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+3     50% off introductory sale for a limited time only  User Reviews:  "The ability to use the volume button to take the photo is the best part I would have paid .99 just for that ability" Kelly Kapowski "I love this ...    1 MB    Views 8228
+19    Photoboxer makes it easy to take and upload photos directly to Dropbox. Features • Works with multiple Dropbox accounts. • Make your own folder presets for easy uploads. • Background uploads continue when you leave the app. • Standard still camera features, including + button ...    721 kb    Views 7970

Image Clock 1

Related Apps clock rss photos sea pics display select digital button types
+1    Enjoy the images of variety of sea creature of this clock. Photos including Sea slugs (43 pics / about 20 species), Clownfish (12 pics), and others (5 pics of flatworms & shellfish) Select your favourite clock display from 5 types of digital ...    13 MB    Views 6754

No-Button Cam

+17    Feel lazy to tap and capture the image/photo? then try this app. No Button Cam is an app that totally "Button Free". There's no button inside the app. How to Use? No more touch or tap in the app, swipe your finger to control ...    208 kb    Views 8847


video photo time photos moment switch button pressing
+20    'Sametime' is a camera that takes video and photos at the same time. How many times you 'lost the moment' because you had to switch from video to photo. You can start taking video pressing 'Rec' button. Any time pressing 'Photo' button you ...    112 kb    Views 8897

랜덤 포토 2

button random
-1    Random Photo 2 This app shows random photos from internet. No AD How to Use button : thumbnail size change ? button : reload image S button : Save    32 MB    Views 7774
camera photo photos folder buttons button hundreds
+14    Picsort has been designed with you in mind. Have you ever searched for a photo you took last week, only to scroll through hundreds of photos only to have lost what you were looking for? Picsort helps you divide your personal and professional ...    10 MB    Views 4842


Related Apps photo photos camera navigate button add mode swipe editor
-1    PopSticker enables you to add fun effects to your photos. Gesture based interaction uses swipes to navigate between camera and photo editor modes. Tap anywhere on the screen in camera mode to snap a photo. In camera mode swipe down to reveal buttons ...    8 MB    Views 9754
Related Apps photos camera delete roll
+25    Too many photos on your phone? Clean is now simple The easiest way to delete photos & videos from your camera roll. Note: deleted photos go to the ‘Recently Deleted’ album in your photos app.    4 MB    Views 3334

Attention Map

-2    Does the slogan in your posters appear well? Does the title in your website attract enough attention? ... This app will answer such question We provide a saliencymap showing where people may focus on, with scientific algorithm instead of eye movement tracking. Theoretically, the red ...    6 MB    Views 2503
camera slot time color control button chroma function touch random setup roll
+17    It is an application which can illuminate a photograph by a spotlight and can be made to observe only a particular part. And real time. Therefore, it is very pleasant. The variation of lighting is very variegated. A spot position, size, a color tone, ...    1 MB    Views 3680
camera video recording flickr photo facebook filters live roll eye record button
-5    Cameragram is the simplest way to use live and still filters on your iPhone. Customize your live video and your camera roll with over 20 gorgeous and sometimes humorous filters. Features: Original, Sketch, Toon, Amatorka, Etikate, Vintage, Invert, Emboss, Stretch, Bulge, Swirl, ...    12 MB    Views 2240
Related Apps photos color select button play pattern message
+15    BREATH is an application to play to blow off a photo in breath. How to play is simple 1. Select Photos, Color, or Pattern of the foreground 2. Select Photos, or Color of the background 3. Tap the Start button Please blowing the home button ...    10 MB    Views 1885
Related Apps photos camera books random roll
-1    Some photos do not belong on your camera roll. You don't want to mix holiday photos with random photos of books you spotted in a book shop, that recipe you found in a food magazine, or slides of a presentation. Meet ...    6 MB    Views 8844
Related Apps photos text videos camera notes roll
+17    Have you ever had a Happy, sad, exciting, funny, or embarrassing moment that you wanted to keep but never share with the world? You can't possibly keep those moments on your camera roll nowadays with everyones friends always breaking into ...    2 MB    Views 5596

Kids Photo Journal

Related Apps photo photos kids journal create monthly button daily choose
-3    A special photo journal made for kids With colorful and creative screens that will refresh memorable photos of your kids. You can take as many photos as you want for the day. You can choose the best "Photo of the Day", ...    3 MB    Views 3552
photos camera share air roll device easiest
+20    Photos Air Share provided the easiest way to share Photos between iOS devices. From Camera Roll to another device's Camera Roll with WiFi. >Receiver>: Just click one button and wait, Photos Air Share app will do remain works for you. > Sender >: ...    7 MB    Views 885


photos video recording videos camera photo snap button record
+11    Capture all the small instants of any big moment Snap photos while you record videos. Video+Photo is the only app of the AppStore that let you snap photos while you record videos at full definition. Video+Photo couldn't be simpler: just start recording ...    7 MB    Views 1061

-1    The is the easiest way to capture through iPhone's camera and convert all your slides, negatives, photo and name card into the digital save. Convert 35mm slide and transfer negative into positives. Convert photos and name cards by predefined ...    5 MB    Views 5880

Cameragram Pro

camera video recording filters live roll record eye button
+15    Cameragram is the simplest way to use live and still filters on your iPhone. Customize your live video and your camera roll with over 20 gorgeous and sometimes humorous filters. Features: Original, Sketch, Toon, Amatorka, Etikate, Vintage, Invert, Emboss, Stretch, Bulge, Swirl, ...    11 MB    Views 2630


camera baby photo photos dog email clock twitter facebook sounds sound button roll
-5    When you want a smile, Picasound Capture pictures with ease by playing one of forty eight selectable sounds while you are taking a picture of that special Baby, Toddler, Dog, or Unsuspecting Adult to get the perfect photo every time Compatible ...    24 MB    Views 4590
Related Apps photos camera roll layouts instagram collage version
+1    CREATE PERFECT COLLAGE WALLPAPERS Personalize your iPhone or iPod Touch with photos from your camera roll or Instagram FEATURES Collage inspired layouts Grab any photo from Instagram or your camera roll Easy signin to Instagram Tap and hold to rearrange photos Add ...    3 MB    Views 2823

Photos To Mac

Related Apps photos wifi web mac transfer download browser click button
+10    Photos To Mac directly transfers photos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac using a web browser. Easily transfer photos over WiFi. No cables or extra software required. How to Use: 1. First click "Transfer." 2. Then select your photos ...    2 MB    Views 7975

Picasa Pro

photos web picasa albums album multiple faster easy delete button
-3    Picasa let you manage your picasa web albums in an easy and faster way. One place to upload multiple gallery photos directly to your albums on picasa. Can create new album with just a button click. Upload to an existing Picasa web album ...    6 MB    Views 9525


+14    It is about camera roll preservation. A user's permission is needed for accessing a camera roll from iOS6. Please try the following method, when it becomes impossible to access a camera roll. "Setup" > "privacy" > "photograph" > "seriography machine" is turned ...    2 MB    Views 5167

SnapMe Pro

Related Apps photo email photos facebook button save sharing effects borders
+5    SnapMe Pro is an application that allows users reformatting photos by adding multiple colour filters, effects and borders, add captions to your photos and then save them or share the photos via Facebook or email. This version of SnapMe allows you adding not only ...    577 kb    Views 5801
Related Apps photos photo data devices sending choose device button transfer step
+4    This is pretty cool and simple tool which can transfer your photos/videos to other device using bluetooth. Both devices need to have BlueTrans, that's it [ How to use it ] You need prepare just 2 steps for sending photo/video, but if ...    5 MB    Views 8782
-5    FirstCamera is the musthave app for kids who love to take photos. Our 5 year old daughter would always ask to borrow our phones to take pictures. We'd end up with dozens of photos saved to the camera roll, mostly ...    7 MB    Views 3671

랜덤 포토

+5    This app shows random photos from internet. How to Use button : thumbnail size change ? button : reload image S button : Save button : remove ads 0.99    33 MB    Views 7916

WarpClock Italy

Related Apps photos clock camera version italy light application 560 button
+15    WarpClock is a clock application that contains a lot of photographs. You can freely set the kind of the clock, the position, the size, the color, the transparency, and the display parts. The clock hand can be moved by the finger. ...    83 MB    Views 6900
camera photo photos button collection don complete
+7    ◎Please don't use this camera app for those memorable shots. ◎Whoever you photograph, that person's face will be replaced with the face of Egashira 2:50. ◎Egashira 2:50 will make a lot of noise with his famous oneliners. Beware of the sound volume. ◎Try ...    13 MB    Views 5735
Related Apps photos photo click button photographs enjoy pictures set photograph sheets
+2    SosoCamera is a Multishot App. Compared to iPhone’s original App of taking photographs, it has two new functions: Multishot and photo filter. Click the left button to go into the Film List interface. You can scan photographs which you have taken here. Click ...    4 MB    Views 1697


Related Apps photos camera roll
+19    Dramatizer is a simple yet powerful app that allow you to make your photos more vibrant and dramatic. Dramatizer uses complex contrast limited adaptive histogram equalization algorithms. This process gives your photos remarkable results. Give your dull, dark and boring photos a completely ...    6 MB    Views 6778

Photo Flickr

photo flickr photos photographing tap button upload comment login enter
+16    Let's upload your photos for your friends with "Photo Flickr". You can upload easily your photographing photos. You can also enter your photo title and comment. Operation: Tap 'login' button to login to flickr. Enter your photo title and comment. Tap 'photographing' button to photograph. After photographing, ...    116 kb    Views 6064

Self Shoot

Related Apps photo iphone photos library screen shoot button shutter sound enabled
+3    Tired of trying to find where the shutter button is while taking a photo? The Self Shoot app solves this problem by allowing you to click anywhere on the iPhone screen to take a photo. Your whole iPhone screen is a ...    215 kb    Views 2221
camera photos iphone roll
-9    Easily create your own photobombs from any two photos on your iPhone and iPod Touch Use your device's camera to take photos or select them from your camera roll. Simply color the area of your bomb photo that you want ...    488 kb    Views 2199

Picasound Lite

Related Apps camera baby photo dog photos twitter facebook email button sound sounds roll hear
+1    When you want a smile, Picasound Capture pictures with ease by playing one of the sixteen (16) selectable sounds while you are taking a picture of that special Baby, Toddler, Dog, or Unsuspecting Adult to get the perfect photo every ...    14 MB    Views 3457
+4    Take a look into the future and see how you would look 10, 20, or even 50 years from now Capture or load photos and add wrinkles, glasses, and bald caps Features: Upload photos from your device via your camera roll ...    38 MB    Views 1012

That Photo Editor

photos photo work camera roll ink applications
-6    That Photo is a new and fun way to flow through and work with the pictures you have on your iPad. Flick, drag, and slide through your camera roll and other albums. Integrates with Ink so you can send your photos ...    10 MB    Views 5884
Related Apps facebook twitter photos rock instagram roll
+23    Say it loud. Rock it. Photo Editor. Your music speaks volumes about who you are. Now you can express that in pictures Whether its selfies, concert shots or the beauty of nature, that Rock and Roll attitude of yours can shine on ...    23 MB    Views 5045
Related Apps camera photos selfie button selfies held pictures
+6    Your timer. Your autocamera. You choose the time This way you can appear in your own photos. Take pictures without pressing the button. Now you can appear with all your friends in your pictures. Easy, simple and necessary. Perfect for selfies. Enter the ...    10 MB    Views 7998
Related Apps camera photograph button
+2    Featured in iTunes New & Noteworthy Japan,Thailand,Hong Kong Staff Favourites Australia,New Zealand The novel function is being developed. Please expect it. Take the photograph. A cool camera starts when the camera button ...    11 MB    Views 6534


video recording videos photos camera blink stop button timer
-5    Blink is designed to be a quick, elegant way to easily record video. Just launch the App and it will start recording. Close the App or touch the stop button to have your video automatically saved. You can take still photos while ...    693 kb    Views 3884

Transform Booth

Related Apps photos camera roll scary transform
+27    Transform your photos from blah to to scary. Simply take a picture, or use one from your Camera Roll and build a scary face from scratch. FEATURES: Loads and save photos to your Camera Roll Share to Facebook, Email and Twitter Add ...    10 MB    Views 3939

Roll Manager Free

Related Apps photos camera roll events manager access add
+11    Take charge of your Camera Roll. Roll Manager scans your Camera Roll and organizes all your photos into daily events. This makes it very easy to find the exact photo you're looking for. You can name events, add titles and ...    2 MB    Views 7041


Related Apps camera photo photos focus filters vignette roll button shutter effect motion
-2    Top 1 ranked in the Photo and Video Category in Korea app store. (Just 1 day _) Thank you very much for using CameraW ============================= Now, you can take amazing photos just like sample of screenshots so easily. Just select one in 22 ...    15 MB    Views 6454
Related Apps photos photo camera clean beautiful delete roll
+9    Clean is a beautiful tool for keeping your photo library sane. With an interface that'll feel instantly familiar, you swipe through your photos and decide which to keep and which to delete. The result? A clean camera roll with just ...    19 MB    Views 859


photos camera control roll shots
+1    Meet Camulum, the best way to take timed photos on your iPhone. Features include: Lots of control Use the forward or back camera, set values from 0100, give yourself extra time to run into the frame for that first shot; the control is ...    3 MB    Views 2059

Spy Shots

camera button click thumbnail
+17    For the discrete photographer. Ever worry about people watching you taking candid photos? This app makes it seem like you are reading a news website, click the camera button and a thumbnail turns into the camera viewer. Click the other ...    2 MB    Views 5757
Related Apps photos camera roll share friends swipe fastest
-6    Featured in the App Store's Best New Apps The FASTEST way to share from your camera roll Here's how it works: We'll show you recent photos you've taken, one at a time. Swipe up to share a photo with friends, ...    33 MB    Views 4468


photo photos original circle friend button
+28    First, you can choose on of the 16 photo frames, then please tap " Camera" button. You will find each photo frame has a vacant circle. If you take a photo of your friend's face through that circle, the picture ...    105 MB    Views 452

Instant Recorder

video videos recorder photo recording photos instant button record snap
-5    Tired of not being able to record videos instantly? With Instant Recorder record videos immediately when you open the app The best app that allows you to snap photos while recording video Very easy to use, includes flash button On / Off. ...    2 MB    Views 8465


Related Apps photos photo gif file needed button save tap device eye
+25    This is a fantastic app making naked eye 3D photos from ordinary 2D photos. You can create 3D vision without any aid equipment; neither special glasses nor any filters are needed. The only needed are your IDevice and your sought. How ...    7 MB    Views 4778


camera word art photograph screen picture button mail roll guide choose
+16    「Photo36」 is an application which compounds a photograph simply. A favorite picture is stuck on divided every direction 2 x2, 4x4, and 6x6 grid, and a picture is created. Let's create the art photograph well using a grid. The composition or edit which ...    2 MB    Views 9706


photos wallpaper device saved button cross change capture
+14    A wallpaper maker. Capture unique Christian Cross photos to use as wallpapers for your device. By pinching to zoom you can change the area that is captured. Photos are saved to your device. Use the builtin Photos app to "Use ...    4 MB    Views 9669

WarpClock Maldives

Related Apps photos clock camera version light application 400 button
-7    WarpClock is a clock application that contains a lot of photographs. You can freely set the kind of the clock, the position, the size, the color, the transparency, and the display parts. The clock hand can be moved by the finger. ...    94 MB    Views 3102
Related Apps iphone camera photos shutter button big pictures click screen
+1    Tired of missing the moment by trying to find the iPhone's small shutter button? Click Anywhere Camera allows you to take photos easily by converting your whole iPhone's screen into a big shutter button. Besides helping you take regular pictures, this utility ...    165 kb    Views 7324
Related Apps photos camera hide pass roll
-2    When you pass your phone to share photos with your friends or family members, they may accidentally swipe to other photos. You probably want to hide them. Instead of hiding photos, show only some of your photos with this app. They can ...    7 MB    Views 7611

Selfie Machine

Related Apps photos button selfie machine
+5    Selfie Machine You don't need to push the button anymore. There is you can take a photo with countdown button. Photos saved in your own album. You can share photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can send your photos to ...    3 MB    Views 69
Related Apps web photos map button places picture random place site
+26    Three buttons to use chance to explore your photos, places and the Web. Shoodle is an app with only three buttons. The blue button Shows you a random picture chosen from all your photos. The pink button Displays a map with ...    9 MB    Views 3754
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