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SelfieCam puts you in the Picture and posts to your favourite Social Networking Page. Easy to use, simple to post. Take a photo while on holiday, at a party, at a concert, anywhere. Then smile while you take a Selfie of yourself being there. Click again to post to your favourite social network or email it to a friend. Easy as that!

SelfieCam makes it easy for you to share your photos and selfies in one. SelfieCam is better than a normal selfie. This app puts you in the picture, shows you at the event, the party, the beach, and shares with your friends. Wherever you are, SelfieCam shows you being there.

Available for iPhone and iPad, ProFeatures allow you to drag and resize the selfie image, as well as swap front and rear cameras. Save Plus provides more saving and sharing features, and Effects customises your images with photo effects. Wordart allows you to write custom messages and greetings on your Selfie, drag and resize to make the ultimate Selfie Picture with SelfieCam. All these features and more are included in SelfieCam Pro.

It really is as Easy as that with SelfieCam Pro.
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Author photoappsios
Published 2015-05-23
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