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+16    Let's make the works of art by placing a Polka Dot in the photo It's easy to use You will be able to enjoy a Polka Dot Art easily. Functions It can be placed any number of multiple holes (circles). Adding a circle ...    10 MB    Views 4257
+5    Never have to suffer from blurry photos again with the image stabilizer in iSteady Camera features: IMAGE STABILIZER: Avoids the release as long as your iPhone is moving TIME STAMP: Shows date and time of the picture at the bottom border Photosharing: Send photos ...    1 MB    Views 9332

burn Date-today

camera date tap screen stamped display
0    This application takes photograph including the date. That date is stamped like a film camera. 1st. : Tap display to start. 2nd. : Take picture. 3rd. : Tap "Use" Finaly, Photo (was stamped date ) display on screen. It saved in "Camera Roll". If you want ...    608 kb    Views 1290
0    Night photography refers to photographs taken outdoors between dusk and dawn. Night photographers generally have a choice between using artificial light and using a long exposure, exposing the scene for seconds, minutes, and even hours in order to give the ...    23 MB    Views 3836

Cats! - Pics & More

+1    Cats Pics & More displays amazing images, videos, & gifs of cats and presents them in a clean, easy, and fun way. All of the funny and wonderful content in this app is provided by the wonderful reddit community ...    5 MB    Views 4849

Suit Cam

photo suit suits tap double ver image color
-2    If you have no time to take a photo for resume,passport or ID photo with Suits, then this app is for you Take a photo with a suit Lite Ver: only 5 suits and Ad. Full Ver : 30 different suits and ...    25 MB    Views 7909
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+25    Cute Pics & More displays amazing images, videos, & gifs of dogs and presents them in a clean, easy, and fun way. All of the funny and wonderful content in this app is provided by the wonderful reddit community ...    8 MB    Views 5032
-3    Kaleidoscope X Pad is an amazing work of interactive art. Also available for iPhone and iPod touch as Kaleidoscope X. Much more than just a traditional kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscope X Pad is a creative tool for producing beautiful images and for stimulating ...    3 MB    Views 1999


gradient tap image colors
+16    Direction and extent of the gradient can be changed freely by swiping a photo. According to the movement of your finger, gradient also changes in real time. You can create a gradient that matches the picture.(max 50) You can include up to seven ...    5 MB    Views 5254

New Camera

+8    A fresh look at your iPhone/iPad camera Includes many advanced features and an intuitive, easytouse interface. Continuous (burst) shooting mode (low, medium or high speed) Selftimer camera mode (with variable delay and a blinking indicator) Movable shutter button Tapanddrag to select ...    13 MB    Views 5514
Related Apps camera text speech tap objects balloon object image messages picture bubble
-2    Here for you Tinipiny Camera, the only app on App Store that can transform your photos into comics in an original and funny way. Choose an image from the gallery or take a picture directly from Tinipiny Camera and with a ...    16 MB    Views 9742
video ipad camera slider slideshow button tap images image device load slides
+1    Before and After Pro Slider for the iPad lets you make beautiful slideshows presenting your Before and After pictures iPhone/iPod touch version available NEW the app remembers the slides you loaded and next time you open the app, it will ask you ...    16 MB    Views 724
sketch photo drawing image effects tool button tap
-1    Photo Sketch provides an amazing tool that turn your photo into an instant sketch art . Choose photo from the your album or capture one from your camera. Press down image button to create sketch effects. Adjustment of drawing line ...    20 MB    Views 8334

FWARP! - Face Warp

image tap face area fun select faces free
+14    FWARP is a fun and easy face warping app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Make a wacky image from the photos in your library, just select an area of the image to exagerate that area of the face. This is a ...    338 kb    Views 6655
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+3    The long awaited HJ Story App is now available for IOS HJ Story: Messages of Love is a compilations of little stories about love, humor, and life. With 100k+ and growing fans on Facebook, now you can enjoy all the comics ...    4 MB    Views 8678
Related Apps stamp photo ipad photos frame auto shutter image decoration focus tap selection
0    Let's make your day with Korawia Stamp Decorate your photos with tons of cute, chubby and fluffy characters which are created by Thai illustrator, Korawia. With a pretty pastel style, every single stamps and frames that you use will make your photo ...    60 MB    Views 7957


photo photos sphere images tap spin 101 image
+30    Photosphere is a Disco Ball of your Photos Photosphere is a photo library browsing app, that enables you to quickly find a photo in your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. By displaying the photo thumbnails on rotating spheres, you can easily ...    727 kb    Views 7165

No.2 Pencil

drawing photo apps library iphone painting draw finger line pencil image tap start tool
0    Draw with precision and control. Our unique virtual stylus lets you start and stop drawing on the exact pixel you intend, and see the line while you draw it. You're too old for finger painting, start using a pencil Touch the ...    841 kb    Views 9917

Dogs! - Pics & More

-5    Dogs Pics & More displays amazing images, videos, & gifs of dogs and presents them in a clean, easy, and fun way. All of the funny and wonderful content in this app is provided by the wonderful reddit community ...    6 MB    Views 4168
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+19    Fragment (featured in 153 countries) can transform any image into totally unique, oneofakind prismatic art you’ll want to share with everyone. It all begins with your images. Take your camera and compose a photo, or select from your Camera Roll. Once ...    41 MB    Views 4707
Related Apps camera video images image slider button load screen device slideshow tap
-5    This is the Free version of the Before and After Pro Slider for the iPad Almost 30K downloads, Big Thanks to Everybody using the app iPhone/iPod touch version also available Too see the demo video from your device, go to Rating ...    21 MB    Views 5550
Related Apps iphone photos image noise remove filter high details tap
+8    Smoothpix Noise Remover is a professional noise reduction application for the iPad and iPhone. Smoothpix can be used to remove ISO noise from lowlight photos, remove pattern noise to restore old photos, produce artistic clean skin effects, and even reduce ...    7 MB    Views 9272


search camera picture input pictures tap key button application
+9    Simple picture database application.It can search your own photos using key words and dates of taking pictures. [input] Tap camera button.And take a picture.Then you can input capion of that picture. [search] Input a key word and a period of time.Tap search button.And you ...    230 kb    Views 7587
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-8    Want to bring your photos to the old time? No Problem With iOldPhoto, the Simple, Elegant and Powerful old photo rendering app in App Store, applying old photo effect ( ' Sophia tone ' ) to Images becomes easier than ever All ...    4 MB    Views 422
-1    Before and After Pro Slider for iPhone/iPod touch lets you make beautiful slideshows presenting your Before and After pictures • Features in AppZapp's "New Apps & Updates" 07/08 • TRY before you BUY: look for Before and After Photo Compare Free Show off ...    16 MB    Views 2514

Tap Photo Mask

photo photos email artwork work images image tap copy finger slide clipboard clipart
+5    Welcome to the world of photographic image rendering & editing A must have for photo sharing and merging of images. A photo editor Tap Photo Mask (TPM) is a powerful photography and image modification application. It transforms your photos & images ...    2 MB    Views 9558
mapping map flickr creative word mind image tap swipe topic topics images
-5    FEATURED ON CREATIVE BLOQ Thoughtflow is for more ideas. Combining a beautifully simple mindmapping interface, with image and topic searches on demand, Thoughtflow is the creative brainstorming tool designed to power more breakthroughs. Make unexpected connections through visual and wordassociations. Swipe ...    18 MB    Views 5982
+7    With Zoom Cam you can zoom up to 4times. Simply use the familiar zoom gesture or move the slider CAMERA TOOLS: • Zoom: Enlarge your photos using the slider Enlarge the photos using the familiar zoom gesture LIVE FILTERS AND EFFECTS: • Image adjustments: Hue, Saturation, Contrast, ...    10 MB    Views 1535
camera ipad email photographers audio business time photo wedding poses tap pose images edition bridal image
-3    “Life saver for the soontobe bride, groom, and photographer friends. The allinone look book ...” Carolyn S, the Magnificent Wedding Blogger. One Tap Camera Poses Bridal Poses iPad HD Edition contains over 100 high quality bridal poses to get you ...    74 MB    Views 4761
text email time images image reaction pics send tap faces
+15    When sending a :) just isn't enough, Reacticons delivers a growing collection of categorized real reaction pics and memes for your texting conversations Stop sending the same ol' smiley faces, emoticons, and boring text icons The Reacticon app connects you to ...    28 MB    Views 9954


Related Apps photos photo camera friends tap add send
-3    The fastest way to share photos and reactions with friends. Your friends are right there with you in the camera Tap a friend to send a photo. Insanely fast replying too. Single tap photo sharing Friends shortcuts on your camera ...    NAN    Views 2823

Photolicious Pro

Related Apps text photo photos images add tap enhance share collage image resize
+15    Your kids are the cutest, your partner is just plain hot, and let's face it, you take the best vacation and party photos around. And you, words can’t describe the way you make any photo light up. So why share ...    7 MB    Views 9227
Related Apps camera shooting photos twitter creative hardware email facebook photography iphone color live control image interface tap
-5    Huemore. The Creative Color Camera for iPhone. Designed to meet the needs of serious photographers and crafted for ease of use, Huemore gives you the flexibility to capture beautiful color photography. Live Exposure, Contrast, Color Saturation and Color Filters make Huemore a ...    9 MB    Views 5509
photo sketch facebook photos cartoon image convert resize tap copyright size result
+11    AvatarMate is an easy to use photo editor. With AvatarMate, you can easily crop, resize, and rotate your photos. With a few touches, you can convert photo to cartoon, convert photo to pencil sketch or convert photo to pen & ink ...    1 MB    Views 2440

Chromatic Camera

Related Apps green photo color tap create background image results replace
+4    Chromatic let's you with a tap pick almost any color as your "green screen." Use a welllit wall, the sky, your bed sheet, or any surface that is uniform in color to create an awesome green screen effect. ...    4 MB    Views 5576


photo photobomb add image images creating crop head tap
+1    Don't settle for anything less than the Official Photobomb App You can now create photobombs two ways. One way is to add famous photobomb characters to your images. The second way is to crop a portion of one images and ...    30 MB    Views 1175

Taru Camera

camera time tap focus image brightness control indicator zoom real
+11    Take clear photo with realtime preview. Using realtime image processing technology, Taru Camera tracks image movements and merges multiple images to provide noisefree highresolution image. Also can be used as up to 20x magnifier. Features: pinch to zoom vertical panning: brightness control tap: ...    930 kb    Views 9334
-4    Color Sketch provides an amazing tool that turn your photo into an instant sketch art . Choose photo from the your album or capture one from your camera. Press down image button to create sketch effects. Adjustment of drawing line ...    20 MB    Views 8808
Related Apps photo slide ratio tap image output distortion save aspect
-6    Slide Clipper canceles perspective distortion of screen (ex. slide projector) in photo, and restores flat rectangle image. How to: 1. Tap "Load" and select photo. 2. Drag markers onto four corners of area to clip. 3. Select aspect ratio and output size on "width ...    383 kb    Views 7922
sketch photo drawing image button tap master effects press album
-8    Sketch Master provides an amazing tool that turn your photo into an instant sketch art . Choose photo from the your album or capture one from your camera. Press down image button to create sketch effects. Adjustment of drawing line ...    45 MB    Views 1594


photograph displayed position image version tap place present
+12    This software displays the photograph taken around the place where you are. Each north, south, east, and west nearest photograph is displayed centering on the photograph taken at the nearest position of own position. The image of which it takes a picture ...    95 kb    Views 5448
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+2    instaPic collage creator is simple, fun combine and clip photos to create awesome photo collages to share with your family and friends by email, Facebook and Twitter Import photos from your photo library, and also use photos from the web to ...    18 MB    Views 562
Related Apps camera face fun bomb tap faces swap
-8    The most hilarious and funny app on the app store Take a photo of you and your friend or pull one from your camera library. Now tap the swap button, and watch how Face Bomb Fun automatically takes your faces and swaps ...    17 MB    Views 9280
creative image tap picture animated mosaic
+13    Turn any picture into Awesome animated graphics with a single Tap Create your own Creative Mosaic NOW 1 Load an image or shoot a picture (available for iPhone only) 2 Pick your favorite soda 3 Try a high or low ...    885 kb    Views 4997

Taru Magnifier

image focus tap brightness zoom magnifier indicator high control
+14    Experience the world's best magnifier to watch highest quality image with up to 20x zoom Using realtime image processing technology, Taru Magnifier tracks image movements and merges multiple images to provide noisefree highresolution image. Also, Taru Camera is available for taking highquality ...    599 kb    Views 528


Related Apps camera custom tap interface create image screen stealth
0    Introducing CamuCam, the ultimate camera stealth tool. CamuCam was built with stealth in mind, and gives you the ability to slyly take photographs without looking or acting suspicious. Our application is perfect to captures photos of lookalikes, embarrassing moments and moments ...    336 kb    Views 295
Related Apps photo photos snow album composite tap choose screen image
+4    Your photo with the moving images were realized. Let it snow in HAWAII and water jet out in iPad You can see a picture with snow/fountains/eruptions Features: You can compound photos in your Photo Album with snow, fountain or eruption images. You can store your ...    85 kb    Views 9399


Related Apps effect gradients tap editor button gradient images create image customize
+18    Gradients allows users to stylize photos using the power of gradient filters. Choose from 46 different filter styles in three different effect categories, and an infinite number of custom variations that you can create yourself. To apply a gradient effect to ...    13 MB    Views 1349


tools painting image tap color drag colors overlays strip values range
-1    A unique suite of artist tools for painters. Choose a reference image from your Album or using the camera great for "en plein air" painters. Explore the image using filters (edge, squint, notan, painterly) with or without ruleofthirds overlay. ...    11 MB    Views 3697
videos photos reddit images gallery image view vote comments tap
0    Hello fellow redditors. Reddit Gallery pulls all the wonderful images, videos, & gifs from reddit and presents them in a clean, easy, and fun way. When Reddit Gallery is first launched, you are brought to the Gallery View. In the Gallery ...    4 MB    Views 8232
camera ipad fitness email photographers audio photo time business poses tap pose images edition image
-4    One Tap Camera Poses Fitness Poses iPad HD Edition contains over 100 high quality fitness poses to get you up to speed. Then, you can move, expand, squeeze, flip, and rotate the pose image to get that exact look ...    58 MB    Views 4586


photo camera tap button icon mosaic
+13    This is a easy mosaic camera. Very simple and useful. You will put the mosaic easily people and things that do not want reflected in the photograph. [how to use] You swipe the screen with a finger. [save photo] Tap the camera icon button. [Load photo] Tap the ...    11 MB    Views 8792


Related Apps frame photos twitter email facebook frames view picture tap added image
+6    With Snappix you can take multiple pictures in the same frame, and quickly send them via email to friends or to facebook or Twitter/ directly without leaving the App. Snappix allows you to quickly take four shots from the iPhone camera ...    859 kb    Views 7874
Related Apps camera sketch photo photos tap effects image select picture apply roll
-6    U2 Camera is the coolest and distinctive photo app for users with its special sketch effect. Turn life's precious moments into artistic sketches in seconds U2 Camera is a fascinating yet easytouse app that brings out the Picasso in you. 10+ realistic ...    9 MB    Views 8002
Related Apps sketch photo drawing image effects album button tool tap
+7    Photo Sketch provides an amazing tool that turn your photo into an instant sketch art . Choose photo from the your album or capture one from your camera. Press down image button to create sketch effects. Adjustment of drawing line ...    13 MB    Views 258


iphone photos photo full support hdr presets tap images image vignette
+10    AHDR2, a professional SinglePhoto HDR editor, let you easily create stunning full resolution HDR images. It includes 22 professionallycreated presets which cover a wide range of image effects & styles. Turn your photos into gorgeous HDR images with AHDR2 Features • Easy ...    3 MB    Views 8535
Related Apps celebrity images celeb create booth easy image add faces tap
+13    Celeb Booth allows you to create awesome images by manipulating your photos and adding the head of a celebrity. Celeb Booth allows you to start with an image from your library and tweak it with one of more celebrity faces. See ...    11 MB    Views 8181

OMG Unicorns

unicorn image unicorns drag rotate pictures move tap pics
+8    UNICORNS AND RAINBOWS AWAIT YOU Take your old boring pics and turn them into OMG UNICORN pics. You can add one of four cute and adorable unicorns and two rainbows to decorate any pictures you want. Just select the unicorn or ...    6 MB    Views 1535
Related Apps photo camera map video iphone time photos image location geotag adjust tap
0    ◉ Camera, Editor, effects, grid... ◉ Add caption to the video and photo. ◉ Hide geotag before sharing photo / video. ◉ Picture in picture and temporary photo/video. GET IT NOW FREE You may turn geotag off using this app or you can slightly adjust ...    14 MB    Views 5056
Related Apps camera photo animation characters character choose picture place tap chose
-3    Let's take a picture with characters from Animation My Girls Camera Free is the application which allows you to take a picture with characters from Animation You are able to take a picture with your favorite among 5 different types of girls Now ...    8 MB    Views 4675
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