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Taking pictures all the time by your iPhone and out of memory? TOGOCamera provides new solution!

TOGOCamera can save captured photos and videos directly into AXIMCom TOGOBOX through Wi-Fi connections. No more troubles on running out your phone's storage space because too much memories to record in limited memory space. Furthermore, you could easily share photos and videos just taken with nearby friends.


* Connect your device to AXIMCom TOGOBOX and take pictures, it will send to TOGOBOX directly!

* No Internet required! TOGOCamera use Wi-Fi to communicate with TOGOBOX, you can browse and take photos anytime without additional data plan fees!

* AXIMCom TOGOBOX can be carried with you, means you could always stay connect with it.

* No export operation required! Just plug AXIMCom TOGOBOX to your PC, or access it by Wi-Fi connection, you could download photos taken easily.


Photo - JPEG

Video - MP4

Supported AXIMCom TOGOBOX Models


Note: All pictures and videos will be uploaded to "TOGOCamera" folder on SD card or USB drive inserted on TOGOBOX.
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Published 2015-04-04
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