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+4    Photo CutOut make a sticker out of any photo It's simple: 1. Pick a photo with a simple background. 2. Scribble over the foreground and background of the image. 3. That's it MORE FEATURES Add text stickers and pick a font Add multiple stickers ...    28 MB    Views 4701


+27    Transform your photos very easily into delightful abstract compositions. XnShape analyses your photo and create mosaic of shape. It is very easy to change settings to create amazing works. Features: Simple User Interface Several choice of shapes including square, circle, triangle, line, cross, ...    9 MB    Views 4241

Collage Art PRO

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+19    Collage Art is designed for the users who like taking photos. It has powerful functions and it is very easy to use. You can use this app to merge lots of photos into one photo through a very simple operation. Features 1. ...    37 MB    Views 5945

iCollage Photo

photo photos text easy beautiful background stickers
0    iCollage Photo is designed for the users who like taking photos. It has powerful functions and it is very easy to use. You can use this app to merge lots of photos into one photo through a very simple operation. Features 1. ...    37 MB    Views 1432


running photos location memories life battery background
+28    Past Everything is in the Past. What were you doing exactly 1 year ago this moment? When did you have meal at this restaurant last time? Do you want the photos your best friend took of you at the beach ...    12 MB    Views 7700
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0    Cut out photos and paste them onto background pictures with Cut & Paste Make hilarious photos quickly and easily without using Photoshop. Select from one of the many cool background photos or add your own. Choose your paste photo and cut it out ...    47 MB    Views 6926
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+29    ◇ This is an application for cutting pictures and for making a picture's background transparent. ◇ The resulting images can be used as stamps with other apps, such as "LINE camera", "PicsArt" to make a photomontage, collage, and composite photos. ◇◇◇ Features ...    2 MB    Views 5241

CropM Free

image background swipe
-1    CropM is the app that allows you, at the swipe of your finger, to crop any image you like into any shape you like: circle, star, heart and so. You can then discard the awful background your image is currently ...    6 MB    Views 973

Snow Painter Free

+1    The drawn line changes to snow. The timing in which it begins to snow can be chosen. One stroke Left button pused How for snow to fall can be chosen. A background can be chosen. Black Ice blue Image Front camera Rear camera Save What was drawn can be saved on a ...    2 MB    Views 6430


-3    GPSTrack allows you to use the GPS receiver in your iPhone or iPad to show your current location and create a log of your travels, showing you a map of your path, updated in realtime. GPSTrack can track your location while ...    886 kb    Views 8797
-3    Photo 3D is the next generation in creating stunning and interactive 3D parallax photography on iPhone 4s and iPod 4th Gen upwards. Take or choose a photo, paint the foreground area and share When viewed on your device the motion of ...    11 MB    Views 3246

K Stars Wallpapers

wallpapers pictures stars picture save set send korean min background
+9    [Korean Stars Wallpapers] Your favorite K pop stars in your hands Where is my favorite star? And what did he/she do today? It provides high quality pictures taken by reporters from SportsKorea. Save, email, and set the background with the pictures you like It also ...    9 MB    Views 7895
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+1        50 % Off      Photo Fun is a unique App and is all about creative and fun ways to use photos. Frame, filter, enhance and add captions to your photos or create a collage of your individual photo creations. Save your individual ...    14 MB    Views 8338


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-6    NEW RELEASE OFFER Features a collection of high quality backgrounds for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Beautiful backgrounds created by our photographers and designers. A unique slideshow interface, allowing users to conveniently browse and save backgrounds. Setting you new background ======================= ...    4 MB    Views 3582

Glow Mail

email lets glow compose multi colour fonts background
+27    This Application lets you send the emails with colour and glow fonts. Features 1. Lets you Add Glow Labels to your photos 2. Lets you Compose email with multi colour fonts 3. Lets you compose email with multi colour and multi font 4. Lets you ...    5 MB    Views 9107
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-9    Background Eraser allows you to cut out the image and remove the background. helps to remove the background of any picture of yours and maintain transparency with just few taps. Features Eraser Brush Tool. Resizable soft and hard brushes with ...    3 MB    Views 8217


Related Apps motion background foreground add filters
-8    Add simple and beautiful motion effects to images. Very easy to use. Share new and creative photos to Facebook and Twitter Simply highlight the foreground object, then add various motion filters to the background without effecting the foreground. Features: Tunnel Motion Flat ...    5 MB    Views 3898

Collage It PRO

Related Apps photos text photo easy collage pro stickers beautiful background
-6    Collage It PRO is designed for the users who like taking photos. It has powerful functions and it is very easy to use. You can use this app to merge lots of photos into one photo through a very simple ...    36 MB    Views 7985

Kid's Booth

+15    Is your child bored? Are you looking for something really fun to do? Try 'Kid's Booth' that places a face photo in the body of a dream character, such us: 1. Astronaut. 2. Clown. 3. Builder. 4. Police. 5. Fireman. 6. Soldier. 7. Chef. Then SAVE the picture in the ...    3 MB    Views 7925
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+15    Ever wanted to swap your face into a photo? Now you can Face switch makes it so easy to switch faces that anyone can do it in a minute. Morph one person into another for everyone's entertainment How to use ================= 1. ...    81 MB    Views 4472
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-9    Background Eraser & Blurrer is a fully featured photo editor This is the last photo editing app you will ever need Here are some of the amazing features: Erase your background by replacing it with amazing blurred wallpapers Apply Endless Effects ...    16 MB    Views 3852


photos glass screen favorite swipe background left
-1    Your favorite photos reflected on the glass sphere Types of glass spheres of 25 and 16 background The combination of one of your favorite pieces there Photos can make is infinite • You can replace the glass bulb and pull down the tag at ...    51 MB    Views 6201

FOTO notes Free

Related Apps photo drawing camera effect save background notes color normal
+10    Camera, photo effect, Memo Notes, Drawing, Save and share your Gallery. Get image / background from library or Take photo with camera Photo effect: normal, black & white, Bitmap, Dot effect, Old style, Line effect Write / Draw front of normal or effect ...    3 MB    Views 2397
photo chop places background
-8    Photo Chop Pro is still the best "photoshop like" app that allows you to make hilarious pics in unbelievable places. It's so EASY TO USE, with its Photo Chop Background Adjuster to Superimpose yr images and with its WIDE range ...    7 MB    Views 430


+8    This amazing application for iPhone, iPad, iPod will give you an excellent opportunity to let your your creative thoughts flow. Use numerous fonts to easily design any pictures or photos with vivid phrases. Place the text on a stylish background, ...    32 MB    Views 2873

Memories 4 Ever

pdf memories day font page background life format customized
+5    “ Memories 4 Ever ” bring your photos to life by creating a PDF. Any day when you least expect it can turn into a day you want to remember forever. Whether it be your wedding day, your children's birth ...    11 MB    Views 7237


great pictures process select images background subject photograph filter
+5    FREE until 1st of January activeCam lets you create multiple exposure images by taking super fast consecutive pictures for a number of seconds (20+ pictures per second) then allowing you to choose which ones to process into one. Great for capturing movement, ...    3 MB    Views 9951

Photo Blur

+15    Create stunning high quality retina wallpaper that blurs the background depending on the photo you choose. Get an instant view on how the photo will look on your lock screen. You can also share with your friends by using simple ...    14 MB    Views 73
stickers cut background share fit live
+24    PasteUp makes photobombing fun Ever want to see how a panda would fit on a bike? Does that new craigslist find fit in your living room? Visualize your imagination with PasteUp. With the help of overlaying stickers on a live background, ...    10 MB    Views 9456

Background Papers

background paper
-8    When you take photo, this app connected to projectors or monitors works as a background paper. And iPad, itself can work as a background paper for small objects. You can also use this app for the Light, color picker, and so on. Please ...    9 MB    Views 1193
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+8    Create beautiful text pictures for Instagram. Have you ever wanted to add words to a photo? Or share your thoughts on Instagram? Then you'll LOVE InstaQuote > DOWNLOAD NOW < WHY YOU’LL LOVE INSTAQUOTE 20 fashionably designed templates Choose backgrounds from high quality ...    28 MB    Views 2097

iManner Camera

iphone camera mode auto shutter screen background black complete
+15    It operates by complete black screen mode by removing background lighting When wanting to leave instants of play/musical/performance When photographing in a public place not caring others. When collecting the proof. You can use in various uses. : Features Manner mode. Complete black screen mode ...    1 MB    Views 8602
Related Apps photo background effects blurred
-4    This allows you to use your own photo as a blurred background and includes many other blur background effects. Clarity can also be adjusted making it more or less transparent for each photo as shown in the screenshots.    1 MB    Views 160
Related Apps image background foreground pro face cut load
+5    Cut My Face Pro lets you removing the background of any picture and put it in famous places like Eiffel Tower, Great Wall Of China & in lots of funny photos Instruction =========== Load a background image from 4 categories Load ...    58 MB    Views 8774

Daily Photo Lite

Related Apps photos time photo music presentation sequence background scroll pictures
-8    Daily Photo Lite allows you to take one snapshot per day (maximum 10 Photo) to your favorite subject, and then see the change over time with a pleasant way of viewing. You can see the photos in sequence using the presentation ...    12 MB    Views 3797
background clear
+14    Background Clear helps you to Erase the photo background and it can be saved as transparent background. Also you can save with white or black background. Use Magic tool to remove the background Undo feature for any accidental mistakes    6 MB    Views 7616
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-5    ◉ Combine multiple photos into one beautifully framed picture with borders instantly, share your story and moment to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube. ◉ KEY FEATURES • 36 adjustable Layouts • 32 vintage Instagram alike Borders • 92 amazing Effects to apply individual photo ...    45 MB    Views 3280

Drawing for Lock

+1    The most important feature apps, your valuable comments and pictures will be protected by a password. This app free hand drawings in conjunction with Notepad and you can save the picture. In addition, all possible colors can be used as a background. And ...    8 MB    Views 3341
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+26    Looking for a clean looking white background photo for your products? This app is exactly for you. TofuPhoto enhance your product appeal right on your iPhone. Easily turn your iPhone into a professional camera Your product’s photos will automatically be edited with ...    5 MB    Views 6788
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+3    Ever wanted to swap your face into a photo? Now you can Face switch makes it so easy to switch faces that anyone can do it in a minute. Morph one person into another for everyone's entertainment How to use ================= 1. ...    88 MB    Views 4465
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+23    Photo Chop is still the best "photoshop like" app that allows you to make hilarious pics in unbelievable places. Its so EASY TO USE, with its Photo Chop Background Adjuster to Superimpose yr images and with its WIDE range of ...    17 MB    Views 3923
bible email suggestions verses share background
+25    Biblegram lets you share your favorite Bible verses and photographs in a personal and creative way. Create a background by taking a photo and applying a beautiful filter or use a readymade background. Then choose a Bible verse, handpicked by ...    36 MB    Views 1914

Photo Masks

photo library photos masks share nice background add
+7    This app let you add to any photo, taken from camera or selected from Photo Library, nice masks. You can chose from 60 nice masks, to give to your photos a personal touch. Background can be made opaque. You can also add ...    39 MB    Views 2970
photo blur finger pictures part touch hide background
-6    Do you need to hide some part of your photo? Or maybe add a censorship announcement? Then you are lucky. This app has different options to blur your pictures, even your backgrounds. Clear a part of the picture with a touch of ...    48 MB    Views 2076

Magic Snow

photo magic snow background effects set amazing creations save
+5    Add real snow animations to your photos Make awesome snowing background and screensaver images for your iPhone Using Magic Snow is easy. 1) Set a background image or use a default 2) Drag your finger to make magical snow effects 3) Click the camera button ...    35 MB    Views 6485


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-2    If this life is worth living, its worth recording. And what better way to record your life's best moments in pictures. SnapCollage is an app that would provide you an easy way to store and share your memories in pictures. With ...    1 MB    Views 6070
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+29    Video Downloader – The application which allows you to download various videos from the internet Main Features: – Huge amount of supported video formats – It gives you an opportunity to copy, move, and create folders – Support landscape and portrait views – Touch ID ...    16 MB    Views 3465

Image Crawler

photos pictures save image background size website picture images hold
+10    You want to share some pictures from a website or save them because they look great? But it takes you a long time to always press hold and save for all of those? Or you can't event get to the picture ...    8 MB    Views 1006
software photo easy world interesting background put
+9    Do you often see your friend’s interesting photos? He may put his head in the star body. He may have a shadow with different action. He may be in a colorful fantasy world. He may seem to travel around the world ...    33 MB    Views 2104

A Pet Bunny Rabbit

rabbit bunny choose background images pet
0    Now you can have your own pet bunny rabbit on your iPhone, iTouch and iPad. It's fun, simple, and cool for all ages. First, select your own rabbiit, then choose a background provided or use your own photo. Choose from various background ...    8 MB    Views 7461


image save easily create simple shape background shapes
+15    iCrop is a simple tool that allows you to take what you want out of a photo and make it fancy. iCrop your image in whatever shape you desire. Your imagination is the limit… You can also easily scrap the sketchy ...    3 MB    Views 8179

Drip Paint

change background paint ink child
+3    It is paint app which ink hangs down according to inclination of iPad. Function Change of the thickness of a pen Change of the quantity of Inc. (quantity which ink gives) Change of a background color Set a photograph to a ...    3 MB    Views 3544
pet dress clothing background 000 images items
+2    Dress My Pet is a Smartphone app that allows you to creatively dress up and accessorize your pet Simply take a picture of your pet and choose from over 1,000,000 clothing, accessory, and background combinations. Drag any combination of images ...    11 MB    Views 3761

MovinPix Lite

photo animation photos artistic pictures tap finger selected background edit touch start
0    SlideShow / Collage / PhotoAnimation / Blox Animation "BEST customizable photo animation tool in the APP store". "SIMPLE, compared to most animation systems". Turn your pictures into artistic animations. Custom edit your pictures into Dynamic Collages. Make a slideshow using YOUR fingers and YOUR albums. Make ...    14 MB    Views 9478


photos video file downloaded immediately large background
+1    FileQ is the application that can be transmitted easily photos taken of you, to the other party that leaves the video. It takes time to send large files, but you do not need to have the app to the front until ...    6 MB    Views 6003
photo card email christmas picture friends pictures emoticons avatars making stickers background
+9    Selfiesta Christmas update Send a Christmas and New Year's greeting card made with your friends, family and special ones. With a few clicks after taking your picture, you will have a beautiful greeting card with your own avatars and stickers. ...    27 MB    Views 6028
Related Apps photo photos ipad library iphone twitter family facebook email wallpaper collage pictures picture background collages create
-6    Collage Pictures is for both iPhone/iPod and iPad. It is a unique app using photos to create collages and custom wallpaper. You can pick photos from your existing iPhone/iPod/iPad gallery or take a new photo and  make a Collage Pictures. User can use ...    2 MB    Views 5097
Related Apps video music background generate custom set
-8    Easy to generate the Video from photos, it only need 3 steps: 1 Set the background image for video; 2 Set the background music from library for video; 3 generate video. Enjoy it    3 MB    Views 1379


photo video funny results blur background pictures add
+2    CutNPlace app allows you to cut out objects from one photo and place them in another photo. Create funny pictures and share them with your friends. From GoldstoneNS87: I have used several free apps like this and for me this is ...    57 MB    Views 1813


blur background finger aperture images change soft simple focus
+11    Simply focus where you want.Which provide a narrow depth of field and soft background blur that is so loved by photographers everywhere. Easy operation 1.An alternative view mode highlights the regions that will remain in color with a red tint. 2.Zoom and move ...    3 MB    Views 4624
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