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Smart2VR welcomes you to explore the greatest holiday destinations in immersive Virtual Reality.

Experience beautiful places, such as Ibiza and Lago Maggiore, as if you're really there. Use a Google Cardboard, Zeiss VR One, or other VR headset to start your holiday from your own couch or swivel chair. New destinations are added regularly, so feel free to come back anytime.

Smart2VR is the world's first Self Service mobile Virtual Reality platform. Using Smart2VR you can create your own mobile VR app, just like this one.

No coding or software developer required. Use your own brand logo and color styling and update your VR app whenever and wherever you are. Smart2VR will publish your app into the appstores.

You can upload new 360 photos and visuals through the Smart2VR CMS on into your own app. Your content is immediately visible in your app. No app update required. Stereoscopic 3D content supported too!.

Are you a VR content creator, such as 360 degree photographer or digital artist? Then contact us now to showcase your content in this app or any of the other Smart2VR experience apps. Better yet: create your own VR app now on
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Published 2015-10-10
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