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★★★★★ Top 1 Self Timer Application ★★★★★

Self Timer allows you to delay the shutter release, giving you time between pushing the button and taking the actual photo. Once you push the button, a beeping sound is emitted which becomes faster as the moment of the shot approaches.


✓ Press the shutter button and after 3, 5, 10~ seconds, the picture will be taken automatically.

✓ The timer and sequential shooting functionality are set directly by touching the display.

✓ Flash Mode

✓ Focus Auto/Manual

✓ Real/Front Camera

✓ Shooting Delay (0.5s~)


If you have any question or problems please contact [email protected]

We are committed to fixing bugs as soon as possible.
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Author photoappsios
Published 2015-04-05
Categories Iphone, Delay,
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