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0    Hoarding Photo Frames to decorate your photos and share them with your friends and family. Unique frames that are created for this app make your photo`s unique and pleasant to share with others. ⁃It provides 30 unique frames. ⁃It has collection of 30 ...    53 MB    Views 453

PeeNGe S

image everyday
+15    Everyday a new insprining image All pictures are made by myself. With PeeNGeS you can save the image to your photo library. The images are available for your own use. This App is retina display ready. Let you surprise everyday    1 MB    Views 5419


search image
+27    WhatsArt is an image search utility that enables you to take a photo or a saved image of art to investigate the artist, title of the piece and value. WhatsArt can search paintings, drawings, graffiti and photographs to find exact ...    2 MB    Views 9948


format jpeg image
+22    This application can convert the image of the PNG (ex. Screen shot) form into the image of JPEG format that is suitable for the transmission with MMS. Moreover, it is possible to use it to resize the photograph of JPEG format.    81 kb    Views 9752

Painter ®

+10    Painter is the ultimate drawing tool. You can use it for your own sketches or let your kid enjoy drawing in your iPhone and iPad. Features: Different brush width sizes. Full RGB Palette. Opacity level. Undo feature. Clear screen. Export image to ...    21 MB    Views 1602
library photo video pictures bar system export image
0    iAlbumFree, the best photo&video app, managing and encrypting your Album, to protect your privacy. With iAlbumFree, you would never worry about the threaten for you pictures. Even someone use some special tools accessing your iPhone, they cannot find your pictures, ...    5 MB    Views 3975
processed image
+2    By rubbing the image can be easily processed photos. There are also various filters. (Add planned in the future) You can quickly processed by easy operation. Expansion and touch the image with two fingers, movement is also possible.    16 MB    Views 3072


search image images
+5    This app allows you to search Google Images. Simply take a snap and send it out to search. Search by image works best when the image is likely to show up in other places on the web. So you’ll get ...    3 MB    Views 2505


-3    B It is a simple yet powerful tool that lets you generate from your photos, or any image on your device, a variety of wallpapers. The application allows you to choose the level of blur and color saturation, giving a lot ...    962 kb    Views 30

MTS Photo Editor

+3    A simple and easytouse photo editor. This app allows you to add effects, stickers, and more with any image stored on your device. After you are done, save the image and share it easily to any of your favorite social ...    8 MB    Views 9567


+26    Use an image from your photo album or take one with the camera and create an artistic sketch version of the image. Upload it to Facebook or Twitter with press of a button. Perfect to use as your profile picture in Facebook ...    4 MB    Views 3869

Privacy Guard Photo

+1    Mosaic, blur, black bar to smooth comfortable to photo. Do you have protected the privacy of your photo? Mosaic, blur, black bar, graffiti with one finger. Privacy to post photos to blogs and twitter. Confirmation of the GPSinformation, erase, can also hold. Can be freely ...    4 MB    Views 850


photo image
+8    KoolZit is powerfull photo editing app. koolzit also provide you functionality to geo tag you photo . Features : Lots of Image Effects that enhance the picture quality and its look. Add Location to your Edited Photo. Share the image on ...    5 MB    Views 4941

Blur picture

Related Apps blur image
+5    Make blur image. Easy with this application. This will help you make blur image from your library or take new photo.    3 MB    Views 4597

Stereogram Camera

+19    The photograph taken with the camera carries out 3D animation immediately. It is fresh every day and pleasure is full. This is a novel application. [Feature] Source: Camera / Camera Roll / Web Image / App Folder Resolution: Low / Medium / High Animation: All the ...    3 MB    Views 2793


+13    Pictorian quickly and efficiently stores photos that you want to keep handy, but separated from your regular photo library. Simply copy one or more images, open Pictorian, and let it handle the rest Most common image formats are supported Detects ...    6 MB    Views 9656
Related Apps birthday photo frame retro effects frames day image bar effect color
+16    Birthday is an auspicious moment of life but it is incomplete without sending birthday wish to birthday girl or boy. So make it wonderful by sending your wish by this app. Birthday Frame is a complete package of nicely designed frames ...    55 MB    Views 5042
+9    Stable Camera doesn't need additional shutter button, and supports for all kinds of selfie stick. It can shoot automatically if you hold phone motionlessly for a while. (Camera will shoot when timer bar reach top) However, timer bar will reset if ...    5 MB    Views 4091
+1    With the power of our app, you can truly get your personalized lock screen wallpaper. Features. Add your own image from your camera roll or take a photo Add filters / crop / blur to your images before adding your customized ...    28 MB    Views 3015

Image Photo

Related Apps photo image
0    “Image Photo” help you to create special FXs on photos. Over thousands lovely and funny decorative items which include bears, dogs, rabbits, cats, birds, super stars, movie characters, models etc. It also incorporates a function of removing the photo background. Make ...    11 MB    Views 6289


image woman
+30    It is a makeup application for the woman whom the woman created. However, if it is iPhone regular user, everyone can enjoy that even the man can say of course. Isn't there experience that had been thought to be "Well" when it ...    7 MB    Views 9833


photo image
+1    This app generates an image like stained glass from a photo. Features are very simple: Adjust the parameters interactively, to generate the image. Save the generated image to your photo album.    2 MB    Views 6651

Photo Mask Editor

Related Apps text photo color adjust bar transparency symbol image masking size
+24    MASK is not just another photo embellishment program, it is a truly creative app that unlocks masking’s true potential. Masking TEXT: Type your message Adjust your font, style, size, & color Increase Transparency to allow your image to show through the ...    60 MB    Views 8355

Sketch the Image

Related Apps sketch image share
+2    "Sketch the Image" is a very easy to use app which allows you to sketch on existing images and share the outcome to whomever you want Just open an image and you are all set Use the variety of brush sizes ...    429 kb    Views 9416


+20    This app generates an image like neon lights from a photo. Features are very simple: Adjust the parameters interactively, to generate the image. Save the generated image to your photo album.    5 MB    Views 4932


photo image galleries
+25    We were looking for a good way to browse the NASA image galleries on the iPhone, so we created this handy app for it. It downloads pictures of Apollo 11, Hubble, weird spacecraft from the 1960s, and more. You can ...    125 kb    Views 2651

Emboss FX

emboss image
+5    Emboss FX, is a application that lets users to make very nice photos with selective emboss effect. Feature You can zoom and move image so that you can emboss image more effectively emboss particular part of image Undo any number of ...    8 MB    Views 945
+1    Color dock bar and Color status bar How would you like to have unique colors and styles for Status Bar, Battery and Dock area for your iPhone/iPad/ iPod screen? With Color Status Bars & Dock area, you can make over styles and ...    6 MB    Views 2095


Related Apps photos frame image
0    This app allows users to take photos (or pull photos from their photo album), center/scale the image, and type 60 characters of text into a white frame at the bottom of the image. User will be able to post the image ...    2 MB    Views 1509

Blur Fx !!

Related Apps blur image
-8    Blur FX, is a application that lets users to make very nice photos with selective blur effects. Feature You can zoom and move image so that you can blur image more effectively Change blur intensity Undo any number of accidental brush ...    6 MB    Views 468
Related Apps add image
+14    This is a one stop app for all your image editing. It can do wonders especially when you want to add beautiful typography & artwork, apply stunning filters and photo effects, and add an evergrowing collection of shapes, light FX, textures, ...    12 MB    Views 5181

Neo Image

+2    NEO IMAGE creates across diverse range of media from photography, 3D animation, illustration, motion graphic and video production. Specializing in mixing elements into multimedia platform to create new form of viewing experience for the artistic community to share the ideas ...    147 MB    Views 7455

Share Your Pic

Related Apps image share
0    Login one time and share message and image on facebook or twitter. You can choose image from photo library or capture one from camera. Enjoy    4 MB    Views 3009
place japanese friends twenty years bars bar
+7    A record of Japanese Americans and their friends I met in bars in Honolulu`s Chinatown. Twenty years ago, a man spoke to me at the bar where I happened to go for a drink in Honolulu`s Chinatown. His name was Masa ...    18 MB    Views 6479
videos photos facebook twitter tool lightroom bar filter set sliders noise https learn saturation
-5    Learn how to use Lightroom CC to develop your raw files to their best potential I have to say your videos break down the workflow about Lightroom that no one else has available... P.G. Firstly my deepest thanks for your fantastic tutorials. I ...    430 MB    Views 3762

Sliding Bar

photos memories bar sliding collection interface phone enjoy
+7    Photos are Our Best Memories. Sliding Bar provides you with an intuitive, interactive interface which uses intelligent logic that allows you to enjoy “Your memories, Your way” Thanks to phone cameras, it just takes a few seconds to capture anything that catches ...    23 MB    Views 2666


device image
+6    This app will generate an image of Sensu by processing an image that is saved to the device. You can also use a photo taken with a device that can be taken.    1 MB    Views 6261
-4    Elegant wallpaper creation and photo editing with some unique features including a blur effect which can be applied to the entire, or specific areas, of an image and is much more powerful than the one on Instagram. Also featuring an amazing ...    6 MB    Views 9591


device image
+7    This app will generate an image of Wagasa by processing an image that is saved to the device. You can also use a photo taken with a device that can be taken.    3 MB    Views 2546
wallpaper wallpapers iphone photos text screen lock slider pictures custom bar lab
-9    Customize your lock screen wallpaper with Lock Screen Slider Bar Lab Optimized for iOS 7, 8, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Would you like to have the most beautiful and catchy lock screen and Turn your favorite photos into ...    49 MB    Views 1095
image size
+23    Four images or less are synthesized, and it is possible to make it to one portrait image. The image that can be chosen can use it directly by taking preserved image or photograph. The image can be synthesized by being able to ...    60 kb    Views 9564

Psychedelic Camera

photo camera change color bar slide vertical sns posterize
+22    It is an application to change the impression by controling ing the color of the photo. It is a camera application to change an image to psychedelic one. By adjusting the color in the slide horizontal bar and vertical bar, Let's take a ...    1 MB    Views 581
text spanish home search messaging voice video chinese photo contacts send messages tap bar
+5    MIRAGE is a one tap messaging app that lets you send disappearing photo, video, text and voice messages. Send a photo or a video and add text Send just a text or a voice message Messages are viewed once and then they're gone Once ...    7 MB    Views 9483


Related Apps photo image album
+27    A photo decoration and sticker application with valentine theme. =============== Features =============== over 200 icons and frames import image from camera and photo album resize/rotate/move/select/delete export image to photo album mail image upload to Facebook The exported image resolution is: 640x960 for ...    27 MB    Views 4

Cutie Cat WallPaper

cats wallpaper slide start button show taps bar
0    You love cats. OK. This is your app. There are many cutie cats in this app. You can disappear the tool bar you are possible to set it to the wallpaper. Touch Start button you can see slide show. You can change the speed ...    1023 kb    Views 8961

5X Zoom

photo camera application zoom feature bar quick view
+5    myZoom is the application, which 5x zoom with quick photo view bar. Features: •5X realtime Zoom In. •Quick view of recent Photos bar on camera screen. •Photo album acceess within application. •Confirm before photo take. •Share photo via email within application and without exit from application. •Retake ...    60 kb    Views 2125

Black Bar Camera

Related Apps photo camera twitter black automatically face detection bars bar
-4    This is the best camera app to protect your privacy. Black Bar Camera. This app adds black bars to over the eyes of a photo chosen from camera or photo library. Black bars are added automatically because this app supports face detection. Of course, ...    526 kb    Views 536
wallpaper photos apps images safe areas pictures bar fill
+29    This app contains 144 ultra high definition images from Mediterranean countries. Here you'll see original, premium images from: ✸ Oia, Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes, Greece ✸ Amalfi, Florence, Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Taormina and Pompeii, Italy ✸ Monaco ✸ Malta, and ✸ SaintPaul de Vence, ...    142 MB    Views 4642
Related Apps camera animation image
+5    The photograph taken with the camera carries out 3D animation immediately. It is fresh every day and pleasure is full. This is a novel application. [Feature] ●Orientation: Portrait / Landscape ●Source: Camera / Camera Roll / My Document ●Resolution: Low / Medium / High ●Animation: All the ...    2 MB    Views 8650


Related Apps pan image shapes
+27    Make all kinds of different shapes by pan and pinch. Place shape any where on an image by rotation and pan. Crop that part of image and share with friends. Possibilities are infinite, get creative and cut those super shapes from ...    473 kb    Views 276

Visa pour l'image

festival image visa pour
-3    Discover Visa Pour L'image, the premier International Festival of Photojournalism held in Perpignan, France In this application You will be able to see a few of the exclusvie pictures of the festival. You will also get the detailed list and description ...    11 MB    Views 5902

Share Picture

Related Apps image share
-3    Login one time and share message and image on facebook or twitter. You can choose image from photo library or capture one from camera. Enjoy    5 MB    Views 1492
bar collage
-4    Do you have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Did you take some great photos? Make a beautiful collage and share it with your friends on Facebook or Instagram. Edit the colors, give it a vintage look or even change the ...    21 MB    Views 1315


image start
-5    swutits is a image glitch exploration tool, simply load an image from your photo album on your iPad and start exploring what happens to the image if you start modifying data in it.    2 MB    Views 8020
Related Apps camera photo tab select degree show image bar photograph icon
+4    Sharpening process is performed to your photos. You can set the sharpening degree. Please appropriately control the sherpening degree in accordance with a situation. Such as you want to light the photograph which taken at a dark place. Step is shown below. 1. Please take ...    696 kb    Views 6642

Dancing Pixels

Related Apps photo touch pixels change bar screen control tap
+11    Play with your photos in a very funny way. Take a photo or choose from your photo library, press start button. The photo will split into thounds of pixels moving around the screen. Feel free to touch the screen to rock pixels You can ...    535 kb    Views 2751
Related Apps camera photo tab select show edit image balance white top bar
+10    This application transform your photos to monochrome images. You can edit the degree of black and white balance. Step is shown below 1. Please take a photograph in the "Camera" tab.(※1) Or select a photo in the "Image Select" tab. 2. Please edit the ...    333 kb    Views 2958
+26    Image Annotation helps you highlight object in picture or photo using shapes and quick sketches. It should serve as a handy tool to communicate things in a fewer or no words.    3 MB    Views 2138

Photo Caption Free

Related Apps photo image super
+13    OVER 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS ++ nstantly add a caption to any photo or image. Simple to use: 1. Choose or take image. 2. Caption it. 3. Share or Save. Super Funny, Super Easy Tap the screen to preview and hide the buttons    5 MB    Views 7247

VelaClock Sun/Moon

time moon text twilight sun daylight city cities future bar
+2    VelaClock is a world clock with unique features and an easily configurable user interface. VelaClock's feature set is ideal for photographers and outdoor enthusiasts. Users can quickly display the time of sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk for three kinds of ...    3 MB    Views 5249
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