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+14    Capturing a great photo of your dog can be difficult without help. PuppyCam offers a unique camera interface complete with a noise maker to help you capture great photos of your dog. All of the photos taken with PuppyCam are saved ...    56 MB    Views 1130


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+28    Tired of carrying a heavy DSLR and frustrated with a basic camera app? SNAP Pro makes your phone a professional and compact camera. The allnew userfriendly interface enhances your experience in photo shooting and editing. Choose from the multiple collections of ...    9 MB    Views 1000
Related Apps camera art photos black white
+4    Easiest BlackWhite Camera Application We know, you love black and white photography, and want to create some black and white art photos with your iphone. Then, this is the app for you. Camera black&white is easy to use and provides good art ...    266 kb    Views 2855
Related Apps camera photos
+8    MicroCam is a simple micro camera app that helps you take discreet photos anywhere. Just swipe left or right to choose which mini camera you want to use, then tap anywhere to take a photo. It's as easy as that    28 MB    Views 5905
Related Apps camera photos secret
+25    Now you can snap that priceless photo without looking like a paparazzi. Automatically capture photos with this app's advanced motion detection feature and then secure your top secret photos with a passcode Even if someone touches your iPhone while it’s running to ...    10 MB    Views 4814
+11 enables you to add RealTime or Recorded Audio to your Pictures. Combine your voice with moments in life with our lightweight format called Mashgrams. Share your Mashgrams in Private or Public. Entertain. Connect. Combine your photos with Officially Licensed ...    18 MB    Views 7906

Rainbow Camera

Related Apps camera photos rainbow fun
+20    Take fun, colorful photos with Rainbow Camera Choose from a variety of effects. Email photos to friends and families. Have fun    3 MB    Views 1781

Smart Camera Lite

Related Apps photos camera images
+9    This simple free utility will help you to take photos with special color effects. It has several modes: Sharper images. Black and white images. Inverted images. Darker images. Lighter images. The photos are saved in the Camera Roll.    NAN    Views 1101

CineSound FXpro.

-7    Looking to add special effects and sounds to your videos and photos with a fun and easy to use App? CinesoundFX Pro lets you choose between four different effects and sounds to apply to your videos, photos and sounds. Easy to ...    7 MB    Views 7464

Talking Pictures

0    Pictures say a thousand words, Talking Pictures say even more Record up to 10 touch activated sounds in a photo and send them to a friend. Talking Pictures is easy and fun to use. Just select your photo, draw around the ...    9 MB    Views 7487
photos camera dragon
+11    Add colorful dragons to the pictures you take on your iPhone or iPod. There is only original dragon artwork in this app that you won't find anywhere else FEATURES Upload photos to Flickr, Twitter and Facebook. Email your photos from the ...    19 MB    Views 8747

iPet Photo Pro

photo camera cat dog pro pet sounds smile attention start
-5    iPet Photo Pro now your pet understands "smile" Have you ever tried to take a photo of your pet only to have them look the other way or even completely ignore you? Not anymore iPet Photo Pro is a revolutionary new app ...    10 MB    Views 9434
sound sounds life moments
-9    Our world begins with the sound of our mother's heartbeat. Everyday after, we hear a symphony of a million moments. From the mundane to the memorable, these moments are the sounds of life. Cochlear's Sounds of Life app allows you ...    2 MB    Views 4339

Zoo Animals World

Related Apps photo recording playing educational child album touch images upload zoo sounds
-3    Let your child enjoy and learn about Zoo Animal life by touching and hearing LOTS of beutifull HD images AND SOUNDS of many diffrent zoo animals Each image was CARFULY CHOSEN to be of intrest and educational value for you child. We ...    83 MB    Views 7372
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-5    Enhance even more the photographic experience with your iPhone thanks to this improved camera Use more than forty live filters (divided in color, artistic and distortion filters) to record videos or take photos. You know how it will look before ...    9 MB    Views 2986

Bye Camera

Related Apps photos camera filter memories
+15    It is a camera in the photo memories that leave before graduation, moving, and parting with the people and landscape, such as employment. This App has aligned the various filters to photos show a little old. You can also make the ...    3 MB    Views 1929
map sound moments life sounds world moment day
0    Have you ever heard a picture? What does ‘happiness’ sound like? With the Cochlear Sounds of Life app you’ll be able to take 'audible photographs' that will let you capture the special moments in life, like never before. When you ...    NAN    Views 851
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0    Create Before and After Photos (Square, Animated GIF, Side by Side, Stacked) One Click Sharing (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more) Align photos easily with “Perfect Match” alignment system In app purchase is required to create photos that don't have the B&A Camera logo. Lots ...    35 MB    Views 9366
-5    Discover new idea for Picture Frames: standing best of XMAS Wallpapers How many? UNLIMITED Santa Claus Merry Christmas Snow, Snowman, and many hugs :D Your PHOTOs European, USA, Japan... Load your photos using latest iTunes file sharing features Yes, it's very easy ...    9 MB    Views 7415
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+12    Hotel Camera is an easy camera tool dedicated to hotel photos. You can shoot and decorate photos. group all photos by hotels. leave date, location and comments on photos. save photos to    9 MB    Views 4306

The Puppy Snap

dog sounds record friends local share purchase puppy
+12    Play wicked sounds like plastic bottle or evil laugh, or record your own, to get your pup's attention. Take photos of that pup and share to friends. A portion of every purchase goes to a local dog shelter. This is ...    14 MB    Views 1425

CameraEffect Pic

Related Apps camera photos features
-7    This app can tweak your photos to more different effect. Now your simple phone has the capability to become a powerful camera with FX filter features. So download and turn your pics into pieces of Art. Our features include: Selecting photos from ...    7 MB    Views 5270

0° Camera (FREE)

Related Apps camera photos straighten picture
+6    Have you ever taken a beautiful beach shot and noticed later that the horizon is totally not horizontal? Don’t waste your time to straighten crooked photos in Photoshop Just press the shutter Even if you take a picture with the camera tilted, you ...    4 MB    Views 8474


photo video sounds subject record attention favourite interface great
0    FEATURED IN ITUNES WHATS HOT IN PHOTO & VIDEO AS FEATURED ON THE DAILY APP SHOW Watch the video here: "Use this app to get the best pictures" Daily App Show "This is a great app for getting the kids attention when I want ...    5 MB    Views 7176

Look! Cam

-8    Kids and pets not interested when taking a photo? Not anymore... Look Cam Is the free camera app that makes children and pets look at the camera using fun sounds The problem… Kids and pets don’t like looking at the camera when ...    7 MB    Views 8548

Camera Editor Plus

Related Apps tools camera photos photo editor
+20    Camera Editor Plus is a powerful photo editor which we created because we wanted a quick and easy way to edit our photos on the go with no fuss. We’ve included all the tools you need, in a super intuitive interface ...    4 MB    Views 4150

Ears Up!

Related Apps iphone camera dog sound sounds ears select choose dozen trigger
+4    Rule number 1 of dog photography: get the dog's attention and interest. Perk his ears up and snap the shot. Every dog photographer has his own way to do this a toy to toss, a weird little throat noise, ...    18 MB    Views 7107
+2    KUKU is the best tool to help you make amazing photos of your kids. Simple & Funny The app will be essential : Launch the app, choose between attractive cool sounds or record yourself. Your kid will be attracted by those sounds and ...    11 MB    Views 6418

Camera Filters

Related Apps camera photos filters application
-8    Amazing application for creative people More than 25 cool filters Filters' preview in realtime Changeable filters intensity Save photos and record video with selected filter Instant post photos to your Twitter Supports camera flash Universal application for iPhone, iPod Touch ...    762 kb    Views 6027
photos personal simulation photo water slideshow fingers sounds natural ripples play
0    Dip your fingers into water without getting them wet, while you enjoy any photo in the personal Library and enjoy natural sounds and share it directly on famous social networks Discover new way of watching personal photos Realtime Water Ripples Simulation using ...    21 MB    Views 3579


camera baby photo photos dog email clock twitter facebook sounds sound button roll
+5    When you want a smile, Picasound Capture pictures with ease by playing one of forty eight selectable sounds while you are taking a picture of that special Baby, Toddler, Dog, or Unsuspecting Adult to get the perfect photo every time Compatible ...    24 MB    Views 4590
Related Apps photos camera monster fun
0    Upon request we now offer the Kidomatic Monster camera without inapp purchase. The Kidomatic Monster a playful and easytouse interface made for kids and teens who want to have fun with their photos. Childfriendly menus. Add fun stickers on top of ...    22 MB    Views 6426


photo iphone type load sounds holes
0    Take out your frustrations of the day by blasting away at that car problem, or whatever is aggravating you. Take a photo with your iPhone or load one up from you photos album and then fill it with lead from ...    657 kb    Views 421

Focus Point

Related Apps photos camera focus point
+3    Focus Point is a great companion app for your iPhone or iPod – because it works with your existing Photos library No importing required Scroll through your Camera Roll and other albums, and pinchzoom thumbnails to any size. A minimal nofuss ...    6 MB    Views 5818

iBaby Photo

photo baby camera photos iphone sounds great start
+6    iBaby Photo Capture Those Precious Memories Have you ever tried to take a photo of your baby just to have them look the other way, or have you had to make lots of embarrassing sounds and noises to get them ...    8 MB    Views 1643
baby photos selfie sounds animations peek cutest fun exciting share
-9    Peek a boo Baby Selfie is the perfect way to get SUPER CUTE snaps of your baby Baby Selfie displays exciting, attentiongrabbing animations and sounds that will entertain your baby long enough to get the cutest selfies ever FUN ANIMATIONS – ...    2 MB    Views 3054
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+5    Sketch Camera HD is a simple, FUN app that lets you take photos or record videos DIRECTLY using a Sketch filter or 8 other additional filters. Main Features: 9 different effects including Emboss, Sepia and XRay Supports Facebook, Mail, Instagram, Twitter, ...    4 MB    Views 1625

iPet Photo

+26    iPet Photo now your pet understands "smile" Have you ever tried to take a photo of your pet only to have them look the other way or even completely ignore you? Not anymore iPet Photo is a revolutionary new app made ...    10 MB    Views 9427


photos camera effects
-2    PhotoEffectKit generates amazing photos with effects from your camera feed. Tips: Incredible effects from real time camera Use front and back camera Edit, save, share photos with friends High definition photos Effects Stickers Draw Check out some screenshots.    42 MB    Views 9498

Privacy Cam

Related Apps camera photos faces
-2    HIDE FACES USING YOUR CAMERA Locates & hides the eyes of multiple faces in snapshots. Perfect for posting Facebook or Flickr photos in public. 100% fully automatic after you take a camera snapshot. You can save or email the ...    3 MB    Views 5482
urban sounds images book voices conversation photographs photographer
-2    A book which combines sounds and images This app is an enhanced Photobook which combines photographs of restaurants and cafés with the original sounds of these places: it is only when hearing these voices and noises that an idea of the ...    231 MB    Views 3633

Burst Camera

Related Apps iphone photos camera burst effects
+3    Do you want to make your photos more animation? With the help of Burst Camera, it will take you only one minute to realize the ideas.. Functions: 1, Take photos 2, Radiation effects 3, Rotation effects 4, 8 kinds of tonalities 5, Share online Compatible devices ::iPhone6, ...    1 MB    Views 2756

Camera Pro!

Related Apps tools camera photos photo pro
-4    Camera Pro is a powerful photo editor which we created because we wanted a quick and easy way to edit our photos on the go with no fuss. We’ve included all the tools you need, in a super intuitive interface so ...    4 MB    Views 9054
Related Apps camera photo photos pet friends sounds pictures share
-8    PetCam is a first camera app for taking stunning pictures of your pets. This ingenious method taking the pictures let you get the attention of your pet using just a few sound buttons. All you have to do is pick a category ...    6 MB    Views 8598

Photo Secrets

Related Apps photo photos camera private
+13    Hide your private photo from Photos App Puts it behind a password protected wall It has no limitation and it's FREE Import Photos from Photos App, Camera Roll, directly from a camera Restore private photo to Photos App Don't decreased the quality ...    1 MB    Views 8499


baby camera photo dog photos holiday clock cat police sound button included sounds robot favorites
+4    When you want a smile, Picasound Capture pictures with ease by playing one of the EIGHTY (80) selectable sounds while you are taking a picture of that special Baby, Toddler, Dog, or Unsuspecting Adult to get the perfect photo every ...    34 MB    Views 6513

Fx Photo Frames

Related Apps photos photo camera frames multiple
-8    Fx Photo Frames is a complete photo frames editor with multiple functionality. These are some of the features: Combine photos in many frame shapes, drag, pan, zoom Double tap to load from library or use camera to take photos Use the ...    91 MB    Views 210
Related Apps camera social video sounds filters sound happy simple custom
+4    The worlds happiest camera is here Do you enjoy making others laugh or pulling pranks? Even if you don’t Happy Camera is perfect for you Capturing the moment is a breeze using fun sounds and instant live video filters. Customize your ...    40 MB    Views 6272

FX Your Photo

Related Apps camera photos photo features
+14    This app can tweak your photos to more different effect. Now your simple phone has the capability to become a powerful camera with FX filter features. So download and turn your pics into pieces of Art. Our features include: Selecting photos from ...    4 MB    Views 9358


Related Apps camera photos
-1    1. professional camera to make your photos more refined 2 .you can set the parameters according to the distance of the flash 3. kinds of scene modes photo filter make your photos fantasy 4 .can adjust the camera ISO and white balance    5 MB    Views 3988

Camera 4 LandScape

Related Apps photos camera landscape sliders create
+4    >> Don't you create a landscape? << Only for iOS7 earlier, sorry.(Not support iOS8) "Camera 4 Landscape" is a simple application that can easily create a picture looks like landscape painting from your photos. Adjust the two sliders and make your favorite ...    2 MB    Views 591
Related Apps people shooting iphone kids creative love painting stars draw fun choose background sounds animated night year
+5    Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry night" painting. This app allows you to draw with beautifully animated stars Users Reviews: •Fun and beautiful app “Draw with stars is a hit in our household, from the youngest to the oldest. Everyone wants a ...    8 MB    Views 661
camera photos effects cool particle
+25    Cool camera is a very unique camera. Can you imagine that the cool movie effects (such as flame, volcanic eruptions, the time tunnel, starry and fireworks) are in your photo. Cool camera is such the camera with powerful particle effects. It ...    6 MB    Views 1454

Pic-Pet Camera

camera animal photo social dogs cats pet pic share sounds great set special
0    Features • Pet Camera • 5 distinct sounds available for each of the two categories: cats or dogs • Timer & Flash • Social Share & Community • Animal Photo Contest Description PicPet Camera is a perfect tool for those tired/embarrassed of constantly snapping fingers, whistling and mimicking ...    1 MB    Views 8963
camera photos sound small
-9    Are you embarrassed in taking pictures because of shutter sound? Your children or pets are not surprised anymore. And does not harm others in public places. Features: ● IP Camera. ● HighQuality Photos. ● Auto save to Camera Roll. Small Sound Camera is a good ...    5 MB    Views 4503

Photo Silly Goo!

Related Apps photos silly sounds
+1    Laugh like never before This hilarious FREE app lets you add silly sounds, animated hearts, stinkflies and more to your favorite photos Make viewing photos EXTRA Funny by adding sounds and other great stuff    11 MB    Views 5306
Related Apps car photographers sounds pictures super
+3    A huge collection of Super Car pictures & Sounds that have been taken by photographers from around the world and have been optimized for the iPhone 6 & 6+. Features: SuperCar startups & revs High resolution pictures taken by photographers Browse ...    151 MB    Views 9987
Related Apps camera photos
+6    Nice app that applies cartoonstyle live filters over the camera controller. You can edit each filter’s value by moving a central Slider before taking a picture. Choose between 8 different cool Effects and Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Instagram, etc. You ...    4 MB    Views 9577
photo photos camera funny friends perfect hilarious sounds sound
+6    FREE For a Limited Time Only Funstagram is a hilarious new camera app that lets you bust out some AWESOME FUNNY SOUNDS, take priceless funny photos of your friends, then add the PERFECT CAPTION and SHARE ONLINE Humiliate your friends (or ...    7 MB    Views 2615


Related Apps photo sketch camera photos beautiful
0    Free for the WHOLE December Features: Real time cartoon and painting effects painted on your camera video. Turn your photos to Beautiful Realistic Sketch. Photos can be taken directly from Camera or Photo Album. 13 kinds of beautiful photo ...    8 MB    Views 7290
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