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Scrap It HD

+11    Scrap It redefines digital scrapbooking. The best user experience, high quality art, and unparalleled control makes the art of scrapping even more fun. Scrap It is also proud to introduce Scrapboards. Similar to scrapbooks, organize your scrap pages into Scrapboards. ...    369 MB    Views 4171

Write Photo + eMail

+18    Add colorful and fun drawings and notes to photos and send them as email messages Version 3.50 greatly improves writing speed and smoothness. Image loading and saving delays reduced by 90% EMAIL directly from your drawing. No app switching and ...    514 kb    Views 9320


+19    Your most beautiful memories in a handsome practical photobook. An ideal present for your loved ones as a souvenir of the good times or as a suprise gift for your relatives and friends. Briefly: For everyone who loves nice pictures. With this application ...    606 kb    Views 3586
books photo photos kids love iphone special easy book perfect beautiful
+1    Simply the best way to create a photo book from your iPhone. Use your photos to make something delightful in just a few minutes. 5Star Reviews: "I absolutely love SimplePrints. Easy to use and the books are beautiful" "Superb customer service" Build your ...    38 MB    Views 3050
+6    Skrappy is the fun and easy way to make beautiful photo albums, journals and scrapbooks using music, movies, voice memos, web pages, text and photos. Start a scrapbook using a theme, add content and you're done Or get creative by ...    28 MB    Views 3451
photo photos ebooks books facebook free words posters stories collage
+5    A picture is worth a thousand words and a few words make a picture even better. Especially years from now. Keep your photos and stories together forever in Timebox. Photos select your favorite photo or group of photos Stories add photo ...    12 MB    Views 47

Scrap&Brag LITE

photos scrapbook pages scrap frames words predefined objects
+8    Scrap & Brag is an iPhone and iPod Touch application that allows you to create scrapbook pages with your photos. You can take your photos and create your own scrapbook page with a large collection of predefined papers, embellishments, frames and ...    41 MB    Views 1007
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-5    Welcome to Picture Postie a super charged photo printing kiosk on your iPhone or iPad Easily order quality Photo Books, Prints, Canvas, Photo Blocks, Calendars, Wall Decals and more Create beautiful Photo Books up to 100 pages & Calendars ...    93 MB    Views 3466
photo photos videos text facebook library frame flickr collections folders frames albums dropbox pages
+4    Collections provides onestop solution to organize, present and even share your photos and videos in your desired layout for families, photography professionals, and business users. Collections allows you to create your photobooks, portfolio, mosaics, collages, slideshows, album folders and even ...    6 MB    Views 4014
+4    Quickly scan to PDF your books, documents, receipts. Easily highlight important passages with your finger in your choice of 4 colors. When you move your finger over text areas, ScanBlit automatically creates colorful highlights of the right size and position over the ...    3 MB    Views 7645
photography photographers books film van den nature images
+30    Phototips consists of a collection of apps aimed at improving your nature photography. The app includes: Interactive illustrations Tips for beginners and pros Description of how every image can be taken with your equipment Heinrich, Philip and Ingrid van den Berg ...    NAN    Views 4265
Related Apps photos pages saved
+7    This app is the result of multiple trips to the "industrial Midwest" in the past few years.  I've structured the app to create two ways of approaching the work: by engaging with the photos themselves, and by studying their interactions within ...    55 MB    Views 5966
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+18    Print your photos directly from your iPhone/iPad on multiple A4 pages. Now you don't have to pay other companies to print your posters or photos. Do it yourself with Photo Printer Pro and AirPrint You can specify which part of your ...    7 MB    Views 8659

Albelli Photo Books

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-9    The Albelli iPad app is a fun and easy way to create your photo book and order a printed copy. Simply drag, drop and tap to create a beautiful book in an instant Easily import your favourite photos from your ...    NAN    Views 7096
photo photos facebook videos video email personal work uploading upload batch pages
+2    The Best Facebook photo and video batch uploader and viewer just got Revolutionized iLoader HD takes the tedious uploading process and makes it fun and easier than ever iLoader HD makes viewing your and your friends’ photos and videos fun ...    24 MB    Views 2800

D3 Books

books device viewed viewing
-3    This is a library and viewing tool for D3 Books. Objects recorded in the D3 format can be downloaded and viewed on a handheld device. Unlike standard photographs or videos, images or portraits made of family and friends can be ...    9 MB    Views 3609
photo books photos time design discount book album templates soft pages
+5    Keep your memories into easy, stylish and affordable photo book any time Mags Inc, is a free application with which you can create photo album with excellent design in no time. There are a wide variety of highquality templates and you are ...    31 MB    Views 3592
books art prints products including nature materials order instagram
-2    We print your Instagram and Camera Roll images naturally using 100% sustainable materials. Use our easy app to fully customise and personalise your order, including drag and drop image reordering for montage products and photo books. To create perfect prints simply: Choose ...    18 MB    Views 5467


0    Love the idea of scrapbooking but just don’t have the time? Create collages, photo books and slideshows in minutes with PhotoPager “The fastest and easiest to use scrapbooking app for the iPad” iOS Developers Meetup of Orange County Create pages of ...    75 MB    Views 9045

Album Genie Pro

photos ipad videos audio photo voice media time video music album pro albums scrapbook memories pages
+14    Finally, a 21st century, multimedia scrapbook that does everything you’ve been wishing For the first time on the iPad, sort photos, videos, and more by customized categories, tap one button and ALBUM GENIE PRO creates albums for you. No more ...    69 MB    Views 1583


photo photos ipad books order favorite prints create
+30    Create your photo products anywhere at any time Save your memories with an order of your complete photo collection Order prints of your favorite photos Your favorite photos in large format as posters Tell a story in photos with photo ...    24 MB    Views 7001


books 2862 www application photograph chosen favorite http
+4    PhotoScrapBoardProは、まるでコルクボードに写真を貼るようなアプリケーションです。ベストショットを選択して、両親、友達、恋人と共有してみては?もちろん、自己満足でもかまいません使い方は簡単です。iPhoneまたはiPad内の写真を選択して、ボードの好きなところに配置できます。また、拡大/縮小や回転も可能です。 ※期間限定特価セール開催中 ●主な機能● ・カメラまたは写真ライブラリから写真を選択し、複数の写真を貼付ける事ができます。写真は拡大縮小、回転、移動ができます。 ・貼付けた写真には、切り抜き用のマスクを設定することで、写真を様々な形に切り抜く事ができます。 ・写真ごとにフレームを選択する事ができ、花柄やポラロイド等の写真に装飾できます。正方形、長方形(横)、長方形(縦)に設定出来ます。 ・写真へのモノトーン、セピア、明るさの設定、ぼかし等のフィルター機能があります。 ・背景はデフォルトを16個用意しました。また、背景は、カメラまたは写真ライブラリから選択できます。さらに、背景のモノトーン、セピア、回転(90°ごと)ができます。 ・背景用のフレームも16個用意しました。よりインパクトのある装飾を楽しめます。 ・日本語を含むテキストを貼付ける事ができます。テキストも写真同様、拡大縮小、回転、移動ができます。テキスト色は6色から選択出来ます。 ・簡単なお絵描きができます。ペンサイズ、ペン色、透明度等を設定し、写真の上から描く事ができます。 ・装飾用のアイコンを約150種類用意しました。花や宝石、吹き出しや矢印、レース等、よりいっそう作品を盛り上げてくれます。 ・貼付けたオブジェクトに対してロック/ロック解除する事ができます。 ・写真ライブラリに1コマンドで保存できます。 ※参考素材 本アプリの素材についてお気に入りの 方は、以下もご参考下さい。 (インプレスジャパン様) PhotoScrapBoardPro is the application which sticks a photograph on a corkboard completely. If a best shot is chosen and it shares with parents, a friend, and a sweetheart, of course, selfsatisfaction may be sufficient Usage is easy? The photograph in iPhone or ...    38 MB    Views 1650
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+6    Layout and produce perfect photo printouts. Use any AirPrint ready printer to print from your photo library and create 4 x 6 in postcards in minutes ready to dispatch, or choose other formats from the bunch of photo and page ...    10 MB    Views 6720
camera books email file image multi pdf documents scan select save
+20    SALE OFF 50 % Smart scanner help you scan your documents, books, receipts and save it to PDFs or Photo libs + Import image from Camera rolls, photos lib or take picture from camera + Select multi images as the same ...    6 MB    Views 338

Sweet Baby HD

+8    FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY REG 14.99 Get the 1 Baby Book for IOS FREE Sweet Baby HD: Tomorrow’s Link to Yesterday The next generation of baby book for the modern family. Preserve all your child's precious memories in beautiful digital ...    61 MB    Views 4832
photo photos home books countries book delivery print call create
+4    Our app is unique because we allow users to create photo books from iPhone camera photos and subsequently print the Photo Book at home FREE of Cost. We also deliver photobooks to over 50 countries for just 1 delivery charge. ...    75 MB    Views 8292
drawing photo photos email pages medium saved line view
+5    Add colorful and fun drawings and notes to photos and send them as email messages. Version 3.50 greatly improves writing speed and smoothness. Image loading and saving delays reduced by 90% EMAIL directly from your drawing. No app switching and ...    565 kb    Views 4171


0    The social photo book. Jnuine lets you create realtime photo books with your friends and family. BETTER TOGETHER Create a photo album from the mobile app and invite participants. It's on Everyone captures the moment and reacts to others' contributions. Every instant from ...    7 MB    Views 3533

Cats of Instagram

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-8    Cats of Instagram let you browse the most cute , lovely , adorable and hilarious cats on this planet. This is a fully functional app that built from ground up for the cat fans. With this app you can ; 1 Browse ...    24 MB    Views 9078

Project Life

photos library card cards camera photo pages options scrapbooking project completed designs page
+3    Imagine scrapbooking without scissors or adhesive or tools … or without having to print photos Never before has scrapbooking been so easy, so fast, or so available in the palm of your hand The Project Life App takes simplicity to ...    88 MB    Views 1546


video videos recording photo effects shoot choose record pages favorite
+4    All Effects are Realtime Have a photo booth in the palm of your hand ModMyCam is a photo and video recording app that allows you to take pictures and videos using state of the art effects. Turn your camera into a ...    2 MB    Views 9771

Front Page Snapper

newspaper twitter photos front page friends required pages
-5    Put yourself on the front page with Front Page Snapper. Using Front Page Snapper you can create newspaper front pages with your photos and share them with your friends. Features: Take photos or choose from your iPhone or iPod touch photo ...    5 MB    Views 9054
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+25    i Get… Going to Fireworks is an application providing a photo social skill story for individuals that need support in understanding the process of watching fireworks. Twelve icons with real picture images are used to illustrate the sequence of events. ...    27 MB    Views 7983
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-7    Make your album on your mobile. Add photos from your mobile or computer, our app is taking care of everything Back from a sunny paradise? Don't rely only on you tan to impress your friend Get your photos printed in a ...    NAN    Views 3960

iAlbum HD

photo photos ipad virtual library album pages albums covers high custom professional
+20    iAlbum HD is a professional grade virtual photo album for the iPad. It has been designed specifically for the professional photographer or photo studio, and optimized for the new iPad Retina display. Photography and photo studio professionals can use iAlbum ...    104 MB    Views 679
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-3    Zenbook is a new way to get the photos off your phone and into your home Use the photos on your phone to instantly make photo books from an entire year, a custom date range, your favorites, or from albums ...    11 MB    Views 8146

My Album

music text photos playing video drawing ipad email photo album pages background albums page number
+1    VIDEO PRESENTATION: UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATION AND CREATE FANTASTIC ALBUMS ON IPAD App "My Album" combines photos, clipart, fancy text, freehand drawing and music into beautiful photo albums. This app provides enormous number of features. Create as many albums as you want ...    17 MB    Views 818

My Album FREE

+20    This app combines photos, clipart, fancy text, freehand drawing and music into beautiful photo albums. VIDEO PRESENTATION: UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATION AND CREATE FANTASTIC ALBUMS ON IPAD This app provides enormous number of features. Create as many albums as you want and put ...    17 MB    Views 4029

Album App Lite

ipad photo work facebook twitter album albums themes pages mail create features
+23    Warning: Lite version of Album App, limitation of 2 albums with 2 pages each. All of the functions are available Missing iPhoto on your iPad? Album App is an iPad app designed to create full featured digital albums. In ...    30 MB    Views 5332
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+24    Create and print your own customized Photo Book with Moleskine’s acclaimed binding materials and fine Italian ivorycolored paper, right from your tablet. Your personal achievements and experiences can live on in a physical form that is even more of an exact ...    45 MB    Views 5196
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-7    Souvenir: A nicer way to look at photos on your iPad. Optimized for the new Retina display Easy photo albums Souvenir turns the pictures on your iPad into virtual photo books, with covers you design. It's also Retinaready, for ...    106 MB    Views 3988

Album App Mini Lite

Related Apps facebook work twitter album albums themes pages mail features user lite lots
+6    Warning: Lite version of Album App, limitation of 2 albums with 2 pages each. All of the functions are available Missing iPhoto on your iPhone/iPod Touch? Album App Mini is designed to create full featured digital albums. In a ...    30 MB    Views 5813
books videos safari wildlife east interactive african information additional
-5    Ultimate Safari experience in East Africa is an unforgettable journey of a lifetime. This App is an interactive guide for inspiration and reliving an East African Safari. Wildlife is presented in the form of interactive books, slideshows and videos for you ...    15 MB    Views 5703
ebook photo books files ftp exported book pdf
+28    eBook Style Photo Album & MP3 Player Features: + Create your own photo album from existing photos, PDF files and MP3 files. + No need to use iTunes to upload files. + Created eBook can be sent via FTP or Bluetooth to other devices + ...    27 MB    Views 5625

Album App

Related Apps ipad photo twitter photos facebook tools album albums create pages complete studio full
+11    Free for the 4th of July. Be sure to take some pictures and create your album in this ultimate iPad Photo Suite. Our users tell us that there is no better photo suite around on the iPad And with the newest ...    58 MB    Views 9653
reading people books book shows space printed
-3    In his book Wall Street Stop (Hatje Cantz, 2010) photographer Reinier Gerritsen shows his fascination with the myriad of faces and bodies in the confined space of subway trains. Looking back, Gerritsen got more and more puzzled by the phenomenon ...    111 MB    Views 1579
Related Apps books photo audio text apps time school learning students children book page pages add check title
+11    i Get… My Classmates Photo Books is an application offering picture, text and audio support to individuals learning about their classmates at school. Title, text statements and audio recording can be individualized for each picture allowing the app to be ...    26 MB    Views 3639
photos email ipad photo book access spain pages print
+3    View Spain through Singapore television artiste and radio DJ Dasmond Koh’s eyes in this series of striking snapshots. Get a free preview of the first pages of the book, and access the full book (with over 100 pictures) through a ...    20 MB    Views 2548
books people photography photo photobooks accessible cost online problems access
+1    Shashasha brings the works of Asian photographers to a worldwide audience, easily accessible and at low cost. 【PHOTO BOOKS LIST】 Daido Moriyama Japan, a Photo Theater / A Journey to Nakaji ... Kazuo Kitai 1970's Nippon / Spanish Nights ... Nobuyoshi Araki ...    8 MB    Views 5961


books asia
+18    • App Store New and Noteworthy and What's Hot • Obtain the publication of Asia certainly reward • The most popular Chinese digital image design books • AsiaPacific region up to schools to adopt educational books ◉ KEY FEATURES Practical Photoshop’s easytofollow tutorials show you ...    74 MB    Views 7376
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+2    Add a notsoscary touch to all of your Halloween memories with Scrap It: Halloween. Scrap It: Halloween is the lastest in the Scrap It series that brings a unique scrapbooking touch to all of your photos and memories. Fun for ...    331 MB    Views 3661
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+5    Create your scrapbooks, collages and ecards in this fun and easy to use app. Make your Albums interactive with particle effects and animations. Just add your photos and movies, and choose Backgrounds, Papers and Clipart to decorate your page. Use Albums ...    37 MB    Views 3841

3D Configurator

photographers books book materials combinations young professional tool project
-1    Graphistudio 3D configurator More than 50,000 photographers worldwide choose Graphistudio to print their books. Starting today, they can design them in a 3D environment specifically conceived for tablets. Become a designer, create your book exactly they way you want it with the first ...    109 MB    Views 2724


Related Apps ipad web books book select dropbox share automatically image seconds
-4    2012 SALE We are pleased to offer Coffeetablet for 0.99 for a limited time. CoffeeTablet for iPad creates beautiful "Coffee Table" quality electronic books from your iPad media library automatically in 2 simple steps. View your creations on your iPad and share them ...    21 MB    Views 3307
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+13    Add a special holiday touch to all of your favorite, fun, memorable photos with Scrap It: Christmas. Christmas is the latest of the Scrap It series that brings a unique scrapbooking touch to all of your photos. With moms and ...    278 MB    Views 2909
sports include create frames colours borders memories stickers pages
+16    Create beautiful collages and pages with themed stickers, frames and borders. Customized colours help you design memories to last a lifetime. The there are endless possibilities with 24 borders, 12 colours, 12 photos and frames and 96 pages you can use ...    15 MB    Views 8071
photos photo page scrapbooks effects move pages rotate
-7    TapnScrap Featured in Readers Digest's Seen on Today Show's Digital Life blog Featured in the Huffington Post Top 50 In the Life Digital scrapbooking right on your iPad Add photos from your iPhone, then use effects, frames, backgrounds, ...    15 MB    Views 2106

File Explorer Pro

web video photo iphone file files ability icloud page dropbox pages manager device support
0    File Manager multifunctional file manager for iOS, combining a fullfledged work with files, powerful browser, a nice player and viewer for all known types of files. The ability to customize control multitouch gestures makes using this application nicer and faster. Universal ...    12 MB    Views 6586
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+10    Off your Device, Into Your Life.™ // Create premium quality photo books, photo cards and gifts from your iPhone in minutes. // A VSCO Company Known by many for both bestinclass product design and highest quality product, the Artifact Uprising ...    26 MB    Views 3894
photo library art pages print book classic images image simply handy
+4    Create and print your own customized Photo Book right from your tablet featuring the highest quality art paper, openflat binding and premium textured endpapers, all beautifully bound in fine linen fabric. Easy to make – simply import images from your image ...    48 MB    Views 7885
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