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Scan Cam

+1    YouTube Video Scan Cam turns your iPhone 3GS into a portable scanner. Snap a photo of a paragraph from books/newspaper/magazines, and let Scan Cam turns it into text. You can then save the text into pasteboard (to be ...    10 MB    Views 8135

Elastic Cam

+8    Elastic Cam allows you to morph your photo or video into many preset elastic filters    5 MB    Views 1613

Bavarian iFlirt Cam

+4    The Bavarian iFlirt Cam makes getting in contact with others easy as 1,2,3 Wether on the Octoberfest in Munich, at a night out in the clubs or anywhere else the Bavarian iFlirt Cam is the tool to drop easy into a ...    4 MB    Views 6844

Party Cam

+7    Party Cam detects faces from your camera and makes a layer of images on your faces on real time. You can choose from variety of masks by pressing Mask button on the bottom left corner. All taken photos will be ...    12 MB    Views 7471
+29    "Hide Face Cam" is the camera to make the effect of hiding the face automatically. You will be able to see the effect in the preview while shooting. You can choose from 4 types of effect. Fill with a pen Mosaic Black ...    2 MB    Views 1325

Tiger Cam HD Lite

+10    Transform yourself into a wild beast. Camouflage yourself with various looks of animals tiger, leopard, snake, zebra, elephant, giraffe, and many more See how you can easily manipulate your photo and create oneofthekind art piece. Simply load or take a ...    77 MB    Views 5026

Cam Genie+

photos photo cam remover effects
0    Cam Genie+ creates unique artworks using a powerful photo editor, effects and your creativity. Features: Many beautiful effects (Vivid, Aqua, Strato, etc.) Adjust Brightness, Contrast, Saturation & Colors Draw and Paint on Photos Add Text with Ease Red Eye Remover, Sharpen ...    97 MB    Views 9219
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+3    Noir After Light Cam filter effects take stunning black and white photographs with Noir Camera, all conveniently packed in 10 different themes. Noir After Light Cam themes vary from the feel of film camera to the unique sets of classy ...    17 MB    Views 5262
photos xmas cam
0    MERRY Xmas Xmas Cam let you add great Xmas sticks to your photos. This easy to use the app gives you photographic evidence of Xmas holidays Decorate your photos with many effects, sticks, frames ... So let try it for ...    19 MB    Views 1743
+16    Snap & Share Kids Cam is the world's first camera and photo sharing app for children With a few simple touches it will allow even the youngest photo enthusiasts to take and share their photos with friends and loved ones. Now your ...    6 MB    Views 4873

Drive Cam Connect

0    Users can use Drive Cam Connect to control Snooper DVR4HD to take pictures, video, timelapse photography.    42 MB    Views 462

Kids Cam!

kids easy fun cam
-2    Kids Cam is the best camera made JUST for kids Fun, easytouse, and lots of laughs for the whole family Kidfriend and easytouse Kids can add stickers, slime, and draw on their favorite photos Fun sound effects keep kids coming back ...    10 MB    Views 5990
photos twitter cam
-9    Welcome to "1Color Cam PRO" A fast and full functional App to make your photos look colored. Again a 1MB App Just have a look at the amazing screenshots It's easy and it is real fun. If you have any ideas or ...    890 kb    Views 9459

Cuckoo Cam

Related Apps photos cam friends built
-1    Using iOS's stateoftheart facial recognition technology, Cuckoo Cam automatically adds ridiculous hats, beards, sunglasses, and more to faces in your existing photos You can also use the builtin camera feature to take photos of yourself or friends and make them ...    9 MB    Views 827
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0    Welcome to "Grunge Picture LIVE Cam" A free, fast and full functional App to make your photos look grunge. Capture your photos LIVE and add Texture, Frame and Color to your view. Just one simple click and save your photo ...    3 MB    Views 3756
animal video talking record face animals share cam
+21    Talking Animal Face Cam is a funny video app that allows you to record yourself as an animal and share them with others. You won't stop laughing creating and sending videos to your friends or family Choose from many different animals ...    19 MB    Views 4122


image cam insert images
+18    Insert your images where you want. Shoot/Take snapshots within/into your pictures. Simple and efficient, this app lets you insert an image into another image with the Augmented Reality (AR) function.  Add new images with the front cam, back cam or from your photo library. Once ...    4 MB    Views 4140
paris trip french flair endless cam creamandsugarapps
-8    Have you been dreaming of Paris? That french bistro, the romance, the palace of versailles, oh the iconic places to see are endless. Planning a trip there? Or wish to one day? Whether either one is true this app will help fulfill ...    149 MB    Views 3078


+9    Shoot unforgettable photos with MY CAM Be happy, with Camera Self Timer, you will finally appear in your photos Choose between 10, 15 or 20 seconds of time, lay your iPhone on a flat plane and go in the frame with ...    2 MB    Views 1074

Coloured Cam Pro

+9    Coloured Cam helps you use your iPhone to shoot the best photos you possibly can. Packed with several handy effects that your standard camera app doesn’t include, your pics will improve the instant you start using Coloured Cam.    7 MB    Views 5271
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+9    Welcome to "1Color Cam PRO" A fast and full functional App to make your photos look colored. Just have a look at the amazing screenshots It's easy and it is real fun. If you have any ideas or question feel free and ...    496 kb    Views 6727


Related Apps sketch editing photos photo friends cam
+1    CamOSketch is finally here. Create your own sketch images and share em with your friends Tons of photo editing inside this app Features: + Turn your photos into cartoon/sketch like + Crop / Adjust / Hue saturation etc.. premium photo editing tools implemented for you ...    93 MB    Views 8162

Light Cam

film photography light effects unique filters cam analog
0    • Analog imperfect flaws to make your photography more perfect • most vintage and emotional Photography in a whole new way • This is not to be missed photographers leaked app Analog film camera with film defects localized exposure, light leakage effects, make ...    45 MB    Views 7997


action program photos ios device cam application
0    This application program supports KODAK PIXPRO SP1 Digital Action Cam. “ PIXPRO SP1 “ application program can connect your iOS Device with Action Cam which is compatible with this program by Wireless, and operate iOS Device to enjoy taking photos and ...    36 MB    Views 1326

Coloured Cam

+21    Coloured Cam helps you use your iPhone to shoot the best photos you possibly can. Packed with several handy effects that your standard camera app doesn’t include, your pics will improve the instant you start using Coloured Cam.    7 MB    Views 569

Dream Cam HD Lite

Related Apps email picture dream version colors lite cam save
0    Add dreamy colors to your picture for an extreme makeover Simply load or take a picture, choose from 22 different fancy themes and adjust tones/colors with easy sliders. You can create your own artistic photo in a second Unique. Lovely. ...    51 MB    Views 3832

The Voice Tour Cam

voice tour photo templates cam pictures special
-2    The Voice begins this summer with past stars and this season's finalists in a tour across the US. The Voice Tour Cam is the official camera app from The Voice. Create unique pictures with our special The Voice templates. Share your photo's ...    11 MB    Views 7953

Guardo Action Cam +

action cam
-2    The Guardo Action Cam + App is a useful and easy app that allows you to remotely control your Guardo Action Cam using your smartphone / tablet A large amount of possibilities: check what your camera is filming in live ...    70 MB    Views 9995

Dream Cam Lite

Related Apps email picture save dream colors version cam lite
0    Add dreamy colors to your picture for an extreme makeover Simply load or take a picture, choose from 22 different fancy themes and adjust tones/colors with easy sliders. You can create your own artistic photo in a second Unique. Lovely. ...    13 MB    Views 7937


video engineering ios device cam
+2    TiAu Engineering Proudly Presents: The Contour Cam Experience video effects like never before on an iOS device This revolutionary video recording App lets you record video and audio using your iOS device while changing color, contours and other schemes in realtime. Tune ...    391 kb    Views 3085

Disco Cam

photo disco cam screen turn taker color
+8    Turn your camera into a creative photo taker with Disco Cam This App turns your device into an extraordinary photo taker by blending florescent colors into neon coolness See the screen shots snapshots like these can be created in ...    4 MB    Views 3900
Related Apps photo effects easy cam
-2    Create fun photo booth with Easy Cam, and then post your photo strip on social network. This is the first time that so much creative power has been at your fingertips. Here are some of the amazing features: ● It has tons of ...    4 MB    Views 9279

Horror Cam

horror includes effect effects vampire current cam
+26    A must for fans of current horror shows Horror Cam lets you transform your pictures into horror masterpieces This app has all the "horror" effects you need to turn everyday photos into scary and terrifying pics, heavily influenced by old horror ...    89 MB    Views 6860

Selfies Cam App

photos selfies cam selfie simple timer
+3    Want the easiest way ever to take the best selfie? Download the Selfies Cam App now for FREE Taking great selfies is hard you need the right angle and right pose. And when you get that right then you have ...    4 MB    Views 2007

Annabelle Scare Cam

cam scare turn
0    If you want to stay away from Annabelle this app is not for you. Have fun and scare your friends by sharing your photos with the scariest movie doll. Thanks for your feedback and support this update brings you an ...    NAN    Views 8307

No-Button Cam

Related Apps button cam tap
-1    Feel lazy to tap and capture the image/photo? then try this app. No Button Cam is an app that totally "Button Free". There's no button inside the app. How to Use? No more touch or tap in the app, swipe your finger to control ...    208 kb    Views 8847

Hydra Cam

+5    Freshen up your photo with a cool photo app from POND’S Download it now for FREE Put your photo in frame to make it more interesting Apply cool effects and filters on your photo Adjust brightness and contrast Decorate ...    22 MB    Views 1050

Click Cam

click pictures picture share cam users
+26    You remember the good old Mini Cameras with amazing, entertaining and surprising pictures with each Click? Join in to experience a revival of this awesome way to view pictures. You show a great picture, got a spontaneous idea or land a ...    26 MB    Views 9091
photo cam
+6    Let's take photo with UnityChan This app is different from official UnityChan app (UnityちゃんAR, by Unity Games Japan) . We can take photo with UnityChan and set condition of light, shadow, action, pose. Twitter hash tag: uni_cam    51 MB    Views 6310

Santa Cam

santa photos friends adds cam
+5    This application "magically" adds Christmas cheer to your photos. Santa's Camera recognizes the people in your photos and adds funny Santa hats to all your friends and family. Create memorable holidaystyled photos seconds after you’ve shot it. Make and share photos quickly ...    NAN    Views 8720
Related Apps camera video funny booth skinny cam
+5    New fat & skinny booth camera. Funny video cam Try this app its so funny It will take funny photos and videos Download this Amazing funny booth now.    3 MB    Views 4556
photo face booth funny stickers booths glasses cam hair
+1    Face FX Cam is no ordinary photo booth or camera. It's 3 photo booths in 1 Place funny sticker FX on your face AND have endless FUN 3 different photo booths Change your identity with hair, glasses and ...    12 MB    Views 7617

Block Camera

Related Apps camera photo block cam
+11    Sale now Block Cam is a professional camera application. Block Cam can lay a colorful box image on your photo and make a new photo. Have a nice day with Block Cam    6 MB    Views 2709
Related Apps photos photo tilt cam shift free
0    View all your pictures with the Tilt Shift FREE Cam as thumbnail images. Each of your photos will be unique with the Tilt Shift Cam FREE Highlight: send your photo as a real postcard worldwide directly from the app. Share your ...    45 MB    Views 4810

Light Cam Pro

light cam
+4    Through this photographic applications , you can make photo showing a special " light leakage " effect , making the shoot out with the results and with the nature of the hazy beauty Light CamUnique Light Leaker Copyright © Light Cam.All Rights ...    21 MB    Views 8683


family share friends moments cam
+20    Fonbin cam is a simple way to save and share your special moments and memories with your family and friends. Taking the best moment of your life and share it simply with few steps. Fonbin cam is the perfect tool to ...    16 MB    Views 5084

Cam Tune++

photos photo crop cam tune
-3    Cam Tune++ provides an easy way to edit photos using a simple and intuitive user interface combined with most powerful photo editing tools. Features: Gorgeous photo effects Share with friends Dynamic ToneCurve Add text Focus mode Sharpen and blur Crop image ...    51 MB    Views 2513

Cam Lab+

photo photos remover cam collage lab
0    Cam Lab+ is the last collage photo editing app you will ever need Here are some of the features: Multitouch photos in collage Masks and photo frames Double tap to edit individual photo Enhance Photos in Seconds Apply Endless Effects Add ...    16 MB    Views 6587

Baby Selfie Cam

Related Apps baby camera selfie smile animations cam
+12    Ever had the big challenge of taking a picture of you and your baby and he just doesn't want to look at the camera? Those days are over with Baby Selfie Cam. Take that stunning selfie in just a matter ...    4 MB    Views 4972
Related Apps photos photo paper cam
+2    Let your photos become unique with the Paper Cam FREE. View your pictures as if they were on paper. Highlight: send your photo as a real postcard worldwide directly from the app. Share your photos easily with your friends via Twitter ...    45 MB    Views 9213
photos time camera image tap cam features
+21    Never have to suffer from blurry photos again with the image stabilizer in iSteady Camera features: IMAGE STABILIZER: Avoids the release as long as your iPhone is moving TIME STAMP: Shows date and time of the picture at the bottom border Photosharing: Send photos ...    1 MB    Views 9332
Related Apps time videos photography photo lapse features cam
+3    Make time lapse photography videos automatically with Chrono Lapse Cam Features: Simple to use userinterface. Frames per second adjustments. Set custom time between each photo capture. Store videos directly to your Photo Library. More Features to come    1 MB    Views 3024

Cam Fx !

Related Apps cam filters live
+24    Cam Fx is a nice App that applies cartoonstyle live filters over the camera controller. Yes...WYSIWYG. In other others, you can change filters live and see the results in front of your eyes. Thanks to the new processor of iPhone and ...    26 MB    Views 5951

Broken Cam

Related Apps photo cam fun instant
+6    Broken Cam is a frantic photo app where you do different faces in 13 seconds and instant upload to twitter. No regrets Like a fun photo booth but zanier, Broken Cam is perfect for parties, removing uptightiness, and just having instant ...    8 MB    Views 9833

Night Vision Cam

night vision add pictures effect dark cam
+1    Ever want to see in the dark? Now it is possible to see in the dark with Night Vision Cam to joke around with family and friends and take fake night vision pictures Enjoy taking pictures right in the app to add ...    126 kb    Views 690
snapshot easy user cam interface
+2    Do you own a "Foscam" webcam for watching your baby or home security, and would like to try a user friendly interface to control the web cam? Want to take a quick snapshot photo while viewing the camera? Why not ...    13 MB    Views 7280
360 cam ninja effects themes
-2    Ninja Cam 360 provides rich filter effects beloved by professional photographers, all conveniently packed in 10 different themes. Ninja Cam 360 themes vary from the feel of film camera to the unique sets of classy moods or fun creativity, It's ...    17 MB    Views 8618
shake cam tap
+7    With Harlem Shake Cam, you can turn anyone into a Harlem Shake star, even your cat Swipe to select between helmets Shake to switch between front and back cameras Tap to take a photo Tap again to send it to ...    4 MB    Views 2961
text doodle doodles overlays easily choose cam 500 change

Choose from tons of the most beautiful, eyecatching doodles, overlays, and awesome effects.

 Over 170+ Overlays to Choose From
 500+ Doodles 10 + Doodle categories like Love, Sports, Food, Birthday, Flowers.. 
 70 + Instagram Style Filters
 Beautifully Designed User ...    50 MB    Views 3646
Xhamster Instagram Social Xvideos Friends Funny Xnxx Save Sketch Hclips Filter Select Tube8 Face Iphone Beeg Map Video Drtuber Home Photo Tnaflix Photo Room Redtube Size Tap