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+30    Make some memorable mashups for Valentine's Day Transform yourself using the amazing LOVEYAPP app. It’s easy: take a selfie and place it into one of our crazy LOVEYAPP images. Size it. Position it. Experience our awesome animations and cool sound ...    86 MB    Views 6057

Lumu Pinhole

+25    This app is designed to work with a Lumu light meter. Get your Lumu at Lumu is a light meter for the iPhone. Changing the way we think about light meters. For photographers with a heartbeat, individuals with a lifestyle, ...    15 MB    Views 334

Cubism Camera Free

camera photo collage light part
+23    Cubism Camera is the camera app that can take a picture in part. Take your own collage photo with touching the screen. You can get photo in part . Let's make your own collage photo ,looking like a zigsaw puzzle. SPEC レ Available to using Front ...    1 MB    Views 4351
+1    With this camera simulator you can try different aperture and shutters to affect a photos light, depth and motion blur. Try also to change the camera’s light sensitivity by manipulating its ISO value. A higher ISO value gives higher sensitivity ...    10 MB    Views 6787


photos bokeh effects color light change
-1    Add fun bokeh light effects to your photos Simply select your color scheme and start drawing bokeh directly on your photo. Features Draw bokeh light effects directly on your photos. Circle, heart, star or hexagon bokeh shapes. Multiple bokeh color gradients ...    3 MB    Views 1242
camera photos videos media photo time import passcode keypad secret box break
+7    Now you can import your private photos and videos unlimited for FREE Exclusive Features: ✓ AR camera keypad: Make people think that this is a camera. When you pass the palm of your hand in the front of the camera, the ...    8 MB    Views 4904
0    "Turn your iPad into a professional studio lighting system." Note: This is a lighting app, NOT a camera app, please use another camera device to take the actual photos. The best selling soft box app in the world Ranked ...    4 MB    Views 6105

Poster Boards

+2    Poster Boards Poster board (posterboard) is a type of display board used for displaying posters and other flat print matter. Can create in a variety of colors and is significantly size no bar. It can be particularly light and flimsy, ...    3 MB    Views 4150
+20    A private place to keep the best from your life's journey: Photos, SMS, chats, tweets, comments, pokes, likes, snaps, flirt, selfies, flowers, gifts, poetry, quotes, magic, love... and everything that makes your universe light up • Built for eternal safekeeping of ...    39 MB    Views 7547
-4    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Nobody is able to resist cute, playful and childlike puppies and kittens Pet Style Photo Box is a great app for you and your little friend. Make unique eyecatching collage of two of you with our cool ...    4 MB    Views 1116


light color source intensity
0    LightCompanion is hand held light source that you can adjust the color and intensity with the touch. all you have to do is chose the color, then choose the intensity of the light. Perfect for the videographer or photographer looking ...    28 MB    Views 9532

Album for Box

Related Apps photos photo iphone box album upload widget account view enable stored
-6    You are using as a cloud storage, and you store all your photos in it. Not really great to browse within all the folders to see them right? Album for Box provide and easy way to look at all your ...    8 MB    Views 8507


flickr iphone photos view image box account tap images centre
+27    SeeView is the revolutionary 3D image browser which makes viewing photos on your iPhone fun. SeeView for the iPhone/iPod Touch currently works with images on Flickr. If you don't have an account on Flickr you can view photos based on a ...    664 kb    Views 3905
media music apple photos movies stream devices streaming amazon box
-6    Instantly stream your favorite music, photos and movies to your smart TV, Chromecast, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Xbox and many more. The complete streaming solution for your iOS device. Simple and intuitive design makes it very easy to stream all your ...    6 MB    Views 376
Related Apps camera photos page preview screen silent box small perfect
+27    A Silent Camera that is truly usable and discreet It is perfect for taking discrete photos while you are at the theater, and still seeing what are you shooting at. capture images and videos without disturbing the audience. the preview image ...    22 MB    Views 2859


photos videos music family iphone home games browse phone play set top box controller control
+10    Huawei MControl is a media sharing and simulation remote controller application for Huawei intelligence set top box. It lets you wirelessly share videos, photos, music. The photos that your phone just taken instantly show on TV. It also makes your ...    11 MB    Views 3047
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+13    • 4.5 out of 5 stars "Video editing while on the move has never been so convenient" "It's impressive stuff, with Pinnacle Studio conveniently treading the path between simple yet powerful." This special version of Pinnacle Studio requires a ...    NAN    Views 3660

social light

social light fast edit created
+2    Social light is a chic and modern way to edit your photos on the go, crafted uniquely for the fastpaced lifestyle. The user friendly design offers 17 filter options and introduces a new way to edit contrast & brightness. The ...    18 MB    Views 4166


+6    Remarks now integrated with box, add some "Remarks" to your box files. Picture is worth a thousand words. Introducing Remarks, an easy way to put "Remarks" on your photos or pictures. Builtin Camera in App ∙Take photo or choose existing photo from library ...    3 MB    Views 8297


photos videos audio box send support cloud easy notes
-2    NOTE: There's currently a problem with uploading to Box. I'm working on a fix and hope to have it up soon. A Dropbox or Box account is required to use this app. Have you ever wanted an easy way to ...    4 MB    Views 4804
photos photo videos time browse video library files folders friends box add shared
-6    Albums for Box provides a simple, fast and elegant way to browse, upload and share your photos and videos for your Box storage. You can collaborate with your friends via shared folders. You can just create a shared folder and ...    7 MB    Views 7200

Light Burn

photos light burn
+5    Light Burn is the best way to add light leaks and flares to your photos. Choose from 20 custom made filters to bring your photos to the next level. Adjust the opacity, hue, and orientation of the filter and then ...    34 MB    Views 5935
media photos apps videos security box place files access built
0    Flo Box II All Your Files in One Place Convenience Personified One Mighty App Storing all your media on your iPhone or iPad can get pretty messy these days. You have your music, your videos and your photos all ...    8 MB    Views 9784

Pic Pop

photos family kids picture pic box pop tap double setup
0    Pic Pop is a fun interactive slide show application created with toddlers in mind. Add photos of your family, friends and pets to the Pic Pop box. Tap the Pic Pop box to cycle through the pictures. Double tap picture ...    1 MB    Views 4749

Best Camera Flash

-5    Have you ever taken the perfect picture, only to find out later that there wasn't enough light? Maybe there was too much light. Use Camera Flash to brighten or darken your photos. FEATURES: Add flash to your photos Remove light from your ...    2 MB    Views 5316


Related Apps meter light
+23    Luxi is a light meter app for iPhone. With the Luxi diffusion dome accessory, available at, Luxi gives accurate, reliable light meter readings for photography and other applications.    3 MB    Views 2309
photo photos time facebook love flickr creative box soft www remote light http
+3    We know you will love it if you try it {{ NOTE: This app is a SOFT BOX, a lighting device often seen in studios, meant for creative shooting of subjects. Please familiarize yourself with what a SOFT BOX ...    18 MB    Views 3700

My Baby Selfie

+13    BabySelfie allows your baby to take a photo of him himself. You only need to push the "Power On Camera" button. When your baby touch the screen a photo is taken and saved to the photo library. To see the ...    4 MB    Views 2541

Box Camera

photos camera photo contrast save color temperature box exposure filters
+24    Free for a limited time Box Camera lets you take photos with presets. You can adjust photo settings like filters, contrast, color temperature and exposure before and after shooting. FEATURES 4 Presets Over 20 vintage filters Tilt Shift Exposure Contrast ...    15 MB    Views 4914


software tap light rainbow
0    This app started with a child's painting of a tornado rainbow. This was then turned into an interactive colorful, spinning, turning, twisting, 3 dimensional visualization with the colors of the rainbow. It functions nicely as a mood light as well, in ...    388 kb    Views 7916
Related Apps photo data password secure box contact master key
+4    Securely store and share and view your pictures in a PicShare Box Photo Locker. Just manage your one master password and PicShare Box secures the rest with secure, industry best security practices. Features Images can be taken from your camera or ...    5 MB    Views 9754
photo creative camera ipad photos time creativity facebook flickr box soft pro light lighting www shape
+7    PLEASE READ FIRST: Some customers have reported issues with iOS 8+. We will work on an update for this "It is the most feature rich Soft Box a photographer can buy and one you carry with you anywhere. If you want ...    9 MB    Views 5101

Available Light

light guide
+14    The sun is the big lamp, familiar to all photographers in the world. The ability to use this source of light, given the time of day, is one of the basic skills for any photographer. To create this interactive guide we ...    138 MB    Views 9006
Related Apps design flicker light awesome themes 425
0    After Flicker Light Memories deserve design, Contains 425 filters, Photos of your daily life and travelling can be depicted as the most memorable moment, Be a part of this awesome design expression through photography. ◉ MORE AWESOME FEATURES After Flicker Light provides ...    21 MB    Views 1604


photos box put
-3    Quickly organize your photos Ultrasimple operation of just put in a box Press and hold a photo. Let's put photos of memories into the box    6 MB    Views 9166
photos add fonts typography light speed
-6    Light Speed lets you add beautiful fonts and typography to your photos. It's the lightest and fastest way to add words to your photos. Choose from an array of amazing fonts.... Add gorgeous custom filters to your pics Share it however you want Please ...    20 MB    Views 7076
Related Apps audio video photos movie ipad editing media iphone facebook movies pinnacle studio create share full easily box
-9    • 4.5 out of 5 stars "Video editing while on the move has never been so convenient" "It's impressive stuff, with Pinnacle Studio conveniently treading the path between simple yet powerful." For people who want to have true, creative ...    119 MB    Views 6281

Coors Light Cold FX

+4    Add the excitement of Hollywoodstyle special effects to your videos and photos with the Coors Light Cold FX app. The action begins as soon as you choose from one of the super cold effects. Simply use a video or photo you ...    46 MB    Views 7432
photo photos videos video hide secret box unlock backup dropbox
-1    Hide pictures and videos Keep safe & Lock photos Sectos is a handy app to keep your sensitive photos & videos in secret. We use high secure algorithm and custom mechanism to protect your photos. It's well integrated with Dropbox to ...    6 MB    Views 5933
camera photo collage light part
0    Cubism Camera is the camera app that can take a picture in part. Take your own collage photo with touching the screen. You can get photo in part . Let's make your own collage photo ,looking like a zigsaw puzzle. SPEC レ Available to using Front ...    64 kb    Views 5600

Aura Photo

-1    iPhone 5S/5C not supported All living beings are surrounded by selfemitted light. Plants, animals, people, everything alive emits energy that is called an aura. An aura is divided into three main layers: the first one or permanent, the second one or ...    159 MB    Views 5151
photos videos share pictures easy download box life days points
+2    Easy to share pictures and videos Still use email and whatsapp to send pictures? Dump them, share an entire album in one click with this app 【Easy to use】 1、Set a box name to upload photos and videos. 2、Enter box name, view and download ...    4 MB    Views 4318
+7    A light meter that is always in your pocket. Full of features it is indispensable for film photography with all manual camera. Measures reflected light, and allows reciprocity calculations. Simple yet powerful app to measure light. Have any question? Write us:    4 MB    Views 226

Soft Box Color

Related Apps ipad soft turn box color
+6    A Soft Box application for your iPad with color filters. Be sure to turn your screen brightness up before using this app. This app will turn your iPad into a lighting system used for photo shoots. perfect for the photographer ...    1 MB    Views 4887
photo creative photography facebook time creativity flickr ipad photos textures box soft www light http remote
+2    We are bringing something NEW to photography {{ NOTE: This app is a SOFT BOX, a lighting device often seen in studios, meant for creative shooting of subjects. Please familiarize yourself with what a SOFT BOX is before downloading ...    49 MB    Views 1278
photo effects galaxy light
-2    Unleash your imagination with the Galaxy Light FX's wide array of incredible photo effects and filters. This is photo enhancement at its best. And after all is said and done, there will only be one word left to describe what ...    14 MB    Views 4142
iphone camera facebook photos flickr lighting pro softbox support box soft
+10    "Turn your iPhone into a professional studio lighting system." Note: This is a lighting app, NOT a camera app, please use another iPhone or camera to take the actual photos. If you are still unsure what this app does, please ...    3 MB    Views 1302


Related Apps presentation people camera library shooting photo reading photograph box function slide display show album pdf
+22    The OMOIDE BOX box is application to manage the photograph which is in your iPhone/iPad. You can appreciate a photograph slowly and carefully alone. In addition, you can show a photograph to spectators. This App can perform reading of the detailed ...    3 MB    Views 3963
photos people photo share stuff items friends box exchange give sell lot
0    Snap & Share your stuff with friends. What is SPIKE BOX? You can use SPIKE BOX to take pictures of things you're not using anymore and share them with friends. It's easy to give, exchange, rent, buy or sell items with your friends. Unlike ...    7 MB    Views 2113


iphone light scene create
+7    ⭐ PocketRay is a magical app that simulates the flow of light in a 3D scene that you create ⭐ Create, edit and render amazing photos and backgrounds using diffuse, glossy and glass materials. Any object is a light source and ...    2 MB    Views 9825


golden light perfect hour
0    Golden light is a golden hour calculator that tells you when the sun rises and sets on any day at any place on earth. It will give you a window of time when the sunlight is perfect for photos, video, ...    16 MB    Views 2954
Related Apps photo bokeh add beautiful effects shapes light
-9    InstaBokeh helps you add awesome bokeh light effects to your photo with just few taps Simply select bokeh shape and tap your photo, then you will get a beautiful photo. FEATURES + 19 beautiful bokeh shapes + Add random color of bokeh lights ...    6 MB    Views 1199

Exposure Tool

time light long exposure conditions elements
+30    Long time exposure photography involves using a longduration shutter speed to sharply capture the stationary elements of images while blurring, smearing, or obscuring the moving elements. Long exposures are easiest to accomplish in lowlight conditions, but can be done in brighter ...    700 kb    Views 609
photo creativity creative photos ipad facebook photography flickr time symbol box soft www http light symbols
+9    We are bringing something NEW to photography {{ NOTE: This app is a SOFT BOX, a lighting device often seen in studios, meant for creative shooting of subjects. Please familiarize yourself with what a SOFT BOX is before downloading ...    9 MB    Views 5500
Related Apps photo free image light editor zoom size
+25    With effects, overlays, and borders to personalize any image, free Pixlr Express is a fun and free photo editor that lets you quickly crop, resize, and fix any picture, remove redeye, and whiten teeth. You can zoom in, zoom out sticker ...    8 MB    Views 6361

Light Magick

photo colors free line magick light
+14    Light Magick add beautiful glow effect to your photo. Easy to use just move your finger or tap on the photo. Free line and colors Free text, fonts and colors 100 of Shapes and colors Edit Undo, Redo and Reset Share to other apps Instagram, Facebook, ...    8 MB    Views 1620

Memory Box Stories

photos family people audio facebook twitter camera wedding photo time stories memories memory share box day safe connect
0    Discover, create and share stories that bring memories to life. Memory Box, is designed to capture memories as you make them, from busy parents capturing their children’s early years to older family members reminiscing over boxes of old photographs. We all ...    15 MB    Views 7432

RetroLight Lite

light red
+4    RetroLight is perfect image editing app for the good old days of traditional photography. Red,Yellow,Brown,Red.....colorful light leak 30 light leaks Opacity Slider to control effect and style strength Share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more RetroLight's simple design, paired with powerful ...    16 MB    Views 1572


working slides box light
+10    Your iPhone is your new Light Box for on the go. You are a good photographer, still working with slides and negatives? Here is your new portable Light Box. Set the color temperature and brightness you need with a tap of ...    9 MB    Views 8267
camera family photos apps dropbox capture sync box devices full export features
+14    Bypass the Camera Roll and Save directly to Dropbox Camera box is a full featured Dropbox camera app offering full Dropbox Sync capabilities, with Camera box there's no need for the usual complicated import/export processes or opening multiple apps, Simply ...    2 MB    Views 2963
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