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Short Movie Maker | PHOTO-appsios

it is an application which can create an animation very easily.

Although operation is very simple, the foppish image using which filter of the black-and-white and sepia miniature style and advanced movies, such as a doll anime wind (freezeframe), can also be created.

Let's make an everyday movie more pleasant!

Main feature/functions

- Easy operation to the extent that beginners also start and a movie can be completed in 10 seconds!

- Retaking of a cut and change of a filter can contribute an animation for photography time and the number of cuts to possible and Facebook, and YouTube easily by liking also after the - real-time filter (3-24 seconds, 1-36 cut) (a photograph can be taken while covering a filter) which can be set up, and photography.

- Also after photography, restarting of a cut and change of a filter are possible.

- An animation can be easily contributed to YouTube.
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Toy Clip

Author photoappsios
Published 2015-07-03
Categories Camera, Ipad,
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