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+15    Have fun with your gang by take a photo and decorate by "GirlsGang Stamp" This camera app have much more cute stamps for the girl action like a cartoon book You will love it :) หากคุณชอบการ์ตูน สดใสน่ารัก ตากลมบ้องแบ๊ว ของสาวๆ คุณจะต้องรักแสตมป์ของ "GirlsGang Stamp" ...    51 MB    Views 2923
+14    Date Stamped Photos for Property Professionals amazing app. Date stamp photographs with the current date. Add a caption along with the date stamp or just a caption. Change the color of the font, change the size of the font. Property developers are raving ...    9 MB    Views 6920

Automo Camera

photos car camera stamp time logo license stamps
+1    Automo Camera can automatically mask license plates from car photos taken with the app or selected from your library. New to the app is the Stamp Feature which allows the user to stamp their favorite brand logo, car club logo ...    11 MB    Views 5418
camera retro green frame photos stamp film time photo facebook dual filters shots frames color
+28    Free for this weekend Make beautiful dual shot pictures on your iPhone, iPod touch & iPad Here's what other say about Camera Duo: "Camera Duo provides an innovative new way to really spruce up your photos and breathe new ...    17 MB    Views 2630

PicsPlay Pro

photo time editing facebook tools photos stamp camera color control pro filters 200 effect touch
+29    Spotlighted on Forbes as one of "Best Photo Apps For Tablets" by Amadou Diallo, July 3rd, 2013 "PicsPlay Pro, The Incredible Photo Editor" PicsPlay Pro contains 200 filters and all editing features that allow you to beautifully express the best moments of ...    35 MB    Views 3371
video ipad photo fps time frame music camera stamp editing mini procam mode adjustable user
+1    40% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHERS Screenshot 1: Photo by ProCam user Hossein Nasirii IG hossein.nasirii Screenshot 2: Photo by ProCam user Alex Sanchez IG megatrawn_ Screenshot 3: Photo by ProCam user Angel Russo IG aebex.ny ...    29 MB    Views 5619
photo photos tools editing stamp text add size rate position
+10    I THINK THEREFORE I RATE if you want to express yourself, do it with Rater Stamps RATER is the photo editing app for anyone who wants to let others know what he/she thinks about everything and anything under the ...    19 MB    Views 3656
stamp photos collage freely tap mark review fingers remove
-3    Let's collage photos to create a stamp from the original character and handdrawn picture. How to make stamp Let's draw a picture or illustration with a pen on paper. Let's shoot to launch the camera from the creation of ...    8 MB    Views 4476


stamp size official passport application
+13    Fotograph is a mobile application which comes handy when you immediately need a passport size , stamp size or photos for your marriage certificate , LIC , Insurance . Your official and non official purposes. With fotograph you can click ...    3 MB    Views 8780
+21    iPhone photos are great until you, and especially your friends and family, want to know when the photos were taken. Photo Stamp Free is a point & shoot camera that automatically adds a colorful date and time, or even a ...    661 kb    Views 4686
stamp design application
+29    Stamp Buffet is a photo application featuring various cute characters and illustrations that everyone will fall in love with from Design by Jip, an illustrator and designer with unique style. Liven up your photos with these adorable stickers and frames in ...    40 MB    Views 8421
stamp set buy japanese
-9    Best app emergence of new Japan. This app is drawing and stamp insertion can be app in the photo. This app stamp of standard equipment and we can also buy stamps in the app and use them there Buy can stamp, one type ...    5 MB    Views 9157
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+5    Context Camera helps you to collect critical information by stamping your photos with direction, location and time information, as well as two optional comments. Never question where/when/why a photo was taken again. HOW IT WORKS: Open the app and take a photo ...    13 MB    Views 9044
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+2    Happy New Year 2015 Ribbon Camera new feature new stamp "Bear & Bunny" again ,So cute for decorate your special weekend to be a super cute music card :) ริบบ้อนคาเมร่าเวอร์ชั่นล่าสุด มาทำมิวสิคการ์ดหรือรูปภาพใส่เสียงเพลงน่ารักๆ ส่งให้เพื่อนในโอกาสพิเศษกันค่า Ribbon Camera is a Camera application which have many stamps for ...    67 MB    Views 1841
time stamp date
-2    简单易用的相机,只需要左右滑动屏幕即可为每张照片的“左下角”添加日期水印,并且可以切换不同的日期时间主题颜色。 If you like a photo with datetime label . This APP can mark the datetime stamp in the picture. This camera APP is very easy to use. You just need swipe left or right on screen to change the color of ...    932 kb    Views 2455

Stamps Camera

Related Apps photos camera stamp photo frames stamps designed filters gorgeous borders
+3    Turn your favourite photos into unique stamps, cards and postcards. Decorate your pictures with awesome looking custom designed stamp frames. Stamps Camera is a simple way to make and share gorgeous photos on your iPhone. Decorate your photos with all sets of ...    35 MB    Views 9736


photography camera stamp turn sound photograph put
-4    A baby, a child and a cat, and a dog The honey which does not turn to here though I want to take the photograph If take a photograph of the dear honey; honey Camera The honey camera gives a sound to ...    6 MB    Views 2709


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0    Joyeye The moment lasts a second, the memory lasts forever Joyeye is an iPhone app about photography and image processing with the design of ingenuity, exquisite beautiful interface, and efficient original effect algorithms. This is the first time to show you ...    22 MB    Views 1163
+12    Send postcards with your personal photos to friends and family worldwide. It does not matter where you are: No need for post stamp, a post box and so on. While you're creating your personal card you can optimize your photos ...    53 MB    Views 3491


photos stamp photo library iphone time apple apps date select add
+3    DateStamper allows you to easily add beautiful date stamps to photos in your Photo Library. Featured in Apple's Oct 2014 Special Event among the best apps for iOS 8 and apps written in Swift " DateStamper brings back old memories for me ...    8 MB    Views 1570
twitter facebook stamp retro camera multi lens pink warm http picture
+6    Joyeye MultiLens HD is a iPad HD app about photography and image processing with the design of ingenuity, exquisite beautiful interface, and efficient original effect algorithms. Joyeye team do always pay special attention on aesthetic feel, functionality and interests. MultiLens ...    32 MB    Views 9620
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+25    PhotoUp For Nepal PhotoUp is photo Application that have more 1000 free stamp from Thai Designer ,Fun Cute and adorable Safe Nepal with Photoup. Easy way to help our friend just click download our new special stamp set for 0.99 U.S. After ...    67 MB    Views 1526
time photo photos text stamp skins share custom cool real overlay give
+12    InstaPositionHD is a powerfull app based on Geolocation to let your friends know where you are in real time Featured new app September 2014 in iTunes Just select a overlayer skin, take a photo & share Time stamp & custom cool ...    4 MB    Views 1914

SnapStamp Camera

photos stamp photo add share location
-4    SnapStamp lets you quickly add awesome stamp to your photos. Share your moods, loves, likes, quotes, party photos, food, location and more Feature Swipe to select stamp Add a sweet filter Share Take Photo / Pick from photo library Add Location    2 MB    Views 3357
+29    iPhone photos are great until you, and especially your friends and family, want to know when the photos were taken. Photo Stamp is both 1) a camera that automatically adds a colorful date and time or even a location to ...    546 kb    Views 9751
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+10    ゜゚+:。.。:+ ゚ ゜゚ +:。.。.。:+ ゚ ゜゚ +:。.。:+ ゚ Free download for first 5 million people ゜゚+:。.。:+ ゚ ゜゚ +:。.。.。:+ ゚ ゜゚ +:。.。:+ ゚ PicMe Can make pic more cute You can add effects, resize, graffiti, lettering, gradation and stylish stamp using the ...    41 MB    Views 7242


photos photo time stamp shooting facebook twitter iphone love camera date great mark excellent album
-1    Customer Reviews: On iPhone 6 plus updated now works by Slotime Great app by ibbobbyc Great app. Great customer support. Immediate response to feedback to make app better. Does exactly what it claims. I ...    6 MB    Views 9348


-8    You can be easily processed pictures are decorated in this free photo camera application process. You can change the filter fashionable style rich toy camera, features a photo collage and stamp have put into albums Come on I'll post to blogs and ...    26 MB    Views 5775
video frame baby camera videos music stamp shoot roll save moving
+13    Everyone would like to leave a smile on your cute baby! However, little baby do not you want me to laugh hard. Therefore, the most useful this app. You can easily shoot baby was not able to shoot very much until now. While ...    42 MB    Views 9569
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0    TImeStamp Photo App Remember to change the photo save size ( XL = Fullsize ) Easy to use and set up. Add Date, Time, Seconds and GPS Address. Change the text color to match with the photo. Can be used in so many ways... If you ...    395 kb    Views 8300


stamp photo mail range royal stamps
+7    Create your own photo stamps with Royal Mail Smilers. Ideal for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new arrivals, growing children and gettogethers, you can now add your favourite photos to your mail by combining them with an official Royal Mail stamp. Just send us ...    NAN    Views 5374
photo map camera photos paris stamp location add picture pictures friends captions
-8    Why share plain pictures when you can stamp them with your location to create great looking postcards? For example, you are travelling to Paris and will visit the Eiffel Tower. Instead of sharing a simple photo of this wellknown landmark, you ...    3 MB    Views 1528
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+15    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Christmas Santa Stamp Booth Sticker Your photos on the climate of X'mas Over 200 stickers are themed with different teams . Download now With this fantastic application you can decorate all your photos with the theme of ...    63 MB    Views 970


camera stamp photo funny banana stupid
-4    This is a camera photo editor that specializes in the application of the funny banana camera stamp. That created banana camera photo is a funny & stupid. Enjoy funny banana stamp camera Make awesome funny photos with stupid cams    2 MB    Views 6523

Fun L'il Stamp

stamp facebook comic photos sketch photo video fun filters special choose
+11    New Video capture with live filtering, including Comic and Crayon filters Fun L'il Stamp is a fast, fun little app for making your own virtual postage stamp collection. Facebook connectivity, sharing, marker/crayon filters, addictive fun Features: Special, realtime 'Watercolour', 'Crayon', 'Comic' ...    24 MB    Views 1027
stamp pet lover stamps enjoy
-5    Pet Lover Stamp is an application which will Stamps wide range of photography taken you to decorate your pictures. The Pet Lover Stamp's you will find Stamps for pet lovers. Many took for you to choose from and enjoy. And if you ...    62 MB    Views 3668

Pic Locator

photos time stamp share picture location instagram mail dropbox mms
0    A location based picture App which lets everyone know exactly where and when the picture has been taken with a date/time and location stamp. PicLocator allows you to share with friends through FB, Mail, MMS, G+,Dropbox, Instagram etc. in real time. ...    11 MB    Views 9002

Enigio timeShot

+2    By using Enigio timeShot, you can finally put your trust in photos again Enigio timeShot offers the ability to take a photo and then prove that it was taken at a specific time in a specific location and that the picture ...    NAN    Views 5642


photo camera frame blog stamp editing toy image free put cute character easy freely
+15    You can be easily processed pictures are decorated in this free photo camera application process. You can change the filter fashionable style rich toy camera, features a photo collage and stamp have put into albums Come on I'll post to blogs and ...    30 MB    Views 7957

iRetouch Free

tools photo stamp photos iphone free version objects touch color precise clone
+1    iRetouch Free is an advanced, featurerich photo editor for your iPhone/iPod Touch. You will benefit from having all essential retouching tools in one app. iRetouch is highly optimized to allow usage of numerous photo editing tools, all in one app. _______________ Reviews ...    2 MB    Views 6905
camera photo iphone facebook stamp drawing twitter kyoto frames shrine leaf stamps
+7    “The reconstruction support project for “The Tohoku Earthquake 3.11” by Leaf. Leaf Publications Co.,Ltd. and General Incorporated Association KAI OTSUCHI co developed the camera application for Kyoto tourism. Kyoto Camera is the application for the tourists from home and abroad to help ...    6 MB    Views 2285
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-2    Let's make your day with Korawia Stamp Decorate your photos with tons of cute, chubby and fluffy characters which are created by Thai illustrator, Korawia. With a pretty pastel style, every single stamps and frames that you use will make your photo ...    60 MB    Views 7957

imush Camera

camera photo stamp photos ios stamps decoration focus exposure sticker
-7    Welcome to “imush Camera” imush Camera is a camera application which have many stamps for decorating your photos. Enjoy with Free set of stamps and frames or In app purchase. imush stamp, decoration. More stamps will be added soon ...    18 MB    Views 8985
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+1    PostCard Plus The easy way to send real postcards from your iPhone make your photos the main attraction of your postcard share your personal moments with your friends and family mail your postcard from your phone with a real ...    15 MB    Views 1646
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-6    Solocator is a GPS camera for fieldwork. Overlay and stamp photos with GPS location, compass direction, altitude, date & time taken + with Industry Pack (IAP) capture editable notes such as project name and photo description, street address and UTM/MGRS ...    9 MB    Views 4117
text twitter facebook photos stamp shadow instagram post drop official transfer
-7    InstaWord allows you to add text on Instagram photos. Also you can apply various typography style (drop shadow, stamp and so on) to text. === Features === ✓ 130+ fonts ✓ Scale up/down and rotate text ✓ Multi line and vertical text ✓ 35 text effects (Drop shadow, ...    35 MB    Views 5292


camera stamp photos drawing signature stamps pictures roll group decorate picture
+10    Do you want to insert your awesome signature on photos? Do you want to decorate your photos with cute patterns? Are you bored of standard fonts and stamps? Try PhotoStamp right now You can decorate your photos with your own unique signatures and stamps. You ...    7 MB    Views 1449
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-6    PostCard Plus The easy way to send real postcards from your iPhone make your photos the main attraction of your postcard share your personal moments with your friends and family mail your postcard from your phone with a real ...    15 MB    Views 8522


stamp frame ipad camera snap application marker photograph completed
+10    Let's snap the Gloomy which playing with anywhere with a camera 3/29NEWS "AS racing" participating in super durability series ST 2 classes in 2013 perform collaboration with GLOOMY Added the new AR marker to app that racer ver GLOOMY of the collaboration mode. The details of the collaboration look ...    30 MB    Views 2638


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+4    PhotoStamper is a quick and easy way to stamp your photos with titles, GPS location, time and date, and place. Stamping these details on your photos will save you a chunk of time when it comes to finding them or ...    6 MB    Views 6859
iphone card stamp cards text camera postcards postcard germany print production shipping
+30    With clickandbuy postcards you can send individually designed real postcards directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch Includes worldwide shipping of a postcard for only £1.59. No more boring standard postcards. Making an extraordinary unique postcard during your trip has never ...    NAN    Views 6903
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-7    Type messages on any photo in seconds with Photo Date, Location and Caption Stamp Camera. Easily move messages on photo with your finger for the absolute perfect positioning. Message will automatically include location and date information as generated from your device GPS ...    7 MB    Views 4367
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-4    CuiCui is a awesome Photo Decoration app that make your photos more sweeter You can customize your photos easily and quickly. CuiCui offers 3 features, DECORATION, FILTER,and BEAUTY. DECORATION Lots of cute stamps make your photos more lovely. FILTER Custom designed filters change the ambience of ...    22 MB    Views 3631

Travelers Post

Related Apps stamp travelers photos iphone personal postcard send post pictures find automatically
-2    Gone are the days of mailing postcards, Travelers Post allows you to send ePostcards. Guess what well here is your personal iPhone postcard sender, send them as you travel... Want to send a postcard of some photos from your recent trips. ...    19 MB    Views 8784


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-9    Use STMP (pronounced /stamp/) to add inspirational stamps to your photos. STMP features custommade typographic stamps combined with supersimple functionality and an elegant design that highlights your work. Share gorgeous and inspiring photos with STMP in three steps: 1. Pick or take ...    53 MB    Views 1678

GPS Photo Stamp

Related Apps photo stamp gps
+2    GPS Photo Stamp Well, that is it. So easy and simple, Just take a photo and the current latitude and longitude will be added and stamped on the picture.    277 kb    Views 7229
photos photo text stamp patterns image multiple memories enter easily
+18    It is an application that combines photo editing multiple photos. 4 simple steps how to do this 1.Would like to select multiple photos 2.Will apply to styles that are available 3.Deco wax and text Stamp 4.I will send to a friend finished app features 1. can ...    5 MB    Views 9870
photo frame stamp fairy tale
-2    MYDECO changes your photo to cute one. You can decorate your photo as a fairy tale using the application. [Feature]   Stamp   Frame   Share your photo We will update new stamp and frame.    12 MB    Views 1361
Related Apps photos stamp photo pastel stamps focus shutter ios selection decorate
-2    Take your photos with "Photo Cute Pastel Stamp" Now, you can add stamps to any photos. Pastel Stamp allows you have fun to decorate your photos with pastel color stamps. Decorate your photos using adorable Pastel frames and stamps. With "Pastel Stamp" ...    49 MB    Views 16
camera photo stamp frame email makeup diy people facebook picture cute sticker stamps decorative enjoy pieces style
+13    Fun of a Print Club sticker machine (Purikura) is brought to a camera app as it is It's a big hit in Asian countriesTotal downloads exceeded 11million times GirlsCamera that 1 million people enjoy each month is a camera app for girls ...    38 MB    Views 8594
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