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Please enjoy a light-hearted camera life of the shutter sound quietness sound.


The photograph is easily almost taken into PC with taking a picture and iTunes in silent,

and a lot of functions like the folder classification in the Twitter mutter and the photograph etc. are prepared.

Please use it when you want to take the photograph in quiet environments such as classes and a library, a bedroom, offices, and pet taking a picture.

【 main function 】

✔ It is possible to take a picture almost by a small shutter tone of being able to say silent.

✔ It is possible to preserve it by distributing the photograph to a named folder.

✔ The folder function with the password is provided, too.

✔ The photograph can be easily taken into PC with iTunes.

✔ The mutter with the photograph can be in real time contributed to Twitter and the [hatena] diary.


► In-camera taking a picture function.

► Shutter sound control

► Big Button Function (Tap anywhere to make a Shot)

► High resolution mode supported

► Multi-Shot

► Timer

► Quick access to Photo Library

► User-friendly Interface

► Supports functions such as built-in camera
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Silence Camera - Spy Camera FREE

Author photoappsios
Published 2015-07-07
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