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Analyze your Solar Panels to optimize efficiency! Take photos, measure the angle of elevation, compass direction, and detect latitude and longitude. Specify when the panel was last washed. Then upload the info and photos to our server for instant analysis!


When prompted, enter your Name, Email and optionally Company.

TO ADD AN ARRAY, touch +ADD to add a solar panel array for analysis.

1) Name the array so you can refer to it later

2) Take a photo to be able to easily identify the array

3) Detect the Angle of the array by placing the iOS device on the surface of the array. A ten-second countdown timer will display while the angle and compass direction of the array is detected.

4) Enter the Size of the array in kW DC

5) Specify the Array Type (Fixed tilt ground-mount, Fixed tilt roof-mount, Single-axis with backtracking, or Dual-axis tracking)

TO ANALYZE AN ARRAY, touch the Right-Arrow next to the desired array

1) Touch WASH to specify the date the array was last washed

2) Touch PHOTO to take a photo. CLEAN THE BOTTOM OF THE PANEL and leave the top soiled. Line up the camera grid with the array panel grid and take a photo.

3) Touch ANALYZE to upload your data and photo to our Radian Generation Analyzer in the Cloud (Internet connection required) and a report will be generated and displayed.
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