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There are situation that make you want to video record but you fear being confronted if you attempt to capture it openly. You a need discreet app that can just record based on a swipe of your finger, tap on the microphone of your smartphone and just base on a loud sound. Video recording will leverage the autofocus and all the great stuff that Apple brings to your smartphone.

Recent events in Malaysia has cast a negative light on future of the country. NGOs and internal parties are questions the political and corruption in Malaysia. This app in support of those people who wants to expose and/or question the wrong doing or corrupt acts.

This is a completely free app that is dedicated to Malaysia only and it is supported by advertisements and it offers discreet no preview video and photo taking. Just turn off the sound of your device when you use it.

Please DO NOT use this app to other usage and the User is completely responsible for their actions, including the reports sent to authorities. The Author does not accept any direct,indirect and transitive responsibility for misuse of this app. The author will remove this App if misused.
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Author photoappsios
Published 2015-04-17
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