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Moe萌宝记—宝宝成长相册 | PHOTO-appsios

Moe is a kind of mobile phone software to record the growth of a baby. Parents could freely write down every moment of their babies, and a photo album of your baby will be generated. A record for the moment would contribute to a memory for the whole life. Pure records by the parents, pure photo album for the babies. With diligent production, Moe team designs the mobile phone software with beautiful interface and favorable user experience for parents. Moe is more special than Babytree, more delicate than Peekaboo and sweeter and warmer than Mom Circle.

Product function:

Record baby’s growth: parents could record moments of life of a baby by uploading photograph or writing down a dairy, and a timeline will be formed automatically;

Privacy: Moe uses the safe cloud storage technology of highest level to protect the privacy of baby’s photo and dairy.

Our mission is to record every moment of your baby, our pursuit is to keep the sweet memory of every family. We hope that every record could become the best memory. We devote to presenting parents a perfect recording tool and a fabulous diary. And we could not be more grateful that you recommend Moe to your friends!!!
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Baby Biography

Author photoappsios
Published 2015-03-24
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