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Crop Me Out Pro - Photo chop editor to superimpose your selfie into fun backgrounds | PHOTO-appsios

We wanted to give you a way of removing backgrounds from photos that is different and more precise. Unlike similar apps that use your finger draw an outline, Crop Me Out uses a combination of a control wheel like the steering wheel of a car and the GO button, as the accelerator to remote control the cutting tool and the eraser making it much easier to see what you are doing.


- Includes over 230 beautiful HD backgrounds

- Save your cropped photos for later use

- Upload your own backgrounds

- Share your pics to all your favourite Social Networks.

- Personalise your pics with text in many different fonts and colours

- Include multiple people by importing your cropped photos.

Please request any additional tools, backgrounds or features you would like us to include in the next release.
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Crop Me Out Free - Photo chop editor to superimpose your selfie in to fun backgrounds

Author photoappsios
Published 2015-11-02
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