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Blur++ - Blur & Mosaic Photo Editor | PHOTO-appsios

Blur++ app creates a blurred photo.

All you have to do is touch your photo and you can easily create a blurry photo.


+ Blur Tool

- Blur

- Motion Blur

- Rotate Blur

- Zoom Blur

- Grow

+ Mosaic Tool

- Pixel

- Circle

Amount adjustment.

+ Focus

Using the Gradation tool, you can adjust the focus of your photo.

+ Smoothing

Using the Boundaries gradation tool, a blur blends into a photo.

+ Shading

Using the vignette tool, you would be able to create a impressive photo by a shading.

+ Save & Post

- Save Camera roll

- Send Mail

- Facebook

- Twitter(iOS7 later)
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Published 2015-09-24
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