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Blur Border - Blur Background Effect and No Crop Photo Editor for Instagram | PHOTO-appsios

Blur Border is the simplest and fastest way to blur the borders of your photos. Just ONE click to add blurry backgrounds to your photos.

Want more creativity? Blur Border allows you to add your own photo as the background or select from 14 million different colors as your background.

Here are even more awesome features of Blur Border:

Image Perfection:

*Brilliant features to bring out the best out of your photos.

*Intelligent and precise control over warmth, tone and details

*Built in multi-channel tonality curve tool allow you to have precise control over every effect

Professionally Designed Filters

*Recreate the style of classic cameras and vintage style film

*Add light leaks and fully adjustable vignetting for a retro feel

*Fully adjustable filter strength to create strong or subtle filter effect

Black & White Photography

*Custom made B&W filter dedicated to replicate the art of B&W

*Finish it off with film intensity, grain, and fade

Decorative Touches

*Personalisation: Draw, write, or doodle directly on your photo

*30+ hand drawn doodles and inspirational quotes for your Instagram

*20+ of your favourite fonts to create the most amazing typography

Power Tools

*Flip, rotate, and straighten crooked photos

*Linear, mirror, and radial tilt shift options to shift focus

*Make your photos square ready for your Instagram

Seamless and Innovative Workflow

*Design from the ground up for no hustle, painless photo editing experience

Get Blur Border now and create amazing photos for your Instagram.
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Blur Effect Photo Art - Best Photo Effects with Blur Border and Multi Decoration for Instagram

Author photoappsios
Published 2015-05-12
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