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File Protect | Hide Pics & Videos, Secure Cloud Backup, Keep your private file safe by Intel Security | PHOTO-appsios

Intel Security File Protect is the best FREE secure vault app to keep all of your personal photos and videos safe. You can simply import your photos or videos from Camera roll, personal albums, and Videos or take secured photos/videos straight from the app. All imported files will be kept safe behind a PIN.

With Intel Security File Protect, you will enjoy:

• File Protection with full control – Protect your most sensitive content from prying eyes behind a multi-layer of security

• Data Encryption – Secure your files with special encryption and hide your files with a PIN

• Secure Cloud Backup – Simply backup your files using Google Drive/Dropbox

• Cross device & platform support – Access your secured files between multiple platforms & devices

Got Questions? Please contact customer support at [email protected] or go to HELP (FAQ) in the app.


• Secure Vault

Import photos or videos from your Camera Roll, personal albums or Videos to a secure vault. Export selected photos or videos back to your Photos. All imported files will be kept safe behind a PIN. If your device goes missing, your vault files will appear unreadable to anyone who tries to extract your device data.

Note: If you accidentally uninstall Intel Security File Protect, your files in the app will be deleted. We certainly don’t want you to lose your memory. Please try Secure Cloud Backup to save your files.

• Secure Cloud Backup

Use “Google Drive” or “Dropbox” to store your private files. If your cloud or email account is ever compromised, your files will stay encrypted. If you lose your device, you can simply download File Protect to your new device, access your cloud account and restore your private data.

• Secure Snap (Instant Auto Encryption)

Take secured photos/videos straight from the app and the entire photo session will be auto encrypted and locked in the vault.

• Cross device/platform support

Access your private data on all iOS devices. Hide files on one device, sync to the cloud, and access them on other devices – simply use the same cloud account (Dropbox/Google Drive) & vault PIN.

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Published 2015-11-01
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