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Appreciation - Thank you gifts for your customers | PHOTO-appsios

What is it?

Appreciation is a loyalty app that creates personalized customer appreciation gifts (such as a photo mug) as a customer “thank you” for their purchase and as a marketing tool used to create loyalty. The gift helps you create an emotional connection and allowing your customer to rave to family and friends. Making the customer feel special and showing you appreciation their business can go a long way!

How does it work?

Let's say you're a car dealership and your you'd like to say thank you for your customer's business. It's so simple using the app to take a picture of the customer and their brand new awesome car. In a few taps you simply order a personalized gift such as a beautiful photo mug in less than 1 minute, which will be sent straight to your customer's address, along with a beautiful gift and thank you card. You can even personalize the thank you card to make each customer's experience extra special. We will take care of all of the order handling, manufacturing and delivery for you.

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Author photoappsios
Published 2015-05-02
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