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PassportCAM is an application that would turn your iPhone into a passport camera. You no longer need to go to photo booth, or professional photographer to get your passport/visa/immigration/ID photo, instead, you can do it all by yourself with a few touches on your iPhone and print your passport photo onto a photo printer.

Passport (Visa/Immigration) photos from following countries/areas are supported.

United States -- Passport, Visa, Immigration, ID

United Kingdom -- Passport and Visa

Taiwan -- Passport photo, for visa use US style.

Singapore -- Passport and Visa

Shengen -- Visa

Russian -- Passport and Visa

Mexico -- Passport and Visa

Korea -- Passport, for Visa use US style

Japan -- Passport and Visa

India -- Passport

Hongkong -- Passport

European Union -- Passport

Canada -- Immigration

Here are the instructions for the iPhone/iPod Touch users.

1) Launch the "PassportCAM" application.

2) Select "Camera" if you want to take a picture of yourself. Or alternatively you can select "Album" to use a picture already in your photo album. For iPod Touch users, you can only choose the second option and go to step 5.

3) Take a shot at your self (with the aid of other people if needed), make sure the background color is consistent with the requirements of a passport photo.

4) Select your photo style. Touch "Next".

5) Zoom/Pan your head to fit into the oval on the screen, make sure the size of the head never exceeds the oval. Touch "Next".

6) Pan your face and make the eyes are visible from the gap in the middle. Touch "Next".

7) Now you can preview the passport photo that is about to be generated. You can zoom/pan the picture to look into more details. If you are happy at it, touch "Share" at the top right corner. Then you will be offered various of options to share the photo including uploading to social network or saving to your iOS photo album.

8) Once the passport photo is in your local iOS album, you can use other photo print apps to print the photo onto 4"x6" photo paper.
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Passport Photo Booth

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Published 2015-11-21
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