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Painting Camera

+7    This is an realtime oil painting camera. The usual scenery that was tired of seeing looks very fresh. And it is very of art. A town, a vehicle, a person, a building, a pet, a flower, food, nature, bustle ... The world looked ...    2 MB    Views 9371
+13    Effortlessly upload your entire Camera Roll to DropBox with a single tap Keeps your pictures safe and now your camera roll is only limited by the size of your DropBox account Keeps track of photos you've already uploaded so you don't spend ...    1 MB    Views 6312
+7    The BEST Vintage live filter Camera App on AppStore, with Quick and Easy editing tools and Industry Film Coloring Standard to simulate the vintage photos. ◉ KEY FEATURES • 10 vintage textures in TtV Pack • Develop Rolleiflex photo from Camera Roll • Save ...    2 MB    Views 9194
Related Apps photo camera effects roll fun
+26    Transform Your Photos with Fun Effects You can use effects such as: Torn Effect Vignette Grayscale Brightness Contrast You can load the photo from your Camera Roll or you can take a new picture. You can then save the amended photo to ...    517 kb    Views 1658


Related Apps camera notes images roll
+4    Tired of filling up your camera roll using photos as notes? PhotoJots lets you save images with text and keeps your camera roll clutter free. With PhotoJots you can... •Store images with little notes attached. •Assign tags to jots for easy organisation. •Share photo ...    1 MB    Views 3069

Oil Mosaic

camera painting art photograph brush oil control mosaic feeling roll
0    Only trace a photograph An oilpainting mosaic is applied Fusion of a photograph and oil painting. This is just new feeling and is of art. [Use] Privacies and private information proctection. Such as a person reflected in a photograph to exhibit. Making the art of the ...    844 kb    Views 743
+22    Vivid Effection is an innovative tool for photo and video creation and processing. It is based on the concept of WYSIWIG, „What You See Is What You Get“. That is, regardless of whether you are recording a movie, taking a ...    43 MB    Views 8540

Fast Photo Cleaner

camera photos photo fast roll cleaner
+7    Are you tired of searching and scrolling your pics to delete them? FAST PHOTO CLEANER is the best app to clean photos from your Camera Roll in seconds Swipe left to trash or right to keep, it's so simple Preview all ...    919 kb    Views 5630
Related Apps camera photo sketch iphone painting night sepia lomo hdr glass frames color sharpen white
-3    ======================= UPDATED V2.5 with NEW FRAMES ======================= How many camera apps do you have on your iPhone? One? Tow? Three? Even more? Now only ONE will be enough. Super Camera will cover everything you need and more than all your cameras have done. FEATURES 25 ...    2 MB    Views 4731


+3    Meet Camulum, the best way to take timed photos on your iPhone. Features include: Lots of control Use the forward or back camera, set values from 0100, give yourself extra time to run into the frame for that first shot; the control is ...    3 MB    Views 2059
drawing photo painting video sketch camera flower creative cartoon recording glass vivid effect input
+4    Vivid Effection is an innovative tool for photo and video creation and processing. It is based on the concept of WYSIWIG, „What You See Is What You Get“. That is, regardless of whether you are recording a movie, taking a ...    44 MB    Views 9168
tools photos camera painting oil paintings tool adjustment share list
-8    Daedalus Camera is a NonPhotorealistic Rendering tool to generation oil painting from photos. It mimics some famous artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, Henri Matisse, Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso,Paul Cezanne, Albrecht Durer, Raphael Sanzio, Rubens. Just click artist avatar, normal ...    43 MB    Views 6158

Filteristic HD

Related Apps photos photo camera roll easily
-9    Filteristic is a brilliant app which makes your photos beautiful with our many gorgeous filters. Filteristic needs no special social network and no need to sign up, you can easily share your Filteristic photos with Facebook or Twitter or simply save ...    2 MB    Views 199
artistic photos camera painting time facebook apps twitter photo effects supported images van gogh
+1    Transform your pictures into Van Goghstyle masterpieces Van Gogh Art Camera is a novel photo app that lets you add unique artistic effects to your precious photos. = Features is limited on Lite Edition = Features Send the results to Instagram supported.  ...    13 MB    Views 225

Photo Information

photo camera information exposure roll
0    Photo Information can read all kind of important metadata about your photo from camera roll, it also works on the images imported from your computer to your iPhone. key features: get photo's Exif information, include Exposure time, Flash, ColorSpace, SubjectArea, SceneCaptureType, ...    1022 kb    Views 7491

Photo Sparkle

Related Apps photo camera roll sparkle
-8    Photo Sparkle, a new way to make your photo look shine, amazing, sparkly. Sparkles is easy to use. Just take a photo or use one from camera roll, and slide to see effects. You can share on Twitter and Save on ...    15 MB    Views 5322


Related Apps camera text painting history enable screen image colors color unique roll items
+15    wPaintDiary is a ImageEditor with images, painting, texts. A image can be saved to the Cameraroll and an uniquebinary, OR can be sent a mail. If you quit the app without saving, lastediting screen is loaded next time by cache. [Painting screen] Color:default 16 ...    171 kb    Views 7908

Art Camera +

camera art photo animation photos painting sketch filters screen emboss auto image
+6    ============================= Just Updated New Resolution Options (480x320, 900x600, 1500x100 and Original Size) Auto/Manual Focus for 3GS Fixed crash bug ============================= Meet new Art Camera +. This app has 5 wonderful artistic filters: Sketch, Emboss, Raindrop, Oil Painting, Frosted Glass. Now your photos become works of ...    631 kb    Views 1686

Light Paint Toolbox

+1    The Light Paint Toolbox is an app designed for easy, fun, light stencils and light painting at night. With lots of adjustable features and multiple modes, you are only limited by your imagination. If you want an ‘always in my pocket’ ...    4 MB    Views 2380

Holiday Photo Paint

Related Apps holiday photo camera time painting santa photos paint light image pro images long
+2    If you like Holiday Photo Paint you will love Photo Paint Pro This the season of lights and what better way to capture the spirit than with photo light painting? With the popularity of Photo Paint Pro and the popular request for ...    10 MB    Views 2084
camera photo painting iphone sketch free filters version night frames glass hdr soft
+23    "Nude Battery Free" is OUT Just search "Nude" to find it How many camera apps do you have on your iPhone? One? Tow? Three? Even more? Now only ONE will be enough. Super Camera will cover everything you need and ...    3 MB    Views 3815
video videos photos love text creative painting camera email facebook users stickers mode motion overlays gif
+5    Kanvas is the standard for creative self expression With 6 different editing modes, you'll turn into a creative superhero making artsy gifs, timelapse videos, slow motion videos, animations, drawings and photo slideshows super quick and for free All kanvases are ...    40 MB    Views 8682
art camera animal creative painting choose roll feedback spin safari swirl
-3    Amazing Swirl Art Animals Crazy Safari Creative Color is a fun art inspired painting app. Create endless possibilities of unique spin art style painting with an animal theme. Features: Multiple animal shapes to choose from within the app or choose photos ...    29 MB    Views 532
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+14    When you pass your phone to share photos with your friends or family members, they may accidentally swipe to other photos. You probably want to hide them. Instead of hiding photos, show only some of your photos with this app. They can ...    7 MB    Views 7611
0    Sponsor of PetaPixel Featured by Apple Used by the awesome LA film director Ross Ching Watch the video: Holographium is an amazingly cool 3D light painting machine for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It magically transforms text and symbols ...    5 MB    Views 146
Related Apps photo camera fairy animated seconds roll
+18    The Tooth Fairy does exist Take a photo of your child while they're sleeping, and in just a few seconds overlay an animated tooth fairy that flies around and sprinkles fairy dust They'll love it and tell everyone "I Saw The Tooth ...    36 MB    Views 7194


Related Apps photos camera roll
+29    Dramatizer is a simple yet powerful app that allow you to make your photos more vibrant and dramatic. Dramatizer uses complex contrast limited adaptive histogram equalization algorithms. This process gives your photos remarkable results. Give your dull, dark and boring photos a completely ...    6 MB    Views 6778
+1    Let your photos shadow shine by finger painting the image with colored shadows. On SALE 50% OFF now for limited time only Create impressive images by shadow shining your photos. The shadow shine effect will draw the viewer's attention to ...    8 MB    Views 8747
Related Apps photos camera draw customizable roll device
+1    Take a look into the future and see how you would look 10, 20, or even 50 years from now Capture or load photos and add wrinkles, glasses, and bald caps Features: Upload photos from your device via your camera roll ...    38 MB    Views 1012
Related Apps photos camera delete roll
-6    Too many photos on your phone? Clean is now simple The easiest way to delete photos & videos from your camera roll. Note: deleted photos go to the ‘Recently Deleted’ album in your photos app.    4 MB    Views 3334
Related Apps photos artistic camera painting time twitter art photo facebook effects images van gogh easily
-5    Transform your pictures into Van Goghstyle masterpieces Van Gogh Art Camera is a novel photo app that lets you add unique artistic effects to your precious photos. Features A range of artistic effects, including Van Goghstyle painting, hatching, oil painting, watercolor ...    12 MB    Views 1088

Freak Me Out!

Related Apps camera freak roll
0    Freak me out Take a photo or upload from your camera roll and turn yourself into a robot or a zombie. Totally freak people out Save your freaked out photos to you camera roll or even post to Twitter or Facebook A simple app ...    18 MB    Views 2889

Let! It! SNOW!

Related Apps photo camera snow roll
-4    Let It SNOW Thank you for checking out the app. Take a photo with the camera or import one from your Photo Library or Camera Roll. After that you do any zooming or cropping you would like. Next, scroll through all the ...    9 MB    Views 2746
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-8    Let your photos color shine by converting them to gray while leaving some spots colored. The color shine effect will draw the viewer's attention to colorized spots in the image. Creating color shine images is as easy as drawing with your ...    9 MB    Views 8486

UniColor Photo

photos photo iphone email camera videos painting color unicolor select colors tap required
+10    Give a dramatic look to your photos by converting them to black & white while keeping your chosen colors. This effect draws the viewers' attention to the colored areas, creating striking photos. No painting required, just tap to select the color ...    36 MB    Views 3310

Liqix Oil Painting

Related Apps painting photos artistic photo camera effects oil effect blending
+1    With Liqix Oil Painting, you can convert your photos to oil painting effects easily and quickly. All you need to do is just selecting a photo from albums or taking a photo with liveeffects on camera. Then choose yourself one ...    24 MB    Views 7417
Related Apps photo photos cards artistic camera family art painting facebook photography effects fun effect create frames styles
+2    Welcome to the world of PhotoMania, The coolest yet most user friendly photo editor in the world. 40 million users love PhotoMania on mobile and web » PhotoMania is a free, powerful and fun photo editing application offering the most artistic ...    9 MB    Views 4168


-7    "Foto Fantasy" is an iPhone/ iPad photo app that lets you give life to everyday object by adding cute faces. Fantasize your picture with an assortment of Crazy, Valentino, Zombie, Icy packs full of unique facial embellishments. Choose a picture from your ...    45 MB    Views 4884
camera browse life scenes storyboards roll
+14    What would a life with your secret crush look like? Step behind the painted boards and find out Do you make a great looking couple? Browse through five scenes in life and see for yourself Use photos from your camera roll ...    13 MB    Views 2118
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+2    Let your photos shadow shine by finger painting the image with colored shadows. Create impressive images by shadow shining your photos. The shadow shine effect will draw the viewer's attention to shadowed spots in the image. Creating shadow shine images is as ...    8 MB    Views 8739
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+5    Create in a simple way short, beautiful video slideshows for your loved one and save them to your photo roll. Features: Select photos from Camera Roll or Dropbox Edit photo rearrangement Add music Save privately to your Camera Roll    8 MB    Views 6614

Photo Paint Pro

Related Apps photo camera painting time library light paint image long exposure pro
-8    Photo Paint Pro opens a whole new world of light painting opportunities. This app allows you to light paint any image from your photo library into a new photo you are taking. No more are the days of being limited ...    3 MB    Views 6149
Related Apps camera photo painting photos social blur shine image images adjust pictures effect features
+27    Let your photos blur shine by adding depth of field to your image. The only app that creates realistic blurs with unsharp circles called Bokeh as if taken with a professional camera. On SALE 50% OFF now for limited ...    7 MB    Views 915
puzzle camera photo roll game
0    "Puzzle Camera", the application of the camera and the puzzle features have become one. Photographs you took to easily transformed into a puzzle. Puzzle, "simple", "normal", "difficult", can be selected from three modes. Children, friends, family, pets, landscape. Photos taken by the camera, Let's ...    10 MB    Views 5959

myLightPaint Pro

painting iphone ipad camera light webcam pro free color
-1    "myLightPaint Pro" turns your iPhone or iPad into the ultimate light painting tool. The PRO version comes with many light stencils and brushes. Thus, replacing many light sources for the price of a replacement bulb. Painting with light has never ...    4 MB    Views 7426
Related Apps photos camera painting digital effects image add good enhance booth
-9    Digital Camera Booth Everyone is always looking for interesting and effective ways to shows their photos, here’s a fine line between unexpected and unusable. Here you will find a fastpaceddigitel effects that focus all the slides ,Which makes your album ...    2 MB    Views 3316
artist painting tools camera pixel style colours expert
-1    uniQ Pixel Artist Camera can easily convert your photos to Pixel Style. uniQ Pixel Artist is a simple, easy and instinctively 8bit style mosaic pixel painting tool. uniQ Pixel Artist makes art creating become readily available. Sometimes, people might feel lost when ...    14 MB    Views 2564
painting art advertising camera photo image brush save color
+11    "Impressionism" is a camera filter application that allows you to create ImpressionistStyle Oil Painting Art Effects Image from photo, picture and illustrations easily. ■Main function of App 1. Create ImpressionistStyle Oil Painting Art Effects image and save it. 2. Edit image brightness and ...    20 MB    Views 9479

camera roll player

camera photo roll browser player start
-5    camera roll player from safari,chrome see your camera roll photo. if itouch or ipad , see your first photo album. start the app,start the server , from your browser ,input the url , the browser display the photo one by one .    1 MB    Views 9900

Rage Toon HD

Related Apps comics camera comic rage bubble roll create
+15    Create your rage comics easily and quickly with your favorite photos. Now is easier than ever, with your iPhone or iPod, create the most hilarious rage comics. In just seconds turn yourself and your friends into rage comics. ✓ Drag, enlarge or rotate ...    9 MB    Views 7035
Related Apps photos camera roll layouts instagram collage version
0    CREATE PERFECT COLLAGE WALLPAPERS Personalize your iPhone or iPod Touch with photos from your camera roll or Instagram FEATURES Collage inspired layouts Grab any photo from Instagram or your camera roll Easy signin to Instagram Tap and hold to rearrange photos Add ...    3 MB    Views 2823


painting photo work camera facebook house paint color pixelate pick ability image easily walls http
-3    Pixelate 3.2 has a redesigned UI and updated functionality focused on helping its users paint their house. With Pixelate 3.2, we have completely removed the guess work of how any color would look on your walls. You can now pick ...    2 MB    Views 256


Related Apps camera painting photos oil image add paintings
+26    OilPaintPlus converts your photos into beautiful looking oil paintings Share your oil paintings via facebook, twitter, email, messages, flickr, or instagram. Save your oil painting to your camera roll or your dropbox account. Additional filters also add cool new looks to ...    13 MB    Views 1007
Related Apps photos camera videos roll ios
+4    Browse your Camera Roll on iOS 8. Features: Background fetch to keep the Camera Roll uptodate. Apply filters to photos and videos. Delete multiple photos and videos at once. Share photos and videos.    2 MB    Views 4943


painting camera interior marker wall
+7    Curious about how a specific painting will look like in your interior? The unique SwipArt app can show you how it looks like With the SwipArt app you can project and photograph a painting within your own interior. It's very simple. The app ...    36 MB    Views 1636

Outline Magic

camera art painting drawing detection outline edge switch slider setup
+19    You can make the art of stronger impact by the independent 8 direction detection, outline invert, color density setup, etc. [Feature] The optimal setup for the edge detection of each photograph Conversion in various art photographs [Example of art styles] Illustration Sketch ...    2 MB    Views 2885

OilPaint Camera

camera painting effect oil apply
-7    OilPaint camera is the app that lets you apply oil painting effect to photos. In addition, you can apply the wood grain effect to the oil painting with text. To save your time, all the effect can be done in one second. To ...    4 MB    Views 1752
Related Apps text tools painting editing photo camera web ipad tool brush image color documents images packs copy
-8    Full featured photo editing and painting app. Create color splashes Add text to images, Blend images, Add frames. Add gradients, Warp images Create collages Straighten, crop Many filters : Blur sharpen,distortion, color/gamma adjust,... Unlimited free brushes ( no in ...    12 MB    Views 2604
camera photos iphone roll
+12    Easily create your own photobombs from any two photos on your iPhone and iPod Touch Use your device's camera to take photos or select them from your camera roll. Simply color the area of your bomb photo that you want ...    488 kb    Views 2199

UniColor Camera

Related Apps photos videos camera iphone email recording painting focus color unicolor colors capture
-8    Capture videos and photos that focus on one or two colors of your choice to make them stand out, while other colors are removed for a dramatic cinematic effect No painting required, just tap to select the color or use the ...    35 MB    Views 3576
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