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FRONT - High efficiency Mirror of easy operation at one hand - | PHOTO-appsios

This is the application for using iPhone like a mirror using a front camera.

Although there is also much same outstanding application, there are the following features in FRonT.

- Carry out pursuit zoom of eyes or the mouth using a face recognition function.

- Zoom can be carried out to single hand. (like GoogleMap)

- pinch operation can also carry out zoom.

- The maximum zoom magnification can be set up arbitrarily.

- The picture of the place which is not easily visible can be photoed and checked by a self-timer.

- If the number of delay of self-timer seconds is set as 0, a photograph will be taken to the timing which lifted the finger from the timer icon.

- The photoed picture can be saved.

- Change an erect image and a mirror image.

- Express the date and time as the option which was rich in variety.

* It can do also undisplayed.
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Self Camera Master(Timer & Mirrored & Multi-Shot)

Author photoappsios
Published 2015-08-02
Categories Timer, Zoom,
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