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Tinipiny Camera Pro (text bubbles) | PHOTO-appsios

Here for you Tinipiny Camera, the only app on App Store that can transform your photos into comics in an original and funny way.

Choose an image from the gallery or take a picture directly from Tinipiny Camera and with a single tap you can add speech bubbles or nice objects to send funny messages.

Share your thoughts with your friends in an original way with Tinipiny Camera.

Clicking on a speech balloon or on an object you can also easily change the appearance, size, font to make great your messages.


1. Select an image in the gallery or take a picture

2. Tap on image and choose a bubble or an objects

3. If you have chooses a balloon, enter the text. For objects you do not need it

4. Tap on balloon or on an object to see all options

5. Move the bubble or the object to the desired position by dragging it with your finger.

Please don't give a negative rate but send any requests or comments to [email protected]
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Tinipiny Camera (text bubbles)

Author photoappsios
Published 2015-02-20
Categories Objects,
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