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Camera Album

+23    Control your photo album self Camera album gives you the possibility to save the pictures and videos where you want them. No more the troublesome rearrange Features Automatically moving photos and videos Shooting photo and video Select a ...    721 kb    Views 1535


shooting camera skill shoot target
+3    Introducing the fastest camerashooting app ever... When launching, the photo is taken upon launch But remember... you've got only one chance to shoot. (If you want to shoot again, you need to relaunch the app.) Fast, but not easy This app tests your camerashooting skill. Turn ...    24 MB    Views 6884
+28    Works fine on iOS 7. Resolution of the frontfacing camera has been improved in iPhone 5. But if you are using the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, what should you do? You can not shoot in the main highresolution camera while viewing ...    2 MB    Views 5427
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-2    Great news RedCamera is very simple camera which takes 30 continuous photos in rapid style. Great functions Its shutter speed is three times as fast as iPhone standard camera. You can take 30 photos by using this application while others can take ...    48 kb    Views 5805

Janus Camera

Related Apps camera photo iphone shooting ipad support mode manual supported modern
+7    Take a photo without ShutterSound If someone else around you, it works as Normal Camera App. If nobody around you, it works as Spy Camera App. iOS 8 Full Supports. ModernStyle Beautiful Camera HDR Supports SelfTimer / Bluetooth Mode ...    6 MB    Views 4559
Related Apps camera shooting motion speed function
+25    Do not miss a moment. Motion camera can detect movement and automatic photo shoot. Really has the capability of fast continuous shooting. 0.1 to 2 seconds you can adjust the shooting speed. Function A motion sensor Shooting speed control function (0.1 2 Sec) ...    2 MB    Views 4202
Related Apps photo camera shooting shutter pictures screen support continuous
+1    Is the camera's shutter time late and can't you shoot the nice photo? Don't miss the valuable moment :) Pressing any place of the screen The FF Shutter app is to take pictures continuously. (Continuous Shooting) Continuously take pictures anywhere on the screen to ...    3 MB    Views 5929
Related Apps shooting photos time camera cam continuous tap automatic shutter features
+5    Take automatic continuous shooting of up to 5 images with Shutter Cam Camera features: CONTINUOUS SHOOTING: Select between 2 and 5 pictures for an automatic continuous shooting TIME STAMP: Shows date and time of the picture at the bottom border Photosharing: Send photos via ...    1 MB    Views 8150
shooting video web camera support conversion screen gif simple album
+2    New UI And New features iPhone 6/6 + optimization + Earphone, Volume keys can be photographed Features Perfect Silence Shooting Digital zoom(x10) Save storage location (Camera roll, Within the app) can be selected Gif, Video conversion .Simple make motion Picture (can ...    17 MB    Views 1763
+18    Shoot amazing production video and photos with the hottest handheld technology with the Panasonic AGHVX200. VASST Join HD Consultant Gary Adcock as he examines the features, capabilities, and challenges of the Panasonic AGHVX200. A revolutionary camera that brings HD acquisition ...    278 MB    Views 1031
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+24    Want to take photos like a pro with your Nikon D810? With iPad and iPhone Camera Guides from QuickPro, you'll never have to miss the shot of your life again. QuickPro Camera Guides, the leading producer of Camera Guide tutorials, announces Nikon ...    778 MB    Views 1099


film gps time shooting camera code negative shoot notes record custom
+27    Finally, a way to organize all your negatives. This app automatically creates custom QR codes to quickly and easily record the time and location of your photo shoot. It's like EXIF for film Open up the app and you will ...    107 kb    Views 3025

Selfie On The Photo

Related Apps photo shooting camera selfie images main rear front save set size
0    Selfie On The Photo is a unique application with which you will be able to take a photo with two cameras (FRONT and REAR) simultaneously, and to impose one of images in the main image. As soon as the two images ...    9 MB    Views 9252
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+12    Welcome to the Nikon D60 from JumpStart. Taking pictures is more than just pointing the camera and pressing a button. To get the kind of photos you really want, you'll need to learn a little bit about your camera. You can ...    259 MB    Views 9571

Camera Snipe

camera photo photos shooting iphone screen fake full mode
+21    Takes photos with your iPhone secretly and discreetly with a fake screen Camera Snipe lets you take actual photos while displaying a fake screen so no one will know what you're doing. Camera Snipe makes it easy to take a photo by ...    488 kb    Views 5567
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+2    Localized in English, 全中文設定及操作介面! Was top paid 1 app in Taiwan Featured by dailyappshow , Fun iPhone, iapp, mobile01, iPhone4.TW High speed shooting just like DSLR Author of the top one software (speed bus) in Taiwan now present to you " PaparazziCam ". ↗ The ...    2 MB    Views 8633
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+20    Want to Take Photos Like a Pro with your Nikon D5300? Now you have ready to go instruction of all Nikon D5300 camera functions where you need it and when you need it. This tutorial provides: Instructional video on all aspects ...    322 MB    Views 5722
shooting camera program block flow air olympus blocks user license
+22    AIR FLOW is an iOS app that controls OLYMPUS Open Platform Camera AIR A01 via WiFi. FEATURES Anyone can easily program shooting actions by visually selecting blocks. All you need to do is choosing three blocks: Trigger block, Shoot block, and ...    NAN    Views 4189
+15    This is a continuous shooting camera app for iPad.   You can set the shutter speed between 0.1 second (fastest) and 2 second (slowest). Maximum shooting number is 16 photos. You can save the photos piece by piece. Also, you can share ...    451 kb    Views 7769


iphone shooting camera photo application timer hand icon shaking
-8    ShaKam is a camera application that allows you to take a photo easily by just SHAKING your iPhone. You can also take a photo by tapping the shooting icon. This time, you can use your iPhone as camera with a timer. You ...    2 MB    Views 3793


photo camera photos shooting frame zoom geotags multiple image
+20    Capture multiple viewpoints of everyday life OA.PhotoStory is a photo app for use with the Olympus Air open platform camera. With this app, you can capture a single scene of everyday life from multiple viewpoints. Features 4 ways to tell your story Select framing ...    NAN    Views 7745


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0    'D200 DSLR' provides quick and easy camera menu references for the Nikon D200 DSLR, with explanations and diagrams covering nearly two hundred menus for camera controls and options. MinU Guides are the original Nikon DSLR iPhone/touch app guides. No ...    7 MB    Views 7802


editing camera photo shooting facebook features effects effect image feature exposure
+19    *** Great Camera App *** MightyCam has photoshooting feature with powerful image editing tools. This app supports many features such as managing passcodes and sharing. CAMERA MODE Silent shutter, consecutive shooting, HDR, image stabilization, timer, 600% zoom, photo folder, autofocus, exposure adjusting, white ...    18 MB    Views 4562

OLYMPUS Image Share

Related Apps camera photos art gps shooting card smartphone olympus share add screen image
+5    Share your favorite pictures Paired with a compatible Olympus camera, the OLYMPUS Image Share smartphone app makes shooting more enjoyable than ever. With this app, images captured with an Olympus camera can easily be imported to a smartphone, and shared with ...    50 MB    Views 6860

Multi-shot Camare

+3    Multi shot camera is a small tool for auto continuous shooting.You don't need tap "take picture" button every time for continuous shooting. This app support front camera and flash mode.All the photos will be saved to iPhone's Camera Roll.It will auto ...    1 MB    Views 2059


Related Apps camera calculator shooting iso speed exposure stop shutter instructions field slide
-8    Expositor is a handy sliderule based exposure calculator for photography. Pick the scene you're shooting, then slide the roller until your camera's ISO is lined up beside it, and every combination of FStop and shutter speed on the right will ...    14 MB    Views 6714
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+3    If the application can not be started after the iOS update, delete the app and install it again. I want to move things fixed This application of killing time: You can create a stopmotion video. An animation can be made from the taken photograph. Videos ...    19 MB    Views 2002


+3    Inspired by the multilens cameras of yesteryear, Mosaicam is a fun camera app that allows you to shoot and share mosaics made up of multiple pictures. It's perfect for everything from selfies to landscapes.  EASY TO USE Open the app, start ...    13 MB    Views 9641
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+3    Shoot amazing video and photos with the revolutionary Panasonic Lumix GH4. Now you have ready to go instruction of all camera functions where you need it and when you need it. Really want to capture the Colosseum and Pantheon on your ...    750 MB    Views 1779
shooting camera photo photos mode exposure bulb double instant capture
+11    Photo edit, double exposure, and bulb shooting all in one app Instant X camera app was developed with an underlining concept of "User firendly", "Easytouse", "multiple functions" and lets you shoot photos as if you were using an instant camera. In addition ...    2 MB    Views 2494
shooting camera photos instagram insta frames unique
+24    ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ MAKE YOUR INSTAGRAM PHOTOS POP "Taking multi shots with one click" "It will make you a ROCK STAR in Instagram" Make cool photos with Insta Multishot 6 UNIQUE FRAMES + FAST CAMERA SHOOTING FEATURES 10 camera filter effects 6 ...    8 MB    Views 7348


shooting map camera picture day markers location
-5    The "PicLoc" is a picture viewer that can display shooting location markers into map. The Features Do not grouping markers even if zoom out the map view. The individually photo filtering by "Year", "Month", "Day", "day time". The camera that can ...    10 MB    Views 2757
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0    The spy camera 2 acquires proof certainly calmly. Continuation shooting can be carried out if imitation which telephones is carried out. Main features A spy camera is only photography. A black screen and a normal screen can be chosen. Continuous shooting. Shutter operation ...    325 kb    Views 2168
camera shooting video ipad menu custom olympus image quickpro training pro
+15    Want to Take Photos Like a Pro with your Olympus OMD EM10? With iPad Camera Guides from QuickPro, you'll never have to miss the shot of your life again. Whether it’s that birthday surprise, graduation ceremony, or your daughters' wedding day, ...    700 MB    Views 1514
video camera videos media shooting jumpstart menus masterworks great
+1    Welcome to the JumpStart Guide to Shooting & Producing Great Videos. Taking pictures is more than just pointing the camera and pressing a button. To get the kind of photos you really want, you'll need to learn a little bit about ...    148 MB    Views 4812


photo shooting camera easy resolution full sharing black
-6    Special Limited Offer Price Black & White Filter Only Professional Monochrome Camera App "ZebraFilm is an excellent, easy to use blackandwhite photo app. " Life In LoFi ▧Pro B&W Effects Beautiful & Cool FXs B&W,DYNAMIC,SOFT,FEELING,BRIGHT, TOYCAM,FRED,GGREEN,FBLUE, FYELLOW,FORANGE,FLAT,SABLE, NOISY,FOREST,LOWKEY,HIGHKEY, CROW,1827,ZEBRA ▧Easy to use only tap a favorite effect ▧Photo Sharing Easy ...    11 MB    Views 9250
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+9    eliteCamera v1.0 is equipped with a filter capable of live image preview effects in real time. You can hide the extra menu during shooting to get a full screen comfort. Let’s enjoy taking photos with eliteCamera. Silent mode It’s possible to adjust the ...    9 MB    Views 2530


-6    √ iOS 8, iPhone6, iPhone6 ​​Plus support. ■■ It entered AppStore Top Seller ranking for 2011 years.■■ ■ It broke through 190,000 downloads all over the world √ Japan Photograph category No.1. √ Japan Top No.3. √ A camera screen is turned to a top ...    3 MB    Views 5617

OneTouch Camera

camera iphone shooting twitter facebook auto sec focus burst moment http
+2    FREE for limited time OneTouch Camera capturing the moment Have you ever missed a great moment? Capture the great moment of your memory with Onetouch camera. You can auto focus + start taking photo + burst shots + auto ...    2 MB    Views 9773
flickr photo camera iphone photos shooting set iphones supported
-4    AirCamera is an application that makes it possible to control the iPhone's camera via a network.  It allows you to take photos simultaneously with multiple iPhones, so it's perfect for panorama and multiangle photography.  AirCamera includes convenient functions for use ...    428 kb    Views 246


photo camera shooting photos iphone screen memory save swipe sensor
-9    [Description] Do not touch the screen,You shoot the camera with proximity sensor. Proximity sensor shooting Since noncontact, you can easily shoot images that do not shake. You will not miss a precious photo opportunity. photo in the main memory After photo stored in main memory,Save (camera ...    8 MB    Views 5593
time camera shooting fixed day point
+5    Fixedpoint(Timelapse) camera. Sets the shooting time (from every day), before the shooting start. Automatically taken once the set time every day. You can make a video from multiple photos. If taking a plant, you'll be able to see the fastforward growth. Please comes to ...    6 MB    Views 8398
photos camera shooting continuous piece
+23    This is a continuous shooting camera app for iPhone.   You can set the shutter speed between 0.1 second (fastest) and 2 second (slowest). Maximum shooting number is 16 photos. You can save the photos piece by piece. Also, you can share ...    333 kb    Views 9789


photo camera photos shooting facebook snap cam flip share frames
0    Tired of carrying a heavy DSLR and frustrated with a basic camera app? SNAP CAM makes your phone a professional and compact camera. The allnew userfriendly interface enhances your experience in photo shooting and editing. Choose from the multiple collections of ...    11 MB    Views 3397
shooting camera photos instagram insta frames unique free
-8    ++THE BEST WAY TO MAKE YOUR ++ INSTAGRAM PHOTOS POP And it's FREE Insta Multishot is the best way to take continuous shooting Taking multi shots with one click It will make you a ROCK STAR in Instagram Make cool photos with Insta ...    11 MB    Views 1783

Camera Timer Plus!

Related Apps speech time shooting camera photo set countdown mode setting alert shot
-5    This app allows you to take photo yourself or share with friends and groups more easily.You can set a countdown before taking pictures at a time. Including the number of shots in a continuous take.You can set up by the ...    3 MB    Views 5637
Related Apps shooting camera black screen burst manual auto touch
+13    You can take a picture in black screen. very simple and easy... just touch and Finger Drawing tap icon, start burst shooting in black screen. stop by pressing home button photo will be automatically saved to the camera roll. 【Functions】 Normal camera ...    4 MB    Views 644
camera iphone photos shooting share pose screen start stand automatically
-9    "bena" is a revolutionary handsfree camera app. Please stop moving when you thought "I want to now shooting ". "bena" will shoot automatically. "bena" recommended who want to take selfies with fasihon coordinate or nice pose If you use "bena", you never worry about ...    12 MB    Views 151
camera media shooting video accessories menu tip canon overview playback menus setup
-2    Welcome to the Canon EOS 5D Mark II from JumpStart. Taking pictures is more than just pointing the camera and pressing a button. To get the kind of photos you really want, you'll need to learn a little bit about your ...    505 MB    Views 6672
Related Apps photo camera shooting video secret screen black albums folder manual auto
-5    Secret Camera helps you manage a photo and video into Secret albums. Support the blackscreen shooting mode You can choose the Blackscreen image from photo albums. 【Functions】 Normal camera feature Auto/Manual Focus Auto/Manual Exposure Whitebalancing Grid line SelfTimer shooting Burst shooting ...    15 MB    Views 43
camera photo video shooting mode effects post processing professional features
+19    Panorama 360, GifBoom, Photo Booth, Live effect ,HDR and Movie Maker Camera, Now is in one Camera. Are you tired of looking for an effect in a huge number of camera applications? Are you tired of choosing a photo edit App ...    15 MB    Views 1615

Camera ∞

camera photos photo shooting mode dial button focus device shutter
+30    Freeze the moment without delay the Camera ∞ allows you take multiple full quality shots without delays between them, try it for yourself. Selfie? you got it just turn to sound control shutter mode, then say cheese If you encounter denied access ...    1 MB    Views 6930
Related Apps photo shooting camera screen black secret albums choose auto folder
+10    The shutter sounds can be changed by the user in settings. Secret Camera+ helps you quietly take a photo and video recording. Support the blackscreen shooting mode You can choose the Blackscreen image from photo albums. 【Functions】 Normal camera feature Auto/Manual Focus ...    15 MB    Views 8994

Tack Sharp

photographers camera shooting sharp settings determine tool interface range
0    Tack Sharp is an intuitive application for photographers allowing them to quickly determine the best camera settings for sharpest focus of multiple subjects. The interface is bright and simple ensuring that this tool can be used in a wide ...    54 kb    Views 2569


photo photos camera shooting resolution sharing
-4    Special Limited Offer Price Roundgraphy is a camera app that creates photos with a circle frame. ▧ Artistic Effects Beautiful & Cool FXs vignette/xpro/oldstyle/pop/warm/ bluish/faded/twotone/cinema/sekki/ toy/vintage/xpro2/ocean/fire/cream/ rose/dogdays/fishsheep ▧ Colorful Frames 63 Colors ▧ Photo Sharing Easy to Sharing Photo with your frinends Twitter Facebook Email Instagram Photo Album ▧ Resolution Full device ...    512 kb    Views 9957
camera photo photos food shooting twitter facebook mode select edit
+4    Qualipic Camera is now available for US0.99 (regular price: US2.99). [v1.4 upgrade details] PhotoAppLink (send only) are supported. Some improvements. Details Another camera application is coming from Noritsu Koki, leading company of photo processing equipment. Qualipic Camera that incorporates AccuSmart allows easy and nice ...    NAN    Views 3683
camera photo shooting selfie instantly friends detection face rear selfies easily
+3    Selfies is camera app that shoot automatically by face detection. You can selfie together with your friends and share the photo easily instantly. It is ideal for users such as the following. "We love selfie but we are bashful about using selfie ...    5 MB    Views 6726
camera movie shooting video recording frame ipad canon 70d quickpro pro microphone
-7    Want to Shoot Video like a pro with your Canon EOS 70D? The answer will now be in your pocket or on your iPad. With mobile Camera Guides from QuickPro, you'll never have to miss the shot of your life again. ...    308 MB    Views 4960


Related Apps photo camera shooting photos twitter facebook mode picture image processing select
-1    "Camera" pays off Instead of buying different apps to take and process a picture you now have the opportunity to do both in just one app. With gestures you can set focus and exposure separately to have an effective picture control. You ...    22 MB    Views 3820

SUSHI Camera

camera shooting composite touch panel thailand finger
+1    It is like a comic foreground app. “SUSHI Camera” is a hilarious camera app you can fusion you and the world with sushi picture. You can wear sushi on you like Lady GAGA’s hat, or can create composite photo with pics in ...    27 MB    Views 8046
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