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Light is the heart of photography. Understand light and your creative potential becomes limitless.

Iris Camera puts you in total control of the shot so you can take the perfect picture you have always dreamed of.

* Live Luminosity Histogram

Iris Camera features a live histogram showing detailed information on your current exposure. You can drag the histogram left or right to tweak the luminosity before taking your picture.

*Preview Picture

Right after you take a picture, Iris Camera shows you the result so you can decide if you want to keep the picture, and whether to share it. No need to dig through the Camera Roll just to check if someone closed their eyes!

*Streamlined camera controls

Iris Camera puts the power of a pro camera in your hands! With Iris Camera, you can lock the exposure and focus, and recompose the frame exactly the way you want it.
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Author photoappsios
Published 2015-10-12
Categories Histogram, Iphone,
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