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Tickle - Reactions Messenger | PHOTO-appsios

Watch a Tickle in action -

Send a Tickle (photo, video or gif) to friends and see their video reactions when they open it. Receive a picture, video or gif through Tickle and when you see it your reaction will be recorded.

***5000 reaction videos recorded******

- Take a video or picture on your device or import them as well as gifs from your gallery or imgur.

- Edit pictures with effects or add a caption.

- Choose which friends you want to send the Tickle to.

- When a friend receives the Tickle it will automatically record their reactions for 6 seconds or as long as the video goes for.

- All reactions to the Tickle will be put into a chatroom which can be viewed on your device.

- You can share the stream online easily by getting a link and sending it via Facebook, sms, email or other apps.

- Comment on streams and even add in your own picture replies.

- Privacy options just in case you don't want your tickle shared

- Sign in with Facebook and Email account.

- Report for spam or scam tickle.

Tickle is the evolution of messaging. We call it reaction messaging. Enjoy!
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Author photoappsios
Published 2015-11-15
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