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Pose with Puss in Boots | PHOTO-appsios

Watch Puss in Boots come to life right in your screen! Pose and snap some pictures with the legendary Puss in Boots, the mastermind Humpty Dumpty, the street-savvy Kitty Softpaws, and the outlaws Jack and Jill. You can even apply a filter effect and share with your friends!


★       Choose from an array of characters from the Puss in Boots movie

★       Move and resize the characters with the flick of a finger to find the perfect pose

★       Select from 4 different effect filters to perfect your photo

★       Save your photo to your phone, or share it with your friends

★       Check out the latest teasers and trailers from the Puss in Boots movie

★       Collect rewards and secret content as you explore the app and add them to your collection.

★       Interactive Puss in Boots sword.

★       Climb the beanstalk and listen to how strange your voice sounds at the top.
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Directing Puss In Boots

Author photoappsios
Published 2015-03-21
Categories Instagram, Characters,
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