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Best Camera iphone Apps | PHOTO-appsios

0    Easily create your own photobombs from any two photos on your iPhone and iPod Touch Use your device's camera to take photos or select them from your camera roll. Simply color the area of your bomb photo that you want ...    488 kb    Views 2199

Latte camera

Related Apps photos iphone camera beautiful bokeh slr
+2    A true SLR bokeh finally comes to iPhone. This app is the easiest way to make beautiful photos with the iPhone camera. Linked to our website, our social platform will make your photos famous Features: Realistic SLR bokeh Beautiful text insertion function Highly ...    40 MB    Views 3721
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+10    Camera Prof professional photo creation and edition app for your iPhone 4S. Take, create, edit, improve and get awesome photos on the go with camera prof Nice interface Easy to use app Most powerful photo filters included Real time filters ...    5 MB    Views 8365

f/8 DoF Calculator

+3    Macworld: 4.5 mice Score 9/10 PDN Gear Guide: Top Ten iPhone App for Photographers ("...takes photography seriously.") Photography Gadgets: Field tested and highly recommended. CNET Reviews: One of the five favourite iPhone photo apps. iLounge: One of eight good to great new photography apps. Photojournalists ...    504 kb    Views 6128
+1    An app to take automatic and perfectly centered selfies with the rear camera? That is it Try it now The app allows you to take selfies with the back camera of the iPhone, which has much better resolution. Just aim the ...    9 MB    Views 4908
Related Apps camera people photos iphone roll built clean
+4    Spacify is a simple app built to help you delete photos from your camera roll without hassle. If you've ever tried to clean up your camera roll on your iDevice, you probably realise how painful it is to tap through tiny ...    9 MB    Views 9368

Sparkle Camera

Related Apps photo iphone camera sparkle effects ipod
0    OVER 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS +++ Sparkle Camera allows you to quickly and easily add new look to your photo on iPod/iPhone/iPhone 4. You can select from over 30 different HIGH DIFINITION effects to your photo. Including an adjustable that will allow you ...    12 MB    Views 8720

Self Camera HD free

camera iphone photo shots ipod album multi timer free
+6    It's very simple and elegant application Self Camera HD It provides a timer and multishots function for self shots. Self Camera HD take high quality photos directly into your photo album as an original camera app. No functional limitation with the free ...    1 MB    Views 8796

Sepia Lens

iphone photos camera sepia image 2048 lens 1530
+3    Take dramatic sepia and black and white photos with Sepia Lens ✓ Realtime filter view ✓ Capture higher quality photos (1530 x 2048) ✓ Tap to focus ✓ Flash controls ✓ Optional vignette ✓ 8 filters to choose from ✓ Automatically saves unfiltered image along with filtered ...    2 MB    Views 6646

Burst Camera

+3    Do you want to make your photos more animation? With the help of Burst Camera, it will take you only one minute to realize the ideas.. Functions: 1, Take photos 2, Radiation effects 3, Rotation effects 4, 8 kinds of tonalities 5, Share online Compatible devices ::iPhone6, ...    1 MB    Views 2756
+2    Camera Studio Camera Studio is a handy tool for quick and powerful image editing on your iPhone 4. Make the pictures perfect in few taps. Full list of Features Many editing tools & effects to improve your pictures onthego. ...    2 MB    Views 7163
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-9    Black And White Camera allow you to transform your iphone photos into high quality Black and White images. You can use the integrated iPhone/iPad camera to take a new photo or use a existing photo taken in the photo library. When the ...    3 MB    Views 4802

Smile Shutter

camera time iphone smile shutter subjects eyes
+3    Catch every smile It’s no longer a case of saying “One, Two, Three, Smile” then taking the photo. Smile Shutter App make iPhone camera can automatically trip the shutter at just your subjects smile. It could be useful when shooting unpredictable ...    4 MB    Views 2763

Shoot Around

camera iphone photo library shoot button press picture laser ipod
+12    Developed by my 13 year old son. Here is his description Now the whole world has to watch out for you. Using the power of the iPhone, you can "shoot" at people/objects around you, with or without them knowing. It shows you ...    184 kb    Views 5242
iphone work camera doesn 3gs
-4    With HoughCam you can watch live footage from your camera transformed into hough space in realtime. Also you can save these transformed images with high resolution to your photolibrary. UPDATE: Some people report, that the app crashes immediately after launch. I ...    903 kb    Views 6807
Related Apps camera ipad photo iphone effect filters effects editor
0    Effect Camera 8 contains 300 filters and all editing features that allow you to beautifully express the best moments of your life that let you see the world in a classic way. ◉ WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT Effect Camera 8 themes vary ...    60 MB    Views 9697
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+6    Celebirity Photo Mask is available for Iphone Check out our legendary app Place My Face specially redeveloped for Iphone Devices 1 rank in entertainment category on other stores ON YOUR FRIENDS, BOSS OR ANYBODY ELSE BY PLACING your FACE ON THE ...    2 MB    Views 7182

Picture Grid

Related Apps camera iphone time measure grid picture view location grids
-2    Picture Grid allows you to project virtual grids into the camera view. The main grid remains horizontal regardless of the motion of the camera. In addition, the location and orientation of the grid, as well as the scale, can be ...    5 MB    Views 6954
-9    You can take various symmetrical photos FREE NOW You can change 8 kind of symmetrical effects on realtime. You can take none effect photo. There is no sound which pushed the button. (Please don't use for sneaking a shot.) ...    1 MB    Views 357
Related Apps camera iphone turn face angle share aim
-2    The app lets you take selfies with the better rear camera of the iPhone. The problem is, when you turn the screen away, you can’t see if your face is framed the way you want it to be. This app ...    3 MB    Views 5302

Egg Foo You

Related Apps photo library iphone photos camera egg stickers send
+15    PERFECT FOR EASTER Make and send EGGTHEMED eCARDS that feature pictures from your iPhone camera or photo library. Decorate your cards with our customized stickers, add your egg to a scene (pyramids, anyone?) and send to your friends and family. Features include: Import ...    16 MB    Views 738

Photo Tag Tweet

camera photo iphone library twitter images tweet zoom
+3    Upload and tweet about your camera (and photo library) images. Camera zoom Twitter Geotagging A quick and simple way to tweet geotagged images from your iPhone or iPod touch. Choose images from your Photo Library or directly from your iPhone camera. Features: • ...    1 MB    Views 5822

Password Camera

photos camera iphone password application store album
-5    How to protect photos taken from your iPhone ? Here is a new iPhone application, which provides you a password facility. Now you can take photos using our application and store them separately from the photo library. The photos taken from ...    919 kb    Views 835

Remote Cam

iphone camera wifi ipod device remote generation touches touch fixed
+30    New Version 1.0.2 Fixed passcode keypad issue for OS >= 4.0 devices. Version 1.0.1 Fixed garbled static preview capture issue. Improved realtime preview streaming response. Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote for another iPhone's camera. Share your ...    476 kb    Views 6118

FishEye Camera

+3    You can take a fisheye photo with realtime filter effects using this application. In addition to the fisheye effect, 3 different kinds of filters enable you to apply various shades on your photos. Quiet shutterrelease mode allows you to take photos without ...    2 MB    Views 6366

Funny Camera

Related Apps photo camera iphone funny choose items gallery add ears friend
0    FUNNY CAMERA Now you can give that friend of yours a new pair of ears, a new hairstyle or even a gigantic nose Try the Funny Camera with photos from your gallery or take a new one with your iPhone. You just ...    1 MB    Views 2689
Related Apps iphone camera fisheye lens download ipod
+7    50% OFF ONLY TODAY DOWNLOAD NOW Turn your iPhone/iPod into a genuine Fisheye camera Fisheye Lens is a new reference application for iPhone and iPod Touch. Add fully original and striking effects to your photos and give them style. Compatible Retina Display on ...    3 MB    Views 3946
-5    Digital Camera How many camera apps do you have on your iPhone? One? Tow? Three? Even more? Now only ONE will be enough. Digital Camera will cover everything you need and more than all your cameras have done. Digital Camera ...    2 MB    Views 3517
camera iphone thermal vision effect
-3    Best App Award 2012 DIYAppReview Thermal Vision creates thermal vision effect through your iPhone Camera. Hold up the camera and see the world in the eyes of the Predator Impress your friend by showing them the cool new ...    4 MB    Views 2521
Related Apps camera film iphone photos fisheye effects instagram unique
+25    The BEST live fisheye Camera App on AppStore, with Quick and Easy fisheye effects and Industry Film Coloring Standard to simulate the great fisheye photos. To all Instagram users, the Worldwide No. 1 LOMO Fisheye camera is now available for square ...    2 MB    Views 5900

Snowy Globe

iphone camera tap blow shake globe snow
+1    Let it snow in your iPhone. Shake it, tap it, and blow for unbeatable snowflake swirling action. Synched with your camera and photo albums (iPhone only), you can also put friends, pets, and office plants in your snow globe any time, ...    1 MB    Views 1555

Face2 Camera

iphone camera photo works border
-7    Introducing "Face2 Camera" for iPhone The Funny Composed Photo Make App It's a fun, and simple way to make and share your photos to Facebook ===================================================================== Introduction of Features ===================================================================== Many effects and border frames under "Border" menu Vertical and horizontal compose mode Your works to save Photo ...    7 MB    Views 2893
Related Apps photo camera library iphone black white
+25    Black And White Camera allow you to transform your iphone photos into high quality Black and White images. You can use the integrated iPhone/iPad camera to take a new photo or use a existing photo taken in the photo library. When the ...    1 MB    Views 8855
camera iphone rich
+29    If you want to become millionaires or even billionaires, then this app is for you. This camera app is designed for iPhone only. You can't find it on any other OS devices. It's unique. Having this app on your iPhone, creating wonderful ...    5 MB    Views 8605
Related Apps photo iphone camera live styles face
+4    FaceBomb unleashes your iPhone's camera with an explosion of awesome sauce. Basically we take your camera's live feed and multiply it leading to a photo explosion on your iPhone. Imagine hundres of pictures of you, your friends or your cat's ...    8 MB    Views 6592

One Hand OK Lite

Related Apps photo iphone camera hand
+28    ‘One Hand OK’ is the 1st iphone camera apps using motion of iphone to take photo in the world. Even though using one hand manipulation can be made. To control it, 'NOD' iphone to start taking photo/take photo/save photo(full version only), ...    5 MB    Views 2040

Nauticam iCam

diving camera iphone underwater tripod
+28    Take your iPhone on a scuba dive Splash Cam is designed for use in the Nauticam underwater camera housing for iPhone 4s, 5, 5s and 5c. This unique application works with the camera housing to allow the user to shoot both ...    4 MB    Views 99
0    Your iPhone camera is not good enough? Try Camera Plus with enhanced Overlays and Retina graphic support. Make your photo moments memorable with Camera Plus easytouse and addictive. Camera Plus is a handy tool for quick and powerful image editing on ...    3 MB    Views 2322

3-D Photo

photo iphone camera photos video pictures side anaglyph
0    In one quick swipe of your iPhone, 3D Photo takes a threedimensional picture without the hassle of other apps. View your photo in any standard format: color anaglyph, black and white anaglyph, side by side, or cross eye. Save and ...    133 kb    Views 7046

Shake the Camera

camera iphone photo photos shake seconds laugh application

Have you tried to take self photos of you and your friends and just couldn't hit the iPhone button to shoot? Now with the SHAKE THE CAMERA application you just have to shake your iPhone and in 2 seconds ...    4 MB    Views 1754

Camera Timer

Related Apps camera iphone timer
+2    Camera Timer Now you can use your iPhone to take photos without holding the camera. Set your iPhone and you can have 15, 30 or 45 seconds to join a group or to get into position for a selfportrait. You can also trigger ...    5 MB    Views 4486

Camera Architect

camera iphone construction images shots buildings digital
-5    Best 'field' camera for architecture available on iphone The Right Camera For An Architect To Pick If you are going to remodel an office and need to take photos of the existing toilet rooms or an Architect needs at a construction site ...    2 MB    Views 4923
Related Apps camera iphone photos design real slr effects cameras
+12    Camera REAL get real looking camera from your iPhone 4 You like SLR cameras or your hobby is photography? But SLR cameras is too expensive in cost? Our real camera application for iPhone 4 will helps your to solve ...    3 MB    Views 5946
Related Apps iphone camera photo selfie remote focus resolution control
+20    Do you want to take a best selfie picture? Do you get disappointed because the limitation of the front camera of your iPhone? Do you feel frustrated because you can not focus precisely in your selfie photo? This app will ...    3 MB    Views 7951

Self Camera HD

Related Apps camera iphone photo shots ipod multi album timer
+11    It's very simple and elegant application Self Camera HD It provides a timer and multishots function for self shots. Self Camera HD take high quality photos directly into your photo album as an original camera app. Self Camera Auto Timer(2,3,4,5,10,20,30,40,50,60 sec) Multi shots (off, ...    5 MB    Views 8726

iManner Camera

iphone camera mode auto shutter screen background black complete
+16    It operates by complete black screen mode by removing background lighting When wanting to leave instants of play/musical/performance When photographing in a public place not caring others. When collecting the proof. You can use in various uses. : Features Manner mode. Complete black screen mode ...    1 MB    Views 8602

SeeThrough Glass

camera iphone picture application glass
-8    SeeThrough Glass is the interesting glasses which used a camera of iPhone. An about the same picture begins to flow on a screen of division into 2 when I start monitor with a camera. The raw picture from a camera flows through ...    673 kb    Views 3824

Camera Self Timer

camera photos iphone timer sequence friends shoot
+23    Special offer To not appear in the photos with your friends is frustrating? Don't be sad Be happy, with Camera Self Timer, you will finally appear in your photos Choose between 10, 15 or 20 seconds of time, lay your iPhone on ...    204 kb    Views 2291

Passport Photo

Related Apps photo iphone camera passport save standard album create printer change
+7    This application allows you to create passport photos using iPhone or iPod touch. This allows you to use a photo you like or take a photo using iPhone device and create a standard passport photo. Currently both US and UK passports ...    641 kb    Views 1707
Related Apps camera photos time iphone easy effects features blur
-3    Camera GL features the broadest selection of highquality effects at the App store We’ve packed the iPhone 4 camera with essential features you’ll need to take great pictures every time everywhere. Camera GL Features: Amazing Realism. Full resolution ...    2 MB    Views 4449

Rollei Add Eye

camera ipad iphone rollei eye add
+14    With the app Rollei Add Eye you can connect to the Rollei Add Eye to get direct access to the camera. This will give you the live image from the camera directly on your iPhone or iPad. This allows the app ...    15 MB    Views 4066

Face2 Camera Lite

Related Apps iphone camera photo works border lite full
+14    ntroducing "Face2 Camera Lite" for iPhone The Funny Composed Photo Make App It's a fun, and simple way to make and share your photos to Facebook ===================================================================== Introduction of Features ===================================================================== Many effects and border frames under "Border" menu (only full version) Vertical and horizontal compose mode Your ...    7 MB    Views 7753

Voice Cam

voice photo camera iphone cam words shutter trigger screen
-6    Voice Cam lets your take photo on your iPhone using voice command. Its voicecontrolled operation has the advantage of eliminating the camera shake when tripping the shutter. With an external microphone, Voice Cam can also be used as a remote ...    210 kb    Views 2027
iphone camera shake selfie stick smile filters touch
0    **Don't touch anymore** **Just shake or smile** With Shake Camera, you can take pictures without touching iphone. When you shake iphone or have a smile, it takes a picture automatically. You can take selfie or wefie continuously without click. Also you can customize photos with ...    4 MB    Views 4690

Safe Silent Camera

camera iphone browse photo album backup
0    APP Security The APP has lock function to disable the visit by other people without the password.。 Camera 1.Many shooting sound effect chooses to use. 2.Provide timing camera. 3. Photo taking action can be done by +/ button on the phone or headphone cable, so ...    6 MB    Views 2672
retro camera photos iphone photo effects resolution
-2    Retro Camera – see the Retro world “Through the Retro Camera” Now you can shoot oldfashioned photo Take full resolution photos at the maximum speed avalaible on your iPhone 4. Capture the moments of daily life Users ...    4 MB    Views 7054


camera car iphone powered share
+22    Youmera is a Car Camera mobile client. Directly connect iPhone to car camera wirelessly. You can access the Camera on your iPhone, and share interesting pictures and video. 1.Support WiFi connection to Youmerapowered car camera 2.Live preview and playback on the iPhone 3.Take ...    18 MB    Views 3018

Water in Camera

camera photos iphone water touch effect ripple feel
+3    Have you ever feel you are in water while taking photos. So , Now We introduce new camera tool for you and now you can feel you are in water while taking photos. "Water In Camera" can add water effect in you ...    1 MB    Views 1260

Crazy Faces!

iphone photo camera friend faces picture face rotate prank
+3    Featured in iPhone App directory magazine (vol 2.) : "The results are funny but not at all flattering so be prepared to have the iPhone swiped out of your hands so your friend can take a photo that makes you ...    1 MB    Views 4030


camera toy iphone digital effects fun
+21    3.5 inches is (iPhone 3GS iPhone 4S) for app. It does not correspond to the iOS 7. This app got into top 2 of paid applications in Japan In the photography category, it ranked No. 1 Thank you for supporting us Your ...    21 MB    Views 5195
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