Minecraft fans around the world. FEATURES ...    20 MB    Views 6814
+1    WE ARE ON A ROLL AND APPRECIATE YOUR FEEDBACK This newest update includes readiness for Apple Watch. We're excited to have a starter version of the app ready for the new Apple Watch. We hope you will enjoy using ...    8 MB    Views 5773


photos instagram watch tap
-3    Watch the world unfold before your eyes. Livestagram enables you to tap into the millions of photos posted on Instagram in a way you've never experienced before. Tap any location on earth and watch photos appear the moment they're taken. ...    4 MB    Views 9862


facebook video videos recording camera effect live start watch motion front
+23    With Motionize you can easily make amazing, colorful videos. Watch the effect applied live to the camera and hit the record button to start recording Its real motion detector. For best results, start recording then place your device at rest on a ...    4 MB    Views 2887

Watch Frames+

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+3    Watch Frames+ provides an easy way to edit photos using a simple and intuitive user interface combined with most powerful photo editing tools. Features: Gorgeous photo effects Share with friends Dynamic ToneCurve Add text Focus mode Sharpen and blur Crop image ...    51 MB    Views 4543
minecraft videos photos video share fans favorite watch
+2    UltraMine is your ultimate source for amazing Minecraft videos. Follow your favorite video creators like Sky Does Minecraft, Captain Sparklez, the Bajan Canadian, and many more. Share your own photos and full length videos with Minecraft fans around the world. FEATURES ...    22 MB    Views 5690
+20    Live the dream of owning YOUR realistic trex dinosaur Experience your own thrilling interactive dinosaur in your palm of your hand. Watch on your screen as your dinosaur walks around and explores your real world. It's like MAGIC. PERFECT GIFT ...    38 MB    Views 263
-2    Create amazing 3D Photos and Selfies with the Augmented Reality Rotate, move and zoom the 3D virtual animals and objects with your finger into Real World Add funny filter to your photos an share with friends on Social Networks Watch the ...    42 MB    Views 1869
Related Apps movie movies time video cartoon videos car player contrast brightness effects watch adjust touch
-5    Overall, Movie Player + is, with no doubt, an incredible allinone player and is worth the price tag. Make your video more fun Movie Player + uses patent pending technology to transform your movie in REAL TIME with amazing ...    16 MB    Views 7265
video videos software learning ipad movies time work training photoshop andy free adobe watch
-6    Learn Adobe Photoshop CS6 quickly and easily with this comprehensive training video from Infinite Skills. Universal App Learn on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Built specifically for iOS devices, with AirPlay enabled Over 13 hours of video content 173 ...    7 MB    Views 9139
Related Apps camera video photo selfie screen preview background finger watch selfies
+21    "The app is good idea if you truly are a person who feels odd taking a selfie" AppAdvice When you press the screen, you will see your face (like in camera app but not in full screen) just after released the ...    2 MB    Views 4816
photo camera creative photos facebook combine great http invisible clone mode www watch
+23    Making flying photo, clone yourself or invisible, and everything you can imagine Take photo, swipe to combine, add filter and have your great photo INSTRUCTION VIDEO ■ Clone photo: ■ Flying photo: ■ Invisible photo: FOR MORE SUPPORT In case you need more support, please ...    19 MB    Views 1433
videos photos football 2014 brazil live watch
+12    Watch live photos and videos from the 2014 Brazil Football stadiums. Watch all the action from fans in the stadiums as they post. Get the schedule and information for every 2014 Brazil Football venues. Instagram login required to view live photos and videos ...    6 MB    Views 1972
Related Apps photos http www vintage font size youtube watch including
-6    DecoSama Vintage lite app including more than 30 brand new illustrations with vintage style and tone to have new choice and feelings to you decorate your photos. FEATURES: CUTE ILLUSTRATION Including themes such as “Yummy”, "Trip", “Animal” etc. EASY TO USE To move, spin or ...    23 MB    Views 4092

Photo Pixelate

photo apple pixelate choose watch easy
0    Photo Pixelate you can make your photos pixelated You have two choices: you can pixeletae you entire photo for a retro game look or yu can choose to pixelate only your face. Photo Pixeletae will recognize the faces and will pixelate ...    48 MB    Views 9373
Related Apps text drawing instagram draw template youtube templates watch
-9    FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME WITHOUT ADS • Texting app for Instagram with the DRAWING tool •Easy way to text on Instagram in different fonts and color •Draw, Doodle, scribble, and create your own art and expressions in many colors with different line ...    20 MB    Views 6338

Stop Spy

+3    An application to protect your pictures and videos from being seen accidently by others. You can use password or fingerprint to log in this application to take pictures or videos. You can choose to either watch your pictures and videos ...    735 kb    Views 4470

time random day inspiration watch
+4    Available exclusively for the Apple Watch, gives you sparks of inspiration at random times each day. When you least expect it, will pick a random photo and flash it to your Watch. Tap the screen and you can teach ...    21 MB    Views 3310
Related Apps time video family videos photos twitter photo facebook change watch lapse everyday faces create
+2    Thank you for supporting WatchMeChange Apps Watch Me Change allows you to create time lapse videos of family and friends faces change over time. Just take a photo everyday or so and then the app automatically arranges the photos into a ...    7 MB    Views 108
pictures augmented reality watch
-4    The ASU Augmented Reality app brings still photos to life. Words sometimes fail. Pictures often don’t capture the essence of their subjects. Sometimes to truly understand something, you need to watch it happen. This is why ASU Augmented Reality was born. New ...    11 MB    Views 8188
apple photo social watch share snap tap quick phone
+3    Watch Snap is a social camera remote for Apple Watch. Take a photo with your Apple Watch and quickly share it from your Apple Watch. One tap Quick Share makes sharing from Apple Watch the easiest social experience on your ...    3 MB    Views 8861
photos ipad instagram latest blocks widget feed today watch
+19    Get a peak of your Instagram feed in your Notification Center Feeday is a new Today Widget for iPhone and iPad to keep track of your latest Instagram feed in a overview, you will see the photos divided into different blocks: ...    19 MB    Views 8806
+11    On Sale Special price 0.99 for Happy Christmas Keep Trying, keep fashion Keep Trying (Fashion Version) Do you know which style of hair is suitable for you? Justin Bieber’s hair style or Audrey Hepburn’s hairy style? Do you want to know the ...    14 MB    Views 2157

DecoSama lite

photos design www http youtube size watch advance font
-6    Using DecoSama to decorate your pictures or design your own cards DecoSama lite features over 50 kinds of illustration Buy the full version to get more than 400 illustrations and keep updating FEATURES: LOT’S OF CUTE ILLUSTRATION Including themes such as “desserts”, "travel", “weather” etc. EASY ...    27 MB    Views 3579
photos videos snapchat save vine instagram watch log
-6    SaveSnap is the best app to save photos and watch videos of the SnapChat, Instagram and Vine If you are an active user of Instagram, Vine and SnapChat, but you don’t want just to view photos, you can easily save them ...    18 MB    Views 8885
+9    Control and Take pictures right from your wrist Watch Show realtime photo preview from your phone on your watch. Your Apple Watch is a remote for your iPhone camera with this app. Easily to take photo with the watch now Features: Show realtime photo ...    1 MB    Views 8359
fashion camera apple shadows read day unique watch
-9    We are very excited to support this app on the brand new Apple Watch FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS 50 Shadows Of Fabulous unique photo editing tool for all beauty queens Try a new outfit every day using your new online camera. ...    97 MB    Views 7701


photo library touch screen watch particle system particles import
+4    PhotoSplode is a nifty toy for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Import any photo from your photo library or the built in collection and turn it into an interactive particle systembased physics simulation. Touch the screen to cause the ...    2 MB    Views 4813

3D Camera Plus

photos videos objects supports devices red watch
-8    Create many kinds of 3D photos/videos by taking 2 photos/videos of the same object. Glasses are required to watch some of the 3D (like Red Cyan). Special skills are required to watch some of the 3D (like Parallel). Usually the objects ...    6 MB    Views 8644


Related Apps photos event users code access share watch gallery
-9    Description The PhotoFi app is an easy way to watch and share your photos during and after social events. At the beginning of the event users get a code that give them an access to the gallery of the event. During the event ...    3 MB    Views 5298
camera code world watch www live flow colours
+10    Prepare to encode your world in a flowing swirl of 3D code, live from your camera, or your photos Or simply relax and watch the code flow, with this all in 1 code app Features: Live encoding directly from the front ...    3 MB    Views 946


video apps videos parents babies young watch easy total
+8    This app is for yonug babies. There are many apps for young babies but they use only simple pictures and sounds which make the young babies bored. In the case of young babies, they like a thing or a person. For example, buses, moving ...    444 kb    Views 1724


video photo live user watch
0    MyStudioData is app for watch photo, video of user marriage the photo and video are taken by MyStudioData, This app user can watch live marriage telecast that capture from mystudio's cameras also user can do live telecast from do live ...    11 MB    Views 637

Image Watch

picture upload watch
+16    Watch a nice picture instead of the boring normal clock. The picture includes the current time e.g. as a house number or as a tshirt imprint. It’s also possible to take and upload your own picture Features: A unique picture for ...    3 MB    Views 7577
video pregnancy time twitter facebook family photos photo watch change pregnant everyday create fun
+5    "A Must have app if you're pregnant" This is the free ad supported version. It has everything the paid version has, except exporting your video to HD and removing the logo on your video. If you want these features ...    6 MB    Views 8196


0    Use Psylfy to take photos using custom timing or voice controls with your mobile device. Psylfy was designed to help you capture the moment better using different camera modes and alleviate some of the common problems associated with taking photos ...    45 MB    Views 6180

MagicCam FREE

Related Apps apple pinterest watch select free
+6    ••• Now supports Apple Watch ••• Do you want to become an astronaut? Or become Santa Claus? Or go to dance in Hawaii? Or be a witch flying in Halloween night? Using facial recognition, MagicCam FREE will make your dream comes true ...    275 MB    Views 8834
love play favorite watch
+5    Does your child love the Teletubbies? If so then they will love Play with the Teletubbies There is so much fun stuff inside to watch and do, you can watch your favorite episodes, dance along with the Teletubbies to all their ...    25 MB    Views 4032
Related Apps apple photo camera unique light watch leaks cam effects themes effect filters
+27    AW Cam for Apple Watch provides 400 filter effects beloved by professional photographers, all conveniently packed in 10 different themes, Light Leaks themes vary from the feel of film camera to the unique sets of classy moods or fun creativity, ...    58 MB    Views 185

EyeEm Watch Viewer

Related Apps photos view watch
+23    This app lets you view EyeEm photos on the Apple Watch.
 You can view the most popular pictures. And if you have an account on EyeEm, you can access your photos. I love EyeEm. Enjoy    655 kb    Views 5422


photos word watch secret key show downloaded points
+22    Easy sharing smartphone photos and videos on ImageClub Overview Login required of simple function ・Cumbersome membership registration or login is not required You can use immediately after download. ・Share to tell the secret word to watch this show to friends Once you ...    3 MB    Views 4343
Related Apps camera photo video great control watch works shots front
+23    REQUIRES Pebble OS 2.9 or 3.0 Enabling remote photo snapping using your Pebble smartwatch Make those Selfies extra special A selftimed snap shot from a distance. On the end of an telescopic camera extension for a new perspective. ==================== What can WatchCam do? o Remotely control the ...    9 MB    Views 342


creative friends stickers watch
+22    We all do things in life to get a reaction but a like or a fav just doesn't really cut it anymore. What if you could see your friends react? Well, now you can...with Dumbstruck Just take a video or ...    29 MB    Views 482
Related Apps video time camera watch image real modes distortion
+12    Photastic is an image and video warping and destruction app. Supports warping still images from the photo library and the camera or warping video in RealTime from the camera. 3 Different distortion modes: Shatter your photos into thousands of pieces and watch them ...    7 MB    Views 4051


photos art fun control watch works transform
-2    Sketchie is an amazing app that will transform your photos into works of art with you as the director Transform your photos into works of art Turn your photo into a Monet or a pencil sketch at the touch of ...    6 MB    Views 2954

Memo at Watch

-6    You can draw scribbles on recent photos in the Photo Albums. You can also see the scribbles on your Apple Watch. If you choose a scribble, the App's Glance also display it.    2 MB    Views 5399


photo apple choose pixelate watch easy
+2    Pixalight is the best way to make your photos pixelated You can pixeletae your entire photo or you can choose to pixelate only your face to hide it. Photo Pixeletae will recognize the faces and will pixelate them. It is just ...    59 MB    Views 9614


latest url exclusive watch events
+15    The number 1 source for hip hop battles, watch the latest video exclusively on your mobile device. Get the latest info about events and news about the URL battles and upcoming events. Watch the latest exclusive smack DVD interviews, chat ...    24 MB    Views 4054
fashion camera apple shadows unique read day watch
+11    We are very excited to support this app on the brand new Apple Watch 50 Shadows Of Fabulous unique photo editing tool for all beauty queens Try a new outfit every day using your new online camera. Read the latest ...    102 MB    Views 7652

Faktastisch Offical

photos view don save watch posts share
+13    "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." Get your GERMAN facts straight with FAKTASTISCH. You can now view all the cool/fun/weird facts you don't know View, share, and save the posts, or watch FAKTASTISCH photos directly from within this ...    6 MB    Views 2938
photo face watch pro device enjoy bald funniest
+10    FaceChanger Pro is one of the funniest and most entertaining ways to edit your photographs on your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch device With 8 Different effects built in to the app Along with the option of sharing straight to Facebook, ...    45 MB    Views 2831
Related Apps video time photo photos family videos twitter facebook change watch lapse everyday faces
+20    Thank you for supporting WatchMeChange Apps Watch Me Change allows you to create time lapse videos of family and friends faces change over time. Just take a photo everyday or so and then the app automatically arranges the photos into a ...    7 MB    Views 9313

Motion Detector

recording apple photos email camera motion sound detection watch automatic
0    Motion Detector is a standalone surveillance tool for your iOS devices. Motion Detector automatically takes consecutive photos using the device's camera and performs sophisticated mathematics for motion detection. When motion is detected, Motion Detector can start automatic recording and/or Email ...    6 MB    Views 3079

Palm Lab

photo lab watch image real
+2    Image hold your own photo processing lab in your hand With Palm Lab, that is exactly what you can do on your iPhone. Watch your film gradually developing into masterpiece photo real time surrounded by laboratory sound and noise. You can ...    6 MB    Views 6950
Related Apps photo faces swap watch
0    Amazing automatic Facial Recognition Swaps the faces of everyone it can find in the photo, all live as you watch in realtime on screen. FaceSwap does it all automatically as you watch No marking or drawing to highlight or align faces, ...    4 MB    Views 4763


Related Apps live watch
-1    Live yourself Social network Live streaming and Broadcasting yourself Create your own Channel Entertain by upload and watch VDO Watch and share your photo Chat and fun with tattoos    62 MB    Views 5896


photos videos family photo video time wedding social event friends watch members account
-7    Newgeneration photo/video management and social networking application: 1) Save and watch photos/videos in original format/resolution across major phone/tablet devices and desktops. 2) Most secure app to gather/organize family and event photos/videos such as birthday, wedding, anniversary, and vacation travel. 3) Unmatched set of ...    57 MB    Views 9483


iphone apple photo watch picture image date feature
+10    PopPik is a Picture View App for the Apple Watch. Select your favorite picture on the iPhone app from your iPhone Gallery, and PopPik places that photo in the Apple Watch instantly. Take a picture with your iPhone, find any ...    3 MB    Views 2329
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