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Snappit! - Easy Photo Albums | PHOTO-appsios

Your guests, all their photos in one album.

Have you ever hosted an event and had trouble getting photos from everyone? You might spend days waiting for replies to your text messages and it can take just as long trying to gather photos from social media and cloud accounts… Instead, make it easy and fun for friends and family to get involved with your photo album. Bring all of your friends, all of your family, all of your photos, together, all in one place.

Snappit, simplifying the way you collect photos.

Below are some additional cool features we have in store:

Yominder - Send your members notification reminders to upload photos

Custom Event Information

Photo editing tools

Interactive photo gallery

Real-time photo feed

Multiple photo uploads

High-Resolution photos

Share with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Automatically send album hashtags to other social networks
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Published 2015-10-29
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