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+5    iTunes Rewind 2009 Top Seller App in Japan. CameraKit is the app which collected the functions like a film camera, it is real though it is simple and easy. A lot of wonderful works. You choose the film type and can appoint ...    1 MB    Views 2237


+22    Exposure Calculator is an iOS application for photographers to convert and calculate different exposure settings. Longtime Exposures: Exposure Calculator helps you to find the correct settings for your longtime exposures. If your camera doesn't have a timer for longtime exposures, just use Exposure ...    4 MB    Views 8288

Spy Shots

+4    For the discrete photographer. Ever worry about people watching you taking candid photos? This app makes it seem like you are reading a news website, click the camera button and a thumbnail turns into the camera viewer. Click the other ...    2 MB    Views 5757


camera time image reality images live put real button
+8    Do you want to see your girlfriend's image framed with roses (like a heroine from a Japanese girls manga) ? Do you want snowy winter scenery even when it's not cold ? OK, you can use DecorReality You can also ...    847 kb    Views 4799


-2    A wallpaper maker. Capture unique Christian Cross photos to use as wallpapers for your device. By pinching to zoom you can change the area that is captured. Photos are saved to your device. Use the builtin Photos app to "Use ...    4 MB    Views 9669

Little Snaps

Related Apps video photo photos snaps selection create day button
+11    A photo a day, a video forever. All it takes is one photo every day. Little Snaps is your opportunity to create an everlasting reminder of your little one’s precious younger years. Once you have a few photos in your gallery, ...    NAN    Views 8071
camera photo photos phones shutter bluetooth click remote screen push pictures
-1    Memosha lets you take pictures at fixed point and group photos by using two iPhones so that one of your phones works as a remote shutter. It allows you to see if there is anyone missing from the photo, the ...    1 MB    Views 395


video photo time photos moment switch button pressing
+13    'Sametime' is a camera that takes video and photos at the same time. How many times you 'lost the moment' because you had to switch from video to photo. You can start taking video pressing 'Rec' button. Any time pressing 'Photo' button you ...    112 kb    Views 8897

InstaText Free

Related Apps text drawing photo line free color button
+3    ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Photo + Text + Drawing ✓ PHOTOGRAPHY The free movement, zoom in/out ✓ TEXT Text input method with changeable size and color ✓ DRAWING Smooth and free line drawing ✓ EASY SHARING Share your idea via Facebook, Twitter and Email. ✓ EXTRA FEATURES Change ...    8 MB    Views 8991


+11    What planet are you from? Generate a smallplanet from where you are and send it as a postcard to your friends This application makes a stereographic projection of your location on the map where Street View is available. It is also possible to ...    2 MB    Views 6134

Text on Photo

text photo add tap button font added outline texts
+18    ◇ This is a simple application for adding texts to photographs very easily and quickly. So many different fonts. Multiple texts can be added on one photo. Outline can be added. Easy to use. Shadow can be edited. ◇ How to ...    14 MB    Views 3877
save images share push notifications articles style
+3    Catcher in the Style is a lifestyle of fashion, trends, art, music, and travel from the eyes of Thania Peck. Read & save to ‘favorites’ list and share posts via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Email or SMS. View our “Video” library, where ...    9 MB    Views 266
Related Apps camera photograph button
+8    Featured in iTunes New & Noteworthy Japan,Thailand,Hong Kong Staff Favourites Australia,New Zealand The novel function is being developed. Please expect it. Take the photograph. A cool camera starts when the camera button ...    11 MB    Views 6534
Related Apps photos iphone photo time button snap volume shots zoom digital
-1     50% off introductory sale for a limited time only  User Reviews:  "The ability to use the volume button to take the photo is the best part I would have paid .99 just for that ability" Kelly Kapowski "I love this ...    1 MB    Views 8228

Distress alert

email alert setup location button
-5    Click on the alert button to send a distress alert with a front and rear camera photo, a Map location and a location address. The distress alert will be sent to an email (up to 2) that you define in the ...    260 kb    Views 8383
Related Apps camera photos selfie button selfies held pictures
-3    Your timer. Your autocamera. You choose the time This way you can appear in your own photos. Take pictures without pressing the button. Now you can appear with all your friends in your pictures. Easy, simple and necessary. Perfect for selfies. Enter the ...    10 MB    Views 7998

Picture Sketch Lite

Related Apps sketch sketching iphone photo family picture push button modes albums friends
+10    Turn any pictures into artistic sketches with the push of a button Hassle free – just push one button, and Picture Sketch Pro will do all the hard work for you It’s that simple The sketching effect is totally random, ...    3 MB    Views 875

iTOON Maker

cartoon camera button tap simple multiple effects maker
+5    iTOON Maker is an incredible real time camera app that makes your iPhone into a cartoon creator Simple to use, you can record movies or snap photos using multiple cartoon effects. Simple to use Tap the screen to show/hide the controls. ...    1 MB    Views 8458
+10    This is an application for making beautiful photomontages. Very easy interface Background Eraser Feather ( Softening image edges ) 5〜10 layers can be superimposed at the same time ( 5 for iPod touch ) ( 10 for iPhone ) ◇◇◇ Starter Edition ◇◇◇ This app ...    666 kb    Views 7046
sketch photo drawing image effects tool button tap
-1    Photo Sketch provides an amazing tool that turn your photo into an instant sketch art . Choose photo from the your album or capture one from your camera. Press down image button to create sketch effects. Adjustment of drawing line ...    20 MB    Views 8334
Related Apps iphone camera photos shutter button big pictures click screen
+15    Tired of missing the moment by trying to find the iPhone's small shutter button? Click Anywhere Camera allows you to take photos easily by converting your whole iPhone's screen into a big shutter button. Besides helping you take regular pictures, this utility ...    165 kb    Views 7324

Braille Eye

photo braille translate eye aria button scanning image
+19    You can read translated braille with Braille Eye Braille Eye can translate braille to string from your image in the iPhone. Usage: Move scanning aria and Just Click "translate" Button, translated strings will be shown as Button Label. Features: Select or Take photo and ...    718 kb    Views 9101


button canvas colorize features
0    This is Toonalizer It creates cartoonish versions of your preferred photos by the touch of a button. Then, colorize it yourself using a free style canvas or get a little help from our app Features: Easy customization of toon features Finger drawing canvas ...    956 kb    Views 6862

Zoom'N Crop

photo iphone camera library picture crop choose zoom button screen
-8    Ever annoyed when you're taking a photo with your iphone but find that you cannot zoom? Having problems with your photo's composition? Want to take pictures other than the default 16:9 sizing? Or simply want to crop a part of ...    720 kb    Views 4487
+17    Turn any pictures into artistic sketches with the push of a button Hassle free – just push one button, and Picture Sketch HD will do all the hard work for you It’s that simple The sketching effect is totally random, ...    8 MB    Views 7382
photos camera time cam button release tap touch features screen
0    With Touch Cam you can use the whole screen as a large release button Camera features: BIG RELEASER: The whole screen can be used as release button TIME STAMP: Shows date and time of the picture at the bottom border Photosharing: Send photos via ...    1 MB    Views 695
wallpaper calendar camera shrine save push touch
-2    You know Seimei is a most populor Japanese yokai master. You can see this app of his shrine, Seimei Shrine's photos. The sign of the icon is called Abe no Seimei (921?1005?) was an onmyoji, a leading specialist of onmyodo during the middle ...    16 MB    Views 6470


-5    Mr. Hedgehog wants you to try new and exciting things with Picturement Each day he gives you a challenge. It may be trying a new craft, helping someone around you, experiencing a new taste or taking a small trip off your ...    48 MB    Views 8958

No-Button Cam

Related Apps button cam tap
+22    Feel lazy to tap and capture the image/photo? then try this app. No Button Cam is an app that totally "Button Free". There's no button inside the app. How to Use? No more touch or tap in the app, swipe your finger to control ...    208 kb    Views 8847
Related Apps text photo add texts font button size tap
+5    This is an application for adding texts to photographs very easily and quickly. □□□ How to use □□□ 1. Tap "Load Photo" button to add a photograph 2. Tap "Add Texts" button to add texts 3. Edit color/pattern, font size, font name 4. Add an outline ...    16 MB    Views 3499
Related Apps music photos frame photo button select
-1    Your iPhone change to Photo Frame with this app You see your photos in slideshow with your music. You only photos button on the bellow and select your photos in your camera roll. And you touch music button you can select your music ...    42 kb    Views 8846

RadCom Radios

save categories online notifications images push articles
0    Community and free radios around the world. Live streaming Rádios livres e comunitárias de todo o mundo ao vivo. Streaming para ouvir as transmissões online de emissoras de vários países. Radios comunitarias y libres de todo el mundo online. Freien Radios, Radios libres ...    8 MB    Views 9008

Photo Store Nice

photo news les application notifications push nice
+10    L'application "Images photo Nice" vous offre la possibilité de consulter toutes les infos utiles de la boutique (Tarifs, articles, avis…) mais aussi de recevoir leurs dernières News ou Flyers sous forme de notifications Push. Caractéristiques de l'application : La présentation et ...    30 MB    Views 1364

Photo Dye

photo artistic family apps4u pictures free push customer button color
-6    50% off for limited time only Photo Dye colors your pictures with style by mixing in rainbow It instantly renders your pictures artistic and unique. Over 80,000 random coloring styles. Hassle free – just push one button, and Photo Dye ...    52 MB    Views 2188

Spy Snapshot

Related Apps video iphone photo background button note picture
-7    AppStore App rules: take photo must make a sound, I couldn't explain how to disable it. Please think about it, very easy :) TAKE PICTURE & VIDEO, no preview, no taken image. It seens that you are Browsing a web page about ...    1 MB    Views 1417

Shadow Clone Camera

Related Apps photo cat camera cats shadow clone screen push button picture
-7    "Do you know shadow cats?" Shadow Clone Camera is a photo app which can take a picture like shadow clone juthu or optical camouflage. [ How to take a picture of shadow cats ] 1,Find a normal cat and push shadow clone cam ...    1 MB    Views 5150
Related Apps photos color select button play pattern message
-1    BREATH is an application to play to blow off a photo in breath. How to play is simple 1. Select Photos, Color, or Pattern of the foreground 2. Select Photos, or Color of the background 3. Tap the Start button Please blowing the home button ...    10 MB    Views 1885

Film Photo Scanner

-1    The FPS is the easiest way to capture through iPhone's camera and convert all your slides, negatives, photo and name card into the digital save. Convert 35mm slide and transfer negative into positives. Convert photos and name cards by predefined ...    6 MB    Views 3111


Related Apps photo tattoo button image tap easy
-5    Easy Tattoo Camera [[ how to use. ]] You Prepare the image and symbols tattoo . (back color is white.) screenshot images of the tattoo of the Internet. and take a photo of tattoo image. 1: Tap to launch Photo library button. 2:Select picture 3: Drag ...    7 MB    Views 7125


Related Apps puzzle pieces play picture button
+1    Have fun using your own photos to complete puzzles in this simple puzzle app. Need a little bit more of a challenge? Try the Rotation Puzzle or Swipe Puzzle by CJ APPS. How To Play: 1. Press the play button to scramble ...    17 MB    Views 3899


photo camera push button record wanted
+3    WantedPhoto make a wanted photo. Make your original photo What is your price? I show how to use the following. ① Start ScouterZ ② push camera icon at center of display. ③ Input your name, which is name indicated in completed photo. ④ Push camera button. Then, ...    13 MB    Views 4882


photo camera tap button icon mosaic
+7    This is a easy mosaic camera. Very simple and useful. You will put the mosaic easily people and things that do not want reflected in the photograph. [how to use] You swipe the screen with a finger. [save photo] Tap the camera icon button. [Load photo] Tap the ...    11 MB    Views 8792


Related Apps video screenshots image choose slide save touch screen button
+3    Every time when I try to take screenshots from video. It’s end with “Home” or “Lock” screen. Then, I decided to make an application that take screenshots from video. How to use. Choose video. Slide a seek bar and Touch "Capture" button ...    3 MB    Views 7522


remember button reference title note view location
+1    fotoWhere helps you remember locations that you have photographed or that you want to photograph, or just places you want to remember. When you want to remember a location simply push the fotoHere button and the app with grab the GPS ...    23 MB    Views 4996

Mascot Camera

photo camera character button rectangle
+3    Mascot Camera make your ordinary photos miracle one. "I saw orange fairy last night", " I found a macho man on my car handle". You can take such a miracle photo by this app Push rectangle button of left bottom corner, ...    7 MB    Views 8606

cards iphone photos photo button convert 350 save instant
-1    The is the easiest way to capture through iPhone's camera and convert all your slides, negatives, photo and name card into the digital save. Convert 35mm slide and transfer negative into positives. Convert photos and name cards by predefined ...    5 MB    Views 5880

save push share articles designed notifications images
+12 is designed to connect you with God everyday though video devotions designed to help your walk with Christ. has guests who are passionate about teaching. Read & save to ‘favorites’ list and share posts via Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS. Navigate ...    8 MB    Views 574

Selfie Machine

Related Apps photos button selfie machine
0    Selfie Machine You don't need to push the button anymore. There is you can take a photo with countdown button. Photos saved in your own album. You can share photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can send your photos to ...    3 MB    Views 69

Camera Super Flash

photos camera photo flash super timestamp add save button
+14    Camera Super Flash makes it easy for you to add highquality digital flash to your photos Quickly and easily take photos using Camera Super Flash, add regular flash or SUPER FLASH to brighten up dark photos, and save your photos ...    80 kb    Views 7087
hand shutter shoot tap button
+24    KatateCam.Goody allows you to easily operate and shoot photos with one hand while the other hand is too occupied to tap on the shutter button. Comes in handy when your hand is loaded with things to carry or holding a child ...    389 kb    Views 9902
Related Apps shooting timer button delay shutter
+10    Top 1 Self Timer Application Self Timer allows you to delay the shutter release, giving you time between pushing the button and taking the actual photo. Once you push the button, a beeping sound is emitted which becomes faster ...    987 kb    Views 5585
fireworks lover view night screenshot picture button
+3    Everyone likes fireworks. Of course, your lover. If you look at the fireworks with your lover in the beautiful night view of the place, you'll feel great. You can see the fireworks anywhere at any time if I use this app. Fireworks have ...    24 MB    Views 4870
Related Apps photos photo click button photographs enjoy pictures set photograph sheets
+11    SosoCamera is a Multishot App. Compared to iPhone’s original App of taking photographs, it has two new functions: Multishot and photo filter. Click the left button to go into the Film List interface. You can scan photographs which you have taken here. Click ...    4 MB    Views 1697
sketch photo drawing color image effects button tap tool
+21    Color Sketch provides an amazing tool that turn your photo into an instant sketch art . Choose photo from the your album or capture one from your camera. Press down image button to create sketch effects. Adjustment of drawing line ...    20 MB    Views 8808
video sound bottom button
+21    MySound is the video editing application that can compose sound effects in the your video. Watching the tutorial 1.Select a video from the button at the bottom right. 2.Create a new sound from the button at the bottom center. 3.Export the photo album the ...    59 MB    Views 8256

Snappy Photo

Related Apps photo snappy button picture
+1    A picture is worth 1000 words and Snappy Photo allows users to express their photoemotions through 72 different filters that change the photo at the touch of a button. Snappy Photo also allows you to take selfies without the press of ...    9 MB    Views 9144
photo time instagram mac post open notification push login
-2    Post photos to Instagram from your Mac or PC. Schedule your Instagram posts from your Mac or PC. Get scheduled images pushed to your phone. It is safe. Post via official Instagram app. Tags work How it works: Register\login on Login in app. ...    2 MB    Views 8916
traffic photos slide button taps start show
+8    You can see many photos of traffic jam. You can only look with laughing. But we should think that these traffic jam cause heavy CO2 problem. I pray that these photos never seen anywhere in the future. Touch Start button you can see slide ...    2 MB    Views 5151

Self Shoot

Related Apps photo iphone photos library screen shoot button shutter sound enabled
+1    Tired of trying to find where the shutter button is while taking a photo? The Self Shoot app solves this problem by allowing you to click anywhere on the iPhone screen to take a photo. Your whole iPhone screen is a ...    215 kb    Views 2221
photos wallpapers tap button blurry
-5    Transform your photos into stunning blurry wallpapers. Make your Home/Lock screen shine You get the best result with bright colorful photos, like a handful of jellybeans or unicorns. Comes bundled with some beautiful photos to get you started. Just shake to get ...    1 MB    Views 2280
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