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+16    DIY your pretty comic photo.So easySo interesting photo Do you like drawing cartoons or pencil skecth? If your camera can make it, would you like to have a try? Easy Camera can fulfill your needs, pick out a photo or just take ...    5 MB    Views 9556


+4    StackerCam allows you to record long term exposures on your iPhone. To do this, the app takes multiple frames and stacks them up. This not only allows you to take long exposures but also enhances the signal to noise ratio ...    526 kb    Views 6768


photo magic shape button step area crop press album merge clip
+12    iPhoe is an easy to use photo crop and merge tool. You can crop your photo with complex shape, e.g., a person, cat, car... in your photo, then merge with background photo after transformation and setting. Features Crop photo with shape of rectangle ...    6 MB    Views 5376
photo result left press blur save rotating image
+22    Simple, Elegant and Powerful With Blur Me, the easiest to use image rotating app in App Store, rotating photos becomes easier than ever All you need to do is just selecting a photo from albums or taking one with builtin camera instantly, ...    4 MB    Views 3325


-1    "PhotoStand" is a digital photo stand that corresponds to the iPhone / iPad. If you specify an album from the photo that are stored in the iPhone / iPad your slideshow can be started immediately. Display an analog clock, digital clock, calendar, ...    16 MB    Views 4816
Related Apps photos emotions calculator camera press start
+15    Get TRUE SELFIE of friends Press Start, give calculator to friend and ask for something to count When he will press '=', magic happens It will power up sincere fun emotions, and photos will be saved to photoalbum // At start TrueSelfie app is ...    3 MB    Views 9818

Frames Fun

Related Apps photo frame design library photos press button frames color select rotate flip zoom
-4    Welcome to Frames Fun  With this app, you can put frames on the photos in your photo library on your iPhone and iPod Touch  There are over 600 frames included in the app.  You can move your photo, zoom in, ...    12 MB    Views 3380

Taking Flight

flight ipad photography aviation time text video videos book moose download press photoshop
+8    Get Taking Flight in the Moose Press app and enjoy all future Moose Press books in one great app, plus a discount for Taking Flight only available in Moose Press 2nd Edition now available Including an entire new chapter dedicated to ...    45 MB    Views 6551

Tag Camera

tag press connect snap
+30    Now, you can use your BuddyTag as a remote control to snap photographs. Also, it is simple and fast. Just press your tag to connect, and press it to snap. If there is a question when you try to connect buddy tag to ...    3 MB    Views 8929


+3    BackgroundMaker Simple Stylish Background Generator Universal apps. Retina Ready. ====================== Feel the beautifulness of the Colorful tiles of Squares, Circles, or Numbers. You can easy make cool background for your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad in just a few click. No photo software skill required. It's all random, everytime ...    1 MB    Views 1977


photo person running photos library iphone bump button press phone connection activate
+4    Send Photos from one iPhone to Another Works with iPhone to iPad transfers too Secure connection doesn't require texting, emailing, or sharing just bump your phones together. Uses Bump technology. TO SEND: 1. Choose an image from your Photo Library OR ...    832 kb    Views 3555
photo iphone camera card ipad color button darkroom press values image
+3    Darkroom Color Analyzer is your most convenient companion in the color darkroom. It's a serious tool helping you finding the correct YMC settings for your color enlarger. Darkrook Color Analyzer features 2 modes: Mode A: Analyze print 1. Point your iPhone or iPad to ...    180 kb    Views 1744
video pictures range screen picture extract touch press cut hold
-5    This app can extract pictures from video. If you have photos you want while playing a video, just touch the screen. Then, you can get a picture of the touch position. if you press and hold the screen for the desired range, you ...    17 MB    Views 1209
Related Apps photos photo library apps movies photobook album press button delete drag date drop
-1    PhotoBook automatically organize your photos in the order of the day shooting. And you can easily organize photos using tab and drag & drop. 1. Organizing photos by date All photos in your device will be organized in the order of the date. Press ...    4 MB    Views 1130


photographing finger tap drag gestures press hold touch fingers single
+4    This is a FUN, EASY, and SIMPLE CAMERA APP. Forget about buttons. Just remember finger gestures. You can take pictures with only finger gestures. Tap, two fingers tap, swipe, drag, and presshold gestures are all for photographing single photographing : single tap on ...    4 MB    Views 4649
painting oil booth side save press
+10    Simple, Elegant and Powerful With Oil Painting Booth, the fastest, most effective oil painting generating app in App Store, converting photos to oil paintings becomes easier than ever All you need to do is just selecting a photo from albums or taking ...    6 MB    Views 2126

Selfie in HD

Related Apps photos camera selfie quality phone press flip higher button
+26    You like taking selfies but do you find yourself: Take low quality photos using front facing camera? Not able to take selfies in low light situation? Struggle to find and press the shutter button? If any of the above is true, ...    2 MB    Views 6934
Related Apps camera ipad blog dslr trigger shutter energy press bulb mode bluetooth shot
+6    Shoot high speed photos with your iPad Control your DSLR Camera via Bluetooth Low Energy DSLR Shutter Trigger BLE is an application for Arduino and Bluetooth Low Energy module. Simply connect your DSLR Camera to Arduino and shoot popping balloons, water ...    3 MB    Views 2682
+3    NOW you can ADD PHOTOS FOR FREE, OR MUSIC, VOICES, and TRANSITIONS to your video to create unique photo SLIDE SHOWS for just 99 cents The FAST and EASY TO USE video editor that let’s you TRIM, MERGE, and SHARE your ...    12 MB    Views 264
photos photo zoom button press auto number buttons mode
+10    Zoom Zoom Zoom is a photo app which gives you control to shoot multiple photos with the camera on your phone. You can set the zoom range and the number of photos the Zoom Zoom Zoom app will take in ...    1 MB    Views 850
Related Apps photos photo face press added faces finger
+2    faceLess automatically finds and blurs faces in a photo, regardless of photo and facial orientation. Anonymizing photos is quick and painless thanks to the omnidirectional face detection. Face blurs can be removed with a single tap gesture. Small blurs can be ...    3 MB    Views 3140
Related Apps white color optimized save side press balance image
-2    Simple, Elegant and Powerful With White Balancer, the fastest, most accurate White Balance adjusting app in App Store, Image color adjustment becomes easier than ever All you need to do is just selecting a photo from albums or taking one with builtin ...    6 MB    Views 2360

Attention Map

map library camera photos button attention switch area press
+3    Does the slogan in your posters appear well? Does the title in your website attract enough attention? ... This app will answer such question We provide a saliencymap showing where people may focus on, with scientific algorithm instead of eye movement tracking. Theoretically, the red ...    6 MB    Views 2503

order-it mobile

iphone order kiosk mobile press images screen selection select transfer image
+3    "orderit mobile" easily and quickly transfers images from a smartphone to a Fujifilim "orderit" photo kiosk without using cables. Please note that this application will only function when operated in our participating retail stores. To use this simple high speed image transfer ...    5 MB    Views 1353
-1    The easiest way to copy, migrate, import photos to Flickr in just 2 steps. > Transfer your all photos from many popular Cloud Services or Social Networks to Flickr. It's so easy to use. Just select where your photos are, login ...    5 MB    Views 8352

Privacy Cam

Related Apps camera photos faces
+14    HIDE FACES USING YOUR CAMERA Locates & hides the eyes of multiple faces in snapshots. Perfect for posting Facebook or Flickr photos in public. 100% fully automatic after you take a camera snapshot. You can save or email the ...    3 MB    Views 5482


iphone button image press pressing hope poster
-7    HOPE poster © Copyright 2009 Andrea Pace ========================== Create your iPhone image inspired by Shepard Fairey's Barack Obama 'Hope' poster. Make it in four steps: 1. Take the photo by pressing SHOOT button; 2. Adjusts the best settings by acting on the appropriate sliders; 3. Press POSTERIZE ...    195 kb    Views 7668

Photo Album ***

0    Press on + to add photo albums Press on the camera button to add photos Click on the photos to enlarge them    2 MB    Views 1296

Emoji Land

Related Apps messenger facebook emoji emojis land step add press effect share
-8    Life is about self expression, so why not do it in style Emoji Land contains unique HD emojis you can share with all of your friends If you love emojis, smileys and emoticons then this is the app for you EMOJI LAND ...    4 MB    Views 6885

images press world month application discover
-8    This is a free application which will bring you each month new images from the world. Régis Colombo is a professional photographer. Author of several books, his photos are regularly published in the press. This application allows you to discover each month ...    50 kb    Views 447


photo news newspaper people photos weather pictures picture press simple celebrities
+1    Andy Warhol first coined the expression ‘Everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame’ Someone, somewhere is always in the right place at the right time. And if you have PhotoFame with you, it could make all the difference. If you have ...    2 MB    Views 9342
photo medical photos hot press purposes ads simply fun plastic
-5    HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT Featured in iTunes WORLDWIDE Press "NO ADS" to REMOVE ADS" App Use This is a simple, fun, and interesting app. The app distorts photos for beauty purposes such as plastic surgery, weight loss, muscle growth, ...    13 MB    Views 9360
calculator photo videos photos video private browser button full press features
+23    By default Safari browsers saves most of the things regarding your browsing such as browsing history ( Visited websites,cache,cookies,entered email and usernames etc). If you do not want to expose your browsing to others you need "Private Browser and Photo ...    5 MB    Views 3937

Live Capture

iphone ipad video photo camera remote press ios control toggle
+2    Always stay in picture and never left out any of your friends You can trigger the iPhone/iPad camera shutter remotely by using a Bluetooth Smart Remote Control. Features → Photo and video mode → Photo sharing options → Private album with remote proximity locking → ...    22 MB    Views 2551

El Alef

fingers rotate press
+27    Interactive video feedback. WARNING: In normal usage this application will cause the screen to flash and strobe in a way that could potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Instructions: Press and hold with 1 or 2 fingers and rotate the ...    324 kb    Views 8400
Related Apps camera wallpaper iphone wallpapers add roll press select crew mountains
-3    A new version will be coming out with full size version desktop pics. So if you buy now, the update will be free. These wallpapers for your iPhone or iPod are high quality digital images taken of the Washington State Cascade ...    108 MB    Views 7672

Easy Photo Rotator

Related Apps photo image save rotating result press easy left
-6    Simple, Elegant and Powerful Worrying about iPad/iPhone's lack of image rotation feature? Now the ultimate solution comes.. With Easy Photo Rotator, the easiest to use image rotating app in App Store, rotating photos becomes easier than ever All you need to do is just ...    468 kb    Views 1133

Glitter Paint

+9    Welcome to Glitter Paint This app is a fun way to draw on your iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. There are 4 paint sets plus a glitter paint set to draw with. You can draw on a solid background or on a photo from ...    214 MB    Views 6554

LockScreen DIY!

photo frame press step button image words screen favourite pick
-4    LockScreenDIY is here to help you choose so many exclusive images from categories such as: Funny, Cars, Guys, Movies, Space, Cute, Girly, Sports, Games, Beaches, Water, Messages / Quotes, Night, Hearts, Swirls, Explosions, Buildings, Cities, Fantasy, Sunsets, Technology, Flowers, People ...    8 MB    Views 6265

Moose Press

photography trivia aviation text flight video camera books ipad photo moose book press information find technical
-8    Moose Peterson, wildlife and aviation photographer, has for 30yrs been writing with over 27 book titles and thousands of articles worldwide. Now you can find his latest writings along with all new books under one app, Moose Press Moose Press is ...    62 MB    Views 6476


super easy image focused capture picture macro press sharp
+9    Have you ever tried to take a picture but it turns out blurry/moved every time? Or even worse, if you have tried to take a macro photo (handheld) you know how difficult it is to get a sharp focused image... ...    495 kb    Views 4942
Related Apps camera card browse shoot shot pictures picture function press file icon
+5    This is an interesting camera app. It could make one people split into many avatars with different posture in one photograph. And use from 2 to 4 split views to create a continuous action decomposition. The operation is simple to ...    5 MB    Views 1332

[email protected]

videos lists press share
-3    Be free to share or not geotagging my photos or videos is a must for me .. Mangori: this is total freedom, because it is not linked to a site to use the application .. We do what we want and change ...    2 MB    Views 5160

Stamp Fun

Related Apps photo stamp photos library frame design button press select stamps size screen color fun
-3    Welcome to Stamp Fun With this app you can put stamps on your photos There are over 1,400 stamps in many categories. Categories are: Balloons, Butterflies, Candles, Chats, Chess, Circles, Crayons, Dice, Designs, Emoticons, Flowers, Frames, Hearts, Lollypops, Martinis, Music, Office, Painting, Time, Peace, ...    57 MB    Views 1752

BTSmart Cam

video iphone photo camera ipad remote press control ios generation
0    Always stay in picture and never left out any of your friends You can trigger the iPhone/iPad camera shutter remotely by using a Bluetooth Smart Remote Control. Features → Photo and video mode → Photo sharing options → Private album with remote proximity locking → ...    8 MB    Views 1780

Shoot Around

camera iphone photo library shoot button press picture laser ipod
+8    Developed by my 13 year old son. Here is his description Now the whole world has to watch out for you. Using the power of the iPhone, you can "shoot" at people/objects around you, with or without them knowing. It shows you ...    184 kb    Views 5242
camera wallpaper iphone wallpapers add roll select press crew flowers
+5    These wallpapers for your iPhone or iPod are high quality digital images taken of beautiful flowers by the Lagniappe crew. There are 30+ wallpapers to select from. Press "Next" to get started and then press "Add" to add the wallpaper to ...    10 MB    Views 1011

Magic video FX-ALL

magic video facebook camera email videos props background press desk youtube support create
+20    Shooting two related photos, to achieve special effects animation. objects (or people) appear or disappear like magic magic. You will be the masters of Magic Film Technology. Switchable background has unlimited scenes. 12 kinds of special effects can be used simultaneously. sample ...    13 MB    Views 6865
Related Apps photo search image press picture original choose start application color
+16    Do you want to add some detail to improve the presentation of that photo?, Is the picture you took did not turn out well? This is the application that you need, .. just choose the image you want to edit from ...    1005 kb    Views 7290
Related Apps camera photos
+2    Nice app that applies cartoonstyle live filters over the camera controller. You can edit each filter’s value by moving a central Slider before taking a picture. Choose between 8 different cool Effects and Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Instagram, etc. You ...    4 MB    Views 9577

Smart Camera Lite

Related Apps photos camera images
+4    This simple free utility will help you to take photos with special color effects. It has several modes: Sharper images. Black and white images. Inverted images. Darker images. Lighter images. The photos are saved in the Camera Roll.    NAN    Views 1101


photo photos print station press code partner page free
+28    From now on, print your smartphone photos for free. 'podosee( pronounced as [podosi] )' is a photo print app that users can print out their photos for free through 'freePHOTO station' within 30 seconds, which is installed in our partner's shop. Besides ...    4 MB    Views 3050

Owl's Eye

photos camera person phone image light press noise series images define black
+6    Shoot perfect noise reduced photos in low light conditions Get the best possible image quality out of your phone's camera. shoots a series of longexposure images and takes the best out of the available light by averaging images take great photos ...    259 kb    Views 3035

Clip N' Send

Related Apps web photo clip send favorite saved album friends press
+15    Log in, sign up with your email address, user name and password. Now you are ready to start clipping. While searching the web, find your favorite and memorable web sites. Then press clip and save. Once you have saved, press ...    1 MB    Views 5588
Related Apps photos photography camera photo time video tag display displayed list long press
0    The "Daily plus" can arrange a photograph for every photographing day automatically. Since the taken photograph can be simplified separately to a tag, album management can be carried out easily. If you manage your photos in the "Daily plus", you will ...    4 MB    Views 6967

Ghost Cardz

photo card camera library press pick put chosen
+9    THE EFFECT: The magician pulls out his/her iPhone and takes a photo of a volunteer. Phone is put down for the time being. A deck of cards is pulled out and the volunteer is asked to pick a card. The chosen ...    2 MB    Views 887

Burst Camera Lite

camera photos shooting children mode button quick press start focus supported
+2    Burst Camera Pro is an app useful for quick continuity photographing with continuous shooting cameras. Simple UI and exposed menu on the camera screen allow quick photographing according to situations. Press Start button to photograph continuously and Stop button to finish shooting. Press ...    3 MB    Views 5071
photo rotating save left blur result press
+4    With Blur Me, the easiest to use image rotating app in App Store, rotating photos becomes easier than ever All you need to do is just selecting a photo from albums or taking one with builtin camera instantly, and our app ...    47 MB    Views 1067

Photo Media Marker

photo media text program audio files marker drop gallery press upload button imagery
+17    Have you ever wished to make notes and share impressions while travelling with friends, acquaintances and relatives worldwide? Would you like to make dazzling photos and comment on them right away by inserting audio and text records into your imagery? ...    466 kb    Views 4050


camera iphone work frame video object don blurry press blur image
+24    Have you ever wished you could take an iPhone picture that had a shallow depth of field like an SLR? Or a picture in a dark room that didn't come out noisy? Or a tiltshift shot that makes the world ...    3 MB    Views 2079
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