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+22    The App that wears its tiedyed on the outside. A kaleidoscope uses an arrangement of mirrors to create a complex repeatedly reflected scene. The resulting images can be beautiful or they can be ghastly. Its up to you. This virtual kaleidoscope ...    3 MB    Views 6705
0    Over 100,000 downloads Thank you emoStudio is a multiclip video editor with scene templates such as birthday message that allows you to easily create attractive videos & photo stories Select a beautiful template and pick up your photos and videos, and you ...    15 MB    Views 257

Lu's Camera

+14    Lu's Camera 中有許多創意可愛小貼圖讓使用者做最大的發揮,可盡情在自我的相片中做點綴,之中有許多小貼圖風情萬種的圖案可任意出現在畫面之中,讓自己的照片看起來更生動活潑有趣唷!記錄日常生活中的photo因為有了Camera lu 讓你的生活照不再是枯燥乏味,數十種的可愛相框讓你輕鬆擁有 style lu ,當中的貼圖也是獨有的sticket lu .快來下載體驗不一樣的裝飾相機一同加入Lu's Family    23 MB    Views 2118

Frames Magic HD

+20    Do you want to take a perfect photo? Now with Frames Magic,You can easy to make so many beautiful photos Frames Magic support you with so many amazing scene frames. What you need to do? Just choose you loved frame,then the ...    32 MB    Views 4350


-1    This software is specifically applied to Plug & play IP WIFI camera. By scanning the QR code, connect the camera to APP for security, baby monitoring or any other use. 2 way audio is supported video/ photo can be ...    10 MB    Views 9977

Little Selfies

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-1    Capturing the perfect photo of your little one while they're smiling and looking at the camera can be hard... Little Selfies is here to help Little Selfies uses the front camera of your device to snap photos while displaying entertaining scenes ...    20 MB    Views 9754
+24    Now is Version 3.0 Photo Editor—Fotolr is a professional image processing app. No matter you are a professional or a novice, you can make amazing photo effects within less than one minute with this app. Besides, it has photo album and photo ...    36 MB    Views 862

Beauty Checker FREE

+10    FIND OUT HOW PRETTY YOU ARE Automatically calculates your beauty score from 1 to 10. Based on golden ratio symmetry and facial proportions. 100% fully automatic after you take a camera snapshot. You can save or email the photos ...    3 MB    Views 1203


+7    Transform a scene into a miniature world. This application simulates a tiltshift lens that tricks your mind into viewing a photo as a miniature scene like a model railroad for example. Focus on a linear or elliptical region in the image ...    8 MB    Views 2692


+2    涂鸦照相机是一个简单的相机应用,也可以说是一个相机的小游戏。你可以在照相的取景区域内直接绘制图形,盖印章和图片。绘制好后还可以保存为照片。 Doodle Camera is a simple camera APP, or a small camera game. You can directly draw shapes, stamp, pictures in viewing area, and then save it as the photo.    838 kb    Views 1816
0    Our customers say: "Excellent app that works great ... clear recording and pics. Thank You" "I've never seen before" "This is a must have app⊙▽⊙" A picture is worth a thousand words, what about add your voice into a picture? Collect every piece of memory, ...    3 MB    Views 692
movie photo guess scene hundreds
-8    Guess the name of the movie by looking at the photo....Easy Jam packed with hundreds of popular and classic movie themes. Features Hundreds of challenging levels Free In App Coins to giveaway Listen to your favourite music while playing and lots more. If you ...    60 MB    Views 198

Cosmic Wonder

+15    Create sparkling imagery from photos in your camera roll or directly from camera by merging your pictures with famous shots from the Hubble and Spitzer telescopes. You have eight effects and more than 20 celestial images to choose from. Edit brightness, ...    46 MB    Views 8807


filmmakers ipad slate roll scene timer www cam support choice
+23    HDSLR Slate is a digital clapper board application for filmmakers and especially the new breed of DSLR filmmakers. This is a perfect and affordable companion for the indie filmmaker, videographer, and the new breed of video photographers. Features Include: Universal App ...    48 MB    Views 6956


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-2    Create the Perfect Scene with StackMotion™ StackMotion™ is the ultimate superimposing application that will wonderfully enhance your moments by combining photos, videos, text and music. Using a stateoftheart image recognition technology, you can effortlessly isolate your subject in a photo with just ...    57 MB    Views 5768
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+2    A simple and complete app for selftimer, continuous shooting and selfie, with grills, timer and adjustable intervals Features: Works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; Timer first photo, adjustable from 0s to 60s; Multiple shots, adjustable from 1 to 10; Timer ...    18 MB    Views 5237

Frame Composer

frame camera iphone photo lens scene size automatic level sensor
-5    Starsoft(C) Frame Composer is dedicated for the iPhone and iPod Touch as well as iPad mini. It works much the same way as a standard directors viewfinder, yet it is more accurate. It is equipped with more features too. It ...    144 kb    Views 4913


iphone light scene create
+5    ⭐ PocketRay is a magical app that simulates the flow of light in a 3D scene that you create ⭐ Create, edit and render amazing photos and backgrounds using diffuse, glossy and glass materials. Any object is a light source and ...    2 MB    Views 9825

Cartoon Scene Maker

+13    Introducing the Cartoon Scene Maker: Create yourself, your friends and family or even fictional persons a lot of detailed options for customization are available Create scenes with all of your persons, choose from a lot of available backgrounds or just use ...    1 MB    Views 4141
painting poetry photo product color haiku movement scene eye
-5    Artista Haiku will add spontaneity to your pictures. This creative media incorporates traditional techniques as well as the nontraditional such as digital photography, and vintage papers to create a unique painting filled with movement and meaning. To capture the atmospheric mysteries ...    42 MB    Views 8462

Action Log Pro

action film export scene designed system automatic reports slate
+5    This month only Save 20% on a year long subscription by purchasing this Pro version. Action Log 3 is a revolutionary onset logging system. Beautifully designed for busiest film and TV shoots Interactive, tactile timeline Automatic handling of unlimited shoot ...    8 MB    Views 9655
photographers time tools moon map viewfinder scene elevation position
-6    This is a special call to landscape photographers, travel photographers, nature photographers or those who are especially interested in night photography, skyline, timelapse, startrail and milky way or astrophotography: look no more, this is the ultimate app for you ...    44 MB    Views 6435

Reverse Projection

photo iphone camera overlay selected scene objects fixed position measurements
+2    Reverse projection photogrammetry allows one to measure and locate objects in an existing photo. The technique has application in technical fields such as engineering, forensics and law enforcement. In addition, the technique can be used in realestate, photography, film making, ...    1019 kb    Views 9204


+2    Both faces camera app that makes you enable to take photo from front/back camera simultaneously. Decoration supported.    258 kb    Views 9986


+5    Candid,your professional invisible camera, perfect candid weapon Suitable for abnormal shooting occasions: Some places like museum or private club are forbidden to take pictures. Some times crime happened, you need to record it; Maybe for some secret interview; Record someones' embarrassing; Function: 1. ...    6 MB    Views 9762


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+1    Geotag your photos on Flickr taken with any camera using locations collected on your iPhone. Add a GPS to your camera Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.    655 kb    Views 4226

Yes U Cam

photos photo ghost figure scene list figures layer easily
+7    How many times did you travel alone and ask someone else to help you to take a picture but got disappointed after seeing the photos? YesUCam lets you say goodbye to those tragedy photos. We are confident that with YesUCam you ...    11 MB    Views 7961
+9    Party up your photos with the Party Pics Photo Editor app Dress up your photos or take a new snap shot and photo effect yourself into a fun party scene. Share party photos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more Fun photo filters, cool ...    20 MB    Views 6731

Karma Art

text flower art facebook history photo flickr library tap scene illustrations blue press color add
0    Apple Staff Favorite App May 2009 New: Email, Twitter, Facebook builtin sharing Downloadable Art Updates New Illustrations: Karma is drawing and working as fast as she can (: Thank you all for being so patient with us. We appreciate all your ...    NAN    Views 2889
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0    Photo Editor studio is a professional image processing app. No matter you are a professional or a novice, you can make amazing photo effects within less than one minute with this app. Besides, it has photo album and photo sharing in ...    4 MB    Views 8304
moon time film picture lens scene night mode angle exposure shutter
-5    This collection includes many pictures of the city night scenes,and every one of these pictures can be saved as your iPad's wallpaper. manual mode is the default display mode,of course ,you can change to the slideshow mode. When you plan to take ...    9 MB    Views 6914


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+25    UPDATE: Jun 30: for those of you having problems, delete old app. reinstall new app. Your problem with crashing WILL DISAPPEAR. "We've got to admit we're stupidly hooked" Engadget "A 2 app that refocuses photos like a 400 Lytro." ...    7 MB    Views 4594
minecraft photo build scene friends original props share resize
+16    ▼▲▼ 50% OFF FOR LIMITED TIME ▼▲▼ Explore a world of limitless possibility.Unleash your creative and adventurous spirit. Turn your photos into a scene from Minecraft. Using Catcrafter 3D APP you can so easy put original MineCraft and CatCraft elements on your photo, ...    17 MB    Views 5455
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+1    Edumotion StopMotion HD Production lets anyone become a stop motion film maker What’s stop motion? Stop motion is an animation technique which allows you to create movies using toys, clay figures, or other objects, bringing them alive with the magic of ...    48 MB    Views 6836
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+10    Party up your photos with the Party Picture Photo Editor Dress up your photos or take a new snap shot and photo effect yourself into a fun party scene. Share party photos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more Fun photo filters, cool club ...    11 MB    Views 9283

Shot Log!

camera video film web photos shot log information scene project editor
+4    Shot Log keeps track of vital information on film and video productions. It logs scene and take information, notes with timecode markers, uses the built in camera for continuity stills and emails reports for use in postproduction. Shot Log is ...    8 MB    Views 247
art virtual time scene seconds note google requires auto access
-1    Voice what you wish to see in this app: Travel, art, photography in virtual reality with Google Cardboard. Instead of viewing art/scene in the confines of a rectangular frame, viewers are teleported into the art to share the artist's vision. Please support ...    5 MB    Views 9459


+21    RFCamera is an iPhone app that you can apply many popular filters for your camera. From RFCamera, you can use real time camera filter. It also allows you to edit photos using some magic effects after you took them    5 MB    Views 8970

Photo Animation

photo animation time playing frame voice scenes play delete scene mode order
0    You can make a animation with photographing. Let's make your original Photo Animation. Feature: Every taking photo mode and sequence taking photo mode. You can also add photos from your Photo Album. You can add/delete every frame. You can record and play voice with a animation. 50 ...    254 kb    Views 1330
iphone ipad touch crime scene ipod fan
+18    Beautifully designed for iPad and iPhone. Free forever. Are you a CSI Fan ? Or NCIS fan ? Create your own unique crime scene snapshots, apply various elements of bloody killing with a touch of your finger Use any photo or ...    15 MB    Views 6708

ChipScene Little

doodle photos text add colour gradients copy change doodles scene
+7    Have fun with MOVABLE EDITABLE CHIPS. Use provided shapes or photos or DOODLE your own. Add gradients, outlines, transparency, masks. GROUP chips. Copy and paste. Features are: Add chips or your doodles to a scene and move them by dragging ...    1 MB    Views 9127

Dream Camera Lite

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+11    Have you ever tried to imagine how your photo scene would look in the sepia tone or as black and white or as it was from the 70s? Are you tired of taking photos that always look the same? With Dream Camera ...    5 MB    Views 9141

Scene Crop

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+13    Scene Crop resize your video in real time. Use a simple interface to resize, export movie to library and share it with friends. Real time processing Customize Crop Share video Use photo library Visual video editing Import camera video Full ...    25 MB    Views 2797

Storyboard Composer

iphone email audio add panel notes scene
+7    Selected as Apple's "best of 2009" apps "Storyboard app for iphone. Very cool" Wes Craven (twitter) "Inspiring and great for the director in me." Neil Patrick Harris (Fortune Magazine) Cinemek Storyboard Composer for iPhone and iPod Touch is a mobile storyboard and previsualization ...    7 MB    Views 7961

Blux Camera Pro

camera time photo iphone tools photos mode photographic perfect scene
-6    ON SALE!BUY NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP Celebrating for Blux camera Pro being selected in App store "Essential Photography 101". WINNER OF TAMAM'S "GOLDEN APP" AWARD “Blux has really come up with a new app that offers just about every feature a ...    8 MB    Views 2845
photography video time camera photo exposure long light moving scene shutter
+1    Long Exposure Photography Long Exposure Photography is something that can take your breath away when you get it right. Time Exposure Photography App make it easy. Time Exposure Photography App using lot's of video frames to sharply capture the stationary elements of ...    6 MB    Views 4929
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-1    70% OFF SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME PhotoWonder provides you with 200+ photo effect filters. 200+ effects for editing images: "Amatorka" "Atmosphere" "Banner H" "Banner V" "Big Brother" "Binary" "Black & White" "Blind H" "Blind V" "Block Print" "Blur" "Brick" "Bright Contrast" "Bulge" "Burn" "Canny Edge" "Cartoon" "Clean Glass" "Closing" "Clouds Texture" "Color Quantize" "Color Tone Blue" "Color Tone Green" "Color Tone Yellow" "Comic" "Crosshatch" "Dilation" "Dither" "Edge" "Emboss" "Erosion" "False Color" "Feather" "Film" "Fish ...    4 MB    Views 2899


scene panoramic
+4    Absolute difference Sight walkthrough, scene pictures, full range 360 degree panoramic video viewing experience, let you be personally on the scene, the scene feeling overwhelmed. You can by the Visionpano app enjoy the landscape around the world, focus on the excellent panoramic ...    33 MB    Views 862
moon garden building apps film traffic light meter scene existing dark bright
-1    Existing light Meter Existing light photography, sometime refer to type of light found in low light environment, such as, interior, sports scene, landscape in natural light (moon light), or neon light in city, traffic, and light projection on buildings, etc. This meter ...    273 kb    Views 5706

Mask Camera

Related Apps camera mask
+30    Funny camera, It can add mask on your photo automatic Enjoy it    4 MB    Views 5472

FishEye Toy Camera

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+2    Turn your iPhone into a fisheye camera FEATURES Very easy to use. Beautiful analogstyle fisheye effect. 11 gorgeous color effects. Process existing photos.    6 MB    Views 1495
wall background picture frames lite scene add image save size
+4    Are you wondering how those photographs or that artwork will look in your house? You can use your imagination...or you can use Picture My Wall Lite Photographers, need to convince a client that a big print would look great on their ...    23 MB    Views 835

AccuSmart Camera

camera shooting food correction pictures check mode screen gallery picture scene
+2    Innovative and impressive camera application ever is unveiled from Noritsu Koki, leading company of photo processing equipment. If you use AccuSmart Camera Incorporated AccuSmart™, Noritsu cuttingedge image correction technology, allows you to have nicer, clearer and more natural pictures even in bad ...    1 MB    Views 1936
photos time measure photo lapse differences pixel layer compare scene
+10    Layer Lapse is used to compare and categorize photos to easily see changes or differences. You are also able to measure pixel differences and advance through scenes of overlapping and semitransparent photos for a timelapse effect of layers. This method of ...    9 MB    Views 7425

Exposure Calc

camera exposure scene speed light aperture settings shutter iso
+14    A much improved version of Exposure Calc, now called XPOSURE with more scenes in the database and a variety of other utilities has been released. Take a look. Exposure Calc aka iKspozher is a exposure computing tool for Nature Photographers. iKspozher ...    68 kb    Views 7348
Related Apps photos photo iphone camera ipad light pattern full color scene images
-8    Light is so important for awesome photos With Photo Light you can take amazing photos by illuminating your scene in a new way Have a look at the screenshots to see some samples of the possibilities. Demo video: FULL RGB COLORS To illuminate ...    13 MB    Views 2290


camera filter scene density automatically mobile range
+4    AutoND is a utility for landscape photographers that helps them to choose the right filter density. Graduated neutral density filters are an essential tool for every landscape photographer. They are used to reduce the dynamic range of the scene, so that ...    24 MB    Views 9875

Vintage Scene HD

Related Apps photo photos vintage scene images presets save image unique system ability
+25    Vintage Scene is your one stop shop for making photos look "oldschool" or "retro". Vintage Scene is the best special effects software for photography enthusiasts, turning a new or recent photo into an old photo, one that looks like it was ...    59 MB    Views 248
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-2    This camera application adds a filter of your choice above the photo you take or have taken. Share the photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more...    30 MB    Views 4556


fireworks scene enjoy
-8    Enjoy the fireworks scene anywhere at any time Feature: Enjoy the fireworks scene with HanabiCam. Take a composite photograph of fireworks scene and landscape. Several type of fireworks    3 MB    Views 4371
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