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Rightnow - Short video camera for Instagram,Chat,Vine,Facebook | PHOTO-appsios

Rightnow is an interesting and easy-to-use short video camera.With Rightnow, you can record and edit 25 second short videos, share it to your social networks including Instagram,Vine,Facebook or save it to gallery.It is the best and easy way to capture,edit,merge,connect short videos or photos.Use it, you can create and share amazing, beautiful,interesting photos and short videos.


1 Full screen size photos and short videos.

2 Add multiple emojis or draw something on your short videos.

3 Trim and cut videos to 25 second.

4 Connect your videos and photos one by one.

5 Create a photo that is not silence,import your photo,and add music or sound to you photo,then this photo is a sounded photo.

6 Erase sound for your short videos.

7 Add music to your videos, you can import a song from iTunes or import any video’s sound from your gallery,trim and select it, it is very useful.

8 Record your voice, you can record your voice when the video is playing, it is very interesting.

9 Choose different kinds of layout, you can mix your videos and photos.

10 Share and export short videos,share it to Instagram,Vine,Facebook and so on, or save it then send it to your chat.

Let’s start.
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Published 2015-07-15
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