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+19    FREE today Introductory offer Definition Char: A character type (typically called "char") may contain a single letter, digit, punctuation mark, symbol, formatting code, control code, or some other specialized code (e.g., a byte order mark). (From Get into the mystery ...    5 MB    Views 8418


art colors
+11    PhotoTropedelic uses advanced image processing techniques to analyze your ordinary photographs translate the colors, textures, and lighting and draw upon the colors and symbols of 60's Pop Art to produce boldly unique art.    26 MB    Views 2007
0    Every photograph whether taken on the simplest camera or the most advanced rely on four foundational principles. They are Exposure and Color Balance, Focus and DepthofField, Composition and Lighting. In this course, you will learn how to master ...    12 MB    Views 1974

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Related Apps photo photos art color white black colors
+5    You might be impressed by colors splashing in black/white photos in fashion magazines and advertisements. You might wonder how it is created. If you have ColorFingertips on your iPhone/iPod Touch, you will be surprised by how easy and fun it ...    63 kb    Views 9125

Art Stage

art stage
+5    Art Stage is perfect companion to the artists, designers, photographers. It's a platform to promote your artwork, design ideas, photos and to create your own presentations, keynotes and animated clips PHOTO FILTERS SOUND EFFECTS 2D ANIMATION    933 kb    Views 6458

Just add art!

-1    Just add art enables users to appropriate and play with artworks from the Bonnefantenmuseum’s collection, add them to their photographs and share their artaugmented photographs with family and friends.    13 MB    Views 4095

iColoring Lite

photos art ipad color spot pop image
+2    iColoring easy and fun to use. You can create sketch image and Spot color or Pop Art image. You can paint Rainbow Color, Original Color, or Gray. Please try to change the photos which you take in person or the photos in iPhone/iPod/iPad ...    11 MB    Views 7436

Frame It

+4    An intuitive tool for iPhone and iPod touch users to instantly frame photos transforming them into a work of art. Frame It has an assortment of distinctive frames to choose from. Frame sizes are easily adjusted using the on screen heads ...    14 MB    Views 863

Art of Photo Sketch

Related Apps sketch photo art filters add
0    Do you want to make your everyday pictures shine and funny? Art of Photo Sketch has 50+ filters to use, it's the best sketch app ever Try it now Come on and create wonderful paintings Art of Photo Sketch is an easy ...    12 MB    Views 6230

Photo Collage Art

+7    Photo Collage Art is the last collage photo editing app you will ever need Here are some of the features: Double tap to edit individual photo Enhance Photos in Seconds Apply Endless Effects Add Amazing Stickers Crop, Rotate, Flip Adjust Brightness, ...    26 MB    Views 5693
+5    Give yourself a manicure Transform your everyday nails into something unique with Nail Salon. 1 Take a photo or choose from your camera roll. 2 Do your nails by adding different nail colors / art. Scaling and rotating is supported to get the ...    31 MB    Views 8965


art wallpaper image fun shake
+1    Welcome to robart This fun and unique art app not only show's great art but makes it fun to view as well Shake your iPhone and get a random artwork and audience sound. The harder you shake, the louder the ...    3 MB    Views 803

Art camera TRIGRAFF

+4    TRIGRAFF has been received the FWA MOBILE OF THE DAY AUGUST 02 2013. TRIGRAPH generates a triangular polygon picture from a photograph. It makes a great art work from a common photograph. A simple interface, operation is easy. Enjoy TRIGRAPH! ※ If you want "UPGRADE", ...    4 MB    Views 3902

Late Leaves

+15    We hope you will see Leaves Of Late Fall to be more than just an app that displays a collection of leaves. Through this app we encourage you to take a second look at all the 'ordinary' things in your ...    15 MB    Views 2823

Quick Sketch

sketch art image quick great apps4u
0    “Quick Sketch” turns any picture into a beautiful sketch. Just pick an image from your photo library or camera, and watch it being sketched into a lovely piece of art Have great fun playing around with settings and use your ...    2 MB    Views 6413

Photo Vandal Free

photo art clip free
+29    Free version of Photo Vandal, the fun photoediting app. This app allows you to vandalize pictures of your friends with comedy clipart. Includes 140 clipart images.    6 MB    Views 4539

Art Sketch+

sketch art photo steps enjoy
+10    Art Sketch+ provides different sketch effects. Just few steps, You Can make your photo looks like sketch. Key Features: All of Sketch Template are created by famous Artist Turn your photos to amazing realistic sketches. Three steps only 1. Load your photo. 2. Select ...    25 MB    Views 5452


-4    If you love ❤ pixel art or abstract ❤, then this is the app for you ✭ Simple and easy ✭ Save and share ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● ✭ Features ● Convert photo to pixO art ● Black & White effect ● Threshold effect ● Color picker for threshold effect and ...    1 MB    Views 3317


-7    ASCIIOMatic is the iOS version of popular online software on ( ASCIIOMatic for iOS lets you turn your photos into ASCII art. Convert your photos to 4 different results – b/w ASCII art, color ASCII art, b/w square, color ...    716 kb    Views 4962

Fantasy Art

art fantasy pictures facility
+13    You Found It Beautiful fantasy art 3D images and pictures. We have mesmerizing female fantasy art but also dark art, dragons, aliens, angels, vampires. This app seeks to evoke a return an interest to a genre of art that depicts magical ...    44 MB    Views 3889

Paper Art trends

art design paper graphic illustration application trends
+5    "Paper Art trends" is a selection of portfolios from different talented paper artist working in graphic design, fashion, architecture, animation, illustration, sculpture… It is an introduction to the various works of a passionate community. Paper is a very simple and flexible ...    5 MB    Views 6642

iColoring Pro

photos art ipad color spot pop image
-2    iColoring easy and fun to use. You can create sketch image and Spot color or Pop Art image. You can paint Rainbow Color, Original Color, or Gray. Please try to change the photos which you take in person or the photos in iPhone/iPod/iPad ...    8 MB    Views 7551

filter photo art

Related Apps photos art add
-4    Have fun by creating art using photos. Various filters are provided for use with the photos to create whatever your imagination can come up with. Save it and share the images with your friends. Features include: add text to photos add ...    9 MB    Views 9463

Imp Me

+10    Creates Impressionist Art from photos as well as 4 distinct original art filters    2 MB    Views 4472

Giovanni Gastel

+15    Giovanni Gastel was born in Milan on December 27th, 1955 to Giuseppe Gastel and Ida Visconti di Modrone, the last of seven children. When he was twenty, he decided to become a photographer, starting with wedding portraits, portraits of friends and ...    489 MB    Views 2785
Related Apps art photo borders ink effects splash
+6    Offer many Splash art style effects, which allows you to apply various watercolorlike photo ink artistic borders easily create beautiful Photos.Total have 175 kinds of filters and ink effect. ◉ KEY FEATURES All aspect of the process can be adjusted onthefly without ...    33 MB    Views 1894

Street Art ★

Related Apps art artists urban street amazing
+3    Street Art from the coolest urban corners of the Globe... London, New York, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Tokyo and Berlin. See how different cultures and influences impact on street level. Street Art is a window to expressions of subversion and ...    20 MB    Views 386


+21    ColorFactory is an art album app for iPhone and iPad. We provide art works from different artist in China, including modern art, painting, photograph and articles. Whoever thought cabbages could be alluring? Ju Duoqi, a promising young artist from Beijing, China ...    22 MB    Views 7207
Related Apps sketch art image quick great apps4u lite screen
0    “Quick Sketch” turns any picture into a beautiful sketch. Just pick an image from your photo library or camera, and watch it being sketched into a lovely piece of art Have great fun playing around with settings and use your ...    7 MB    Views 4855
Related Apps photo art sketch pencil
+6    It's the most powerful and configurable apps ever that created to transform a photo or any kind of picture in an astonishingly realistic pencil sketch or even other type of detailed art, like the ones made by the best professional ...    45 MB    Views 9717
art book temples important
-8    此书特别邀请国内重要的雕塑史专家、雕塑大家、摄影名家等,会同大同当地相关学者专家与专业部门,经过将近一年紧张而有序、甚至是夜以继日的工作,终于将大同历代雕塑遗存查明理清,拍摄登录,进而按大同雕塑的分布特征和艺术品种之不同,分成云冈石窟雕刻、寺观雕塑、建筑雕刻和馆藏雕塑四大类;在此基础上择其精华,以画集方式出版《中国大同雕塑全集》。 历史文化名城大同,素有中国佛教文化重镇之称。无论是北魏都城时代的云冈模式,异军突起,风靡全国;还是辽金西京时代的密迹精粹,奇葩纷呈,独领时尚,都曾引领潮流一二百年,得各自时代风气之先,奉为楷模。此书完整、翔实的收录了山西境内所有重要寺观雕塑作品,图片精美,具有极高的艺术价值,文字解说详尽、严谨。不论对于研究和喜爱雕塑艺术者还是对于普通艺术爱好者,此书都绝对堪称同类书籍中的翘楚。对于中国艺术、文明、宗教和人文的了解,次书的阅读都将给您带来极大的补益与帮助,更会带给您视觉和心理上极大的震撼。 This book was written by many famous and important sculpture historians, sculptors, and photographers. They also worked with local experts and relative departments from Datong. After one year’s intensive work, the scholars were able to organize, categorize, and photograph all ...    10 MB    Views 6231


art painting artist gallery check online
+12    This an App for the Art Gallery Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery It's practically our gallery miniaturized in the palm of your hand. View our online art gallery Shop our local Houston gallery from anywhere Sign up for ...    15 MB    Views 9784

pix-O lite

facebook art effect features pix threshold free version
-7    ✭✭✭ Free version ✭✭✭ If you love ❤ pixel art or abstract ❤, then this is the app for you ✭ Simple and easy ✭ Save and share ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● ✭ Free Features ● Convert photo to pixO art ● Sharing on facebook ✭✭ Locked Features ● Black & ...    1 MB    Views 8870

Art Inspectors

artwork art experts
-3    Get advice about any artwork or photo from qualified art experts. Just take a picture with your mobile device or use your library. Very handy if you want an affordable and easy second opinion by one or several experts. Optionally you may ...    266 kb    Views 7055

Word Art

Related Apps art word text
+2    Create beautiful art with words Takes any text you enter and creates awesome word art. Arrange text in all kinds of shapes: squares, triangles, hearts, circles, and more. Add word art to your photos.    3 MB    Views 3700
art times contest
-3    "Soak up the skill and imagination of entrants in The Seattle Times' springtime Peeps Contest, which invites participants to create a sculpture, diorama or art project with marshmallow chicks and bunnies. This app makes it easy to peruse galleries of ...    2 MB    Views 6022

Camera Sketch Booth

Related Apps sketch art iphone booth awesome easy create
0    50% OFF ONLY TODAY Sketch Booth doesn't mind whether you can sketch well or not. If you have iPhone/iPod and Sketch Booth, you can create awesome sketch images with just several seconds. You can so easy to create awesome sketch effects and save ...    167 kb    Views 1744

PhotoJus Pop Art

0    LIMITED TIME PROMOTION 50% OFF From the creator of which has more than 2 MILLION users. PhotoJus Pop Art transforms your photo to various nice Pop Art effects We have variety of colourful Pop Art designed together by professional photographers ...    2 MB    Views 1261
Related Apps wallpaper wallpapers art includes updated cool
+7    Frequently updated Cool HD Wallpapers. App Features includes: > Share image through Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, or vekontakte. > Email to your friends. > Print or save to the photo gallery, the wallpaper you like > Personalize your images using magic color changer > Draw your very ...    12 MB    Views 926

Subway Art Maker

art text maker image express
-9    S U B W A Y A R T M A K E R Subway Art Maker is a tool which allows your creative side to emerge Express yourself through graphic designed text. The user friendly interface allows for various customized options you ...    3 MB    Views 9748
Related Apps art contemporary gallery
0    Located in the Marais district in central Paris, 5 Contemporary Art Gallery has become a key destination for art. Painting, photography, drawing, or sculpture... it hosts international artists. Each exhibition and scenography aims to provide an extra touch of soul.    4 MB    Views 9699


0    Jetzt gibt es Art.BeKo photography & design als offizielle App für's Smartphone Alle Neuigkeiten und Fotos landen so direkt in deine Hosentasche. Die Art.BeKoApp sorgt immer für den direkten Draht.    NAN    Views 1133
Related Apps camera art photos black white
-9    Easiest BlackWhite Camera Application We know, you love black and white photography, and want to create some black and white art photos with your iphone. Then, this is the app for you. Camera black&white is easy to use and provides good art ...    266 kb    Views 2855

Picture Art

Related Apps art picture pictures create
+3    Easily create fun and interesting photo effects by using Picture Art The features include: Can create infrared pictures, sketch pictures and mosaic picture Can adjust the pictures to get the best picture effect for you Can share your creation among your friends in social ...    4 MB    Views 8059
art photo photos frame add collage
+16    Welcome to Frame Art the best photo collage app. It helps you to create the amazing photo art by joining and editing your photos. Select one of many cool frames Add photos from camera or your gallery Decorate your ...    15 MB    Views 5547
magic art color funny changer
+11    Funny Artwork in this app is wonderful for fun and creativity. And the unbelievable and amazing magic color changer in the app adds much more interactivity for you. The magic color changer changes art color randomly. After the change the ...    8 MB    Views 9394

Artist Buds

artist art
+14    Artist Buds is a free, easy to use app for kids With Artist Buds, you can create art on your ipad, draw on your photos, save your art to the private gallery, add picture frames to your finished artwork, send ...    10 MB    Views 7030


art photos iphone canvas canvases gallery incredible
-7    iPhotoCanvas is an application where you can create incredible canvas art. Upload your photo direct from your Instagram, Facebook, Cloud, Dropbox and Iphone camera roll Our digital artists transform your photos to art on our own fine art archival canvas ...    30 MB    Views 8727
art graphic
+15    Alessandro Pautasso aka Kaneda is an illustrator, graphic designer and photographer based in Turin, Italy who specializes in vector art. He describes his work as baroque and romantic with a thoroughly modern graphic aesthetic. Official Kaneda's website:    3 MB    Views 5464


photography art magazine contemporary
+4    PAPKA is a brand new contemporary photography magazine specialising in emerging fine art photography. A collaboration between artist Steve Fuller and editor Imogen Mercer the recent print magazine makes it's debut on the Apple App Store. In Issue 1 we ...    17 MB    Views 8096
Related Apps photo art frames square
+2    Photo Wonder Frames Square : We converted app Photo Art Studio Pic Editor from rectangle frames to square frames. This app will help you make some wonderful photo with square. 40 Wonder Frames (Art frames). Flat frames and ...    14 MB    Views 2719
camera art top
-2    CAMERA ART FX EXTREME lets you create a masterpiece with a simple click Design personalized scrapbook pages on your device with over 70 artistic and impressive designs to choose from Use an existing photo from album or take a new ...    34 MB    Views 1796

Da Burgh

photos art world
+14    Welcome to Pittsburgh. As a photojournalist I love telling stories. Art is everywhere, and sometime we walk right past it. Da Burgh is a multimedia tour of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. Many of my photos, are ordinary things, turned into ...    30 MB    Views 6325


photos art artwork results paper pencil
+15    Do you want to do more with your photos than just apply the same filters as everyone else? Turn your photos into stylish artwork, with Portray. From pencil sketches to retro art prints, beautiful results appear instantly at your fingertips. You ...    42 MB    Views 4556

New Art by Sydney

art wallpaper wallpapers images sydney original
0    Totally original wallpapers for "New Art by Sydney". Are you bored with the wallpapers in the marketplace; do they all look the same? Well, here's some totally original wallpaper. I photographed all the images and used Photoshop to turn them into ...    3 MB    Views 7959
art collection pictures awesome amaze wonderful
+4    AWESOME SIDEWALK ART Collection of Art to Truly Amaze You Can you believe that there are sidewalks that will make you think you're actually flying with Spiderman? Or that you can pick up a soda can and drink it? Walkways ...    3 MB    Views 5532
Related Apps photo camera photos art effects
+3    Start creating your stunning photos with Camera Art FEATURES: • 50+ REALISTIC and NEAR PERFECTION filter and effects • HIGH RESOLUTION and suitable for printing • ORIGINAL QUALITY of photos • MULTIEFFECTS for one photo such as adjustment, crop, rotate, resize, blur,... • CUTEST STICKER COLLECTION • ...    22 MB    Views 6255


Related Apps photo art give effects
-1    Pik Art is an amazing photo enhancing tool with beautiful effects that gives the look that you want in your photo. Pik Art will give you the look you want in seconds. Pik Art will give you set enhanced photo Feature Includes: + 17 ...    16 MB    Views 3325
art gallery street
-9    Welcome to the Fascination Street Art Gallery App. We have a great selection of art in our gallery. Using our IMAGE WIZARD, you can take a photo of your space, put our art in your picture and instantly see what ...    48 MB    Views 7597

Quick Sketch HD

sketch art image great quick
+15    “Quick Sketch” turns any picture into a beautiful sketch. Just pick an image from your photo library or camera, and watch it being sketched into a lovely piece of art Have great fun playing around with settings and use your ...    7 MB    Views 5935
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