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PicScape - Travel Edition | PHOTO-appsios

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Congratulations! You've finally found the perfect application for editing your photos with PicScape - Travel Edition! Photo editing, cropping and sticker placement all combined into one powerful and beautifully constructed photo application.

Intended for iOS8+

PicScape - Travel Edition from the Laughing Limey Series!

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PicScape is the industry standard way of editing your photos to create stunning images to save and share on your social media profiles! Enjoy high-definition stickers of locations around the world with this all new Travel Edition.

PicScape - Travel Edition Offers:

Superior Images

- Edit and crop your photos for the perfect fit

- Select photos from your gallery or use your camera

- Create and save amazing images

- Built-in sticker functionality to create stunning graphics

Sticker Filters and Editing

- Reproduce travel memories or create 'new' ones

- Fully customizable sticker controls

- Rotate, resize and customize all stickers

- Tons of stickers to choose from

- Place endless stickers on one photograph

A Want-To-Be Travelers Dream

- Easily convert photos into exciting travel masterpieces

- Create amazing scenarios of the worlds wonders

- Add artistic touches and custom placement

- Share on all social media platforms and impress

Power Tools

- Shrinking and cropping

- Resizing

- Sticker shifting and previewing

- Flip, rotate and straighten crooked photos or stickers

Social Media Heaven

- Make eye catching photos for Instagram!

- Construct funny moments to share

- Design unique scenarios with many stickers

- Share multiple stickers at once

Easy To Use

- Learn to utilize the applications power in under one minute

- Fast and easy

- Rapid replication to make multiple fun photos at once

- Simple, fun and beautiful to use

- Professional constructed and tested
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Published 2015-07-20
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