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Have you ever recorded a sports game, birthday party, or special event and then tried to create your own highlight reel? Do players, parents, coaches, friends, and family members send you raw video footage, expecting YOU to create the highlight reel? Editing raw video video footage and selecting specific video clips can take hours of your precious time. Who has the time to watch the entire video footage and edit/select specific clips? With Replay Reel, you no longer have to edit and cut unwanted video from the original video footage. Identify the video clips in real-tiime, there is no need to watch the entire video footage again to clip the videos you want.

Replay Reel is a simple, yet powerful video recording and editing tool that makes it possible to capture and tag live video footage, allowing you to create stunning video highlight reels immediately after recording a video. While you are recording a live video, all you have to do is "TAG" the video clips you want to be included as part of your highlight reel. You can determine the start/stop recording duration for each tag. Once you stop the recording, Replay Reel processes all your tagged video into a single video clip. You can watch the clip from the recording window or view the video file from your photo album.


- Intuitive Tagging: Just tap the tag button on the lower right hand side of the video camera to tag specific video clips. You can tag as little as 1 video clip or over 100 video clips.

- Real-time Processing: Once you stop the recording, Replay Reel automatically stitches all the tagged video clips together to create a video highlight reel.

- Start/Stop Duration: Simply set the time start/stop time (in seconds) to specify how long the recording should be before and after a tag.

- Portrait/Landscape Mode: Indicate the recording mode to capture the most memorable video footage.

- Number of Clips: Know exactly how many number of video clips you have tagged.

- Save Original File: Allows you to also save the unedited video file to your photo album for later viewing.

Note: Make sure have at least 3GB of memory to record 1hr of video footage.
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Published 2015-09-20
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