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Little Snaps

+8    A photo a day, a video forever. All it takes is one photo every day. Little Snaps is your opportunity to create an everlasting reminder of your little one’s precious younger years. Once you have a few photos in your gallery, ...    NAN    Views 8071


+13    This camera app measures your battle point. Enjoy to measure your battle point and compare your friends. I show how to use the following. ① Start ScouterZ ② A face is detected by ScouterZ ③ If the face is detected, push "snap" button. ④ You need ...    7 MB    Views 9320
0    With Touch Cam you can use the whole screen as a large release button Camera features: BIG RELEASER: The whole screen can be used as release button TIME STAMP: Shows date and time of the picture at the bottom border Photosharing: Send photos via ...    1 MB    Views 695


Related Apps video screenshots image choose slide save touch screen button
+26    Every time when I try to take screenshots from video. It’s end with “Home” or “Lock” screen. Then, I decided to make an application that take screenshots from video. How to use. Choose video. Slide a seek bar and Touch "Capture" button ...    3 MB    Views 7522

Zoom'N Crop

photo iphone camera library picture crop choose zoom button screen
0    Ever annoyed when you're taking a photo with your iphone but find that you cannot zoom? Having problems with your photo's composition? Want to take pictures other than the default 16:9 sizing? Or simply want to crop a part of ...    720 kb    Views 4487

Tron Text FX LITE

text button image undo create
+14    Easily create stunning, futuristic titles for websites, banners or posters or invitations without leaving the couch NOW WITH FASTER TEXT RENDERING Want to use background pictures from your photo library or camera? Now you can with a simple inapp purchase Type the ...    21 MB    Views 8125


search camera picture input pictures tap key button application
+5    Simple picture database application.It can search your own photos using key words and dates of taking pictures. [input] Tap camera button.And take a picture.Then you can input capion of that picture. [search] Input a key word and a period of time.Tap search button.And you ...    230 kb    Views 7587
+28    This is a photograph collection application program that copies Okinawan beauty scene. The Cobalt blue ocean, the Blue sky, nature, and the tradition. Please enjoy the color. It is about 40 Okinawan's cut out from a small island of the best selection. [operation] To ...    18 MB    Views 4413


photo camera tap button icon mosaic
+11    This is a easy mosaic camera. Very simple and useful. You will put the mosaic easily people and things that do not want reflected in the photograph. [how to use] You swipe the screen with a finger. [save photo] Tap the camera icon button. [Load photo] Tap the ...    11 MB    Views 8792
+27    SosoCamera is a Multishot App. Compared to iPhone’s original App of taking photographs, it has two new functions: Multishot and photo filter. Click the left button to go into the Film List interface. You can scan photographs which you have taken here. Click ...    4 MB    Views 1697

Selfie Pro

selfie pro image option effects push button includes screen
+6    Looking to take the perfect selfie? Selfie Pro includes all the tools you need. It starts with the screen. Take a look at your camera now and do a selfie. Notice that the image taken is not the image on your ...    29 MB    Views 8180
video sound bottom button
0    MySound is the video editing application that can compose sound effects in the your video. Watching the tutorial 1.Select a video from the button at the bottom right. 2.Create a new sound from the button at the bottom center. 3.Export the photo album the ...    59 MB    Views 8256

Shoot Around

camera iphone photo library shoot button press picture laser ipod
+8    Developed by my 13 year old son. Here is his description Now the whole world has to watch out for you. Using the power of the iPhone, you can "shoot" at people/objects around you, with or without them knowing. It shows you ...    184 kb    Views 5242

Braille Eye

photo braille translate eye aria button scanning image
+4    You can read translated braille with Braille Eye Braille Eye can translate braille to string from your image in the iPhone. Usage: Move scanning aria and Just Click "translate" Button, translated strings will be shown as Button Label. Features: Select or Take photo and ...    718 kb    Views 9101


camera time image reality images live put real button
-2    Do you want to see your girlfriend's image framed with roses (like a heroine from a Japanese girls manga) ? Do you want snowy winter scenery even when it's not cold ? OK, you can use DecorReality You can also ...    847 kb    Views 4799


photos button color palette mosaic hide brush
+8    This app mosaic photos you have, by simple operation. You just swipe your finger anywhere. Differs from other apps, it is the place where you can specify the color of the mosaic. So, you can and you can turn it off or hide ...    9 MB    Views 4784
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0    Now you can create your own original Button Badge Design on your iPhone and iPod touch Button Badge Maker has lots of options to help you design your cool Buttons You can also design round logos, coasters and round stickers Options ...    14 MB    Views 6636
Related Apps photo interface button press album
0    find a pretty girl? someone is stealing? no allowing photographing? many other situations... you want to take a shot ,but it's an an awkward or inconvenient time to pull out the camera? Don't worry. this application can make you grab a photo without anyone knowing ...    2 MB    Views 8945
0    Your iPhone change to Photo Frame with this app You see your photos in slideshow with your music. You only photos button on the bellow and select your photos in your camera roll. And you touch music button you can select your music ...    42 kb    Views 8846

Spy Snapshot

Related Apps video iphone photo background button note picture
-5    AppStore App rules: take photo must make a sound, I couldn't explain how to disable it. Please think about it, very easy :) TAKE PICTURE & VIDEO, no preview, no taken image. It seens that you are Browsing a web page about ...    1 MB    Views 1417

Distress alert

email alert setup location button
-9    Click on the alert button to send a distress alert with a front and rear camera photo, a Map location and a location address. The distress alert will be sent to an email (up to 2) that you define in the ...    260 kb    Views 8383
Related Apps sketch photo drawing color image effects button tap tool
+15    Color Sketch provides an amazing tool that turn your photo into an instant sketch art . Choose photo from the your album or capture one from your camera. Press down image button to create sketch effects. Adjustment of drawing line ...    14 MB    Views 5056

Kids Photo Journal

Related Apps photo photos kids journal create monthly button daily choose
+3    A special photo journal made for kids With colorful and creative screens that will refresh memorable photos of your kids. You can take as many photos as you want for the day. You can choose the best "Photo of the Day", ...    3 MB    Views 3552

Ray Shield

adjusting ray image users icon button slider adjustments view
+1    RAY SHIELD is an image browsing/adjusting software that is integrated with the adjustments of Brightness/Contrast/RGB Colors/Hue/Saturation/Exposure/Temperature/Sepia. The distinction is that RAY SHIELD combines all the adjustments in one algorithm. It means that users are able to preview all adjusting effects ...    904 kb    Views 5534


-1    Please forgive the poor English. This app is an app for taking pictures of the cats and animals. This app is equipped with a Voice and sound effects of cats and dogs and other. You can take advantage of the shutter button and ...    9 MB    Views 7406

Bracket Mode

Related Apps time mode analysis image real shutter save preview button
+23    HDR photography is fun... Waiting minutes to get the results is not Introducing Bracket Mode, now capture your under/over exposed pictures in a blink of an eye and merge them later using your favorite HDR app or desktop application. Featuring real ...    748 kb    Views 599

Film Photo Scanner

Related Apps photo cards photos iphone convert button instant save
+6    The FPS is the easiest way to capture through iPhone's camera and convert all your slides, negatives, photo and name card into the digital save. Convert 35mm slide and transfer negative into positives. Convert photos and name cards by predefined ...    6 MB    Views 3111
+3    This is an application for adding cool texts with various textures to photographs. □□□ How to use □□□ 1. Tap "Photo" button to add a photograph 2. Tap "Text" button to add a text 3. Edit font color / texture font size font name transparency outline ...    23 MB    Views 9763
Related Apps iphone photos glass touch ipod button tap
+13    From the Makers of the Smash Hit Wobble App SplatFace Swing that phone Splat your Friends Choose a Friend or Bikini Babe, then splat them into the glass of your iPhone or iPod Touch. Works just like Wobble, except instead of ...    1 MB    Views 9943
Related Apps photos color select button play pattern message
0    BREATH is an application to play to blow off a photo in breath. How to play is simple 1. Select Photos, Color, or Pattern of the foreground 2. Select Photos, or Color of the background 3. Tap the Start button Please blowing the home button ...    10 MB    Views 1885
Related Apps iphone camera photos shutter button big pictures click screen
+8    Tired of missing the moment by trying to find the iPhone's small shutter button? Click Anywhere Camera allows you to take photos easily by converting your whole iPhone's screen into a big shutter button. Besides helping you take regular pictures, this utility ...    165 kb    Views 7324

Mascot Camera

photo camera character button rectangle
0    Mascot Camera make your ordinary photos miracle one. "I saw orange fairy last night", " I found a macho man on my car handle". You can take such a miracle photo by this app Push rectangle button of left bottom corner, ...    7 MB    Views 8606
Related Apps text photo add texts font button size tap
+15    This is an application for adding texts to photographs very easily and quickly. □□□ How to use □□□ 1. Tap "Load Photo" button to add a photograph 2. Tap "Add Texts" button to add texts 3. Edit color/pattern, font size, font name 4. Add an outline ...    16 MB    Views 3499

랜덤 포토 2

button random
-5    Random Photo 2 This app shows random photos from internet. No AD How to Use button : thumbnail size change ? button : reload image S button : Save    32 MB    Views 7774
Related Apps photos photo iphone indicator friends button
+30    Best Italian App [Photo & Video] [ iPad | iPhone | Mac ] 2013/14 Smiley is a smart assistant to shoot amazing group photos without any external help. Just lay your iPhone on a table and press the ...    4 MB    Views 1678

Band Extras

camera microsoft text band tile sync button create note barcode set type
0    Band Extras is a utility supplement for the Microsoft Band. The Microsoft Health App is required for the initial setup. "Tile Spaces Available" can not be 0. Notes: To create a Note Tile, type a note or copy and paste text into ...    1 MB    Views 6947
sketch photo drawing color image effects button tap tool
-2    Color Sketch provides an amazing tool that turn your photo into an instant sketch art . Choose photo from the your album or capture one from your camera. Press down image button to create sketch effects. Adjustment of drawing line ...    20 MB    Views 8808

Self Shoot

-8    Tired of trying to find where the shutter button is while taking a photo? The Self Shoot app solves this problem by allowing you to click anywhere on the iPhone screen to take a photo. Your whole iPhone screen is a ...    215 kb    Views 2221


photo camera times resolution button touch operation simple
-6    ImageCompactor is Limited functionality of “ImageDoubler”, is adversion. A very simple operation, You can reduce the size of the photo. Not only reduced simple, beautiful and smooth, you can modify 1/2 times, by 1/3. For example, you can fix low resolution (1/2 times, ...    3 MB    Views 2895


button canvas colorize features
+24    This is Toonalizer It creates cartoonish versions of your preferred photos by the touch of a button. Then, colorize it yourself using a free style canvas or get a little help from our app Features: Easy customization of toon features Finger drawing canvas ...    956 kb    Views 6862


photo hours days reminders random button snap countdown
+2    PictureTime™ the most thoughtful photo app designed to capture moments that everyone usually misses PictureTime reminds YOU to get that moment. Simply setup the duration to run for hours, days, or weeks. and PictureTime will give you random reminders to snap ...    9 MB    Views 9321

No-Button Cam

Related Apps button cam tap
-1    Feel lazy to tap and capture the image/photo? then try this app. No Button Cam is an app that totally "Button Free". There's no button inside the app. How to Use? No more touch or tap in the app, swipe your finger to control ...    208 kb    Views 8847


Related Apps photo tattoo button image tap easy
+20    Easy Tattoo Camera [[ how to use. ]] You Prepare the image and symbols tattoo . (back color is white.) screenshot images of the tattoo of the Internet. and take a photo of tattoo image. 1: Tap to launch Photo library button. 2:Select picture 3: Drag ...    7 MB    Views 7125

cards iphone photos photo button convert 350 save instant
+21    The is the easiest way to capture through iPhone's camera and convert all your slides, negatives, photo and name card into the digital save. Convert 35mm slide and transfer negative into positives. Convert photos and name cards by predefined ...    5 MB    Views 5880

랜덤 포토

-8    This app shows random photos from internet. How to Use button : thumbnail size change ? button : reload image S button : Save button : remove ads 0.99    33 MB    Views 7916
photo camera people email photos inspiration share split layouts create button
-2    ▶ Split your camera into several parts to combine interesting photos, blend the boundary and adjust each part, apply various effects and share to social networks. With unlimited imagination, you can produce incredible photos with Splitter Pro. ► WHAT YOU CAN ...    15 MB    Views 6056
Related Apps camera photograph button
+7    Featured in iTunes New & Noteworthy Japan,Thailand,Hong Kong Staff Favourites Australia,New Zealand The novel function is being developed. Please expect it. Take the photograph. A cool camera starts when the camera button ...    11 MB    Views 6534
Related Apps shooting timer button delay shutter
+2    Top 1 Self Timer Application Self Timer allows you to delay the shutter release, giving you time between pushing the button and taking the actual photo. Once you push the button, a beeping sound is emitted which becomes faster ...    987 kb    Views 5585
camera photo photos folder buttons button hundreds
0    Picsort has been designed with you in mind. Have you ever searched for a photo you took last week, only to scroll through hundreds of photos only to have lost what you were looking for? Picsort helps you divide your personal and professional ...    10 MB    Views 4842
Related Apps camera photograph beautiful automatic function date sending switch button model
+27    It keeps free now. "Beautiful Photograph Camera" is a camera application to correct the taken photograph to a beautiful photograph by the automatic operation. A variety of bad conditions such as dark places and backlights become beautiful photographs by the automatic operation. Moreover, ...    7 MB    Views 5563

WarpClock Maldives

Related Apps photos clock camera version light application 400 button
+16    WarpClock is a clock application that contains a lot of photographs. You can freely set the kind of the clock, the position, the size, the color, the transparency, and the display parts. The clock hand can be moved by the finger. ...    94 MB    Views 3102


screen preview button chosen tap photograph small
+4    If MiniCamera is used, a photograph can be taken on a small preview screen. Function A photograph can be taken on a small preview screen. The position of the button which displays a preview screen can be changed freely. The size ...    449 kb    Views 5822

Photo Comment Maker

Related Apps photo text library comment comments click button application add create album
-4    Nowadays allowing people to publish photos as comments has become very popular in social media sites like facebook. These photo comments can be used for various purposes. Mainly is to bug your friends also this can be used as a ...    7 MB    Views 8742

Say Bacon

camera capture shutter button sound attention hold easy
0    Hiro, my Shiba Inu, is a really terrific dog but he has the attention span of a gnat. Trying to get him to sit pretty and look at the camera was almost impossible. That is why I came up with ...    516 kb    Views 5871


stamp frame button original image create select ads screen
-7    "HANKO Maker" is an app to make original seal briefly. There are 51 types 100, is the basic frame for Hanko Hanko original. In the ability to create original stamp, you can create original stamp his name or pseudonym. After you create a ...    12 MB    Views 2459


videos facebook voice photo email share great watermark button friends create
-4    PixnTalk adds your voice to any picture and creates a personalized video you can share on Facebook, Tumblr, or via email. How to use pixntell: 1. Select a photo from the carousel or photo album. 2. Hold the Record button and begin talking. 3. ...    7 MB    Views 4504

Pro Photo Album

photo photos videos folder slide create shows date folders album button
+14    iPhoto Album Now you can save all photos and videos taken in you iPhone in a heretical folders and sub folders for your convenience. You can name each photo in a meaningful name give it a description that will show in the ...    2 MB    Views 5284


Related Apps toggle facing cell view button
+5    Formed in January 2014, .5ppi (pronounced “point five pee pee eye”) is an artist collective specializing in collaborative sitespecific printmaking installations. This application allows users to view their environment in .5 PPI. Toggle between frontfacing and rearfacing cameras Use the slider ...    42 MB    Views 6561
Related Apps photos iphone photo time button snap volume shots zoom digital
-9     50% off introductory sale for a limited time only  User Reviews:  "The ability to use the volume button to take the photo is the best part I would have paid .99 just for that ability" Kelly Kapowski "I love this ...    1 MB    Views 8228


Related Apps pictures instagram button tap
+3    VoxCamera lets you take pictures by saying "Cheese" or "Smile".  There is no need to tap a button. Use VoxCamera when you take selfportraits. when you take closeup pictures. when you take pictures with difficult angles This app eliminates camera shake when you ...    NAN    Views 8402
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